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19th - 22nd MAY


Marc Cha

#2 Lyon MUNs Director
#4 Lyon MUNs President
#5 The MUN Team
#7 Bertrand Badie

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Le mot du Directeur

his year again, we have the great pleasure to host the 4th edition
of Lyon Model United Nations. The Lyon MUNs team is getting
more experienced, and this years edition will be placed under the
sign of Peace, with a general theme linked to contemporary issues
and crisis our world and our societies are facing: Pursuing peace to
restore stability and security. Lyon MUN will simulate 9 committees
for this edition: the United Nations Security Council, the Historical
Security Council, SPECPOL, DISEC, UNODC, UNHRC, OSCE, the International Criminal Court and the Kaamelott committee. Each committee refers to specific concerns about International Relations: a
solution of the political situation in
Yemen, civilians protection and ISIS,
the idea of creating a Palestinian
state, promoting the respect of the
borders with the case of Crimea, the
issue of nuclear weapons proliferation, an international cooperation to
fight terrorism, children trafficking,
the fight against narcoterrorism, the
migrants crisis, the rights of Roma
and Sinti people, the trial of Thomas Lubanga Dylo, human rights in
occupied territories or LGBT rights.
Two committees will be a bit different than the others. The first one will
be the 1967s Security Council where
two very important topics will be

Le mot du Directeur
debated: the Six Days war and the Biafras war. The second crisis committee is more for developing creative skills. This special committee
will be about a French show produced by Alexandre Astier and JeanYves Robin, and the story is based on the King Arthurs legend. This
committee will draw attention to the most adventurous delegates !
In short, this 2016s edition will be diversified and the themes proposed are some of the most important issues in International Relations. You will also be able to enjoy the social events organized for you!
Once again, this event couldnt have happened without our dearest
partners such as University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and its Faculty of Law,
University Lumire Lyon 2, University of Lyon, CROUS and so many
others (that you will be able to find in this magazine) and we are so
thankful for their support. Also, I would like to extend my warmest
greetings to the Lyon MUNs team who did an amazing job, who was
always enthusiastic and efficient, and who worked tirelessly the whole
year for making this event even better than last year ! They contribute
to create in the heart of our international city of Lyon an exceptional
international meeting for all those interested in International Relations, and all those who want to complete their knowledge with a
practical and pragmatic approach of international negotiations, international Law and diplomacy. I really hope you will enjoy this experience
which is particularly enriching in an intellectual and in a human way.
Have a good Lyon MUN 2016 everyone, and welcome to Lyon !

Thomas Meszaros
Director of Lyon MUN


Le mot de la Prsidence

ear delegates,

Participating in a Model United Nations is an

incredible experience. Representing a country in such
conferences means: research, analysis, logic, and
negotiations. It is the wonderful opportunity to
attend a professionalizing and amazing adventure.
Delegates, be focused on your countrys interests, be
concentrated on solutions your country could imagine, and do your best to be the best diplomat of your
committee. And obviously the watchword of Lyon MUN
2016 is : Have fun and take full advantage of these 4 days !
Mlanie Villar
President of Lyon MUN 2016

Bertrand badie
ear students,

By organizing a Model United Nations, Lyon MUN contributes in improving the French studies in term of multilateralism. We have been for a long
time facing a strange paradox: France is a permanent member of the Security Council, in which it tends to be really active, but studies devoted
to multilateralism and to the United Nations are rare in the Academy
Welcome to this simulation and, let us hope, to the following conferences ! Another paradoxe, have you noticed, that, since the Wall
fell, we do not know how to negotiate anymore ? Apart from the
commercial sector obviously protected, negotiation has become a
drama, the exception, or even, for some people, a real danger which
threaten humanity . Diplomacy is slowly disappearing and replaced
by anathema, punishment, sanctions, exclusions As if negotiating
meant approving the person you are speaking to ! We have understood that security is not limited by politics or military sector anymore and that we have to think and make the human security real.
All these points are part of our agenda and so of your training.
By personally experiencing what negotiation implies, its passion and its cold reason, these solid nerves needed and these
feelings we cannot abstract from, the exhaustion we accumulate and hopes we grow, others we must know and last but not
least, not to hate, but to learn alterity: a real job for the future !
Then, good luck, I wish you a great success and Bravo !
Sincerely yours,

Bertrand BADIE

Committees 2016

15 positions English - Advanced

DM Varun
Angel Versetti
Katia Lomakovych
Rendez-vous :
Friday - Salle 135
Saturday - Salle 135

Dear MUNers,

The United Nations Security Council will be among
the committees of LyonMUN 2016. It will be simulated in
English and the topics will be revealed in January.
The Security Council is one of major institutions of the
United Nations Organization. It deals with diverse issues
regarding peacekeeping and international security.
Settling the political issue in Yemen ;
Protection of civilians against the rise of DAESH.

