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Ideas for the perfect period home



ways to


decorate with




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The views expressed within this magazine

are not necessarily those of the publisher.
Printed in England.


Make the most of sunny mornings with a Sunday brunch outside and some
lovely tablewares from Retreat Home. 0870 803 3428,

igh summer can

bring with it sticky
situations. Much as
we enjoy picnics and al fresco
dining, we need to learn how
to live with flying insects and sunburn. As the
wheel of the year turns and temperatures rise,
make sure you take time out to keep your cool.
Carefully consider which projects you would
like to bring to fruition in the months ahead

and avoid burn-out. I hope you will be inspired

by our splendid real homes and gardens from
p22 and Style Edit, which is bursting with the
latest hot to shop pieces. Look out for 70s style
made easy on p86 and stay grounded with our
flooring special from p107.

Susan Dickerson

This month Period Ideas has been exploring the seaside towns of
the KENT COAST and tucking into gelato at Morellis in Broadstairs;
celebrating the work of PHILIP WEBB at the remarkable RED HOUSE
with the National Trust; dogsitting a very cute Weimaraner puppy and
admiring the flagship DELCOR showroom in London.

Marks & Spencer, see page 85 for details

or email
Overseas +00 44 1795 414 668
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you have finished with it

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JULY 2015


Reader offer
Save 20% at Kingdom Interiors with
this exclusive discount!



Home style
Keep up to date with the latest designs
and happenings this month
Garden journal
News, inspirational ideas and expert
advice for your great outdoors


Sarah Raven
The queen bee of British gardening
reveals her latest planting tips


At home with... Sophie Amini

Pookys in-house stylist and designer
talks travel, tiles and the latest trends


Win 2,000 worth of Khrs Oak
Oyster wood flooring!


Work of art
Margaret Powling delves into the rich
history of museums


Medieval magic
Susan Dickerson discovers a peach of
a house in the garden of England


Were giving away two amazing breaks
worth over 1,000!


Editors choice
Make the most of your home with great
products and inspirational ideas


Lessons Ive learned

Kate Faulkner on how to add value to
your home by sprucing up its exterior

Real Homes
& Gardens

Taking shape
How Veronica Clein transformed
a wilderness into an elegant garden


A village affair
The Pattersons found their dream home
in a Georgian-style development


Cosy fusion
Find out how the Horsleys used
European influences in their home


Amazing grace
Sarah Lamb believes fate lent a hand
in her search for a family home


Decorating with... artwork

Discover how to dress up your abode
with our guide to displaying art


8 things we love right now

Embrace the cool coast with our pick of
the best ocean-inspired accessories

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Sky brights
Lift your spirits this summer with
striking blue and yellow hues


Create our cover look

Get a gorgeous summer scheme with
these garden-inspired beauties


Going global
Bring a taste of the exotic into your
interiors with rich hues and patterns


Island living
All you need to know about choosing
a new addition for your kitchen


Bedded bliss
Slumber in style with this seasons
pick of bedroom beauties



Get the look

Channel the 1970s in your interiors
with jazzy prints and funky furniture


Make a splash
Find out how to get a beautiful
bathroom with these top tips

Best of... botanical buys

Celebrate the beauty of nature with
a burst of elegant floral prints

103 Remaking history


Susan Dickerson reveals why choosing

reproduction pieces is a smart choice

Style Edit

Luxury fix
The latest stylish finds and designer
details for your home this season


Sheer indulgence
The French Bedroom Companys quirky
lamp is bursting with classic style


Style through the ages

Charlotte Barber explores the
fascinating Colonial era

Flooring Special

119 Renovating news

Wooden wonders
Treat your home to the natural
beauty of timber for classic style



Take the floor

Get great style underfoot with this
seasons best carpets and rugs


Past glory
How to source the best pre-owned
flooring for your home

The best inspiration and practical

advice for owners of older properties

Summer living
Make your great outdoors simply
splendid with these top tips
Grand entrance
Decorate your doorways with our
round-up of stylish accessories
Table talk
Dress to impress at every dinner
with this DIY pinwheel table runner


Precious stones
Discover the benefits of this
versatile and stylish material



Pay just 6 for your first three issues of Period Ideas with free delivery direct to your door. Classic inspiration for your home and garden all year long.

NEWS Need to know


Keep up to date with the latest designs
and happenings this month


The Plumen 001 is the

worlds first designer
energy saving light
bulb, using 80% less
energy than traditional
incandescent light bulbs.
Lasting up to eight times
longer than regular bulbs,
this efficient invention can
be moulded into different
shapes to suit your shade.
Call 01494 723 286 or
to view the full collection.


Get decked out for summer with this metal frame

chair, priced at 30. This seasonal seat is perfect for
any beach outing, or relaxing in your garden on sunny
afternoons. Find out more about the great range of
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Brighten up your bathroom using House of

Frasers stunning collection of accessories.
With towels, decorative pieces and practical
washroom must-haves, theres everything you
need to style up your WC for the warmer
months. Call 0845 602 1073, or visit for more information.


This classic glass vase from Annabel

James will breathe new life into
a windowsill, shelf or table and is
a great vessel to display summer
flowers in. 0845 548 0210,


Whether youre jetting off on an exotic

vacation or staying closer to home, make
sure you stock up on trendy holiday
accessories from George Home. Theres a
wealth of picnicware, blankets and handy
storage bags to make your summer
outings hassle-free and on-trend. Visit to browse the full range.



Shake up your scheme with the wide range of prints from

John Lewis. Fill your home with stripes, zigzags and quirky
designs to give your interiors a boost for the summer.
0345 604 9049,


Simple stripes are always in style

and are great for adding design
detail to any space. This elegant
cushion, 58, is just one of
an array of trendy home
furnishings from Amara.
0800 587 7645,

Linda Barker is teaming up with the
charity World Vision to lead a campaign
to help the worlds poorest children.
Taking place on 10th July, Floral Friday
encourages people to wear something
floral or incorporate the theme into
their abodes in support of the charity.
For Lindas tips on brightening up your
home with beautiful blooms and more
information, visit


If youre playing host this

season, dress your table to
impress with Urbanaras
stunning collection of
crockery. With ceramic
plates, bowls, dishes and
cups featuring elegant
designs, youll be dining in
style all year round.
For more information,


Create a clean and fresh feel in your bathroom

with this patterned bath mat from BHS.
Browse the full collection of striking
wash room pieces at

INTERIORS Dcor ideas



Discover how to dress blank walls with our guide to

displaying art in your home

rt, like most other areas of life, has

been transformed by the rise of
technology. Once, collecting and
displaying pieces was the preserve of the
wealthy, but now it is accessible to everyone.
As well as being able to purchase prints of
masterpieces at a fraction of their original
price, we can also personalise our displays,
as printing businesses encourage us to submit
our own images to be turned into a canvas
or framed piece. This level of customisation
means that we can showcase our personal
style and favourite memories on our walls.


While what you choose to exhibit is entirely

up to you, there are certain factors that are
crucial to consider when it comes to creating
the display. Firstly, it is important that your
artwork works with the proportions of your
room. Lots of small pictures can make a tiny
room seem even more cramped, whereas
a few large pictures can work wonders to
open up the space. If you would like to hang
a few pictures together, you should put the
best photos near the middle or a little bit
higher that way, theyll be noticed first.
Another thing to think about is balance.
If you are hanging artwork over a sofa or
dresser, pick something that is approximately
the same size. When it comes to spacing,
avoid over-crowding. Leave a big enough
gap between pieces so that each one can be
admired without distraction.


Artwork from


A successful art display enhances the

flow of a propertys dcor, and can help to
create cohesion between rooms. While it
is guaranteed to add character and flair, it
shouldnt dominate or distract from your
scheme in any way, but should harmonise
with existing fabrics, furnishings and colours.
If youre not entirely convinced by
a new scheme, artwork could be the key to
pulling the look together and giving your room
the final flourish it needs. The beauty of it is if
you change your mind, you can simply take
the picture down and swap it for another.

Award-winning art
consultant Carrie Neely
reveals her method for
hanging artwork

The experts at share their
tips on where to display artwork
in your home

Tape a piece of paper

the same size as the
picture to the wall to
check that it is in the
correct position prior to
drilling or hammering.
The centre of the image
should be at eye level so
if, for example, you are
hanging a piece above
the bed, check the final
position of the image
from the base of the bed.
Art should be hung in
a slightly lower position
in a living or dining
room, especially when it
will be in the direct line
of vision.

Heavy traffic areas, such as stairways,

are ideal for high-impact art. Choose
a theme to create a cohesive look,
then begin at the centre and work
your way up and down. Follow
the diagonal of the steps and keep
artwork at eye level.
Large pieces can be used to bridge
the gap between items of furniture,
for example, twin beds in a childrens
or guest bedroom. Place artwork
between the two elements, keeping
the bottom edge a few inches above
the top of the furniture.
Artwork doesnt have to be hung.
Create depth and dimension by
leaning framed pieces against the
wall, or rest them on the mantelpiece
for a visual impact that wont leave
a mark.

A hint of spring canvas art print, 61.49,

Urban Road.


INTERIORS Dcor ideas

Jan-Ole Schmidt,
photographer and
product manager
shares his advice
on decorating with

Keep a consistent theme on the wall youre decorating to create

a harmonious effect. It is especially atmospheric when
a particular hue or material is repeated in multiple furnishings
and pictures throughout the room. Let your pictures mirror the
patterns and materials found in other elements of the space and
in terms of frames, it also works best to select one with a colour
or material that matches or complements existing tones. The frame
itself will become a part of the picture and influence how the
photo itself is perceived, so make your choice carefully.

Artwork from

Online Inspiration

For plenty more ideas on how to display artwork, the latest trends, and tips for hanging pieces successfully in your
home, visit our Pinterest page at


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Site to see

for a superb assortment
of affordable luxury
gifts for the home and
garden. Annabel is a keen
gardener so everything
she sources is functional
and eye-catching. Many
of the pieces are made
in Britain and can be
gift-wrapped for your

Dahlia ivory garden

furniture from
Marks & Spencer.
0333 014 8000,

Bloom of the month


The Larkspur, a member

of the ranunculus family,
has a light and refreshing
fragrance. This plant is
easy to grow and comes
in a variety of colours. It
was used in traditional
herbal remedies to
protect the eyes and it is
known to be poisonous to
livestock. The blooms of
this flower can be almost
as complex as orchids.
Look out for a tall flower
with five petals growing
together to form a hollow


flower with a spur at

the end. The spikes can
grow up to two feet tall.
Rich in symbolism for the
flower-loving Victorians,
it was once very popular
to give as a gift. Different
colours have different
meanings, but overall
this bloom represents an
open heart and a carefree
nature. This is the perfect
flower to evoke summer
and it comes in many
subtle hues from white to
vivid blue and violet.

