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FibeAir IP-10

(Command Line Interface)

User Guide
Part ID: BM-0134-0
Doc ID: DOC-00018394 Rev a.01
May 2008

General .......................................................................................................... 1
Getting Started.............................................................................................. 2
Command Groups......................................................................................... 5
CLI Commands.............................................................................................. 8
CLI Command Parameters ..........................................................................11
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 1

This guide explains how to work with the FibeAir IP-10 Command Line Interface (CLI).
The CLI is used to perform IP-10 configuration and obtain system statistical and performance
Using the CLI, you can perform configuration operations for single IP-10 units, as well as configure
IP-10 units in a single batch command.

Access Rights
IP-10 CLI access is granted for the following user groups:
Viewer This user only has read-only access. The user can only view parameters and their values,
modify them.
Operator This user has read-write access. The user can read parameters and their values, and
them. However, this user cannot add or remove other users.
Admin This user has read-write access. The user can read parameters and their values, modify
and add/remove other users.
Technician This user has read-write access to the CLI, as well as access to a bridge-specific CLI
User access is controlled by the system administrator and configured via the Management command
(shown in the Command Groups section).
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 2

Getting Started
To log in to the CLI:
1. Power on your PC.
2. Make sure that your PC is connected to the management port on the front panel of the IP-10 unit.
3. For a first-time login, use the following:
User: admin
Password: admin
Note: When using the Hyper Terminal, you should set the terminal speed (in your PC terminal
configuration) to 155200 kpbs. In addition, it is recommended to select the VT-100 terminal type
and set the
terminal size to 24 rows, 80 columns.

Getting Help
Once you are logged in, you can go to a main command group and its sub groups, type the
command you
want, and press Tab twice for a list of possible parameter values.
In addition, you can type a command and then type a question mark (?) for location-specific
information for

the command. For example, for the set command, typing set ? and pressing Enter will display a list
optional parameters and a help line.
Wherever you are in the command tree, you can obtain a list of available commands by typing Help
or ?.
The commands that are available are different for each location in the CLI tree and the type of user.

Basic Commands
The following basic commands are available when you first log in, if you belong to the Operator
user group:
ls list entities
get get parameter
set set parameter
help help
cd change directory
exit exit CLI
logout logout from CLI
cli-ver cli version
cls clear screen
write write the current switch configuration to the configuration file
show-tree show entity tree
find search for a string in the parameter name and information fields
lsp list entity parameters and commands

In addition, you can use the up/down arrow keys, or the q key, when the word END appears at
the end
of the screen.
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 3

Finding Commands
At any point in the CLI tree, a quick way to find a command is to type find string, and press Enter.
For string you can type any word that you think is relevant for a command.
For example, if you type find user, and press Enter, you would get a list of commands relating to
"user", as
1) management/mng-services/mng-software/proxy-user User name passed to the ...
2) management/mng-services/users/add-user Add user <name> <group>
3) management/mng-services/users/delete-user Delete user <name>
4) management/mng-services/users/show-users Show users

Command Example
The following example shows how you can find a command within a sub-group, and then execute
command. The example starts with the lsp (list parameters) command, and ends with the activation
of an
interface loopback test.


Note that bridge related commands need to be followed by a write command to be saved.
Otherwise, the commands will not be saved following a reset in the system.
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 4

Viewing the Command Tree

At any location within the command group structure, you can type show-tree and press Enter for a
list of all
the commands in the group you are currently in.
The following list appears when you type show-tree.
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 5

Command Groups
The command groups that appear when you log in include the following:
Some groups include sub groups that enable setup operations relevant to that category.
The following illustrations show the trees of each main group.

FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 6

FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 7

FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 8

CLI Commands
The following table lists the commands you can use in each command group and sub group.
Note that when you enter a group or sub group, you can type a command and then press the Tab
key twice
(or type a question mark) for a list of values relevant to that command.
Command Group Command Description
alarm-current show Show current alarms
bridge qos-show-ip-pbit-val Show IP pbits to queue allocation
bridge qos-show-vlan-priority Show QoS VLAN Priorities
bridge qos-show-vlan-tag-pbit-val Show VLAN tag pbits to queue allocation

