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In June 2010 the Trade Development Council (TDC) rejected all applications from
pseudo models or leng mo to hold autograph sessions at the 2010 Hong Kong Book
Fair. Not everyone is pleased about this decision. Some people think that the TDC
should not say who can or cannot take part in the Fair. What do you think of the
decision? Send in your comments and share your point of view.

I have been going to the Book Fair for several years and I always enjoy it.
People from all over HK come to buy books and to meet writers. I (not meet)
(1)_____________________ anyone who goes to the Book Fair simply to meet
pseudo models. I think there is a big overreaction to the leng mo. As far as I
am concerned, these models are harmless and this ban is unnecessary.

By Nancy, regular Book Fair goer


Its ridiculous for the TDC to ban people (2) ________ the Book Fair. They are
discriminating (3) _________ writers like me! People can still purchase my
book at the Book Fair. I am going to sign autographs in shopping centers
instead. I am going to make sure I meet my fans!

By Kitty K, model

The books (4)__________ by pseudo models (5)_________ read and then

(6)(discuss) ____________. It was agreed that the models taking part in the
Book Fair was inappropriate. The conclusion reached was that the good name of
the Book Fair would remain the priority of the Book Fair.

By spokesperson

I dont approve of pseudo models, but (7)(ban)__________ them is completely


By David, student

1. have not met

A present perfect continuous tense (I

have been going to) Nancy
present perfect tense Nancy

2. from

From Ban Preposition

Ban (somebody) from (somewhere)

3. against

Refer to the Vocabulary list below.

4. written

Written The books pseudo

models The books written by pseudo models
books which are written by pseudo models
which are
Publish Models

5. were

were read Passive Voice

6. discussed

were read and discussed Passive voice

7. banning

(________) is completely wrong

Noun ban them is completely wrong ban
Verb Verb Noun
Gerund ing, banning to infinitive, to ban.
Banning them is completely wrong.
To ban them is completely wrong.

1. As far as X is concerned,=
X (sb) (Sth)

As far as I am concerned, feng shui is a load of rubbish.

As far as Jessicas examination is concerned, her parents have nothing to worry about.
Obamas boss has nothing to worry about as far as the design is concerned.
2. Ridiculous (Adj)
It is ridiculous to expect a two-year-old boy to be able to read.
How much longer is this ridiculous discussion going to continue?
3. Discriminate (V)
To discriminate between right and wrong
Can you discriminate bad apples from good ones by their appearance?
1 2
To discriminate between good and bad apples by their appearance
Can you discriminate right from wrong?
Discriminate against /
Laws that do not discriminate against anyone are essential in a harmonious society.
She was discriminated against because of her age.
As our boss is gay, he discriminates in favour of male employees.
discriminate in favor of discriminate

4. Priority (N)
The government must give top priority to education.
Jacks first / top priority is to commit suicide.
Education remains the governments top priority.
Priority /
Noun (
Education to commit suicide

Jack must give top priority to committing suicide.

Committing suicide / To commit suicide remains Jacks top priority.

5. Approve of (V) to have positive opinions about
People generally do not approve of smoking.
Her father will never approve of her marriage to Tom.

She will be soon as tall as her mother.
I cant run as fast as you.
It tasted like grape juice but not as sweet.
as as (Adjective) as
not as sweet as grape juice grape juice
as grape juice
As many as twenty-two rare species will be at risk.
as (Adj) as

I love you as you are my son.
As you are my son, I love you.
As I am going out, I must stop now.

During the time that (When / While)
He gets more attractive as he gets older.
As society evolves , the use of technology becomes increasingly more


As a parent, I must spend enough time with my child.

As students, _______________________________________________________
She worked as an interpreter in the company.
The news came as a shock to us.

1. It is ridiculous that the government does not give top priority to eliminating
discrimination against the homosexual .
2. As your teacher, I dont approve of your relationship as study should remain your
first priority.