Roots of success
2015 is the year the RHS wants to
change perceptions about gardening.
Horticulture contributes 9 billion
to the UK economy every year, and
employs around 300,000 people
across a variety of disciplines, says
Sue Biggs, the RHS Director General.
70% of businesses say that they
struggle to find the skilled workers
they require and 83% put this down
to the poor perception of horticulture
in schools and colleges. There is much
work to be done. Find out more about
RHS campaigns and how you can join
in and help at



Treat yourself with our pick of the best garden goodies


The latest news, inspirational ideas and

expert advice for your great outdoors


Combine your love of music and the great outdoors by attending one
of the concerts at Kew Gardens this month. Jools Holland, UB40, The
Specials, Caro Emerald and Paloma Faith will all be playing in Londons
most exciting picnic concerts of the summer. VIP packages are available
if you want to push the boat out for an anniversary or birthday with
fine dining, a picnic hamper or a barbecue. Book online today at or call the ticket hotline on 0844 858 8803.

Make a gardener you love very happy
with the gift of a personalised mug,
priced 9.99, Getting Personal. 0845
217 6382,

Cut out the deadwood
with some stylish
Burgon & Ball secateurs
17.95, Annabel James.
0845 548 0210,

Bring the adventure of a drive
down a country lane to your
garden with this fabulous
deckchair, 95, SmartDeco.
07977 486 603,

Soothe hardworking hands
with a dab of Achillea
handcream from Heathcote and
Ivorys new Kaffe Fasset range,
priced 16. 020 7483 8383,

The National Trusts new collection of planters has made our summer! The
Inspire range is decorated with the famous oak leaf and inscribed with the
words Beauty-Inspire-Nourish-Grow - Available in four sizes and priced
from 5.99 up to 39.99. For stockists details visit

Keep your eye on the bigger
picture with a humorous
sign for the potting shed,
priced from 14.50 Of Life
& Lemons. 07725 194 238,


Editor of Grow Your Own magazine, Claire Holmes, is getting excited about tomato and watercress season this month


For more
growing tips
and ideas, pick
up the next
issue of GIYO
on 5th June
and get five
free packets
of seeds.

July is traditionally when we see our hard

work pay off on the veg plot and Im hopeful
that Ill be bringing armfuls of freshly harvested
produce into my kitchen, ready to whip up
summery dishes. Plenty of courgettes, radishes,
lettuce and potatoes will be ready in July but
I have to admit my favourite things to eat
now are tomatoes. There is nothing quite like
plucking a shiny, ripe cherry tomato from the
vine, giving it a quick wipe and then popping
it whole into your mouth, letting the flavours
burst and dance on your taste buds.
As well as enjoying the fruits of my
labour, Im going to sow more seeds in July to
ensure I can keep harvesting veg throughout
the summer. A few years ago, inspired to

try something different and intrigued by the

promise of how easy it is to grow, I sowed
some watercress seeds and Im going to do this
again this month.
Deliciously peppery, watercress can be
added to salads or used as a garnish on pasta
dishes. The perennial plant is commonly found
thriving in streams and running water, but
youll be pleased to hear that you dont need to
have your own private water source to grow it
at home. Its quite simple to cultivate the key
thing to do is to keep the soil moist, which you
can easily do by regular watering or by sitting
your container in a saucer filled with water.
Harvest as a cut-and-come-again crop or allow
the leaves to mature for a punchier flavour.


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Sarah Raven

The queen bee of the British gardening scene reveals her planting
advice for the month and shares a fantastic offer with you

ow is the ideal time to start sowing

biennials plants that take two
growing seasons to complete
their life cycle. There are the early
flowerers, such as the wallflowers (the oldfashioned Erysimum Blood Red, Fireking
and Vulcan are my favourites), as well as
Lunnaria annua (known as honesty), in purple
and white. These are all invaluable for creating
brilliant spring colour schemes. Combine them
with matching or contrasting tulips to fill the
house and garden with dazzling displays.
Next come the papery and elegant;
Iceland poppy, Papaver nudicaule Meadow
Pastels (which flower from May), along with
the stocks. The massively fragrant Matthiola
incana (perennial form) is the best of these. By
early June, you can also have sweet Williams,
sweet rocket and foxgloves all traditional
and pretty cottage garden plants.
We grow lots of biennials at Perch Hill
and this year I have added the unusual and
delicate black-leaved cow parsley, Anthriscus
sylvestris Ravenswing. This makes

a marvellous container plant, as its black

foliage forms an elegant backdrop for long and
reliable summer blooms such as Arctotis and
Osteospermums. Sown now and kept in
a sheltered spot or brought into the
greenhouse, the cow parsley looks good right
through the winter, with flowering starting
next May.
Biennials work best in generous drifts,
and because theyre grown from seed
this is easy to do without spending a lot.
Wallflowers, honesty, hesperis and foxgloves
do well sown directly into a sunny seed bed,
to be transplanted in early autumn or next
spring. Iceland poppies, anthriscus and sweet
Williams benefit from a bit more TLC inside.
Sow them into seed trays or gutter pipes filled
with compost. You dont need specialist seed
compost - they wont be there for long. Sow
each seed individually if you physically can,
impossible with poppies, but fine with the rest.
Outside theyll appear within two to three
weeks, inside within ten days and, widely
sown, therell be no need to prick them out

before putting them into the garden. You can

separate them into individual seedlings from
the seed tray, or slide them one by one from
the gutter pipe straight into their planting
position and theyll shoot away.
All but the Iceland poppy are happy to be
dug up and moved around later in the autumn,
or even next spring. The poppy hates root
disturbance, but the rest of these plants are
tolerant, robust and easy to grow.
Gardens full of seed grown plants are
always the fullest and most spectacular and
biennials are a key part of this mix. From
April to July, a garden without biennials is an
emptier place, so why not sow some now.
Dont miss Sarah Ravens Feast of Cooking,
taking place at the beautiful Perch Hill from
10th-12th July. The weekend will be jampacked with talks and demos from acclaimed
chefs, writers, bakers and brewers, who will all
be sharing their top tips for cooking with fresh,
fabulous ingredients. For more information or
to purchase tickets visit

Reader offer

Period Ideas readers can get free P&P across Sarahs wonderful array of products. Simply visit and enter offer code PD15SUM at the
basket. Offer ends 31st August 2015. Offer is only valid online and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. For full terms and conditions, visit

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For more information about the variety of

services available, call 01608 661 883 or


Period Ideas celebrates the best in British interiors

he shape and style of a propertys windows are a crucial part

of its period character, so when the time comes to update
them, its essential to maintain their historic appeal. When
modernising an older building in particular, there is a danger of losing
its architectural origin, but thankfully, Holdsworth Windows provides
a variety of window maintenance, design and installation services, ideal
for owners of period homes.
The business was founded by Graham Holdsworth in 1967,
who kept a family-orientated culture at the heart of the company.
It flourished in the secure hands of his relatives which is where it
remains today, lead by managing director Mark Glover, who joined the
company in 1985. Mark adheres to Grahams wholesome principles,
and has helped to relocate the business into a modern, purpose-built
factory in South Warwickshire on the edge of the Cotswolds a far cry
from its humble beginnings in a dilapidated old barn.
Specialising in the manufacture of bespoke steel windows, doors,
screens, leaded lights and fittings, Holdsworths dedicated team
combine traditional, time-honoured techniques with efficient, modern
processes. Having worked on contemporary, listed and historic
buildings, its craftsmen offer a diverse spectrum of window services
so homes can meet the modern day requirements of quality windows,
without compromising on the original style. The window fitting service

includes site surveys, design, repairs and refurbishments, installation

and double-glazing. All steel products are hot-dip galvanized then
polyester powder coated in a colour of your choice, according to the
style of your home.
Conservation is also a vital part of the business, so while clients
have the option to install new fixtures, the emphasis is on updating
existing frames to restore apertures to their former glory. The team is
adept in removing and recycling old window frames, glass and fittings,
and are experts at dealing with all types of window needs, such as
replacing small cottage windows, tackling large scale renovations, or
designing bespoke window frames for modern builds. Its extensive
portfolio includes St Catherines Chapel at Windsor Castle, the
Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and even the oak-framed eco-home
that featured on Channel 4s Grand Designs, contributing to its private
property work.
As well as having a national reputation for excellent service,
Holdsworth Windows works internationally, including France,
Japan and the USA. Its recent projects include several properties in
Richmond-upon-Thames and King Edward VIIs former hospital
in Midhurst, West Sussex. It continues to produce traditional steel
windows in keeping with the latest technological advances, while
tailoring services to the specific needs of customers homes.

Holdsworths dedicated team combine traditional, time-honoured

techniques with efficient, modern processes

ESSENTIALS Designer insight

any factors
contribute to
the success
of a room scheme, most of
which combine a practical
purpose with stylish aesthetics.
One element which can be
functional and fabulous is
lighting. You could spend hours
debating which colours and
fabrics to use in your home, but
lighting can alter the ambience
as quickly as you can flick
a switch.
Accent lighting - table and
standard lamps which support
the main lighting source in
a room can provide extra
texture, focus and depth. Pooky
designs and makes a range of
quirky and colourful lamps,
using gorgeous fabrics which
have been sourced from across
the globe. The company offers
an array of unusual designs
and also has a vast selection of
well-crafted classics, to fit in
with more traditional interiors.
Unlike many other brands,
Pooky allows customers to
mix and match shades and
bases, allowing you to create
something completely unique.
You can play around with
different combinations on
screen before you buy, so
youre guaranteed to find the
ideal style for your home.
My favourite room is...
my bedroom. Its fairly sparse
but I love every single thing in it.

Comfort and lighting

are the most important
factors to consider when
designing a space
The worst design disaster
Ive ever had was...
choosing the wrong tiles for
a chalet in Switzerland. They
were impounded at customs,
flown up the mountain by
helicopter, only to be flown
down again and impounded
once more. Luckily I had
a very kind and gracious
client who found it amusing!
I learnt that preparation or
a reconnaissance mission
is never a waste of time,
whatever it is that you
are doing.