bridge show-eth-statistics Show Ethernet Statistics

bridge show-ports-status Show status of all ports
bridge show-running-config Show current switch operating configuration
bridge show-vlan-info Show VLAN database information
bridge vlan Add, remove or modify values associated with a
single VLAN
cfg-service set-to-default Set to default
eth-port qos-show-policer-classes Show policer classes
eth-port qos-show-vlan-pbits-prio-remap Show VLAN Pbits priority remap
eth-port set-allowed-vlans Set allowed VLANs
eth-port show-allowed-vlans Show allowed VLANs
eth-port show-port-status Show port status
event-log clear Clear log
event-log show Show log
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 9
Command Group Command Description
idc-board reset-idc-hw Reset the IDC - cold (HW) reset
mate-idu copy-to-mate-cmd Copy to mate command
mate-idu create-copy-to-mate-nack-listcmd
Create copy to mate nack list command
mate-idu manual-switch-cmd Manual switch command
mng-protocols status-show Show Management Protocols status
mng-snmp status-show Show SNMP status
mng-software download Download all relevant packages from remote
server (without installation)
mng-software kernel-upgrade Upgrade Linux kernel
mng-software package-install Install new package (like SW patch) without
existing version installed
mng-software package-rollback Package rollback (downgrade to older version)
mng-software package-uninstall Uninstall SW package (recommended for patch
mng-software show-packages Show SW package information
mng-software upgrade Upgrade all installed packages or requested
mng-software verify-packages Verify installed packages
mstp msti-vid VLAN ID to be associated to instance
mstp show-msti-vid Show VLAN IDs associated to instance
pm-service clear-entire-pm Clear entire PM
remote-idu remote-cold-reset Reset the remote IDC - cold (HW) reset
rmon clear-all Clear RMON statistics from all ports
rmon clear-port Clear RMON statistics from a specific port
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 10
Command Group Command Description
rmon get-statistics Get RMON statistics
users add-user Add user
users delete-user Delete user
users show-users Show users
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 11

CLI Command Parameters

The following table lists the parameters you can use in the command groups and sub groups.
Group Paremeter Description
alarm-current current-alarm-table System Alarm Current table indexed by time and quasisequential
alarm-current most-severe Most severe alarm

alarm-current sequence-count Current alarm counter

bridge customer-l2protocol Customer L2 protocols (STP, LACP, GMRP, GVRP, MMRP,
MVRP, DOT1X) tunneling
bridge ethernet-application Ethernet application
bridge forward-time Forwarding delay time in seconds
bridge hello-time Hello time in seconds
bridge management-type Management type
bridge max-age Maximum ageing time in seconds
bridge max-hops Maximum hops the BPDU will be valid
bridge msti-bridge-priority Bridge priority for each defined MST instance
bridge priority Bridge priority
bridge qos-ip-precedence-val IP precedence IP pbits value
bridge qos-ip-tos-tc-pbits-option IP TOS/TC pbits options
bridge stp-protocol Spanning-tree protocol
e1t1-port admin Enable/Disable the port
e1t1-port cable-length T1 cable length
e1t1-port interface-type Interface type
e1t1-port line-loopback Line loopback
e1t1-port line-pm-15 Line PM 15 minutes monitoring
e1t1-port line-pm-24 Line PM 24 hours monitoring
e1t1-port oper-status Operational status
e1t1-port port-curr-ber E1/T1 port current BER
e1t1-port priority Dynamic allocation priority
ethernet gbe-mute-override GbE mute override
eth-port actual-duplex Actual duplex
eth-port actual-ethernet-rate Actual ethernet rate
eth-port admin Enable/Disable the port
eth-port auto-negotiation Auto negotiation
eth-port bad-octets-rcv Bad octets received
eth-port brdc-pkts-rcv Broadcast packets received
eth-port brdc-pkts-sent Broadcast packets sent
eth-port collisions Collisions
eth-port connector-type Connector type
eth-port deferred Deferred
eth-port duplex Half/Full duplex
eth-port ethernet-rate Ethernet rate (mbps)
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 12
Group Paremeter Description
eth-port evc-name EVC name
eth-port excess-collision-drop Excess Collision Frame
eth-port flow-control Flow Control
eth-port fragments-pkts Fragments Packets
eth-port functionality-led Functionality LED
eth-port functionality-led.blink blink attribute
eth-port good-octets-rcv Good octets received
eth-port good-octets-sent Good octets sent
eth-port in-discards In Discards
eth-port in-fcs-err In FCS Error
eth-port in-filtered In Filtered
eth-port in-pause In Pause
eth-port in-rx-err In receive error
eth-port interface-index Interface index
eth-port interface-type Interface type
eth-port in-uni-casts In Uni-Cast
eth-port jabber-pkts Jabber Packets