Committees 2016
- UNHRC - United Nations Human Rights Council

70 positions English Beginners

Dear MUNers,
LyonMUN committees introduction goes on this week. The
United Nations Human Rights
Council is a major institution
focusing on Human Rights issues. The committee will be simulated in English and the topics will be revealed in January.
This committee was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 2006 in order to encourage the protection, and the promotion of Human Rights, and to make recommendations

Human Rights violations occupied territories;
LGBT rights.

Syed Kashaf Hussain

Wish Yardpaga
Chlo Baumes

Rendez-vous :
Friday - Amphi E
Saturday - Amphi E

Committees 2016
- CPI - Cour pnale internationale

15 positions French Avanced

The International Criminal Court is the last committee
which will take place during LyonMUN 2016. It will be simulated in French, and the topics will be revealed in January.
The ICC is not a part of the United Nations System but the first permanent international criminal court. Established by the Rome Statute, its goal is to judge the authors of the most major crimes,
such as genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity.

Charlotte Perret
Yuri Ryu
Rendez-vous :
Friday - Salle 136
Saturday - Salle 136

Topic : Thomas Lubanga Dyilo

Committees 2016
-Kaamelott -

20 Positions French Avanced

Aprs avoir lgalement obtenu les rnes du Royaume de Logres,
Lancelot du Lac, supposment rendu fou par la magie noire de celui que
lon nomme La Rponse , a dtruit lensemble des symboles des Chevaliers de la Table Ronde et a tent darrter ceux qui ont jur leur fidlit
Arthur, tout en recherchant activement ce dernier travers le Royaume.
Conscient de la ncessit de stabiliser son territoire sil veut pouvoir gouverner convenablement et efficacement, il convoque finalement des tats
Gnraux, invitant les reprsentants des Clans et des Royaumes anciennement fdrs Kaamelott, ainsi que lensemble des notables de lancienne
cour du Roi y participer, leur promettant un sauf-conduit pour loccasion.

Dsirant tablir un nouvel ordre gopolitique et asseoir son autorit
sur la Bretagne, son dsir le plus ardent est de retrouver son ennemi jur
Arthur Pendragon, bien quil ne sache o il se terre et sil nest pas dj mort.
Mais qui sait ce qui peut arriver lors de telles ngociations, dans un royaume exsangue, rompu au joug dun tyran,
menac la fois par les assassinats de couloir et les invasions barbares

Les dlgus joueront les personnages principaux de la srie, reprsentant les intrts de ces derniers et leurs ventuels Clans ou Royaumes.
Topics : Lavenir du Royaume de

Nicolas Klingelshmitt
Paul Jacquesson
Alexandre Cte
Anouk Deana

Rendez-vous :
Friday - Salle 144
Saturday - Salle 145


Committees 2016
- UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

91 positions English - Advanced

Dear MUNers,
Today starts the committees introductions which will be simulated during the following LyonMUNs edition. The first committee is the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. It will be
simulated in English and the topics will be revealed in January.
The UNODC is a United Nations office established in Vienna and created in 1997. Its goal is to fight organized crime,
corruption and drug abuse, and to prevent terrorism.

Children Trafficking ;
Fighting Narco-terrorism.
George Mullens
Zeynep Basaran
Vannary Kong
Rendez-vous :
Friday - Amphi F
Saturday - Amphi F


Committees 2016
- SPECPOL - Special Political and Decolonization committee

89 positions Franais Dbutant

Dear MUNers,
The Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) will be simulated during the LyonMUN. It will take
place in French and the topics will be revealed in January.
It is the Fourth Committee of the General Assembly. It
deals with different matters, such as, the decolonization, Palestinian refugees, peace keeping, Human Rights

La question dun tat Palestinien au Moyen Orient ;
Promouvoir le respect des frontires tatique : la Crime.

Carl Mugnier
Jean-Baptiste Manrubia

Rendez-vous :
Friday - Amphi H
Saturday - Amphi H


Committees 2016
- DISEC - Disarmament and International Security Comittee

193 positions 2 observers English Medium

Dear MUNers,

LyonMUN Committees introduction goes on with the
First Committee of the General Assembly, also called Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC). It will be
simulated in English and the topics will be revealed in January.