The thing I like best about my house is...

the space and the garden. Weve just moved
home, so its still a bit of a novelty. Were really
looking forward to decorating in a way which
reflects our personalities.

Sophie Amini

When Im at home I enjoy...

cooking. We have a tradition known as chilli
con carne night when my father-in-law comes
to stay. Although it actually changes every time,
incorporating whatever leftovers we have, we
always enjoy this meal together before he goes
back home.
The place I love most in Britain is...
the Suffolk/Essex border. I grew up on the
river Stour, a subtle beauty of mud, fields and
rivers with an old-fashioned architectural
heritage. Constable country mixed together
with Essex girl, a heady brew!


My inspiration comes from...

travel. When we go abroad,
I always make a beeline for
the flea markets and antique
stores. That said, we are
so lucky to have many of
Londons top museums and
exhibitions on our doorstep;
a personal favourite of mine is
the V&A.

My biggest style
influences are...
the Bauhaus movement and
India. Both are very inspiring
in different ways. I travelled across many tiny
villages in India on the trail of beautiful and
traditionally printed cottons before designing
the collection at Pooky. I also love the work of
todays stylists, such as Faye Toogood, who are
bold and brave in their concepts.
The current interiors trend I love most is...
I dont like to follow trends but I think that brass
is class! I am also quite fond of green and have
noticed that it is rather prominent this season.

Pookys in-house stylist and

designer talks to us about
travel, tiles and her views
on the latest trends

My top tip is...

make sure you think about comfort and lighting
when you design your space; they are the most
important things.
Browse the colourful collection of lamps and
lampshades at, or call
020 7351 3003 to place an order.

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REAL GARDENS Suburban sanctuary

How Veronica Clein drew inspiration from her Arts and
Crafts home to transform an unruly wilderness into
an elegant country-style garden


n 1906, Dame Henrietta Barnett and her husband,

Samuel, purchased just over 240 acres of land in North
London from Eton College. Their plan, inspired by the
recent construction of Letchworth Garden City, was to build
Hampstead Garden Suburb - a peaceful housing complex
where people of all classes could live together in beautiful
homes. It was planned by Barry Parker and Sir Raymond
Unwin, in association with Sir Edwin Lutyens, one of Britains
greatest architects. The project represents the very best of
20th century domestic architecture.
Today, it is an area of international significance. The
eminent architectural historian, Sir Nikolaus Pevsner,
described it as that most nearly perfect example of the
unique English invention and speciality, the garden suburb.
In 1968, the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust was established
to maintain and preserve the character of the spectacular
site for future generations. As a result of this, homeowners
looking to make changes to the external appearance of their
properties must obtain the Trusts approval before they begin.

Left Just behind the

circular bed,
a bench designed by
Sir Edwin Lutyens
gives visitors the
opportunity to
admire the mixed
rectangular border.
Above Rows of the
Damask Portland
rose Madame Knorr
and heavenlyscented lavender
bushes line the
pathway to the
front door.


Nearly ten years ago, Veronica Clein and her husband, Philip,
moved to Corringham Road, on the edge of the Hampstead
Heath extension. Their Grade II listed Arts and Crafts house
has a modest 14m x 20m garden, which was initially little
more than an overgrown jungle. But Veronica, who trained
as a garden designer, has worked incredibly hard to whip
it into shape, packing it with a plethora of cottage garden
plants and artistic features, including a circular colour-wheel
border, a potager and a pretty brick and timber greenhouse.

REAL GARDENS Suburban sanctuary

Even before you set foot in the garden, it is immediately

obvious that the occupant is blessed with green fingers. The
pathway to the front door is lined on both sides with a row
of the Damask Portland rose Madame Knorr, softened with
billowing tufts of lavender, creating a delightfully heady
summer fragrance.
In the back garden, Veronica has cleverly incorporated
a bold, circular lawn in direct alignment with the house to
balance out the space, which is far wider than it is long. The
boundary is edged with a rectangular bed which is bursting
with cool-hued annuals, perennials and shrubs, including
a few of Veronicas favourites; hydrangea Annabelle,
Cirsium rivulare, Knautia, Campanula lactifolia and Cosmos.


Veronicas garden was once part of the National Gardens

Scheme, but these days she enjoys the space for herself,
tending to a small greenhouse packed with her treasured
collection of scented pelargoniums. The stunning flowers
also feature heavily in the garden itself, in lavishly planted
containers, pots and urns, alongside rose-pink fuchsias,
deep purple heucheras and contrasting blue-green festucas.
As a conscious nod towards the Arts and Crafts design of
the house, a carefully positioned sculpture on an oak plinth
creates a strong focal point within the bed, while a stylish
bench gives visitors the opportunity to admire the garden
in comfort. It was designed by architect Sir Edwin Lutyens,
who laid out the Suburbs Central Square.
The greenhouse itself is custom-made out of timber
and brick, reflecting the materials used to create the areas
distinctive style. On spring days Veronica can usually be
found inside, busily tending to her vegetable seedlings. She is


Above To prevent
the eye going straight
to the back of the
plot, Veronica has
cleverly incorporated
a bold, circular lawn
in direct alignment
with the house,
which is edged
with cool-coloured
annuals, perennials
and shrubs.
Left Veronica sows
fragrant sweet peas
every year and on
summer days, she
cuts and carefully
positions them in
a pretty vase in the
seating area close to
the house.
Right The
greenhouse is
custom-made from
timber and brick,
and is of modest
proportions. The
choice of materials
reflects those used to
create the suburbs
distinctive style.


REAL GARDENS Suburban sanctuary

On spring days Veronica can usually

be found inside the greenhouse, busily
tending to her seedlings
Left The plethora of
plants and flowers
require regular
maintenance, but
Veronica is more
than happy to put in
the hours.
Right As a conscious
nod towards the Arts
and Crafts design of
the house, a sculpture
has been placed on
an oak plinth within
the bed.


an organic gardener, growing lettuces and other salad leaves,

as well as French beans, courgettes and Swiss chard.
Willow obelisks add height to the raised beds and allow
Veronica to indulge in another of her passions. Keen on
cultivating flowers for the vase, she makes sure to sow
a batch of fragrant sweet peas every year. On summer days
these are cut and displayed on a lattice-work table close
to the house. The results of her hard labour are evident
throughout the space, which captures the essence of an
English country garden and provides the perfect natural
haven to relax in during the summer months.
For more information on The Hampstead Garden Suburb
Trust, visit


PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 11:22 Page 28


PROMOTION Perfect pipes

Get in TOUCH

For more information on Yeoman Rainguards full range of rainwater systems and accessories,
call 0113 279 5854, email, or head to

Right as rain

Protect your home from the elements with a top-quality

rainwater system from Yeoman Rainguard

here are many elements of a home

that keep it running safely and
efficiently, but one aspect that we
often take for granted is the guttering and
drainpipes. They play an essential role in
making sure a property remains dry and
damp-free, which is why keeping them in
good order should be one of your top priorities.
Yeoman Rainguard takes great pride in
offering a comprehensive service before,
during and after the fitting of its specialist
rainwater products. It makes gutters and
downpipes in an array of profiles, sizes and
shapes and also stocks a variety of materials,
including aluminium, glass-reinforced plastic,
cast iron, copper, zinc and stainless steel.
Its experienced team is on hand to offer
guidance and to provide free product and
colour samples, and there is also the option to
have a full on-site survey of your property.


If your design requirements are more specific,

the company can create a bespoke system to
suit your property. This service also includes
the replication of existing period designs,
so any new additions to your home or
replacements of damaged fixtures will match
its traditional features perfectly. With a wide
choice of colours available, its easy to tie this
hard-working feature in with any exterior.
Yeoman Rainguards range of rainwater
systems comes with a selection of stylish
accessories, such as decorative ear bands,
timber frame brackets, rain chains and
rainwater diverters, which all help to create
a perfect finish on your property. Traditional
rainwater hoppers are also available in cast
aluminium, glass-reinforced plastic and cast
iron - both plain and decorative - in small,
medium and large sizes.


The company will project manage your

installation from initial concept right through
to the final fitting, and has a network of
approved installers across the country who
will work closely with you to achieve the best
results. Or, you can choose to fit your new
rainwater systems yourself, as all Yeomans
gutters and downpipes have been designed
with ease of installation in mind. For example,
the XL aluminium range has a push joint fixing
method, which is quick and easy to fit.
The vast majority of Yeoman Rainguards
gutters and downpipes are maintenance free,
and offer an impressive 25+ years life-cycle. If
damage should be sustained to your system,
Yeoman will supply replacements quickly
and efficiently, to ensure that your property
remains watertight for many years to come,
whatever the weather.

REAL HOMES Modern makeover

Julie and Stephens

new-build boasts
a classy brickwork
exterior, in keeping
with a traditional
period look.


Julie and Stephen Patterson created an elegant family


The Pattersons
furnished their home
in a classic style,
using simple textures
and subtle hues.
Fresh flowers add
a splash of colour.

residence in an innovative Georgian-style development


REAL HOMES Modern makeover

Stephen and Julie were grateful that
they were able to put their own stamp
on the property. Rather than blindly
following a template, they made the home
a beautiful reflection of their lives and
experiences, punctuated with souvenirs
and photographs. While the couple admit
that, ideally, they would have extended
the kitchen at the time the original build
was taking place, it gave them a chance to
get to know the area well and experience
the local facilities before they settled in.

Above Julie wanted

a relaxed living
room where she
and Stephen could
unwind after
a long day at work.
She kept the walls
plain, but opted for
patterned curtains.


hen Julie and Stephen Patterson decided

to move home, a contemporary new-build
village wasnt exactly the relocation they had
in mind. But a detached, gate-lodge style property with four
bedrooms, three reception rooms, a family bathroom and
en-suite proved irresistible, while the security of a readymade community was perfect for raising children.
The Pattersons, who were living in East Belfast at the
time, began house hunting in earnest once their eldest
daughter, Ella, was born. They only had a few specifications
for their new property; a fairly close proximity to the city,
a safe garden and a detached layout. During their search, the
adverts for a ground-breaking new development caught their
attention. They werent the only ones to be intrigued by the
concept and the idea soon took Northern Ireland by storm.
This was one of the areas first village developments and it
really seemed to catch the publics imagination, says Julie,
who was equally captivated by this man-made community.