eth-port late-collision-detect Late Collision Detect

eth-port learning Learning admin
eth-port management-autonegotiation
Management port auto negotiation
eth-port management-capacity Management port capacity
eth-port management-duplex Management port duplex
eth-port management-ethernetrate
Management port Ethernet rate (Mbps)
eth-port management-only Management only
eth-port management-port-admin Port's admin
eth-port management-vlan Management VLAN id
eth-port mc-pkts-rcv Mc packets received
eth-port mc-pkts-sent Mc packets sent
eth-port msti-port-path-cost Path cost for each defined MST instance
eth-port msti-port-priority Interface priority for each defined MST instance
eth-port multiple-collision-frame Multiple Collision Frame
eth-port oper-status Operational status
eth-port out-fcs-err Out FCS error
eth-port out-filtered Out filtered
eth-port out-pause Out pause
eth-port out-uni-casts Out Uni-Cast
eth-port oversize-pkts Oversize packets
eth-port path-cost Path cost
eth-port pkts-1024-max-octets Number of packets with size equal or greater than 1024 octets
eth-port pkts-128-255-octets Number of packets with size between 128 and 255 octets
eth-port pkts-256-511-octets Number of packets with size between 256 and 511 octets
eth-port pkts-512-1023-octets Number of packets with size between 512 and 1023 octets
eth-port pkts-64-octets Number of packets with size equal or smaller to 64 octets
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 13
Group Paremeter Description
eth-port pkts-65-127-octets Number of packets with size between 65 and 127 octets
eth-port priority Port's priority
eth-port protection-only Protection only
eth-port protection-port-admin Port's admin
eth-port qos-classifier-criteria Classifying criteria
eth-port qos-egress-shaper Egress shaper
eth-port qos-egress-shaper-rate
Egress shaper rate. The value should be in steps. The steps
are: 64K - for values less than 1Mbps. 1M - for values between
1Mbps and 100Mbps. 10M - for values between 100Mbps and
1000Mbps (GbE Ports Only)
eth-port qos-marker QoS marker
eth-port qos-policer-action Policer action
eth-port qos-policer-cbs
eth-port qos-policer-class-name Policer class name associate to this policer
eth-port qos-policer-name Policer name associated to this port
eth-port qos-policer-rate Policer rate
eth-port qos-policer-type Policer type
eth-port qos-prio-override-port Priority override port
eth-port qos-scheduling-scheme Scheduling scheme
eth-port qos-vlan-pbits-prio-remap VLAN pbits priority remap
eth-port role Port's role
eth-port rstp-edge-port Enable as edge port
eth-port rstp-link-type Link type
eth-port single-collision-frame Single Collision Frame

eth-port state Port's state

eth-port type Port's type
eth-port undersize-pkts Undersize packets
eth-port vlan Default VLAN ID
eth-port wayside-auto-negotiation Wayside auto negotiation
eth-port wayside-capacity Wayside Port Capacity
eth-port wayside-duplex Wayside half/full Duplex
eth-port wayside-ethernet-rate Wayside Ethernet port rate (Mbps)
eth-port wayside-only Wayside only
eth-port wayside-port-admin Port's admin
event-log log-count log counter
event-log log-table System event log table indexed by time and quasi-sequential
fpga fw-version FPGA FW Version
framer link-id Link ID
framer oper-status Operational status
framer radio-ber Radio BER Status
framer radio-excessive-berthreshold
Radio Excessive BER Threshold Configuration
framer radio-pm-15min-interval Radio 15 minutes interval performance monitor
framer radio-pm-24hour-interval Radio 24 hours interval performance monitor
framer radio-signal-degrade- Radio Signal Degrade Threshold Configuration
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 14
Group Paremeter Description
idc-board idu-led IDU LED
idc-board idu-led.blink blink attribute
idc-board measurement-system Measurement system
idc-board protection-led Protection LED
idc-board protection-led.blink blink attribute
idc-board radio-led Radio LED
idc-board radio-led.blink blink attribute
idc-board remote-led Remote LED
idc-board remote-led.blink Blink attribute
idc-board rfu-led RFU LED
idc-board rfu-led.blink blink attribute
idc-board system-up-time System up time (in hundredths of second)
idc-board temperature Temperature
idc-board version IDC's Version
inventory board-modules Board Modules
inventory board-sub-type The sub-type of the board
inventory board-type The type of the board
inventory chain-firmware The firmware of the chain
inventory chain-hardware-features The hardware features of the chain
inventory chain-sub-type The sub-type of the chain
inventory chain-type The type of the chain
inventory comments Text description about the board
inventory company-name Company name
inventory date-code Date of board testing (number of seconds from 1/1/1970)
inventory firmware Firmware
inventory hardware Hardware
inventory hass-number Number of hass testing
inventory hw-supported-bit-bate HW supported bit bate
inventory idc-firmware The firmware of the IDC
inventory idc-hardware-features The hardware features of the IDC

