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[8:59:56 AM] Mohit Prasad

mapping -

map dev 1234 to dir 5e:0 lun=<>;

symcfg -sid 95 list -available -address -dir 5e -p 0

Lun addresses are from 0-4095

Host contraints --> OS that do not support more than 256 addresses or lun Nos.

Dynamic Lun addressing ==========================
Allows specific lun value to be assigned to the symm device regardless of what lun
value was
assigned when the device was mapped to the FA

symaccess -sid 95 create view -name host1_mv -ig host1_ig -pg host1_pg -sg
host1_sg -lun 50 ==> use 50 as a starting lun address for the devices

How to unmap the dev

" -v commit -nop ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ How to reclaim the devs (un-provision or un-allocate or unmap/unmask the devs) ================================================== ============================ You can perform partial reclaim or can perform full reclaim (host is getting decommissioned) partial reclaim =============== # symaccess -sid 95 -type stor -name host1_sg remove dev 063C ==> this will remove 063C from the storage grp Full reclaim ============ we can delete the masking view # symaccess -sid 95 delete view -name host1_mv -unmap . dev has to be write disabled or not ready state symdev -sid 95 not_ready 063C unmap dev <> from dir 5e:0 || unmap dev 063C from all:all symconfigure -sid 95 -cmd "unmap dev 063C from all:all.Before you unmap.

0823 symaccess -sid 95 -type stor -name host2_sg add devs 0824.12e:0 symaccess -sid 95 create view -name host1_mv -sg host1_sg -pg host1_pg -ig host1_ig symaccess -sid 95 create view -name host2_mv -sg host2_sg -pg host2_pg -ig host2_ig .[9:26:30 AM] Mohit Prasad: storage provisioning for a cluster ================================== Cascaded IGs .0825 symaccess -sid 95 -type init -name host1_ig add wwns <wwn of host1 hba> symaccess -sid 95 -type init -name host2_ig add wwns <wwn of host2 hba> symaccess -sid 95 -type port -name host1_pg add dirport 5e:0.12e:0 symaccess -sid 95 -type port -name host2_pg add dirport 5e:0.will have other IGs as their members rather than wwns symaccess -sid 95 -type stor -name host1_sg create symaccess -sid 95 -type stor -name host2_sg create symaccess -sid 95 -type init -name host1_ig create symaccess -sid 95 -type init -name host2_ig create symaccess -sid 95 -type port -name host1_pg create symaccess -sid 95 -type port -name host2_pg create symaccess -sid 95 -type stor -name host1_sg add devs 0822.

++++++++++++++++++ cascaded ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ symaccess -sid 95 -type stor -name host1_host2_sg create symaccess -sid 95 -type init -name host1_host2_ig create symaccess -sid 95 -type port -name host1_host2_pg create symaccess -sid 95 -type stor -name host1_host2_sg add devs 0981:0985 symaccess -sid 95 -type init -name host1_host2_ig add ig host1_ig.# symcfg -sid 95 list -fa all ==> check the "A-> ACLX" Flag ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++ [9:57:09 AM] Nagarjuna Reddy Battula: hi mohit [9:57:19 AM] Nagarjuna Reddy Battula: iam back ." -v preview|commit -nop ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++ Auto provisioning is only possible when you have an ACLX flag enabled on the FE ports How to check .host2_ig symaccess -sid 95 -type port -name host1_host2_pg add dirport 5e:0.12e:0 symaccess -sid 95 create view -name host1_host2_mv -sg host1_host2_sg -pg host1_host2_pg -ig host1_host2_ig [9:43:55 AM] Mohit Prasad: Now this shared/clustered storage is possible when a attribute is set on a vmax device ==> scsi3_persist_reserve symconfigure -sid 95 -cmd "set device 063C attribute=scsi3_persist_reserve.

So all hosts will see the for Autoprovisioning. This dev is typically mapped to all the FA ports initially. This special dev works as a initial gatekeeper device until you set up the other gatekeeper devs for your storage management env. default lun address is 0 on vmax. ACLX flag on the FE ports check its ACLX Database to ensure what dev has to be made accessible to which HBA wwn ACLX Devive -is a factory configured dev and not managed by an enduser.[9:58:40 AM] Mohit Prasad: 5 mins [10:57:51 AM] Mohit Prasad: ACLX Flag ACLX DEVICE =============== ACLX Flag -. Once initial setup is done with the gatekeepers configured for storage management purposes you can unmap the device to prevent it being visible to other hosts. .