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Library management system has a wider scope towards the educational institutions
these days. In general each and every educational institution right from a high school
to Universities, maintain ample number of books, journals, articles and different
publications with them. Initially library management is done manually and the
required records are saved across books. The common details that were maintained
across libraries include the overall information of all kinds of books against different
publications and also the details of the issues and refunds of the corresponding books.
The manual approach followed initially is fine if the case is limited to few books and
as the scope of library is improving these days, a perfect automated system is required
in this context. There were many automated softwares developed in this context and
most of them are successful in maintain the library information as per the required
standards of schools and universities as well. The main scope of the library
management system mainly depends on few aspects like the number of publications
and books maintained and also the nature of the client like either it is targeted for
universities, colleges or schools.
In this project I would like to develop a web based library management system that
can suit for any sort of clients including universities, colleges and schools and will run
on the internet or intranet facilitating key library operations such as checking the
availability of books, requests for book reservations from different locations,
membership signups and profile managements etc. I have reviewed different library
management systems and am interested to develop one using PHP and MYSQL
database and improve the scope of library management system to a generalized level.
Following are the key aims and objectives identified in this project.
Today most libraries both public and private are either using manual systems to track
the day to day activity or are using desktop, stand-alone system to manage the day to
day activity. The system have been identified with lots of shortcoming

The libraries are operated by a group of people who keep records regarding the books
& students (borrowers), check the books and keep records on issued books. All these
things have to be carried out manually and/or with the aid of a desktop or stand-alone systems
and if the library is very large, proper record keeping will become a major problem as people tend to
forget things.
Other problems of the existing system are:
Fast report generation is not possible
Tracing a book is difficult
Information about issue/return of the books is not properly maintained
No central database can be created as information is not available in database
The objective of Library Reservation system is to provide a medium for the public
libraries to computerize their entire functioning and would contribute as a first step in
digitalizing their libraries.
General Objective
To develop a web based library management system using PHP and MYSQL database
Specific Objectives
To review different types of library management systems what were popular
and identify the key advantages and limitations
To design a web based library management system using the modelling
techniques like UML
To create the required web pages and add the PHP code
To develop the required database using MYSQL and establish the database
connections required

To test the application against few test cases and run the application to
generalize a web based library management that suits for schools, colleges and
universities as well.
This study will be a significant endeavour in promoting good work environment in the
school and staff. This study will also be beneficial to the students and the librarian.
Library is no different from any firm and institution or even organization, if
considering the use of computer to perform a given task is the topic on hand. The main
purpose of a library is to provide conducive learning environment and a place for the
students and clients to study.
The main reason behind creating an online (web-based) application is to create the
mobility to operate even when the admin is out of office. All the status of books,
article, journals and publications can be updated or viewed using this website and also
all the issues and returns of the books can be maintained against the student details. A
separate log is maintained across the website and it holds the required reports as per
day, week, and month or to the extent of desired time period.
From an end-user perspective, the Online Library Management System Project
consists of two functional elements: an enhanced searchable database for the search
books, managing library members, issuing and receiving books and a report
generation system.
a. Search Books, Managing Library Members, Issuing and Receiving Books: An
enhanced atomized online system is developed to maintain Books, Authors,
Publishers, Managing Library Members, Issuing and Receiving Books,
calculate late fine, collecting the Fine, and maintain the history of transaction.
b. Report Generation: A Report Generation system will be developed for the user
and management of Online Library Management System. This MIS system will
have both details and summary type reports for analysis the transaction,
members, available books in stock