inventory idc-sub-type The sub-type of the IDC

inventory idc-type The type of the IDC
inventory license-demo-timer Number of hour left for license demo mode
inventory license-register System license features
inventory modem-firmware The firmware of the modem
inventory modem-hardwarefeatures
The hardware features of the modem
inventory modem-sub-type The sub-type of the modem
inventory modem-system-rate The frequency of the clock for the PVG
inventory modem-type The type of the modem
inventory mux-firmware The firmware of the MUX
inventory mux-hardware-features The hardware features of the MUX
inventory mux-sub-type The sub-type of the MUX
inventory mux-type The type of the MUX
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 15
Group Paremeter Description
inventory num-of-10-100-1000interfaces Number of 10/100/1000 interfaces
inventory num-of-fe-interfaces Number of fast Ethernet interfaces
inventory num-of-sfp-interfaces Number of SFP interfaces
inventory num-of-tdm-interfaces Number of TDM interfaces
inventory num-of-working-hours Counter of working hours of the board
inventory part-number Part number of the application in the board
inventory product-name Product name
inventory rx-iq-delay-high-ratesystems
RX IQ delay offset for high rate systems
inventory rx-iq-delay-low-ratesystems
RX IQ delay offset for low rate systems
inventory serial-number The serial number of the board
inventory spare1 Spare 1
inventory spare2 Spare 2
inventory spare3 Spare 3
inventory tx-iq-delay-high-ratesystems
Tx IQ delay offset for high rate systems
inventory tx-iq-delay-low-ratesystems
Tx IQ delay offset for low rate systems
inventory type-of-tdm-interfaces Type of TDM interfaces
inventory xc-firmware The firmware of the XC
inventory xc-hardware-features The hardware features of the XC
inventory xc-sub-type The sub-type of the XC
inventory xc-type The type of the XC
ip-address default-gateway Default gateway
ip-address hw-address Hw address
ip-address ip-address Unit management IP address
ip-address ip-v6-address IPv6 address
ip-address subnet-mask Unit subnet mask
license acm-license
license capacity-name rate name
license demo-admin
license demo-timer Time left for license demo mode (in hours)
license license-code
license license-type
license switch-application-license
line-loopback counter Loopback time left
line-loopback line-loopback Line loopback

line-loopback timeout Loopback timeout in minutes (0 for unlimited)

