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Learn How to Speak Tagalog

Lesson 1

Looking for Places

SAAN and ANG are probably the most important words in Tagalog a tourist should
know. These two words allow you to get directions, as you will see in our examples.
SAAN is tagalog word for the English word WHERE. Use it at the beginning of a
sentence when asking direction for a place.
ANG is tagalog word for the English word THE.

Saan ang punta natin?

Where are we going?
What is our destination?
Saan ang kubeta?
Where is the restroom (or bathroom)?
Saan ang kainan?
Where is the place to eat?
Where is the restaurant?
Where is the dining room?
Saan ang tulugan?
Where do we sleep?
Where is the bedroom?
Where is the bed?
Saan ang tindahan?
Where is the store?
Where is the grocery store?

Saan ang talyer?

Where is the shop?
Where is the car repair shop?
Saan ang parmasya?
Where is the pharmacy?
Saan ang pagamutan?
Where is the medical clinic?
Saan ang ospital?
Where is the hospital?
Saan ang pasukan?
Where is the entrance?
Saan ang labasan?
Where is the exit?
Saan ang paaralan?
Where is the school?
Saan ang bangko?
Where is the bank?
Saan ang tagpuan?
Where is the meeting place?
Saan tayo pupunta?
Where are we going?

Saan kayo pupunta?

Where are you going?
Saan tayo galing?
Where did we come from?
Where have we been?
Saan kayo galing?
Where did you come from?
Where have you been?
Saan ang embahada?
Where is the embassy?
Saan ang pulisya?
Where is the police station?
Saan ang simbahan?
Where is the church?
Saan ang sakayan?
Where is the jeepney stop?
Where is the bus stop?
Where is the port?
You can combine "Saan ang" with proper names.
Saan ang Pantranco Bus Terminal?
Where is the Pantranco Bus Terminal?

Saan ang Manila?

Where is Manila?
Saan ang Makati?
Where is Makati?
Saan ang University of the Philippines?
Where is the University of the Philippines?
You can combine "Saan ang" with common English nouns.
Saan ang "library"?
Where is the library?
Saan ang "meeting place"?
Where is the meeting place?
Saan ang "church"?
Where is the church?
Saan ang "wedding"?
Where is the wedding?
Saan ang "exit"?
Where is the exit?
Many Tagalog speakers will say you can use "Saan ang" with things. For example,
you can say, "Saan ang baso?" for Where is the cup? Another example is "Saan ang
pagkain?" for Where is the food?

However, fluent Tagalog speakers use another word for locating things - Nasaan.
Where is the cup? for instance, is more accurately translated "Nasaan ang baso?".
Likewise, Where is the food? is more accurately translated "Nasaan ang pagkain?"
If you are a beginner, do not worry about the difference between Saan and Nasaan.
Use Saan and you will be understood. We will learn the difference in another lesson.