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Welcome to SDL translation tests! This test is designed to evaluate your translation skills for an opportunity
to work with a very exciting client in the technology space.

We are looking for translations that meet the following standards:

Concise, clear, natural.

Avoid awkward wording.

Make it better than the source.

If source is unclear research and ask! Better be safe than sorry.

Try to avoid literal, word-for-word translations.

Be creative, but not over-creative, keep an eye on the source meaning.

Readability is of utmost importance translations should read as if they were originally written in the
target language.

In each of the tests you will find a Comments/Queries column in the table. We encourage you to use this
column to explain your translation strategy or raise questions. This helps us understand your thought
process while demonstrating your ability to communicate proactively, which is highly valued by this client.

Now, let the fun begins!

Part 1: UI Strings (71 words)

1. Enter your translations in the Target column.
2. Each UI string in the below table is independent. They are not sequential nor related to one another.
3. Bold text represents placeholders (variables). Do not translate placeholders they will be replaced with
appropriate text on live UI.

4. The Description column contains additional information to guide you. It does not require translation.




Now you can play music videos

Message describing the

Acum poi vizualiza videoclipuri

on YouTube offline, in the

features the music pass

pe YouTube neconectat, pe

background, and without ads.

entitles them.

fundal i fr publicitate. Pe

No joke.
Search # other languages

# will be replaced by a

Caut alte # limbi

CHANNEL_1 is live streaming

Header of an email

CHANNEL_1 transmite n direct


notifying the user that a


channel they are

subscribed to has just
started a live stream.
Update to your subscription to

Header of an email

Actualizare la abonamentul tu


notifying the user that


new videos have been


posted on a channel they

are subscribed to.
Want to upload your epic

Promotional text for

Doresti sa-ti ncrcai cele mai

gaming moments to

Uploads feature in TV

tari momente din jocuri pe



YouTube? BREAKSelecteaza




UploadsEND_STRONG to get

melelEND_STRONG pentru a



Season SEASON Ep.

Abbreviated display of

Sezonul SEASON Episodul


"Season X: Episode Y


Buy this song on

Header above a list of

Cumpara aceasta melodie de

links (eg. iTunes) where


you can buy the song that

is playing.
NUMBER views

[iOS]: 200 views

NUMBER vizualizari

Comment liked.

A message indicating a

Comentariu apreciat

comment was
successfully liked.
Comment unliked.

A message indicating a

Comentariu neapreciat

comment was
successfully unliked.
Most Popular Right Now

Title and description for a

Cel mai popular in acest

playlist containing current


Check out what's trending today

popular videos on
on YouTube!

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Part 2:
MARKETING 314 words (Section 1 + Section 2)
Section 1
Context: This is website marketing text for YouTube, the largest video-sharing platform. It is meant for partners
and content owners, so the first aim of the text is to use a warm, informal tone but, at the same time, reassuring.
Your subs count!

Subscriptions are one of the easy ways you can use to check how youre doing on YouTube. When people

subscribe to your channel, its a signal they enjoy your content and would like to see more. We are aware that

your subscribers are hard-won, and thats why we recognize big subscriber milestones with bonuses like access
to courses at the YouTube Space and our Creator Rewards program.

Abonamentele reprezinta unul dintre modurile simple pe care il poti utiliza pentru a verifica modul n care faci
pe YouTube. Cnd oamenii se aboneze la canalul dvs., este un semnal care se bucur de coninut i ar dori s

vad mai mult. Suntem contieni de faptul c abonaii dvs. sunt greu-a ctigat, i de aceea noi recunoatem
etape abonat mari, cu bonusuri, cum ar fi accesul la cursuri la Space YouTube i ne program de recompense

Its extremely important to us that these numbers stay meaningful, so that you can be 100% sure that when

your sub count increases, its because youre building a community of real fans who are going to keep watching
and supporting you.

With that in mind, well soon implement a new process to improve the accuracy of subscriber counts. Its

similar to existing ways we ensure that other site metrics, like views, are free of spam and abuse, and keep
YouTube a fair playing field for everyone.
Cu asta n minte, vom implementa n curnd un nou proces pentru a mbunti acurateea conturilor de abonat.
Este similar cu emoduri existente ne asigurm c alte msurtori la faa locului, cum ar fi puncte de vedere,
sunt libere de spam si abuz, i s pstreze YouTube un mediu concurenial echitabil pentru toi

In the near future, were going to remove suspended accounts from all channels subscriber counts. This

means some of you will notice a minor drop in your subscribers. Lets be honest these are not active viewers,
so you shouldnt see any impact on your views or watch time.

From there, well have an automated system in place that removes suspended accounts from subscriber counts
as they occur. Moreover, weve built our system so that if something goes wrong for one of our viewers and
their account is suspended in error, these changes are reversible.

You dont need to do anything to prepare for this change. Just keep being you, and making YouTube great.

Questions - PART 2

Source text

MARKETING (enter any questions or comments in the table below)

Your translation

Question / Comment

Part 2:
MARKETING 314 words (Section 1 + Section 2)
Section 2
Context: These are two on-screen messages to users.
Instructions to translators:

Please localize the cultural references as appropriate for your language if needed

Explain your choice of translation in the table below

1) Annotations are useful, but not as ridiculously good looking as say, Blue Steel.
2) Its getting to be that time of year where thoughts turn to finding the perfect gifts, sipping cups of steaming
apple cider, and learning how to fry a turkey (or maybe not).

Source text

Please explain your choice of translation


Part 3:
Instructions to translators: Please read the Descriptions for each message carefully, as they contain
relevant instructions.

IT TECHNICAL 318 words

Message 1
Message text

[=0] : Exacto 0
[=0]0 unread notifications.