Preventing proliferation of nuclear weapon;
Fighting the terrorisms threat: acting through
international cooperation.
Antoine Lemonnier
Nur Setia Budi
Ilona Vincenti
Rendez-vous :
Friday - Amphi G
Saturday - Amphi G


Committees 2016
- OSCE - Organization for Security and Cooperation in
Europe 57 positions Franais Mdium

Dears MUNers,

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe will be simulated during LyonMUN 2016. It will be simulated in French and the topics will be revealed in January.
With 57 membre states, the OSCE is a very i mportant regional security organization. It tackles various issues, such as political and military cooperation or economical, scientific and technical regional cooperation.

La crise des rfugis en Mditerrane ;
La protection des droits des Roms et des Sinti en Europe.
Arthur Coudray
Mohamed El-Amine Meziane

Rendez-vous :
Friday - Salle 007
Saturday - Salle 007


Committees 2016
-Crisis Committee: historical Security Council - 1967

(15 delegates) English Expert

Dear MUNers,

As last year, LyonMUN will organize a crisis committee. This
committee will take place in English, and the crisis will be revealed
in January.
This crisis committee regards, this year, the Security Council. It gives
a chance to relive an important crisis which marked the Security
Councils history.
Six days war
Biafras war

Ralf Ketelaars
Thibaud Mattei
Rendez-vous :
Friday - Salle 142 & 143
Saturday - Salle 142 & 143


THURsday May 19
From 10am to 12:30am: Registration of delegates (delegates pack and badge
From 2:30pm to 5pm: Opening ceremony
From 9pm to 1am : First social event
Friday May 20
From 9am to 10:30am: Committee Sessions (committees negociations)
From 10:30am to 11am: Break
From 11am to 12:h30am: Committee Sessions
From 12:h30am to 2pm: Lunch
From 2pm to 3:30pm: Committee Sessions
From 3:30pm to 4pm: Break
From 4pm to 5:30pm: Committee Sessions
At 8pm: Restaurant
Saturday May 21
From 9am to 10:30am: Committee Sessions
From 10:30am to 11am: Break
From 11am to 12:h30am: Committee Sessions
From 12:h30am to 2pm: Lunch
From 2pm to 3:30pm: Committee Sessions
From 3:30pm to 4pm: Break
From 4pm to 5:30pm: Committee Sessions
From 9pm to 4am: Delegates Ball
Sunday May 22
From 10am to 12am: Plenary assembly
From 12am to 2pm: Lunch
From 2pm to 5pm: Closing ceremony


Universit Lyon 2
Louis Lumire
Grand Amphithatre
18 Quai Claude Bernard, 69007, Lyon
Mtro D, arrt Guillotire
Tramway T1, arrt Claude Bernard
Bus n35, arrt rue de lUniversit

Friday and Saturday

Universit Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Manufacture des Tabacs, 6 cours Albert Thomas, 69008 Lyon

Mtro D : Sans Souci Tramway T4 : Manufacture des Tabacs Bus 69

1 : Fridays entrance door

2: Saturdays entrance door


Sunday- Plenary session
Terrasses du parc

115 Boulevard de Stalingrad, 69100 Villeurbanne

Les Bus n70 et C2 arrt Stalingrad-Parc
Mtro A arrt Massena ou Charpenne, Mtro B arrt Charpennes
Tramway : Ligne T1 et T4 arrt Charpennes


Social Events
THursday Night (19 May)

Selcius 8.30 p.m - 1 a.m

43 Quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon Confluence
Tramway T1 : Hotel de Rgion Montrochet

Friday Night (20 May)

Rue Mercire 7.30-11.30 p.m

Mtro A - Cordeliers-Bourse
(more details given during the conference)

Saturday Night (21 May)

La Cours des Grands 9.30 p.m - 5 a.m
60 Monte de Choulans, 69005 Lyon
Bus C 20 : Choulans - Tourelles


Universit Jean Moulin, au CLESID, 15 quai Claude
Bernard, 69007, LYON
Site internet officiel :
Page Facebook :
Twitter :
Mlanie VILLAR, President of Lyon MUN,,
Secretary General in charge of Committees,,
General inquiries:







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Going Out
Town Hall of Lyon - Htel de Ville

Parc de la Tte dor





The Lyon MUNs team


19th - 22nd MAY


Lila Mouch

Jacques Chirac, as he was then president of the French

Republic in 2003, said: I strongly believe that our generation will have the ability to create the rules and institutions of an open and solidary planetary democracy.
His words echo may of the States sentiment of hope in
regards to the United Nations as an organisation, as well