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The .308 Win. AR offers customers access to the TrackingPoint system with a cartridge/rife combination that has excellent ergonomics and a ubiquitous cartridge that provides low recoil and a long barrel life. The combination will yield many days of fun, whether
hunting or plinking.
point. The .300 Win. Mag. AR begins at
at speeds up to 17 miles per hour. These
Nemo, a newer manufacturer of unique
components compensate for both shooter
TrackingPoint is offering a budgetfriendly
high-end rifes. It was the frst to produce
and target movement, a process that takes
acquire its Precision-Guided Firearms
a viable .300 Win. Mag. AR that is both
what was once an educated guess, and
but who are unable to shell out the total
light and easy on the shoulder.
transforms it into a quickly solved mathecost at the time of purchase.
Here is how it works:
Prior experience with each of these rimatical equation.

fes has taught me that they all hover right
This advanced optics and sensor pack 36 months
around 1 minute-of-angle (for fve shots at
age activates once the shooter places the
10% interest rate
100 yards). While there is no way to make
electronic tag. Once the dot is in place,
By our math, one can obtain a Trackinga rife more accurate through advanced
the optic calculates the fring solution
Point 5.56, for example, by putting $750
down and paying $217.64 per month for
optical packages and matched factory
using input from the sensors and range36 months. Thats a small price to pay to
ammunition, the TrackingPoint rifes
fnder, runs it all through the ballistic
never miss again. Extended warranties
completely eliminate user error. They all
calculator and tracking engine, then waits
and software maintenance programs are
also available for purchase.
shoot to the maximum precision that each
for the shooter to depress the trigger and
rife is capable of.
put the crosshairs onto the dot/tag. Once
The biggest contributing factor in the
the crosshairs move back onto the tag, the
performance the TrackingPoint rifes offer is the optical system,
rife fres. The entire process occurs in just a few seconds with
or NTS. Its advanced computing abilities account for factors that
incredible precision.
humans cannot even detect.
The next biggest factor is the rife itself, and each of these new
The New Kids The three new ARs all come from top-tier manufacproducts starts out as a worthy apprentice from known and reputurers prior to arriving at TrackingPoint. While each of the new
rifes is unique to TrackingPoint, they all come from noble heritage. table manufacturers. Finally, the ammunition is a key component
to the overall performance of the system.
The 5.56mm rife starts out as a Daniel Defense product, and
For each of these rifes to hit precisely at any distance, the
the .308 Win. rife originates at Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT).
TrackingPoint system has to know the exact velocity for each
Both manufacturers are recognized for their quality products, so
projectile and its ballistic coeffcient. Variations in bullet velocity
it makes sense that TrackingPoint would use them as a starting