The development was an ideal distance from Belfast, where

Julie and Stephen worked. Hillsborough is beautiful, with
a lovely antiquated main street, not to mention exclusive
boutiques and award-winning pubs and restaurants,
tells Julie. As well as being within walking distance of
Hillsborough, where they had spent many leisurely
afternoons, the pretty village possessed a unique charm
which combined traditional Georgian style with modern
amenities and attractions. Wed always enjoyed days out
here, walking in Hillsborough Castles grounds, so when this
development went on release, we couldnt wait to take
a closer look.
But Julie and Stephen needed to act quickly in order to
get a viewing. This was the first development to be released
online in Northern Ireland so it had huge publicity, explains
Julie. The estate agents website actually crashed as Stephen

Above The couple

matched the original
units when they
extended the kitchen
and painted them in
a practical shade.

Left The Pattersons

use the dining room
to showcase some
treasured souvenirs
from their travels,
such as the Japanese
and Egyptian art,
which are keepsakes
from holidays.

REAL HOMES Modern makeover

The homes were laid out around

a central pond which created a
relaxed and child-friendly ambience


was trying to book our viewing! Luckily Stephen was

determined and was one of the first five people to book
a viewing, so they could get a better look at the development.
What they found was a delightful huddle of homes in
the making, constructed from new and reclaimed materials.
There was a distinct lack of uniformity to the building designs,
which created an eclectic and cosy small-town feel, as well as
a sense of security. The homes were laid out around a central
pond, occupied by a paddle or two of ducks, which provided
a splendid focal point and created a relaxed and childfriendly ambience.
Once inside, the couple claimed one of the homes as their
own, and simply had to wait as the structure took shape. Ella
was just a baby and we obviously had our hands full, but we
took every chance we could to drive to the site and watch as
this lovely development came into fruition, says Julie. The
design of their property is reminiscent of a cathedral, with
arched windows and doorways, and features a stunning brick
finish and luscious green surroundings. Ironically, for
a house with such striking period character, we didnt actually
set out to buy an older property, admits Juile. In fact, in our
previous homes we had opted for quite a young feel, but the
finished standard and the whole package was hard to resist,
she recalls. The couple decided to go with their instincts the
location was perfect, the village was beautiful and more than
anything else, it felt like home. We knew wed made the right
decision, she continues. It can sometimes be difficult to buy
a house from just a plan, and you need a lot of imagination to
get beyond the artists concepts, but we werent disappointed
with the finished result.


As the property began to take form, Julie was busy planning

the interior scheme. We wanted it to be in keeping with the
Georgian architecture, but at the same time we were looking
forward to a home full of all the things that are special to
us, she says. Julie opted for a classic neutral scheme, which
seamlessly matched her personal home furnishings and the
traditional dcor of the house. I think the muted colours
complement the period style well, she explains.
The couple were excited about the promise of a spacious
kitchen too, which met all the needs of a young, modern
family. But during the construction, they realised that the
space wasnt quite large enough to meet these demands and
they had to rethink parts of the plan. A casual dining area
in the kitchen is a great asset for a young family, says Julie.
Because we now had little Ella, I dont think we realised
just how much time wed all be spending in the kitchen. We
had a beautiful formal dining room, but we needed a casual
eating area too, somewhere kids could make a mess without
causing too much harm!
Thankfully, Stephen utilised his professional civil
engineering skills and drew up new plans for a small
extension which provided extra space and storage, without
hugely reducing the size of the garden. First and foremost,
this is a family home, so we need to be comfortable and
surrounded by things that remind us of people and places
we love, says Julie. With the kitchen now at the heart of
this beautiful family home, Julie and Stephen finally have
the chance to enjoy the tranquil haven theyve created.

Ideas says
Choose a neutral
scheme for
interiors in your home.
Natural tones, such
as off-whites, creams
and greys, allow
you to use statement
furniture and create
a stunning focal point
with pieces of your
choice. You can also
add bursts of colour
which wont dominate
the rest of the room,
or overwhelm
your theme.


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worth of


Artistic touch

Win 2,000 worth of Khrs Oak Oyster wood

flooring to spruce up your interiors!

ith over 150 years of

experience, Khrs is one of the
oldest manufacturers of wood
floors in the world. It all began in 1857, when
Johan Khr opened a shop in Nybro, Sweden,
crafting wooden utility goods. In 1919, Gustaf,
Johans grandson, established the
company as AB Gustaf Khr.
Under his leadership the
business flourished, and it
became a key producer
of wooden doors, toys,
furniture and flooring.
As well as being
one of the longest
serving makers of
wooden flooring, Khrs
is also one of the most
innovative. Gustaf was
dedicated to finding efficient
ways to use sustainable raw wood
material, and to improving the stability
of wood used in building materials. His
persistence paid off and he received the patent
for the invention of the modern multilayer
laminated door in 1937, followed by another
patent in 1941 for the invention of multilayer
hardwood flooring.


Today, Khrs leads in the field of wood

flooring and supplies its innovative products
to homes, offices, shops, hotels, theatres and
sports arenas around the world. You could
also have stylish and durable floors in your
home, as Khrs is offering one lucky Period
Ideas reader the chance to win
2,000 worth of Oak Oyster
flooring. This stunning range
is part of the best-selling
Artisan collection, which
includes eight wood
floors with fabulous
hand-crafted finishes.
The natural, characterful
appearance of the timber is
further enhanced by
a spectrum of natural oil
pre-finishes, which create
a durable surface that is easy to care for.
The Artisan designs have a wide plank
format and a distinct bevelled edge along
all four sides. Colour options span from
on-trend white-washed Oak Oyster to
a rich, conker-toned Maple Carob, ideal for
adding warmth and character to your
period home.

Oak Oyster
flooring is part
of the Artisan
collection, which
includes eight


Investing in a wood floor is an

environmentally responsible choice and
selecting one from the fantastic range at Khrs
is an even smarter, greener decision. All Khrs
floors are designed in Sweden, using its multiaward winning eco-construction method.
The technique uses sustainable oak or maple
down to the joint, with a combination of fastgrowing spruce, pine and poplar below. This
optimises the use of raw materials and the
floor can be renovated and is recyclable too.
It also provides greater stability, enabling the
floor to be installed over underfloor heating,
for when your feet need a little treat.
For more information call 02392 453 045, or
visit for stockists

How to enter

For the chance to win this fabulous

prize, turn to page 140 or head to and answer the
following question:

Johan Khr founded

the original business in

which year?

A 1757

B 1857

C 1957


One prize is set for 2,000 worth of Oak Oyster

wood flooring from Khrs. No cash alternative is
available. The decision of the judge is final.

CLOSING DATE: 10th July 2015


REAL HOMES Southern style


COSY fusion
Caroline and Bubbles Horsley brought their family home to life with
Spanish, Polish and French influences.

estling high in the hills of the Foret des Maures,

above the coastal plains surrounding St Tropez,
and surrounded by cork trees, is a house which
Caroline and Bubbles Horsley initially bought nine
years ago for family holidays. The house was built in 1970
by a Polish man and his French wife, says Bubbles, a former
commercial property expert. It has an extraordinary mishmash of features. Some are undeniably French and traditional
in this area, such as the French doors and oval skylights.
I think the tower could be Spanish in style and the fireplace
must be Polish or Eastern European. The initial overriding
attraction of the house was its location. It is close to the family
home where Caroline, who is French, was brought up and the
property overlooks extraordinarily lovely views of a national
park on one side and the bay of St Tropez on the other.
Despite what Bubbles describes as the Battersea Dogs
Home mix, the house enjoys undeniable architectural
assets, including a good layout. Visitors are impressed by
a generously proportioned drawing room, a large hall on two
levels and a sweeping marble staircase housed in the tower.
Best of all, the Horsleys home is almost entirely surrounded
by terraces.
Terraces envelope the house on two or three different
levels and practically every room opens onto its own through
double French doors, which in a Mediterranean climate
is nothing short of idyllic, especially as the views are so
wonderful, Caroline says. The couple created several curved
iron structures, now overgrown with wisteria, to provide
shade. Their appreciation of the terraces has increased since
their permanent move to France three years ago. Even in
winter, there are days when we can sit outside and there is
always one terrace out of the wind, she says.


But it has to be said, Caroline is not one to sit still for long.
Shes an artist and now runs her own holiday rental, bed
and breakfast and bridge party holidays. The house has six
bedrooms and so much space, that it lends itself to parties
of friends. The bridge parties have taken off. We have had
various leading lights coming to teach our groups. Everybody
enjoys the good life French style.


Doing up the house has been Carolines source of

satisfaction although the process has been a gradual one.
When we first bought the house there was a lot of brown
and orange around. Orange tiles with brown doors and even
skirting boards and lots of boring white or brown walls. It
was all very tired. The staff had lived on the lower ground
floor and the kitchen was just one Calor gas stove with a sink.
The bathrooms, electrics and plumbing had not been touched
since the 1970s.

Below Carolines global

adventures have added
real character to her
rooms. She mixed some
old French furniture
with pretty English
pieces and crisp fabrics
to lighten the carved
oak. The sunshine pours
in from the terraces.

I am a traditionalist at heart and

in a house like this you have to
let it dictate your style. It has
incredible features


REAL HOMES Southern style



 ubbles and Caroline love to

eat at Le Carre des Oliviers
in Cogolin, near Grimaud.
 heir favourite shop is
Patisserie du Chateau in
Grimaud 0033(0)49432116.
They make their own
chocolates and every tarte you
can think of. Have a look at
their mouthwatering website at
 he Horsleys enjoy visiting
the seaside at La Plage de
Cabassonat Bormes les
Mimosa. The water is so clear
and pretty and rocks and
creeks are almost deserted.
 arolines best tip is If you
have two identical cupboards
why not paint them in slightly
different shades of the same
colour? The lack of deliberate
matching will add a special
flavour to the pieces.
I t is possible to enjoy the
Cote dAzur on a shoestring
if you do your research and
go off season. Keep an eye on and expedia. for the latest deals. To
contact the Horsleys for rentals
and bridge holidays email

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PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 11:23 Page 42

Richmond Oak is a family run business, with 30 years industry experience.

