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It is well known fact that being a soldier is a dangerous job, and tasks handled by a soldier is
more dangerous than others. Walking through minefields, deactivating unexploded bombs or
clearing out hostile buildings, are some of the most dangerous tasks a soldier have to perform in
the line of duty.
The soldiers have to be at the front line of the duty handling enemy fires and protecting out
country. However various other methods of destruction are designed such as land mines which
soldiers cant find out as they are placed below the ground and leads to the loss of many lives on
battle field if the soldier steps on it.
A land mine is an explosive device concealed under or on the ground and designed to destroy or
disable enemy targets, ranging from combatants to vehicles and tanks, as they pass over or near
it. Such a device is typically detonated automatically by way of pressure when a target steps on it
or drives over it, though other detonation mechanisms are also sometimes used. A land mine may
cause damage by direct blast effect, by fragments that are thrown by the blast, or by both.
Thus it becomes necessary to design a solution which could help soldiers detect and destroy
landmines in advance, saving the life of our soldiers. This project deals with design and
development of one such intelligent robot which can automatically detect and destroy mines.
The robot moves ahead in the line of soldiers and soldiers follows the robot. When the land mine
is detected by the robot it alerts the soldiers to be step back and activates the destruction
mechanism to destroy the land mine thus saving the life of soldiers.

Literature review:
Till date a lot of research work has been carried out on different robots for military applications a
some of which we have referred is summarized below.

Dr.S.Bhargavi, S.Manjunath


designed an intelligent combat robot for war fields. The

combat robot was designed to tackle such a cruel terror attacks. This robot is radio operated, selfpowered, and has all the controls like a normal car. A wireless camera has been installed on it, so
that it can monitor enemy remotely when required. It can silently enter into enemy area and send
us all the information through its tiny Camera eyes. This spy robot can be used in star hotels,
shopping malls, jewellary show rooms, etc where there can be threat from intruders or terrorists.

Ankita Patel, Kinjal Chaudhari, Dattukumar Patel [2] developed Touch screen controlled
multipurpose spy robot using zigbee.

This project controlled the robot system in a new

economical solution and as well as it is used for different sophisticated robot application. The
control system consists of Touch screen and Zigbee modules, a microcontroller that collects and
controls the robot. Now Spying area in military ground where enemy stay can be took before
taking any action. The Mini Spy Robot is small robot with a camera attached to it. The body of
the robot consists of two wheels attached to geared motors. The motors will be run by the relays
which will be then controlled through Touch screen via ZIGBEE device.

A.Seethai, Dr. Azha. Periasamy, Dr. S. Muruganand [3] , developed Rescue Robotics Using
Artificial Intelligence. It is designed to provide a robotic system that can combat in wars and

other military purposes. They proposed a vision based technique that can be employed in case of
hazardous condition where human beings cannot be employed. The main aim is to operate the
robot which can work automatically on an object with a mechanical linkage.

Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan, IEEE Student Member, Syed Azharuddin, Santhosh Kumar,

Prototype was developed of gesture controlled robot (called as UGV) to embrace missions like
border patrol, reconnaissance and in dynamic battle both as a standalone unit (automatic) and as
well as in co-ordination with human soldiers (manual). Like, command controlled mode and selfcontrolled mode, we use another specific mode called, gesture control mode or hand wave mode.
In this mode, UGV is manoeuvred using commands sent based on hand movements mapped by
the IMU unit and the UGV is capable of travelling from one point to another point.

Summary of literature review:

Referreing to the above literature reiview we can conclude that though there are so many robots
availablre for military purposes none of them focuses on actuals battle field where soldiers have
to take the bullets and lose their life. Considering this point, this project deals with the design
and development of Robot for detecting and destroying land mines.

Working principle:

The working principle of the robotic vehicle can be understood from the picture above. The robot
is operated wirelessly by one soldier which can help in navigation of the robot. Underneath the
robot are attached the sensors, to detect the landmines which are the metal detecting sensors.
When a land mine comes below the sensors the robot alerts the soldiers, to halt and shows the
location of land mine. It then activates the landmine destruction mechanism which is a a dummy
weight which is dropped onto the land mine which explodes the land mine at a distance far away
from the soldiers thus saving human lives.

Research methodology:
For the purpose of simplification, the project is approaches in 4 phases which are carried out step
by step throughout the entire duration of project.
1) Design and development of the drive train and the mine destruction mechanism:
In this phase the mechanical construction of the project is done. It includes the fabrication
of the vehicle, development of the mine destruction mechanism and other mechanical
2) The design of mine detecting and remote control unit: In this phase the remote control
system and the mine detection system is developed. This pjhase includes the development
of electronics required for the project.
3) Assembly: In this phase the above two modules are assembled.
4) Testing: In this phase the tests are carried out to determine the reliability of the developed

1) Can be used to detect mines in front line of war.

2) The mine destruction mechanism can destroy the mines using a dummy thus saving
soldiers lives.
3) Since based on metal detecting mechanism, it can also be used for detecting the bombs
4) Can be added with extra features to make it a full fledged defense robot.


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