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Consumer advertising media brief

Client name

Advertising Media Brief


Contact information


Company name


Name of
being advertised



Hayaa focuses on hijab wears and will sell

Abayas to the working as well as non working
women. It will be providing Pakistani Muslim
women with well designed and well customize
Abayas. It will be providing colored Abayas other
than the traditional black. It will sell different
fabric Abayas including stuff like chiffon,
georgette, raw silk etc. and of course Hayaa will
be introducing a line of printed Abayas.

What are the advertising

Objective 1
Building Brand Image
And Awareness

Objective 2
Changing Perception


The first objective of advertising Hayaa is

building a brand image and awareness of our
brand named as Hayaa.
We want to create the image of Hayaa as a
best quality abayas with reasonable prices
including the taste of fashion.

The second objective of advertising our brand is

changing the perception of people regarding abayas,
that females can look even better and gorgeous after
wearing Hayaa abayas.
Objective 3
The third objective of advertisng our brand is increase
Increase In Sales And
in sales and growth of our business which is one the
most important thing for the survival of our business.
When is advertising planned to launch? end?
Start Date
We want to launch our campaign at the end of
Is this linked to a product or
summer season as there is purchasing of winter

Consumer advertising media brief

company launch?
Does PR need to go first?

season starts, so we will make winter season oriented

embroidery, print with simple abayas as well.

End Date

As to build new brand image we will continue by

launching different campaigns to remain our brand in
cutomers mind.

Consumer advertising media brief

Who is the target audience(s) you want to reach?
The options are the selection criteria available in third party
research that media buyers use to select media
Location (s)


Define major metros or more

narrowly by zip code

The mall of Lahore, Liberty market, M.M Alam road, Xinema

Mall,Pace shopping mall, Annar Kali, Panorama Center Mall road,
Cream block market, Allama iqbal Town, G 1 market Joher Town,



males? females? or both?

Household income

Household Income <40,000-500,000>

Marital Status
single or married?
or doesnt matter?

Doesnt matter


Female Children <12 years

Role in purchase
process who is being


Other demographics?

Age: People of all ages but young girls will mostly our customer.

Less than High School to Ph.D

those Males and Females who are involved in

Involved in purchase
Use the product/service

Gender: Female.
Family size: No limit of members. It may be single or all female
family members.
Family life cycle: young or old, married or single.
Income: Rs. 30,000 and above
Occupation: students, working females and house wives
Social Class: Upper class, Upper middle class and middle class

Consumer advertising media brief

Other information to help in media selection
psychographic or
attitudinal insights
psychological attributes like
values, interests, hobbies,
lifestyles and personality

behavioral information
data on what people do with
their time or money. Or what
their past purchase behavior
has been.

use of technology

internet use at
high speed internet at
cell phone use?
use of social media?
comfort level with the

Media planners will have access to this data

about your target audience(s)

Reach and frequency goals

Minimum plan
(suggested 50% to 70% reach/3 frequency) a month
Better plan
Best plan
Advertising success metrics
Ad metrics?

Timeframe to advertising
Best times of day
Best days of week
Minimum media budget
Per month

Consumer advertising media brief

Total for campaign

Media preferences and restrictions

Types of advertising preferred? media not to be included in this plan?
Any particular placements that are not brand appropriate?
Local newspapers
National newspapers
Online ads
Outdoor billboards
Mobile ads
Search ads
Other information