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APRIL 2007

What is Personnel Information System (PIS) ?

Personnel Information System (PIS) is a computerized

database application that maintains and manage all the
demographic and service profile of a civil servant. Simply
put, the application is an electronic format of the Sheet
Roll that every civil servant must fill up during his/her first
appointment. The PIS maintains the vital information of
an employee such as Sheet Roll Number, name, date of
birth, gender, fathers and grandfathers name, nominee,
permanent address, PF number, CIT number. Similarly, the
system also keeps track of all the service events of an employee during his career within the civil service such as appointments, transfers, promotions, placements, educational
background, awards, training details, medical allowances,
disciplinary actions. With such feature rich application, the
system maintains the complete organizational structure of
the Government of Nepal and is classified by various service groups, posts and positions. In addition, is able to generate the entire payroll details (Talabi Pratibyaden) for an
employee based on his/her PIS data.

Gender based information

! Vacancy and retirement fore easting
! Employees complete demographic profile
! Sanctioned versus Occupied posts within the
! Automatically calculates and generates payroll
(Talabi Pratibyadan)
! Automatically generates letters of Appointments,
transfers, promotions, retirements, placements, pension &
gratuity authorization letters
! Ability to customize letters template
! Calculates Pension and Gratuity amount based upon
PIS data along with the Government rules and regulations
! Ability to export PIS data to MS Excel
! Ability to build your own customized query and
generate specific results
! Maintains a complete audit trail of every transaction
! Highly secured, reliable and easy to use features
! Online help and discussion forum

What is PID No. ?

PID No. is the unique number provided by the

DoCPR during the time of submitting your Sheet Roll.
PID No. is also called Sheet Roll Number. If you do not
have your Sheet Roll Number (PID No.) or if you have not
submitted/filled your Sheet Roll, please contact DoCPR
What are its major features and functionalities?
! Keeps

track of an entire service history of an em-

! Maintains Organizational structure of the Government classified by various service groups, posts and positions
! Maintains a complete sanctioned posts and positions
of GoN (Darbandi)

How does the Ministry benefit from PIS?

PIS will allow every Ministry/department/office to

comprehensively manage, keep track of their employees
and view their complete information as desired. PIS will be
an excellent tool for Personnel Administration Section as
they are primarily responsible for the effective management
& administration of employees within the office. With the
use of PIS, all the letters pertaining to employees service
events (appointments, transfers, promotions, placements
etc) can be generated directly from the PIS. This functionality will not only help in updating PIS but also compliment
line ministries to perform the same task efficiently and effectively thus avoiding duplication of work.


APRIL 2007

dition, all the necessary training and user manual related to

PIS shall be provided by DoCPR. The DoCPR will organize a week long training session at the DoCPR premises for
the participants.

What are the Ministrys requirements to operate PIS?

For the agencies that are covered in this project (please

refer list of agencies covered section), the ministry should
posses necessary IT equipments such as computers, local
area network, printers and the computer operators/staffs to
take PIS training.
However, for other agencies that are not covered in this
project has to procure data network connectivity separately. For this please, contact DoCPR technical team

Will the Ministry get an Internet Access along with PIS?

While the network will have capacity to transmit Internet and other services such as Video conference, VoIP, at
present, only data can be transmitted through the network.
However, other services will be implemented at later stages.

I am a Civil Servant. Do I get to login to PIS and see my

Who will be responsible for maintenance, support of


the data network equipments and connectivity that

DoCPR provided?

You can access to see your details provided your records are available in the PIS database. Your records are
available only if you have submitted or filled your Sheet
Roll at DoCPR. You are requested to contact DoCPR if
your records are found missing or you have yet not submitted your Sheet Roll.

While DoCPR will facilitate supply, installation and

commissioning of data networking equipments in the agencies mentioned above, the long term support and maintenance of the equipments will be carried out by MoEST
and DoCPR jointly. For this purpose, a group of technical
team within the government shall be formed to ensure
smooth operation of the network.

How secure is PIS data?

All the transactions made through the PIS are completely reliable and secure. PIS uses latest encryption technology and the transactions are made by means of a Virtual Private Network authentication. In addition, each PIS
user are provided unique user name and password which
allows to keep track of all the transactions made by the user
as it maintains the complete audit trail.

What is the implementation timeline? When will the

ministry be able to use this data network and access

DoCPR envisages the network to be established by

August 2007. Once the network is established, PIS including other applications of respective ministry can be transmitted through the network. DoCPR shall organize a complete PIS training session to the line ministries in near future

Does the Ministry require to purchase PIS software?

The DoCPR will install PIS for FREE upon receiving

a formal request letter from the concerned ministry. In adFor further details, please contact:


Mr Damodar Regmi!
Project Coordinator!
Department of Civil Personnel Records
Phone: 5010 025
Mr Adesh Khadka! !
Computer Engineer!
Department of Civil Personnel Records!!
Email:! !
Phone: 98510 73516!




3. Mr Ashish Joshi
PIS Consultant
Department of Civil Personnel Records
Phone: 98510 33144