We design and build unique beautiful hand-crafted seasoned oak conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms.
Providing experienced & valuable planning & design advice for owners of listed buildings.
If you have dreamed of adding a stunning living space to your home, now is the time to
talk to us about making your dreams a reality.

To learn what we can do for you call

now on 08456 442257

REAL HOMES Subtle style


The challenge has been to integrate styles some old French

furniture, such as the carved armoires which Caroline
inherited, some pretty English pieces which came from
the couples last house in Northamptonshire, as well as red
lacquer Chinese furniture which she
collected more recently. The unifying
element has been the terrazzo flooring,
which Caroline was not a fan of at first,
but she has grown to appreciate it. It was
the height of fashion in the 70s, she says,
I gather it is now making a comeback, and
it is incredibly practical. She loves to travel
and bought several rugs from Uzbekistan
for the house. Her global adventures have
definitely informed her dcor.
As an artist, descended from a French
impressionist painter, Caroline has skilfully
integrated these differing elements with
ease. Colour co-ordination and some
ruthless editing was key and these skills
come naturally to her. In this hot country
you need to use cool colours, she explains.
I have also used toiles and checks and
distressed paint effects to give the house
an overall impression of traditional French
style. I then added some contemporary
elements, Art Deco vases and crisp fabrics,
to lighten the carved oak. I chose plain
cream linen for the curtains in the drawing
room, edged with a wide band of terracotta.
I wanted a relaxed, informal, unfussy look.
Bubbles thinks one of their best design
decisions was an open air shower room. It
was installed outside their newly-installed
bathroom, in one corner of their large
private terrace.

Left A large house

perfectly lends itself
to entertaining and
the kitchen also
needs to big enough
for hungry guests to
be fed. The mixture
of simple patterns
and rustic china
creates a homely and
ambience in a trice.


REAL HOMES Southern style

Bubbles Horsley managed the Hesketh Formula One
team in the 1970s and was a good friend of James
Hunt. They enjoyed the night life and glamour of St
Tropez on the racing circuit together.
Caroline says her most successful room is the master
suite, which has windows on three sides and a pretty fourposter. I am a traditionalist at heart and in a house like this
you have to let it dictate your style. The kitchen, for instance,
is very peasant in style. It is linked to the terrace where we
can entertain our guests almost under the stars. We have
lined it with lanterns and it overlooks a sumptuous forest, so
it is a truly magical spot. We could not wish for more.


St Tropez remains a magnet for the super-rich. Not

bad for a former Provencal fishing village which was
quietly ticking over until the last century. Coco Chanel
and Elsa Schiaparelli holidayed here in the 1920s
and it was the first town on the coast to be liberated
in 1944. The city is home to the Hotel Byblos and
Les Caves du Roy, a night club favoured by George
Clooney, Naomi Campbell and the Beckhams.

Above The rich

combination of
colours and easy
living makes the
Horsleys home a
great retreat. Guests
love coming to stay
and its no wonder
that Carolines bridge
parties are a big hit.

Carolines drawing room is the ideal

place to enjoy a refreshing drink out of
the sun in laid-back comfort

PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 11:23 Page 46



New age of antiques


We discover The Barns fascinating array of antique goods

and learn about the benefits of buying salvage

heres nothing quite like the great

sense of achievement you feel when
you finally track down the item
youve been searching for. But when it comes to
interiors shopping, whether youre updating
a period property or a more modern home,
finding accessories to suit your scheme can be
tricky. Thankfully, The Barn offers an abundance
of antiques, furniture and collectables in its
13,000 sq ft site, and is bursting with treasures
just waiting to be discovered.


This old farm building was transformed 35

years ago into a shop selling an array of
salvaged goods. It stocked all manner of unique
pieces, from cookers and washing machines
to authentic Georgian furnishings perfect for
those who love to rummage. While it possessed
an eclectic charm that attracted many regular
customers, this set-up soon became outdated,
and it was modernised into The Antiques Centre.


Since then, current owner Laura Scott has

transformed it into The Barn. She has always
had a long-standing passion for the trade and
when the opportunity came up to purchase
the company, she and her husband, Chris,
snapped it up. While it maintained an ongoing
stream of loyal customers, the couple wanted to
breathe new life into the business and expand
its clientle to include both younger and older
generations. Laura was also keen to develop
the online presence of the rebranded business,
so that it could reach a new audience and keep
current fans up-to-date on new products. To do
this, she redesigned the website with a much
fresher approach which is easy to use and
attractive. Online, you can now take a virtual
tour to view the whole spectrum of delightful
goods and rooms at The Barn, while there are
regular updates on its facebook page (facebook.
com/barnantique) which are handy if youre
browsing for your home.


Laura was aware that antiques are often

synonymous with age and stuffy warehouses,
and was eager to change this impression with
her master makeover. She believes that the
beauty and usefulness of an antique piece is
accessible to everyone, and includes a wealth
of goods for all types of home at The Barn. For
buyers both young and old, Lauras rebrand
aimed to help them find what they were looking
for. She works with dealers who can offer
customers a great variety and provide a unique
alternative to the uniformity of high street design.
In the ever-changing world of antiques,
The Barn combines the authenticity of beautiful
salvaged items with the latest fashions in the
interiors industry, ensuring it stocks a range to
suit all tastes and styles. As well as a place to
search for your homes missing piece, The Barn
is a great day out with family and friends, where
you can enjoy soaking up the delightful and
interesting surroundings.

Fantastic FIND

Discover more about The Barn, its location and its huge variety of stock by calling 01789 721 399 or visiting


REAL HOMES Converted granary



Sarah Lamb believes that fate lent a hand
in her search for a family home in the
beautiful Yorkshire countryside after
some challenging adventures


REAL HOMES Converted granary

Left Sarahs kitchen
is a welcoming haven
with open-shelving,
and a neat island unit
for storage and food
prep. The classic
furniture blends well
with French-inspired
pieces in the dining
room where gingham
and ditsy floral prints
look good together.

here was a touch of serendipity about the

circumstances which led Sarah Lamb to her
converted granary in the heart of the Yorkshire
countryside. She had previously lived in a stone barn
conversion, which she spent years renovating and extending,
but she wanted to closer to her daughters schools.
It was a tough decision. In my heart of hearts I thought
we would never find anything to match our last house and I
steeled myself for the thought of renovating all over again,
she remembers.
After making a tough decision to sell, the sale was put on
hold when the property market slumped in 2007. Sarah and
her daughters, Charlotte, now 19, and Elle, now 17, moved into
a rented place with Ginny the border terrier and let out their
house, then put it back on the market when prices recovered.
Our rental property was due for renewal so we knew
we had to find something quickly, said Sarah. We had
been looking at lots of places, but nothing came anywhere
close to our last house. It was in a beautiful location with a
lovely garden and a paddock, and we had invested a lot of


time, money and effort into creating a gorgeous family home.

Friends thought we were mad to leave and we began to
wonder if they were right.
Unable to find what they wanted, Sarah set her mind on
a bungalow, visiting it three times as they planned ways to
renovate and extend it. After working so hard on our last
house and overcoming lots of building problems, we didnt
really want to start all over again, but we thought there was no
alternative, says Sarah.


Then, at the eleventh hour, Sarah drove past a for sale sign
leading to a property which was virtually hidden from the road
- a house which ticked all the right boxes. The 150-year-old
converted stone granary on the edge of a village had charming
views, a large, well-established garden complete with apple,
pear and apricot trees, and light, open rooms overlooking the
countryside. It was also newly decorated in Sarahs favourite
colours for an interior scheme.
We couldnt believe it, said Sarah. It was so similar to
our last house it was surreal. It was definitely meant to be.

A bespoke
kitchen will


REAL HOMES Converted granary


The sale went through without a hitch and within weeks they
had moved in. We felt at home straight away, said Sarah. We
decided to settle in and see what changes we wanted to make
after living in it for a while. I think you have to get to know
how the light works and how you want to use a house before
you start altering anything.
The house is slightly smaller than her last home, but
Sarahs furniture a mix of antiques and modern country-style
pieces - slotted perfectly into the new space. I buy on impulse
when I see things I cant resist and add depth with colour and
texture, she says.
Many of Sarahs design influences came from her
experiences living and working abroad including Portugal,
France, Spain, the Canaries and Mexico - so she tends to
choose tactile fabrics, warm tones and natural products.
I particularly like the colour of the walls, she smiles. They
remind me of beautiful summer beaches and wide open
cornfields in September.


Sarah has managed to create a home for all seasons and

occasions by furnishing areas for different times of the year.
The sunny breakfast room has layers of white, cream and
earthy tones with double doors opening onto a patio, which
is perfect for summer dining. Some Cath Kidston crockery
bought years ago adds to the homely feel. The dark wood
floors and gold wallpaper, which was already on the dining
room walls when the Lambs moved in, make it the perfect
place for cosy and elegant dinner parties.
The spacious sitting room, which used to be a cart shed,
has a vast oak beamed ceiling and sofas arranged around a log
burning fire as well as armchairs looking out over the garden

for cooler summer evenings. Sarah worked with the light

which streams through the windows, to create a room for all
seasons. The coffee table and unit at the back of the room used
to be dark wood but Sarah painted them in Farrow & Ball Buff
to complement the light sunny tones of the room.
Sarah loved the existing Jeremy Wood kitchen and she
is planning to rearrange the units on the back wall to create
more room by the main door. The previous owners had built
an extension to create a breakfast room, then knocked out the
old exterior wall to link it to the kitchen.
A mixture of painted and natural wood units blend to
create a modern country style kitchen and Sarah was able to
include plenty of natural materials such as wood, wicker and
stone in the overall scheme of the house. The Aga was already
installed and helps to heat the whole building.
Upstairs, Elle, Sarahs youngest daughter, wanted to keep
the blue and white toile wallpaper in her bedroom so Sarah
teamed it with bedding from The White Company and a Nina
Campbell throw for a quick update. In the master bedroom,
calm neutral colours work particularly well in soft layers.
Sarah used the existing curtains as the inspiration for the
colour theme and the tones of gold and grey look splendid. A
gilt bedside cabinet is a great finishing touch.
I like the fact that the house is so versatile, she says.
We only have to change the look in subtle ways to create
a home for all seasons. As for finding a home from home,
Sarah couldnt be happier. I see this as a continuation of what
we had before. Its as though someone just picked up our old
house and moved it to a different location, she smiles.