All the web pages are created using PHP and MYSQL is used as the required
database. UML modelling is used to create the basic design and flow of the
application and once it is done the actual coding is done. Initially all the required web
pages are created along with the database tables. The required business logic is added
to improve the scope of the application and the database connections are established.
Few test cases are created and manual testing is used in this project. Test cases are
created in a manner to check all the required field level validations and also database
validations. Once the application is created the corresponding test cases are executed
against couple of runs and the bugs are resolved if any identified. Once the testing is
done, the final product is delivered.
A review of literature reveals that an online Library Management System is used to
overcome the entire problem which they are facing currently, and making complete
atomization of manual or semi-automatic process of library management system.
Improve the search facility and members and library staff should get all the
information in a second.
Should capable to use bar code reader for easy way to do book issue and
receive process.
Library member should have limited and read-only access to the system via
Library member should able to view member profile and transaction data
pertinent only to them.
The supervisor should be able to enter or update master information like
publishers details, authors and book details in one interface only, with all
necessary product information being received by sales staff.
System Administrator must able to control the access rights by each users as
per requirement.
The application should support the capability to use multi user environment.

The MIS Executive should able to generate all type of reports as and when
required by the management.
According to Robson (2001), usability is a key requirement for users, says Elisabeth
Robson, Product manager for Online Computer Library Center. The catalogue has
become a way to pull together disparate resources, including commercial resources
and web links. management systems also allow circulation, including check in/check
out and enable libraries to purchase materials and track where they are.
Nwalo (2003) posited that a computerized library management system involves the
use of a computer application on computers in library.
A number of studies have reported on the application of information technology in
libraries in Nigeria. These reports include that of Lawani, Azubike and Ibekwe (1992),
Mosuro (1996), Idowu and Mabawonku (1999), Ogunleye (1997) Agboola (2000),
and Ajala (2001) Nok (2006). All of these studies have agreed that serious application
of information technology to library processes started in Nigerian libraries in the early
Library management System (LMS) provides a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface)
for the Library Staff to manage the functions of the library effectively. The Library
Management System is designed & developed for the receipt and Issuance of books in
the library.
In a non-computerized Library management system, when a book is issued or
returned, it is noted down in a register after which data entry is done to update the
status of the books. This process takes some time and proper update of this
information cannot be guaranteed. Anomalies in the update process can cause loss of
books. So a more user friendly interface which could update the database instantly has
a great demand in libraries, hence the need for this project.

The solution to the problem of the manual library management is to develop a

computerized library management system. Before developing the proposed system,
there is need to identify;
a. The design of the proposed system
b. The main users of the library management system
c. The activities of the main users
The Design - The proposed system will be designed using Microsoft Visual Studio as the front end
and Microsoft access as the back end (the database used to store the user details & book
details). The size (in terms of memory) of the proposed system will be small.
The main users The main users of the proposed system are the borrowers, the administrator and
the librarian.
Their activities The activities of the main users of the proposed system are listed in a table below.

of Activities

of Activities

the Borrower
Search for a book

the Administrator
Add/Delete books

the librarian
Issue books

Borrow a book

Maintain the database

Return books

View user details

View user details

Add/delete books

Modify user details

Maintain user details


The proposed system will be able to perform all these activities.

This complete project can be completed in 2 months approximately. Following are the
key tasks involved in the project and I am giving the approximate weeks to complete
a. Critical analysis of Library management systems using academic journals and
articles and this will take 1 week.
b. UML modeling of the application and this will take 1 week
c. Database design which include design of backend database and tables and this
will take 1 week
d. Front end design of all the required forms and this will take 1 week
e. Developing the business and database logic and this will take 1 week
f. Development of test cases will take 1 week
g. Unit testing is done module level and this will take 2 weeks

h. Bug fixing and final release will take 1 week

Note that some of the activities will run concurrently.

The Library management system needs to be computerized to reduce human errors
and to increase the efficiency. The proposed Library management system in this
proposal will be a computerized management system developed to maintain all the
daily work of library. Library management systems are designed to store all the
information about books and members.
The main focus of this project is to lessen human effort and encourage efficient record
Based on the results of the findings gathered, I would like to recommend the following:
The Library consider the proposed Library system for them to increase the number of their student
or user
The proposed system be implemented by the library because it is more productive and more capable
of recording data in library
Future researchers should continue to improve the proposed system
Training must be conducted before the actual operation of the developed system