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The use of the definite article THE

before common nouns used in a particular sense (ispred zajednikih imenica kada se govori o odreenom licu ili

The book on the table is mine.

before common nouns to indicate the whole class (da oznai celu vrstu neega):

The cow gives us milk.

before superlatives (ispred superlativa):

She is the prettiest girl in the family.

before ordinal umbers (ispred rednih brojeva):

the first/second act of the play

before unique things (ispred pojmova od kojih postoji samo jedan):

the earth/moon/sun/North pole/east/west

before surnames in the plural (ispred prezimena kojima se dodaje -s):

Where were the Smiths yesterday?

before rivers, seas, oceans, chains o mountains (ispred naziva reka, mora, okena, planinskih venaca):

the Thames/Danube/Sava/Adriatic (Sea)/Black Sea/Alps/Lake of Ohrid

before the names of countries and islands consisting of an adjective and noun (kod zemalja i ostrva ija se imena
sastoje od prideva i imenica) :

the Inited States/United Kingdom/British Isles

BUT: Great Britain/Germany/Serbia

before the names of nationalities to indicate the whole nation (ispred imena pripadnika narodnosti da oznai celu

the English/French/Chinese

before adjectives used as nouns (ispred poimeninih prideva):

The strong should protect the weak.

before public buildings, theatres, museums, cinemas, hotels, restaurants:

the Jadran/NationalMuseum/Modern Art Gallery/Majestic

before the names of musical instruments used in a general sense (ispred imena muzikih instrumenata
upotrebljenih u optem znaenju):

Do you play the piano?

before the word same (ispred rei same):

It is all the same to me.

with phrases (sa izrazima):

all the time, by the way, at the end/beginning, half the time/way, to have the honour etc.

Omission of the definite article

we do not use the definite article before nouns used in a general sense (ispred imenica upotrebljenih u optem
znaenju, odreeni lan se ne koristi):

Time is money.
Time waits for nobody.


What is the time, please?

I will take bread and butter.


The bread is on the table.

When do you have lunch?


The lunch we had at the Majestic was excellent.

The use of the indefinite article A/AN

before singular nouns (ispred imenica u jednini):

a bookshelf;

an apple

when something is mentioned for the first time (kada se neto pominje po prvi put):

I saw a girl in the street. The girl was very pretty.

before names of nationality to indicate one person (ispred imena pripadnika narodnosti da oznai jedno lice):

an Italian;

a Chinese/Swiss/German

before the words: hundred, thousand, million, dozen, instead of the word one (ispred pomenutih rei umesto rei

A dozen eggs, please.

with phrases (sa izrazima):

It is a pity; in a hurry; all of a sudden; in a short time; for a change; one at a time; once a day/week/month/year, etc.