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Christian Wengs Personal Statement

(Mechanical Engineering)
Since a young age, other than the subjects I am currently studying, I am genuinely
interested in many others such as: Economics, Psychology, ICT, Foreign Languages
and some fields within the science of Biology. And even though I lastly opted to centre
around subjects that would grant me the knowledge and understanding that would
lead in the most favourable way to a career in the field of engineering, I take personal
care not to fall behind in my understanding of these subjects with the help of extracurricular reading and doubt consulting.
I like the fact that engineering relates to real life problems and combines greatly with
the professions of crafting and manufacturing. My father and I have always been
bonded by a common interest to understand how equipment/machinery/devices
around us function/work. These interests originate/arise partly from my father's few
professional projects, which consist of the ownership and management of a wood
processing factory in the province of Shaanxi, and a small hydroelectric power station
in the city of Huangshan, Anhui, both located in China.
I love the breadth of the course Mechanical Engineering as it allows students with a
wide variety of fields of interest such as myself, interested in the branches of
automotive, aeronautical, industrial, structural, and computer engineering, from which
in the future I would like to read and study. It allows students to progress in almost
any direction possible when walking/striding towards the labour world.
Within Mechanical Engineering, I am upmost/utmost interested in the automotive
industry, this is due to a passion for cars and racing developed at a young age, and a
most recently established devotion to driving. To feed this passion I read on monthly
basis the magazines "Automotive Engineer" and "SAE's Automotive Engineering". In
the near future I would love to pursue a career as an engineer for an impactful car
manufacturing company, where I would contribute to the enhancement/improvement
in design, performance, power and energetic efficiency of the machines.
I am an independent and responsible student with ease to comprehend concepts and
theories, especially in subjects such as Physics and Mathematics. Often due to my
character and having a curious mind drags me towards extra-curricular reading and
research in the fields before mentioned, focusing me recent reading in books such as
Race Car Aerodynamics, To Engineer is Human, Fundamentals of Road Vehicle
Dynamics or Ashlee Vances book about Elon Musk.
Another aspect of my person is that I am tolerant and adaptable individual, these can
be attributed to my peculiar background: Descending from hard working Chinese
farmers and builders two generations ago, whose children migrated to Spain to look
for a more comfortable lifestyle and higher standards of living and are now all selfemployed entrepreneurs. Due to these, I have experienced various kinds of socioeconomic and ethnic cultures, to which I recently sum the most recent environment I
have blended into that is the British School where I get to meet international students
from very different backgrounds as well as British teachers who help me gain a better
understanding of how Great Britains culture is.
As extra-curricular activities I play the instruments piano and electric guitar, which
have taught me discipline and patience. On the side, I take part in the school's

football team, where other than keeping a fresh and healthy physique and mind I've
gained valuable skills such as teamwork or empathy. In addition I take French private
lessons, attend a Chinese language school on Sundays and self-teach myself
Japanese, learning languages is very important to me because I highly value the
capacity/ability to communicate with other people, moreover by mastering a language
you gain access to the culture tied to it, which grants you a more profound
understanding of other people.