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Solon, Alyssa Marie A.

Date: February 25, 2016

B - 1R


Characteristics of an entrepreneur
Desire for achievement

Examples of trait manifestations on

Mr. Henry Sy


Moderate risk-taker


Travelling to the US and East Coast,

to find better ways of selling shoes
Opening SM Mall of Asia, and
measuring up and competing against
international mall chains
Opening SM Aura Premier, which
follows the international architecture
trend designs
Voluntarily working in their family
sari-sari store
Opening up his own department store
chain (as a tenant), then later on his
own mall chain
Studying about the retail business,
while still in college
Being informed about the current
market trends
Entering the banking business, and
having a conservative business
Opening the first air-conditioned shoe
store, at a young age
Despite the martial law and the hard

Specific ways for self-improvement of

this trait right now
I will set a personal deadline for academic
and personal projects. And I will never
settle for the easy stuff again. I will work
hard for what I want to achieve, and avoid
mediocrity and let go of the bahala na
basta meron attitude.
I will try to initiate more in activities,
inside the classroom and in the
organization. I will not wait for other
people to step up; I will do whatever it
takes, for me and my group, to achieve
our goal successfully.
I will follow my guts, and take the
necessary precautions in any decision, but
never ever let my many fears stop me
from doing anything. I will go to different
places to learn, and say yes to new things.
As long as I will not harm yourself, or
other people, I will go for it.
I will trust myself more. Nobody is going
to laugh at me when I share, so I will
speak up more often. And smile


Personally responsible

Desire for immediate feedback


economic times (after Ninoys comfortably, when I am speaking in

assassination), pushing for the public. And I should volunteer my ideas
construction of his first mall
and talents, especially if it is good, and
can help in the situation.
Starting an early business venture at a I will ask less of other peoples
young age (buy and sell)
assistance, and be self-sufficient o my
Opening more shoe stores, and later own. I will save up money, so I dont
on, his mall chain, despite the martial need to ask for favors when I want new
law era
things, or when I want to go to different
Maintaining ancient Chinese beliefs, workshops/places.
despite the very progressive business
Very hands-on and involved in the I will never blame other people for my
failures and short-comings. I will deliver
what I promise, and if ever I cannot do it
right, I will hold all the responsibility. I
will not deny it, and face its consequences
if needed.
Listened to customers suggestions, I will ask about other peoples opinion, in
especially during the opening of the order to improve my work. I will take
first SM shoe store
what they say as criticism, but rather as
Considered the opinion of the suggestions, for my own development. I
employees and also the suppliers
will not feel bad about it and cry; instead,
I will use my energy to consider their
comments and work on making my craft
Selling small portions in the family Instead of sticking to the protocol and
retail store
following my routine, I think I should
Selling other apparels in order to shake things up a little bit. Go with a
meet the demand of the customers
different crowd, in order to be introduced
to new things. And look at stuff every

Opportunity seeker

Problem solver

time with new curiosity and appreciation.

And I should not stick to the normal
methods, I should dare try to explore.
Buy and sell business during the I should open myself to the stuff all
around me. I should be more observant of
Selling American-made shoes
everything, and let my curiosity flow.
Expanding to other retail business And I should be more interested in what
formats, such as supermarkets, is actually in front of me, rather than what
hardware stores, appliance centers
I dream is in front of me.
Bank acquisitions, during the martial
law economic crisis
Buy and sell business during WW2, Instead of putting off problems, I should
in order to provide for his family
act on it as soon as possible. And I should
Opening up own department store avoid cramming, if it can be avoided. And
instead of waiting for other people to
Opening his own mall
solve our common dilemmas, I will think
Pushing back the opening of SM of a solution, and suggest it to the group
MoA, in order to cope with the so that we can start working on the
economic crisis