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Horizon for SAP

Version 1.6
Your Expert-in-a-Box Partner.

Built-in SAP best practices
Automates analysis of SAP
performance problems
Supports ABAP and
Java stack

Horizon for SAP is more than a simple performance monitor. It actually documents and automates SAP
best practices for identifying and analyzing availability and performance problems within SAP. How well
SAP performs determines how well your business is running. When a problem is occurring, you need to
recognize it, analyze it and implement a recommendation now--not tomorrow. Unlike simple performance
monitors, Horizon for SAP does not flood your console with data and assume the expertise and time is
available to analyze it. Instead, Horizon for SAP provides an Expert-in-a-Box that performs the types of
analysis and recommendations an experienced SAP Administrator would, automatically, 24x7x365 and in
real-time. Instead of reacting to complaints, Horizon finally gives you the ability to proactively
manage the service of SAP and fix problems before they become critical to your business.

Offloads repetitive tasks
from your SAP expert
Increases capabilities of
operations support staff
Always available - works
Manages in real-time
Integrates with Tidal
Enterprise Scheduler

Horizon for SAP is the most powerful solution available

today for managing availability and performance of the
mySAP Business Suite applications and the SAP
NetWeaver and R/3 platforms. Horizon radically
simplifies the management of SAP, allowing both
front-line operations staff and SAP Administrators to
resolve problems faster.
Horizon for SAP delivers an Expert-in-a-Box approach
that gives you much more than simple event correlation
and root cause analysis capabilities. Horizon intelligently
manages the flood of incoming SAP system alerts by
analyzing each alert in the context of the other alerts,
alarms and state information. With Horizon for SAP,
customers have seen a 97 percent reduction in alert
traffic, right out of the box. Horizon knows whether or
not you are facing a critical problem and notifies you
with a thorough description of the situation. Plus, you
get recommendations for fixing the problem using
language appropriate for both seasoned SAP
Administrators and Operators.

Rapid Time to Value

Installs, configures, deploys and is operational
in minutes and runs 24x7x365
No need for professional services or costly
No foreign code installed on your SAP System

Other Important Benefits

Increases return on SAP investment by increasing
performance and reducing unplanned outages
Reduces your mean time to respond to problems
by 50 to 90 percent.
Reduces total cost of ownership of mySAP

Key Features
Automates problem identification and analysis
of multiple SAP instances
Employs a Logical Management Approach
powered by Correlex
Automates daily SAP Administrator checklist

Always Available -Works 24x7x365

Captures work processes in real-time

Provides operational staff with SAP Administrator

expertise to manage SAP performance issues

Deep database analysis of Oracle and SQL Server

Frees scarce SAP Administrator resources to focus

on complex SAP management issues, while
providing them with the information they need to
proactively manage their enterprises SAP land

Integrates with Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, which

includes automated profiling of batch jobs and
analysis of long running batch jobs

Supports components built on Java stack

Measures end-user response time to identify


Increase Capabilities of Operations Staff

Notifies you in real-time about serious situations
that threaten your SAP systems
Automates the analysis of SAP performance
Helps resolve problems faster by recommending
remedial actions

Analyzes individual applications and transactions

Provides diagnostic reports along with
recommendations to resolve the problem
Enhanced SLA reporting
Fully integrated with Microsoft Operations
Manager (MOM) 2005 or HP OpenView
Operations for Windows version 7.2 and later
and Unix version 8.x

Automated Analysis of SAP Landscapes Horizon

for SAP automates problem identification and analysis
across your entire SAP landscape . Horizon looks at the
operating system, database, network performance, connectivity and CCMS events and alerts. In addition to SAP system log events, Horizon updates terminations, volatile
process information and Short Dumps.

Documented Best Practices Horizon for SAP fully

documents the best practices that it automates to identify
and resolve your SAP performance problems. With Horizon,
your operators will have the knowledge at their fingertips to
recognize and resolve complex issues as they arise, even if
the SAP Administrators are not available. Horizon for SAP
supports your need to document procedures for various
auditing and compliance initiatives.

Logical Management Approach Alerts and condiBuilt-in Expertise It is not enough to identify the cause
of a problem. To confidently address the issue, the SAP
administrator needs to know all of the information associated
with the problem. Each intelligent alert delivered by Horizon
for SAP is accompanied by a diagnostic report that explains
the source of the problem, the logic and data Horizon used
to reach its conclusion as well as a resolution of the
situation. Essentially what Horizon does for managing SAP is
what SAPs embedded analytics can do for managing your

Horizons Logical Management Approach performs:

Context analysis to evaluate each alert by considering
the prevailing operational characteristics of your SAP
Situation analysis to do in-depth data retrieval and
analysis just as one of your most experienced
administrators would
Resolution Analysis to identify solutions

Horizon does all this in real-time after rapid installation and

setup. Datacenters using Horizon for SAP can expect up to a
97 percent reduction in the volume of console alert traffic,
as Horizon supplements CCMS alerts with its intelligent
notifications. With Horizon for SAP, your operations staff will
have real-time access to the SAP domain expertise they need
to proactively manage your SAP landscape, freeing up your
scarce SAP Administrators.

In addition, Horizon automates the SAP Administrators

checklist, which SAP recommends your staff check every
day. Instead of you spending hours tracking this information
down, Horizon does it for you and provides notification of
situations that require your attention.

Express Installation and Implementation With

Horizons express installation, you can have Horizon up,
running and adding its SAP application expertise in less than
30 minutes. Horizons rapid time-to-value gives you the
confidence you are seeking with a high return on investment
for your critical SAP applications.

Call Tidal Software for more information, to see a demo

or to receive a free evaluation of Horizon.

Each alert generated by Horizon includes a link to a Correlex

diagnostic report that details the expert analysis applied to the
detected condition.

Tidal Software, Inc. 2005. All rights reserved. The Tidal Software logo, Tidal Horizon,
Expert-in-a-Box and Correlex are trademarks of Tidal Software, Inc. All other trademarks or
registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Youll wonder how you managed without us.

tions are only symptoms of a greater problem. With SAP,

one fault in the system can generate dozens of CCMS
alerts. In most cases, accurately diagnosing a threat to
your system involves considering an alert or condition in
the context of what else is happening in your system.
Using the Logical Management Approach, Horizon reduces
those alerts, combining symptoms into a single, intelligent
notification that describes the cause of a system fault
and its resolution using an extensive knowledge base
built on SAP Administrator expertise.