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Human nature

If a few years ago I would had been asked about what humans in general are, I would had
limited my answer to a simple statement: you will never see on your entire existence such
creatures without any chance of redemption, soulless creatures whos only purpose is to poison a

Even today I keep in mind my concept upon human behavior, and that maybe is the main
reason to despise myself for the simple fact that as human I crave, I am selfish, ignorant, selfcentered, full of hate and cold-blooded. Indeed you have all the right to disagree with my
opinion but again think for a moment on whats well hidden inside of you a thought, a
heartbeat, the blink of an eye, the smallest gesture what in a certain moment was the
representation of your dark side or should I say of your true nature.
It is true that I simply hate the fact that we are giving up on what we had for blending into
a society what at the end of the day lives trough us and not the other way around. We talk about
freedom and equality but that only in the moments when we feel oppressed yet we do judge and
oppress when we start preaching about our mightiness and sense of justice. We consider
ourselves Gods of our own little world, never trying to open our eyes towards species who had
learned the importance of balance for their own well, far wiser than we will ever be
We are ugly in everything we are, broken, damaged and awfully trying to hide it with no
shade of luck. We are nothing alike with any other creature, but by far billion times worse that
everything what has ever lived on this planet, with our judgment clouded, ruled by envy, with
our souls full of venom, we are infecting even the concept of love, we intoxicate it with
narcissism with fear and with lust claiming our loved ones as our possession, we steal their
freedom and turn love into a prison. But beyond that, maybe this last thing left behind by our
evolution, our ability to love is our final chance of redemption.
Never in a lifetime is a human so close to seem that pure and able to surpass its condition
of selfish reptile than in the moment when the true feelings of love come along. This only feeling
is their main source of happiness, energy and give them the ability of turning stubbornness into
the ability to fight for their loved ones beyond the limitations of their mere condition. They
prove patience, understanding and even the fact that there might be something good in the end
inside of our rotting souls, that there are some moments when humans are able to put the one
around them in front of their needs for power and that they are able even for amazing sacrifices
All in all, even if I do not consider human as being by far one of the greatest species, I
have learned that they can be surprisingly good with the ones they love most just as a single
red rose what blooms between the thorns, so does love bloom into the darkness of our souls.