OpenStack Mitaka Release Overview

Brad Topol, Ph.D., IBM Distinguished Engineer,
OpenStack Core Contributor
Davanum Srinivas, Community Architect and
OpenStack TC Member / Principal Software
Engineer, Mirantis

May 5, 2016 Webinar

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” 2 © IBM Corporation 2 . all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface. and networking resources throughout a datacenter.What is it? “OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute. storage.

OpenStack capabilities keep growing! 3 © IBM Corporation 3 .


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User adoption trends Enterprise Private Cloud Public Cloud Telecom & NFV Research & Big Data 6 .

Community in action • First OpenStack App Hackathon took place in Taiwan with support of Prime Minister • Building strong relationship with telecom community and OPNFV to focus on NFV requirements • New Scientific Working Group created to address very large academic & govt research contingency • First European ops mid-cycle at capacity and extremely productive. as well as containers for deploying OpenStack 7 . working closely with Product Working Group • Continued interest in container orchestration and Ironic bare metal service.

540 Patch sets 1347 Merged commits per week per week 8 © IBM Corporation 8 .OpenStack continues to turn up the intensity 293 2336 Companies 21% Increase in contributors from Liberty Released 4/7/2016 6.

Mitaka release key themes User Experience Manageability Scalability Consistency and better platform for end users Finer grained controls and easier management for operators Performance and stability for larger deployments 9 .

reducing 4 steps to 1 Neutron improved L3 & DVR support • Heat horizontal scaling. better performance for stateless mode Designate incremental zone transfers Keystone fernet tokens Continued efforts on Cells v2 and scheduler • • • 10 .Mitaka release key themes • User Experience Manageability Scalability • • OpenStack Client provides single tool to interact with multiple services consistently Improved SDK support New simplified Neutron API to “give me a network” • • • Simplified configuration for Nova Easier to setup Keystone.

11 11 © IBM Corporation 11 .Mitaka Key Features f its contributions to OpenStack Mitaka Identity (Keystone) Dashboard (Horizon) • • • • • Improved translation support for dashboard plugins • Angular based dashboard extensibility • New dashboard AngularJS plugin for creating and managing LBaaS V2 resources Domain specific roles (identity per domain policy enforcement) Enhance QA to test new deployment models Allow URL safe names for projects Retrieve default values of domain specific configuration Storage (Cinder & Swift) • • • • • Cinder backend drivers storwize_svc. XIV and DS8k replication Cinder support for over subscription Cinder implementation of new Consistency Group functions Enhancements to Swift container sync feature Cinder block storage for Kubernetes pods persistent storage Trove • Back up and restore capabilities to Trove CouchDB and DB2 guest agent • CouchDB guest agent enhancements including user and database management capabilities Magnum • Support to enhance networking performance for Kubernetes clusters • Enhancements to user guide and troubleshooting guide Ceilometer • Metrics for LBaaS V2 resources Globalization • Large translation effort for key projects Heat • Support for LBaaS V2 resources • OpenStackClient support for Heat CLI Compute (Nova) • Usability enhancements for Operators • Large number of bugs fixed • Simplified configuration and scheduler improvements Networking • • • • • • • LBaaS V2 Support OVN Hardening Neutron Availability Zone Support including compatibility with OVN Easier performance analysis Modular L2 agent TOSCA NFV templates parsing and translation to HOT Kuryr Docker networking plugin Security • User metadata support for Secrets • Support for multiple Keystone authentication methods in Castellan • New admin tool to manage Barbican database and HSM Interoperability • • • • User functionality/Usability enhancements Stability fixes and enhancements Tempest Plugin enablement Vendor registration preparation.

Mitaka Key Features • Networking DBaaS Volume Storage • • • Improved Scalability and Performance Evaluation Simplified API New Telco support (NFV. TOSCA NFV Profile) DNS Support Improvements • • Support for CouchDB and DB2 Improved Backup and Restore Capabilities • Improved volume retyping and migration support New volume replication API Consistency Groups • • 12 .

Mitaka Key Features Security • • • • • Token Scalability Enhancements Improved Fine Grain Access Control Key Management Improvements Time Based One Time Passwords Unified identity for multiple authentication sources (shadow users) Object Storage • • More Efficient Object Capacity Adjustments Improved Object Synchronization • Improved Network Performance for Kubernetes Clusters Cinder Block Storage for Kubernetes Pods Containers • 13 .

Mitaka Key Features Manageability • • • • New APIs for live migrations Separate network support for live migrations Support for forcing/aborting live migrations Live migration progress checking 14 .

recommended OpenStack in her Keynote Collaboration Across Open Source Communities • Ongoing collaboration with Kubernetes. and manufacturing industries OpenStack Foundation Announced GA of Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam Gartner Recommendation • Donna Scott. Cloud Foundry and Apache Mesos open source communities s-and-openstack-the-perfect-tag-team-forcontainers • 15 . financial services.openstack. Gartner Distinguished Analyst.OpenStack Summit Austin key takeaways Community Growth • • • 7500+ Attendees from over 60 countries Huge adoption growth in retail.

Verizon. Big • New use cases for OpenStack in areas of Internet of Things. and China Mobile are already adopting OpenStack Use Case Growth Telco Adoption 16 .OpenStack Summit Austin key takeaways Interoperability • • Huge Push to Improve Interoperability https://www. and containers • AT&T. 17 © IBM Corporation 17 .youtube.openstack.Read more about the OpenStack MitakaRelease  A Guide to the OpenStack Mitaka Release By Brad Topol Landing page .org/software/mitaka/ Press release .com/watch?v=N90ufYN0B6U&feature=youtu.openstack. Release notes .https://www.html Core services demo