mate-idu copy-to-mate-nack-list
mate-idu excessive-ber-switchenable
mate-idu mate-ip-address
mate-idu mate-mac-address
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 16
Group Paremeter Description
mate-idu protection-admin
mate-idu protection-force-switch
mate-idu protection-lockout
mate-idu protection-mode
mate-idu protection-role
mate-idu remote-ber-adjustmenttime
mate-idu remote-lof-adjustmenttime
mate-idu remote-sd-adjustmenttime
mate-idu sd-switch-enable
mng-protocols telnet-admin Telnet administrative state
mng-protocols telnet-status Telnet service status
mng-protocols web-admin Web administrative state
mng-protocols web-status Web service status
mng-snmp snmp-admin SNMP administrative state
mng-snmp snmp-read-community SNMP read community
mng-snmp snmp-status SNMP service status
mng-snmp snmp-version SNMP version
mng-snmp snmp-write-community SNMP write community
mng-snmp trap-admin Enable/Disable sending SNMP traps
mng-snmp trap-community SNMP trap community
mng-snmp trap-group-filter SNMP trap group filter
mng-snmp trap-heartbeat How often (in minutes) a trap heartbeat is sent to the manager
(0 to disable)
mng-snmp trap-manager Address of manager to which SNMP traps will be sent
mng-snmp trap-name Text to name or comment the manager
mng-snmp trap-port Manager port to which traps are sent (default 162)
mng-snmp trap-severity-filter Filter which traps are sent to the manager by their severity.
mng-software application-versions list of individual application packages and their versions
mng-software common-version common version identifying the whole application packages
mng-software proxy-password Password passed to the proxy
mng-software proxy-url Proxy URL
mng-software proxy-user User name passed to the proxy
mng-software server-login Remote server login
mng-software server-password Remote server password
mng-software server-url Remote SW Update server URL where SW updates reside
mng-software status-download last SW download status
mng-software status-install last SW installation status
modem clear-counters Clear accumulated counters
modem defected-blocks Defected blocks
modem ldpc-decoder-stress LDPC decoder stress
modem mse MSE
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 17
Group Paremeter Description
mrmc connected-rfu-grade Actual connected rfu grade information
mrmc current-acm-adaptiveprofile
Current ACM adaptive profile Information

mrmc current-bitrate Current bit rate Information

mrmc current-profile Current profile Information
mrmc current-qam Current QAM Information
mrmc loaded-script-description Loaded script description Information
mrmc loaded-script-version Modem script version Information
mrmc max-adaptive-acm-profile Maximum adaptive ACM profile Information
mrmc max-available-tdminterfaces
Max available TDM interface information
mrmc max-chosen-bitrate Max chosen bitrate information
mrmc min-adaptive-acm-profile Min adaptive ACM profile Information
mrmc mrmc-pm-15min-interval MRMC 15 minutes interval performance monitor
mrmc mrmc-pm-24hour-interval MRMC 24 hours interval performance monitor
mrmc mrmc-script MRMC script Information
mrmc mse-threshold MSE threshold Information
mrmc occupied-bandwidth Occupied bandwidth Information
mrmc operation-mode Operation mode Information
mrmc rfu-chosen-grade RFU chosen grade information
mstp region-name Name of the MST region
mstp revision-number Revision number for configuration information
networking auto-negotiation Management port auto negotiation
networking capacity Management port capacity
networking duplex Management port duplex
networking ethernet-rate Management port Ethernet rate (Mbps)
networking number-of-ports Number of management ports
networking type How management data is passed
networking vlan Management VLAN id
platform system-contact-person System contact person
platform system-description System description
platform system-location System location
platform system-name System name
port-group exber-threshold Excessive BER threshold Information
port-group line-code Line code Information
port-group pdh-led PDH LED color
port-group pdh-led.blink blink attribute
port-group sd-threshold Space Diversity threshold
radio-loopback counter Loopback time left
radio-loopback if-loopback IF loopback activation
radio-loopback rfu-if-loopback RFU IF Loopback Enable Command
radio-loopback rfu-rf-loopback RFU RF Loopback Enable Command
radio-loopback timeout Loopback timeout in minutes
remote-idu remote-atpc-enable Remote ATPC Enable/Disable configuration
remote-idu remote-atpc-ref-rx-level Remote ATPC reference Rx level configuration
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 18
Group Paremeter Description
remote-idu remote-communication Remote Communication Status
remote-idu remote-default-gateway Remote IDU default gateway
remote-idu remote-force-max-tx-level Force remote Max transmit level configuration
remote-idu remote-force-mute-tx Force remote Mute transmitter configuration
remote-idu remote-ip-address Remote IDU IP address
remote-idu remote-link-id Remote IDU Link ID
remote-idu remote-management-type Remote Management type Status
remote-idu remote-management-vlan Remote Management VLAN ID configuration
remote-idu remote-most-severealarm
Remote Most Severe Alarm Status
remote-idu remote-rx-level Remote Rx level status