[=1] : Exacto 1
[=1]1 unread notification.

[OTHER] : 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000, ...
[OTHER]# unread notifications.

[ICU Syntax] Label describing the notification bell icon, indicating the number of unread notifications the user has.
This message requires special attention.

[=0] (example: 0 )
[=1] (example:1)
[END_PLURAL] (example: )
[OTHER] (example: 3)
[PLURAL_NOTIFICATIONS_COUNT] (example: Special placeholder used in [ICU Syntax])

Message 2
Message text

Please also consider talking to a trusted adult or law enforcement agency if you are receiving requests from
users that are inappropriate in nature.
User Strike notification message part.

Message 3
Message text

Try something new!

Link to a page showcasing a list of new YouTube features to try. This title suggests that the user might find the
videos or playlists interesting.

Message 4
Message text

Submitted Captions Language: LANGUAGE

A message showing the submitted captions language. e.g. Submitted Captions Language: English.

Message 5
Message text

* Personalized 'What to Watch' recommendations\n\n* Launch a never-ending YouTube Mix from your
favorite music videos\n\n* Find music faster by playing albums or artists right from search\n\n* Cast videos
straight from your phone to Chromecast and other connected TV devices and game consoles\n\n* Search
using text or voice\n\n* Quickly find your favorite channels using the guide.

[Android YouTube App Play Store]: The description for the YouTube mobile app which will be displayed in the
Google Play Store. By Play Store restrictions, must not exceed 4000 characters.

Message 6
Message text

Manage your channel on the go with the new Creator Studio app for your phone or tablet. <ph
name="START_A_1">&lt;a target="_blank"
href="$context["CREATOR_STUDIO_APP_URL"]"&gt;</ph>Learn moreEND_A_1
A suggestion shown in notification widget.Creator Studio should be left in English.

Message 7
Message text

You've asked us for a heads-up on what we're building ahead of time, and we've heard you. START_A_1Take
a lookEND_A_1 at what we've got planned.
A suggestion shown in notification widget.

Message 8
Message text

Got it! Thanks for your feedback.

Message telling the user we appreciate them answering our question.

Message 9
Message text

Comments and other social activity from highly engaged fans

A detailed description for selecting comments from highly engaged fans.

Message 10
Message text

This video is currently unavailable. We are working to bring it back.

Block message shown for videos that we decided to block from YouTube due to contract issues.

Message 11
Message text

Support this channel

Title text to support (tip) a particular channel.

Message 12
Message text

Help this channel make more great videos! Every contribution is awesome, big or small!
Message shown to viewer, on a channel or a video, asking for their support via a voluntary payment to the creator
for their service of creating and uploading YouTube videos..

Message 13
Message text

We have detected that you are using [XXX]. Some video features require a more modern browser. We
recommend upgrading.
Status message telling the user that their browser version is obsolete.
[XXX] (Example: Internet Explorer 9)

Message 14
Message text

We are looking for NAME interested in creating video ads. If you are willing to participate in a remote user
study, sign up here.
Text message shown to people interested in video ad creation. Please note that the tone of this segment should be
[XXX] (Example: Advertisers)

Message 15
Message text

A monetized playback is when a viewer views your video (i.e., a View) and is shown at least one ad
impression or when the viewer quits watching during the pre-roll ad without ever reaching your video (i.e., an
Help text for title of the column containing monetized playbacks when values are approximate. Please note that
the tone of this segment should be formal. Please leave pre-roll in English.

Message 16
Message text

This playlist was not found.

[iOS]: Text on a selector for the list of playlists that are offline (30 chars).

Message 17
Message text

added video
Displayed when a signed-in user added a video to a playlist.

Message 18
Message text

No bulk actions in progress.

[CID-FE]: Label to be shown when there is no bulk update in the bulk update status page.

Message 19
Message text

Duplicate for owners

[CID-FE]: Reason for inactive reference. The reference was deactivated because it has a full duplicate belonging to
the same content owners

Questions - PART 3 IT TECHNICAL (enter any questions or comments in the table below)

Source text

Your translation

Question / Comment

Part 4:
CAPTIONS 151 words
Context: These captions belong to a video that explains YouTubes new messaging system.
Instructions to translators:

Please translate these captions following your countrys subtitling standards.

Please take timestamps into account.

Feel free to add link breaks where necessary.

Message 1
00:00:00,890 - 00:00:05,370

In this video, we'll give you a tour of YouTube's improved messaging system.

Message 2
00:00:06,209 - 00:00:10,149

We're moving to this new system so you can connect with your fans more easily.

Message 3
00:00:10,540 - 00:00:14,400

Our threaded messages make it easier to follow the flow of a conversation.

Message 4
00:00:15,060 - 00:00:17,880

You can also set up filters to see comments of interest.

Message 5
00:00:18,320 - 00:00:21,020

You can also use spam detection to get rid of unwanted messages.

Message 6
00:00:22,620 - 00:00:27,000

Don't worry, your old messages are still accessible in the old youtube inbox.

Message 7
00:00:28,060 - 00:00:32,600

You can still see your messages, but you won't be able to send or receive anything new.

Message 8
00:00:33,120 - 00:00:39,500

If you'd like, click the link in this video's description to download all of your inbox messages and contacts.

Message 9
00:00:40,480 - 00:00:42,780

We'd like to hear what you think of this new system.

Message 10
00:00:43,140 - 00:00:47,540

You can click the "Help" button at the bottom of this page and then click the "Send feedback" button.

Message 11
00:00:49,980 - 00:020:52,480

Be sure to subscribe for more tips and tricks.

Questions - PART 4 CAPTIONS (enter any questions or comments in the table below)

Source text

Your translation

Question / Comment