Above Every aspect

of Sarahs happy
home blends old and
new for the ultimate
in modern country
living. The timeless
shades of blue and
taupe are a perfect
backdrop for patterns
and tactile fabrics


READER OFFER Kingdom Interiors


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hether you enjoy keeping up

to date with the latest trends
or simply fancy a fresh look
in your abode, shopping for new homeware
can be both fun and fulfilling. However, it can
also be tricky as you have to consider many
different elements, from the ceiling cornices to
the type of flooring and all that lies in between.
While the main priorities include re-painting
walls or fitting something new underfoot, the
finer details are also crucial to the look and feel
of your room. At Kingdom Interiors, its these
finishing touches that make all the difference.
The interior design company was founded
by Anne Fulford, and is based in a lovely
converted barn on the Gloucestershire
and Worcestershire border. Its fabulous
showroom is open to visitors, with drop-in
coffee mornings taking place on Tuesdays and
Thursdays. Pre-booked appointments are also
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wish to discuss your homes requirements in
more depth or require some expert advice on
your interior scheme.



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The company offers a beautiful selection
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fabrics featuring the latest designs,
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your scheme.
If youre unsure on
how youd like to decorate
your home, you can book an
appointment with an interior
design consultant to help you
make up your mind. Your designer will
consider your personal taste and the character
of your home before delving into colour and
pattern options, assisting you in choosing and
implementing a theme in your property.


Once youve made a well-informed decision,

you can turn your attention to Kingdom
Interiors array of accessories. The fabrics
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while theres a wealth of trimmings
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stylish curtain ties and fringes
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With this variety of design
options, you can choose
any scheme in your
abode, and achieve a fresh
feel in keeping with your
homes character.
You can view the entire
collection online, where
youll also find information
on made-to-measure curtains,
professional advice and a handy FAQ.
Theres a unique mood board feature which
allows you to collate all of your dcor
inspiration and ideas in one place, so you can
tailor your interiors exactly to your taste.

Style up
your home with
Kingdom Interiors
beautiful selection
of materials and
expert advice

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and interiors

Free delivery within 125 miles.

Specialists in Antique French beds and complimentary furniture

Charles Edward Wilson, Pet Rabbits, watercolour 1200-1800
Full Team of Specialists with 300 years of experience
Six Catalogued Auctions per Year (each 2000+ lots from just 50)
We have sold 50,000+ lots in 12 months
See our sales and read our news at

01572 724 364


July 14th-17th
(01460) 73041
South Street, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 8AB
Oakham, Rutland.

Near Falmouth, Cornwall

Waters-edge, village and rural cottages

sleeping 2 - 8.
Enchanting picturesque positions,
peaceful and comfortable.
Open fires. Dogs welcome.
Available throughout the year.
01326 375972




Margaret Powling reminisces about her first

foray into collecting with a look at the
history of museums

y first encounter with a museum

was when I was around eight or
nine, and was taken to the local
natural history museum. With the sound of
our footsteps echoing around the vast space,
we went through the vaulted hall and up the
stone staircase into a room filled with animals
- albeit it stuffed ones. There were no handson interactive exhibits in those days; children
were taught to look with their eyes, and look
I did. I gazed in wonder at the mammals,
reptiles and birds in their tableaux
vivants; at the luminescent wings of
butterflies and moths, and at
a narwhal tusk, which looked to
me like a giants walking stick.
But what I found most intriguing
was the name above the room
- The Holden Gallery - for my
mothers maiden name was
Holden. Immediately I felt
a rapport with the place and I was
always eager to pay it another visit.


Had my family not been collectors,

and had I not been brought up
surrounded by 18th and 19th century
ceramics, original artwork, and
drawers filled with cigarette cards,
postcards, and photograph albums,
I am certain that my interest in such things
would have been kindled in Torquay Natural
History Museum, now known as Torquay
Museum. Not only does it possess a fine
collection of natural history, geological and
ethnographic objects, it also houses many 19th
century ceramics, as the area is famous for its
terracotta wares.
Museums often started out as private
collections, and objects were displayed in
cabinets of curiosity. The actual practice of
collecting dates back to the oldest civilisations
to Babylon and the private collections of


rare or curious natural objects

and artefacts, such as Ennigaldi
Nannas museum of Mesopotamian
antiquities dating from c.530 BCE,
explains Christine Garwood, senior
lecturer in Public History at the
University of Hertfordshire. But
while the practice of collecting is
age-old, she continues, the word
museum was not used in English
to mean a collection or building
to display objects until the
mid-17th century, when
it was applied to botanist
and gardener John
Tradescant (c.15701683) and sons
dazzling collection
of rarities, which
by various twists
became the basis of the
University of Oxfords
Ashmolean Museum the first
university museum, which opened
in 1683, and the oldest surviving
purpose-built museum in the world.
In 1660, Britain saw the opening
of the first public museum, the Royal
Armouries in the Tower of London.
The collection was originally created
after the death of Henry VIII when
the contents of several royal armouries were
moved to the tower so that privileged visitors
could view them privately and [were] finally
opened to the public by Charles II, says
Garwood. By the Victorian era, the principle of
the public museum was well established, with
many becoming national institutions.
Today, the range of museums is hugely
diverse. From Beamish open-air museum in
County Durham, to the Foundling Museum the nations first public art gallery, which is part
of the old Foundling Hospital - there truly is
something for everyone.


For me, perhaps the most romantic of all

is the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle. It
was purpose-built in the French chateau
style by John and Josephine Bowes, to house
their vast collections of fine and decorative
arts. As the building grew, so too did their
collection; an astounding 15,000 objects
were purchased between 1862 and 1874,
including the world-famous silver swan
automaton. When Josephine died in 1874,
Johns motivation towards their lifelong
achievement was dealt an enormous
blow and he virtually ceased collecting.
Fortunately the building continued, but John,
like his late wife, never saw its completion.
He died in 1885.
Museums are visited to see, learn from,
and be stirred by objects, whether they be
masterpieces to lift the spirit, or humble
items that speak directly of the past, it said
in Exploring Museums twenty-five years
ago. I couldnt have put it better myself.

Favourite Places
If youve been inspired to treat yourself to a spot
of history or culture, follow our experts guide to
the top places to visit in the UK
Ashmolean Museum
Beamish Museum
Bowes Museum
British Lawnmower Museum
Charles Dickens Museum
Foundling Museum

Shepton Mallet Antiques, Vintage & Collectors

Fair, Royal Bath & West Showground, 3rd-5th July
For one of a kind finds, look no further than the West
Countrys premier antiques event. The fair features
up to 600 stands, with everything from paintings
and antique furniture to vintage teddies, restoration
products and luxury leather luggage from many
of Londons top dealers. Tickets are 10 on Friday
(allows weekend entry), or 5 for a day ticket. Open
from 12pm-5pm on Friday, 9am-5pm on Saturday,
10am-4pm on Sunday. 01636 702 326,
Summer Fine Art Auction, Lawrences Auctioneers,
14th-17th July
Featuring 2,000 spectacular lots, Lawrences
Auctioneers Fine Art auction is not to be missed.
The great range of antique treasures includes silver,
jewellery and watches, decorative arts and ceramics,
European and Oriental works of art, pictures and prints,
furniture, clocks and carpets and rugs. There is also an
auction of books, maps and manuscripts on July 31st,
for any keen ephemerists. You can preview all of the
lots online from July 1st and a full colour catalogue is
also available to order by post.
01460 73041,
Antique & Modern Jewellery Auction,
Fellows Auctioneers, 16th July
No matter your style, finding jewellery to suit you will
be a pleasure at Fellows Auctioneers. Auctions should
be your first port of call when it comes to tracking
down unique accessories, as theyre a great way to find
high quality and one-off pieces. Whether youre looking
for a subtle stone or a dazzling designer show-stopper,
there are plenty of beautiful antique, vintage and
modern jewels to be found at this fabulous summer
auction. Open from 10am-4pm.
0121 212 2131,
Antiques For Everyone Summer Fair,
NEC Birmingham, 23rd-26th July
Celebrating its 30th year, the Summer Fair plays host
to around 250 specialist dealers, making it the perfect
place to indulge in a spot of antique hunting. The event
features a huge array of items, all of which have been
vetted to strict criteria to ensure buyers can make their
purchases in confidence. Look out for experts Judith
Miller and Will Farmer, who will be giving daily talks.
Tickets are 12 in advance, 15 on the door. Includes
free parking. Open from 11am-6pm on ThursdaySaturday, 11am-5pm on Sunday.
0844 581 0827,

Top right
The Bowes Museum
in County Durham
holds nationally
and internationally
important collections
including paintings,
sculptures, ceramics
and silver
objets dart.

A Sevres vase, from
the Bowes Museum.
The Bucintoro
Returning to the Molo
by Canaletto, from
the Bowes Museum.


The silver swan automaton dates from the 18th

century, and was acquired by John Bowes from
a Parisian jeweller. The life-size model is driven
by clockwork, and also features
a music box.


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Knutsford Antiques

Auctioneers & Valuers

Three floors
of fine


The Derby Saleroom, Chequers Road, Derby, DE21 6EN
The Auction House, Peak Village, Chatswor th Rd, Rowsley, Derbyshire DE4 2JE

Local Service,
International Prices
We are open for clients to consign items to a sale Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
Valuations held at our salerooms on a Thursday, Derby 10am - 12noon
and Rowsley 2pm - 4pm

Open every day, except Monday

Fine antique furniture, Period oak,

French antiques, Objets de vertu, Paintings,
Prints & Books, Glass, China,
Jewellery, Clocks, Decorative Arts &
Hallmark British silver.
Stockist of Annie Sloan chalk paint
113 King Street, Knutsford,
Cheshire WA16 6EH (Jnc 19 M6)
Telephone: 01565 654092


Derby: 01332 210000
Bakewell: 01629 730920


Discover a peach of a house in the garden of England with Susan Dickerson




as much as we do. The richness and poignancy of this

era is perfectly captured at Ightham Mote in Kent, which
celebrates 30 years of being in the care of the National Trust
this year.
The building dates back to around 1320 and Nikolaus
Pevsner called it the most complete small medieval
manor house in the country. Its charm lies in the fact
that successive owners of the property made relatively
few changes to the main structure, after completing the
quadrangle of buildings with a new chapel in the 16th
century. Tucked deep in the country, but close to Sevenoaks,
it is said that it survived the Civil War because Cromwells
soldiers couldnt find it.


or those in the know, the Middle Ages are one of the

most thrilling times in history. This year has seen
a revival of interest in the years from the Norman
Conquest to the Battle of Bosworth. The reburial of our last
Plantagenet king, Richard III, made headlines worldwide, and
the cult TV series The Game of Thrones, was partly inspired
the dynastic battles between cousins which Sir Walter
Scott dubbed The Wars of the Roses.
Theres no doubt it was a dangerous era. Life or death
hung on connections and blood ties, absolute power
corrupted absolutely in the church, at court and on
the battlefield. But our ancestors also loved music, dogs,
spectacle, colour, fine dining, fashion and beautiful things

Top The complete

courtyard at Ightham
is one of its most
distinctive features,
giving todays visitors
a unique insight
into daily life in a
medieval household.
Left The library is
filled with the last
owners belongings
and gives viistors
an insight into his
comfortable AngloAnerican lifestyle in
the 1950s and 1960s.


