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Professional References:

Jeff Rainey
CONDUCTED BY: Gentry Search Partners (Debra Gentry)
Bob Alberico (P) 248/709-6074Vice-President, Human Resources
Allied Waste Industries BossDotted Line
I worked with Jeff from 2004 to 2005, approximately for 17 months. Jeff did
not leave because of any problems. We went from a 9 to 5 regions. I had him
move from Memphis to Atlanta. We decided to consolidate one month
later. We asked him to go to Charlotte, and he could not move. He
was definitely one of our best Regional HR Managers. Jeff could handle a
bigger job with more responsibility. If I could have I would have
brought him with me to Arizona. I do think hed do fine with overseas
assignments. He was very responsible for a lot of people. He could easily
control down and across Regional Vice- Presidents. Has good business
skills and is a real early bird. At his prior company, TRW, was the same. Hes
always on the floor before any bosses and leaves after everyone else does.
10 Billion Company, Jeffs ready. Delivers, clear communicator. Unusual
laugh. Hes a very competent HR Executive. Great follow-up; Fine job
Technically he is there,. He can get to any level to communicate and manage
through the organization. He understands union avoidance. He can be what I
call the polite professional..and also put in his 2 cents on the table.
Holds his ground. Rainey knows how far to go without crossing any lines.
He brought order to chaos. Development Opportunity: I would have
brought him with me at a director level if he could have moved.
Wayne Bolio (P) 360/901-0894Senior VP, Human Resources
Consolidated Freightways Boss
Jeff has good interpersonal skills. Not rigid, not hung up on anything but
getting the job done. Very fl exible. Old line operations at our company.
We needed a good combo of diplomacy, thinking skills and attention to
results. He always gets end results and wins. Through every twist and turn,
he wins. Jeff is best I had among his peers. His responsibility was 1/3
of the country, responsible to the Senior Vice President of Operations. He
was very effective. Good background. Will do anything he can to make it
work. We needed him to manage change. At Consolidated we had difficulty
recruiting, convincing people to work. He actively had to compete for people.
Dock, clerical..everything. He went to job fairs, made a big impact. Has a
24 x 7 work ethic. Worked across multiple time zones. I never saw him
unavailable.never. Not at home. Always at work.
Hes ambitious. Very good in recruiting, EEO, compliance. (Boss labor
atty). He has good instincts. Lots of training delivery. He would teach every
program the first 90 days. Great with personality. He was very accepted. We
left at same time. Company went into Bankruptcy.

Kathleen Parker Human Resources Manager Allied Waste Industries

Reported to Jeff
Jeff was interactive with the Corporate Office and with the blue collar
workers. Regionalsaw
real employees. Traveled a lot over a large region. To any area where
we did not have HR coverage, he took it all on. Where ever he was
needed. He was HR support. Provided education for managers and dealt with
grievances. We had lots of management issues. He was very eff ective.
Employees saw him as positive and would open up to him. He would
analyze problems. People received him well. Management also received
him very well. They looked to him for advice. He hired me. He
convinced me to leave where I was. We had lots of change and we reduced
to 5 regions. Folks I worked with in Region and Corporate respected Jeff. He
led employee surveys and worked up new procedures. We still use all his
materials today. FLSA, communications. Any new policy or law he would train
us on. 3 HR managers reported to him. Very hands on, like in Miami where
we could not have anyone.
Jeff is a great motivator. He can train, delegate.great delegator.
He treated me well, I cant think of anything he could improve on. He was a
sounding board. I
could try out any ideas on him. His greatest strength: a great
listener. Good advice. People trust his judgment. I miss him. He was a
very good person to work for.
Ed Cherof (P) 404/525-8200Partner Attorney Jackson Lewis Law
Firm Worked with Jeff
I worked with Jeff for many years in the role of supporting his
companies with employment law and specifi cally union avoidance.
He is one of the best HR executives I have ever worked with. He was
single handedly responsible for thwarting an organizing attempt. He
personally worked the relationships with employees and supervisors and
averted a vote. I would recommend him for any HR generalist role