remote-idu remote-subnet-mask Remote IDU subnet mask

rfic if-loopback IF loopback activation
rfu atpc-enable RFU ATPC Enable/Disable
rfu atpc-ref-rx-level RFU ATPC Reference Rx Level
rfu band RFU band status
rfu cable-tilt RFU cable tilt status
rfu communication-status RFU communication to remote unit status
rfu delay-calibration RFU delay calibration configuration
rfu delay-calibrationoperation
RFU delay calibration command
rfu delay-calibration-result RFU delay calibration result status
rfu fpga-version-number RFU FPGA version number
rfu hardware-reset RFU Reset Hardware Command
rfu ifc-support RFU IFC support status
rfu if-loopback-support RFU IF loopback support status
rfu internal-downloadcounter
RFU internal download counter status
rfu internal-download-status RFU internal download status
rfu log-enable RFU Log Enable/Disable Configuration
rfu log-interval RFU Log interval configuration, in seconds
rfu lo-sense RFU lo sense status
rfu max-bandwidth RFU maximum bandwidth status
rfu max-rx-freq RFU maximum Rx frequency status
rfu max-tx-freq RFU maximum Tx frequency status
rfu max-tx-level RFU Maximum Transmit Level Configuration
rfu min-bandwidth RFU minimum bandwidth status
rfu min-rx-freq RFU minimum Rx frequency status
rfu min-tx-freq RFU minimum Tx frequency status
rfu mse-forward RFU MSE forward command
rfu mute-tx RFU Mute Transmitter
rfu part-number RFU part number
rfu pm-15min-interval RFU 15 minutes interval performance monitor
rfu pm-15min-intervalcombined
RFU 15 minutes interval combined performance monitor
rfu pm-15min-interval- RFU 15 minutes interval diversity performance monitor
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 19
Group Paremeter Description
rfu pm-24hour-interval RFU 24 hours interval performance monitor
rfu pm-24hour-intervalcombined
RFU 24 hours interval combined performance monitor
rfu pm-24hour-intervaldiversity
RFU 24 hours interval diversity performance monitor
rfu pmax RFU Pmax status
rfu pmin RFU Pmin status
rfu pm-rx-level-threshold-1 RFU Performance Monitoring Rx Level Threshold 1
rfu pm-rx-level-threshold-2 RFU Performance Monitoring Rx Level Threshold 2
rfu pm-tx-level-threshold RFU Performance Monitoring Tx Level Threshold
rfu power-supply-status RFU Power Supply Status
rfu predistortion-support RFU Predistortion support status
rfu rf-loopback-support RFU RF loopback support status
rfu rfu-address RFU address status

rfu rfu-class RFU class status

rfu rfu-if-loopback RFU IF Loopback Enable Command
rfu rfu-installation RFU installation status
rfu rfu-mode RFU Mode configuration
rfu rfu-rf-loopback RFU RF Loopback Enable Command
rfu rfu-type Type of connected RFU
rfu rsl-connector-source RFU RX level connector source configuration
rfu rx-freq RFU Rx frequency configuration
rfu rx-freq-local-remote RFU Change Rx Frequency Local Remote Command
rfu rx-level RFU Receive Level Status
rfu rx-level-combined RFU Rx level combined status
rfu rx-level-diversity RFU Rx level diversity
rfu serial-number RFU serial number
rfu software-version-number RFU software version number
rfu standard-organization RFU standard organization
rfu synthesizer-status RFU synthesizer
rfu temp-in-celsius RFU Temperature In Celsius
rfu temp-in-celsius-pa RFU temperature in Celsius on PA
rfu temp-in-fahrenheit RFU Temperature In Fahrenheit
rfu tx-freq RFU Tx Frequency Configuration
rfu tx-freq-local-remote RFU Change Tx Frequency Local Remote Command
rfu tx-level-status RFU Transmit Level
rfu tx-rx-freq-separation RFU Tx Rx frequency separation
rfu unfaded-rsl RFU Unfaded Rx Level Configuration
rfu-sw-upload internal-download-action RFU Internal Download Of Software/firmware/tables Action
rfu-sw-upload internal-downloadcounter
RFU internal download counter status
FibeAir IP-10 CLI Guide 20
Group Paremeter Description
rfu-sw-upload internal-download-status RFU internal download status
time-service time-and-date Time and date format: Day-Mon-Year,hour:min:sec
wayside admin Enable/Disable Wayside channel
wayside auto-negotiation Wayside auto negotiation
wayside capacity Wayside channel capacity
wayside duplex Wayside half/full Duplex
wayside ethernet-rate Wayside Ethernet port rate (Mbps)