It was a status symbol but also defendable, says Bernadette

Gillow, the property manager, who has been at the site for
18 years. It was a home for gentry rather than nobles so it
stayed slightly under the radar. No one who ever lived here
was ambitious enough or wealthy enough to knock it down
and rebuild it. Essentially it has always been a family home
and it is stunningly romantic. First-time visitors are blown
away by its beauty. Id like visitors to feel the warmth and
charm of the house and gardens.
Ighthams last owner was Charles Henry Robinson,
an American businessman. Bernadettes favourite room is
his library, where he often enjoyed a gin and tonic in the
afternoon. It feels calm and tranquil and the fantastic ripples
of the moat are reflected inside, she says. Mr Robinson
bought the house in 1953, from three local men who had
banded together to buy it to save it from being converted
into flats or potential demolition. He could only live in the
house for 14 weeks a year due to tax reasons, but paid for
many badly needed repairs.


Look out for plenty of activities celebrating 30 years of the

National Trust including a village fete, open air plays, guided
walks and even a 1980s revisited day. For more details call
01732 810 378, or visit

Mr Robinson left the property to the National Trust, and

extensive conservation project began in 1989 following a
public appeal. It was a huge leap of faith, says Bernadette.
Parts of the house were so dilapidated they couldnt be
entered. We had to dismantle much of the building and
record its construction methods before putting it back
together again. The work took 20 years and cost 10million.
We kept the building open the whole time. We made sure
our visitors could go and chat to builders on the scaffolding
and find out what was happening.


The project revealed plenty of secrets including concealed

shoes and a workmans pencil sketch of the oriel window
hidden behind some panelling. Today visitors can see
everything from a secret oubliette to the porters squint, a
narrow slit in the wall designed to enable the gatekeeper to
examine vistors paperwork before letting them in.
Ightham also has a grade I listed dog kennel which is a
big hit with younger visitors. The house is arranged around

a central courtyard making it easy to imagine the hustle and

bustle of a busy household. It is surrounded on all sides by
a square moat, crossed by three bridges, which is home to
crayfish, carp, perch, roach and a family of mink. The water
system starts in a spring and goes into the river Medway.
The housekeeper used to swim in the moat in the 19th
century but Bernadette doesnt feel the urge today. Before
the Trust looked after the property you could see the moat
through the floorboards in some parts of the house. We have
had three million visitors in the past 30 years and plan to
welcome plenty more to enjoy the house and grounds.

Top The exterior

and grounds of the
14th century moated
manor are a joy to
behold, lifting the
spirits and taking
visitors out of time.
Above left A closeup of the handpainted
Chinese wallpaper
which has been
carefully preserved
in the drawing room.

Essentially it has always been

a family home and it is stunningly
romantic. First-time visitors are
blown away by its beauty

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Quality Vintage Leather

Open Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.30 (Saturday by Appointment)

Portley House, North Road,

Leominster, Herefordshire

Youll be sure to find what

youre looking for in our
6000 sq ft warehouse
Please ring
prior to
Service is our speciality
Tel: 0800 298 4901 Fax: 01568 616144

Pughs Antiques
Open Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.30 (Saturday by Appointment)

Portley House, North

Road, Leominster,

Please ring prior to visitation

We have 6000 Square

feet of English, French,
Italian Furniture.
A fine selection of Antique
Wooden Beds.
Good Service is our

Tel: 0800 298 4901 Fax: 01568 616144


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for your chance
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Coastal retreat

In the heart of the UKs smallest city, St

Davids, sits the luxurious Twr y Felin Hotel.
Its surrounded by the stunning landscape of
the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and
has been restored and extended into a striking
historical residence the perfect place for
a relaxing getaway by the sea.
The hotel is full of historic charm having
been originally built in 1806 as a windmill, and
has since been adapted to include 19 lavish

Win a luxury stay for two at the Twr y Felin

Hotel in Pembrokeshire, worth 560!
bedrooms and two suites, all of which have
breathtaking views of the St Davids Peninsula.
Theres plenty to explore outside too, such as
the St Davids Cathedral, which is just a ten
minute walk away. Or, if you fancy discovering
some creative culture, it is one of the few UK
Art Hotels, with a collection of over 100 pieces
of art and sculpture by leading artists, including

Welsh ceramist Adam Buick.

One lucky reader and their guest will win
two nights accommodation in a sea-view
bedroom, plus a bottle of Prosecco on arrival,
a delicious three-course dinner every evening
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more information, call 01437 729 900 or visit

Exotic escape

Win an exciting getaway in Crete at the

Mistral Hotel Singles Resort!
Channel your inner explorer with a visit to the
Mistral Hotel. Located on the beautiful island
of Crete in Maleme, it caters exclusively to
independent travellers aged between 35 and
70. Mistral Singles holidays offer a variety of
themed trips which encourage guests to learn
new skills, forge relationships and embrace
the rich Cretan culture through a wealth of
different activities. Holiday makers can choose
from a selection of specialised trips, including
walking, painting and photography, while
weekly activities include cookery classes,
paddle board yoga, scuba diving and organised
excursions. With 35 newly refurbished rooms
featuring balconies, two large swimming pools,

an outdoor jacuzzi, a brand new wellness area,

a sauna and a spa, youll leave feeling refreshed
and revived.
The hotel is offering one fortunate winner
a weeks half-board holiday, including seven
nights accommodation in a double room,
a daily breakfast, six dinners (four courses,
including wine and coffee) and Chania Airport
transfers (for Tuesday flights)**. Find out more
about this remarkable resort by calling
0871 990 2070 or visiting

Term time

*The prize is based on two guests sharing a sea-view bedroom and includes a bottle of Prosecco on arrival, as well as a three-course dinner and
breakfast on both days. Subject to availability at the time of booking when you stay for two nights between Sunday and Thursday, from 1st November
2015 to 17th December 2015 and from 3rd January 2016 to 19th March 2016. Excludes February half term and Valentines week from 12th February 2016
to 20th February 2016. Travel to and from the hotel and food and drinks other than those stated are not included. Prize is non-transferable.
**The prize is subject to availability and must be taken by 31st May 2016 (the resort is open from mid-April to October).


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Interiors that inspire, objects of desire and
the very finest of this seasons shopping

Waldemar green wallpaper, 89 per

roll, from the Brunnsns collection at
Sandberg. Find your nearest stockist

Be inspired by natures bounty with the best BOTANICAL PRINTS for your interiors. Or, if you love
traditional dcor, take a trip back to the COLONIAL ERA and discover light and bright plantation style,
which has a trendy TROPICAL FLAIR. We also show you how to add a touch of the GROOVY 1970S
to your home and showcase PASTEL PERFECTION in our seasonal shopping round-up


STYLE EDIT Top picks

Luxury fix

The latest stylish finds and designer details

for your home this season

Breathe new life into your bathroom or kitchen

with the chic Molly tile. Part of the Neisha Crosland
Florentine collection, these handmade encaustic
designs feature a chalky finish and come in subtle
muted hues. Seen here in pistachio and hessian,
they are priced at 274 per m.
0845 366 0400,



Come home to comfort with the new Agatha sofa from Couch. With its
simple silhouette, bijou arms and turned wooden feet, itll provide extra
seating space as well as a stylish focal point in your abode. Pictured here in
Muirfield Lavender, its priced at 795. 01495 717 170,

Wooden window
shutters are the ideal
option for awkward
spaces, as they can be
made to measure.
Crafted from poplar
wood and treated so
that theyre suitable
for installation in highmoisture areas, were
coveting these solid mint
green shutters. Prices
start at 290 per m,
Shutterly Fabulous.
0800 012 6615,



With a beautiful iridescent lustre, this set of four champagne saucers

from contemporary glassware designer LSA International is perfect for
cocktail parties. Or, use the saucers as dessert dishes for an indulgent
summer treat. Priced at 29.95 from Annabel James.
0845 548 0210,

Create your own

pastel home
accessories with
the gorgeous
range of fabrics at
Ian Mankin. From
pretty pinks to sky
blues, there are
a plethora of
sweet shades to
bring colour into
your abode. Priced
from 39.50 per
m, Ian Mankin.
020 7722 2159,


Whether youre a Mary Berry or someone
who bakes occasionally, a vintage design
cake stand is a splendid centre-piece for
displaying homemade treats. This antiquestyle two-tier stand features brightly
coloured blooms for classic charm and is
priced at 15 from Marks & Spencer.
0333 014 8000,

Crown Paints latest additions are

the perfect pastel hues to add a pop
of subtle colour to your space. Lunch
Date (above left) is available as
a kitchen and bathroom mid-sheen,
priced at 25 for 2.5l. Honey Fever
(above right) is available as a matt
and silk emulsion, priced at 18.47 for

If youre on the hunt for
extra seating, try this
Elegant Blush chair from
Cox & Cox. Made from
lightweight metal, it boasts
a pale pink matt paint finish
and is priced at 175.
0844 858 0734,


The Archimede tripod cocktail table, priced

at 1,540, is one of the latest designs to
be unveiled by luxury furniture maker
Roche Bobois. Handmade in solid cherry
wood with a muted yellow painted top, its
effortlessly adaptable as a coffee or side
table. 020 7317 8828,


Brand new from The Beatrix

Collection is this delightful set of
four spoons. Crafted from 100%
porcelain, the set comes in bespoke
packaging and will make a great
gift for tea and coffee lovers alike.
Priced at 16, Oliver Bonas.
020 8974 0110,


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quirky lamp combines classic styling
with a touch of industrial chic...

ur love affair with metallics is set to

continue thanks to this oversized floor
lamp, which comes in an on-trend copper
finish. Perfect for adding warmth to your room and
imbuing your scheme with a touch of industrial style,
this sleek light fixture works perfectly as an overhead
reading lamp, or can simply be used to create an
ambient glow in your favourite cosy corner. Measuring
183cm high when fully extended, this iconic design is
as versatile as it is functional, and its gleaming form is
guaranteed to satisfy your inner magpie.

The copper angled floor lamp is

available from The French Bedroom
Company, priced at 180. 01444 415 430,

STYLE EDIT Historical influences


In the sixth instalment of our series,
Charlotte Barber explores the rich and
eclectic history of the Colonial era

lamingo prints and bold, tropical hues may be in vogue right

now, but theyre not a look that appeals to everyone, nor
do they work in every home. If youd like to inject a taste
of paradise into your interiors without overwhelming your senses
or your space, look no further than plantation style. This bright and
breezy scheme is perfect for the balmy summer months and is
versatile enough to work throughout the seasons thanks to a neutral
colour palette of cream shades and earthy tones, and natural materials
such as wood, leather, rattan and seagrass.
Plantation style was established in the 1600s and 1700s, when
French and English settlers staked their claim in the islands in the
West Indies. During the British colonial campaign, people travelled
overseas with formal style furniture crafted from wood and leather.
Items such as chests of drawers, chairs and washstands were
designed to be portable, with removable legs and foldable sections.
Mahogany, rosewood and teak, which survive well in hot and humid
climates, were popular choices for this type of furniture, and it is
these typically dark-stained pieces that anchor the scheme. Teamed
with light walls, a white-washed exterior and window shutters,
the mix of formal British furniture fused with a hot, tropical climate
created a truly striking look.
The overall design ethos of plantation style was to combat the
sweltering heat. Cooling features, such as open porches, balconies,
high ceilings and open-plan entrance halls, were introduced to
diffuse the sun and allow ventilation. A hallmark of plantation style
is window shutters in either stained wood or plain white. Wooden
blinds work well too, together with natural fibres for soft furnishings,
such as linen, cotton and hessian. A leather trunk is essential
consider it as both a stylish storage solution and a quirky coffee table.
In terms of accessories and soft furnishings, be inspired by global
travel and explorer style paraphernalia. For an unusual focal point
in your scheme, why not consider a cabinet of curiosities? Shells,
vintage globes, travel journals and tribal artwork all work well and
add to the exotic vibe. Be sure to add texture and interest with rugs in
seagrass and sisal - ideal mixed with statement pieces in rattan, cane
and wicker. Botanical motifs are a key element and banana leaves,
green leafy plants and palms will all add to the ambience. A light
fitting combined with a ceiling fan will provide the finishing touch.
Above all, keep your interiors relaxed, clean and uncluttered for
a holiday at home vibe with an escapist feel.


This bright and breezy scheme

will work year-round thanks to
neutral hues and natural materials
Above Set of two
leather trunks, 610,
English Abode.
020 7349 9500,
Wild Jungle fabric
(CH2814-070), 78.50
per m, from the
Chivasso Monsoon
collection at JAB
020 7348 6620,

Clockwise from left

Marseilles satin chaise,
699, Biba at House of Fraser.
Bermuda rattan sofa, 649,
Marks & Spencer.
Eternal collection, from 32 for a chevron rug,
Clementine wallpaper (front banner),
63 per roll; Manila wallpaper (back
banner), 55 per roll, Sanderson.


STYLE EDIT Retro revival


Seventies style

Step back in time and embrace the vibrancy of the 1970s

with jazzy prints, funky furniture and a zany colour palette



Lava vase in orange,

18, Raspberry Mash.
07583 836 988,

Chair in club yellow

plain linen, 96 per m,
Fermoie. 01672 513

Orange tulips cushion, 58, In-Spaces.
020 7580 1990,

Flowers table lamp,
78, Hunkydory
Home. 0191 645 4004,

Flames rug, 260, Rug Couture.
0845 071 9303,


Sputnik wall clock, 79, Marks

& Spencer. 0333 014 8000,

Rated reads

For more ideas, pick up

an inspirational book
Seventiestyle: Home
Decoration & Furnishings
from the 1970s
by David Heathcote
(9.99, Middlesex
University Press)

Furniture & Interiors of the

1970s by Anne Bony &
Ivan Rakocevic
(40, Flammarion)

Sira fabric in 130336 (seen on

curtains), 42 per m, Harlequin.
0845 123 6805,
Above left
Topan Vp6 pendant light, 169,
Rume. 01273 777 810,

OF THE BEST... 70s wallpapers & fabrics

Bring a pop of colour to your walls and furnishings


Although lots of styles from the 70s are

best forgotten shag pile carpets and pine
panelling to name a few there are plenty of
ideas that will blend beautifully with todays
interiors. The key is to introduce elements from
the era without saturating your space.

Your first port of call is to build an authentic

colour scheme. Start with a base of neutral
beige and cream, then add some brown,
orange and mustard with splashes of navy,
purple, wine or avocado.

Abacus fabric in
F6620-02, 85 per m,
Osborne & Little.
020 8812 3123,

Starflower wallpaper in
original, 66.50 per roll,
Little Greene.
020 7935 8844,

Majken fabric,
6 per m, Ikea.
020 3645 0015,

Fabric and wallpaper designs were big and

bold think stylised flowers and repeat
patterns. Remember that introducing just
a couple of statement pieces, such as
a brightly coloured pendant light or a rug with
an abstract pattern, might be all it takes to
add some 70s chic to your scheme.

PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:41 Page 74

STYLE EDIT Key trend


Channel the beauty of nature

with elegant floral prints
1 Harper love seat, 699, Marks & Spencer.
0333 014 8000,
2 Strandkrypa bed linen, 20 for a quilt cover
and four pillow cases, Ikea. 020 3645 0015,
3 Palmeral bone china teapot, 70, House of
Hackney at Liberty. 020 7734 1234,

4 Scattered fern cushion, 35, Clarissa Hulse.

020 7226 7055,

5 Framed fern prints, 265 for a set of eight,

OKA Direct. 0844 815 7380,
6 Bastide wooden storage box, 11.95,
Boutique Provencale. 0800 954 0232,

7 Fern bowl, 45, I & JL Brown. 020 7736 4141
8 Botanical patterned tray, 19.50,
Marks & Spencer. 0333 014 8000,
9 Manhattan chair in woodland ferns green
fabric, 1,609, Sanderson at
Multiyork. 0845 303 7134,



PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:41 Page 76



Decorating ideas, practical ways to improve your rooms

and expert advice from industry insiders
Raya wallpaper, 46 per roll;
Paradise fabric, 56 per m;
Amazilia velvets, 88 per m,
all Harlequin. 0845 123 6815,

Create a sensational summer scheme in your abode with SKY BRIGHT fabrics, or decorate with
OCEAN-INSPIRED accessories for a breezy beach feel. If you crave a taste of the exotic, find out how
earthy hues and ethnic prints can create a GLOBAL VIBE in your home. Plus, discover how to make
your BATHROOM BEAUTIFUL with tips and tricks from the experts


PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:42 Page 78

Irresistible Gifts for Children & Elegant Home Accessories

Garden Fork Planter 22

Buy online at

Telephone: 01572 759 190 for Mail Order.



Embrace the cool of the coast with
ocean-blue and sea-green accessories

1 Green Lights canvas print, 62.64,

Urban Road.
2 Wooden sign, 17, Coastal Home.
01625 578 105,
3 Amelie azure wooden candle holder,
14, Berry Red. 0845 450 3937,

4 Recycled hurricane tea-light holder,

3, Tesco. 0800 323 4050,
5 Turquoise carriage clock, 25,
BHS. 0344 411 6000,
6 Set of three decorative vases,
35, Very. 0844 822 2321,

7 Chofa sofa in blue, 2,097,

Rume. 01273 777 810,
8 Aegean sea cushion, 70,
Amy Sia. 07450 080 384,


INTERIORS Decorating



Combine sunny shades with deep blue

hues to lift your spirits this season

Bradbury Elderberry
cushion, 47.50,
Lorna Syson

Linea seascape collection,

from 6, House of Fraser

Coastal stripe outdoor dining

accessories, from 2, Sainsburys

These zesty tones from Albany
will refresh any interior.
01323 411 080,
Cactus Flower
Castle Keep
Set of four folklore bowls, 30, Berry Red



Carlotta wallpaper
in blue, 24 per 10m
roll, John Lewis

Harness brilliant pops of yellow and rich navy

tones for a sensational summer scheme

Delft blue dream canvas print,

61.99, Urban Road


INTERIORS Decorating

Orson sofa, 1,195, Loaf

Go green with Eics
environmentally friendly
selection of colours.
020 7736 9876,

Blue Suede


Groove wallpaper,
36 per roll, Scion


BARKER & BARKER 01223 733 730,
BERRY RED 0845 450 3937,
HOUSE OF FRASER 0345 602 1073,
JOHN LEWIS 0345 604 9049,
JONATHAN ADLER 020 7589 9563,
JUST FABRICS 0845 498 9043,
LAURA ASHLEY 03332 008 009,
LOAF 0845 468 0698,
LORNA SYSON 020 8465 9819,

Bel Air mini scoop vase, 98 each,

Jonathan Adler

SAINSBURYS 0330 123 1962,
SCION 0845 123 6815,


Ava duck egg floral cotton

and linen curtain fabric, 35,
Laura Ashley
Decking stripe sky and ecru
wallpaper, 75 per roll,
Barker & Barker
Homemade fabric, 11.95
per m, Just Fabrics


Broom and Bee Dusk

cushion, 52, Lorna Syson

PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:42 Page 83

English Fireplaces offers a full range of hand carved

marble, limestone and sandstone fireplaces that
combines the finest quality with great value.
Tel: 01730 897 600


PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:43 Page 84


INTERIORS Al fresco style


Create our

Get a gorgeous summer
scheme with these
garden-inspired beauties

luscious green
tones with
rustic textures
for effortless
natural style


1 Miriam shade, 49.50 2 Bug embroidered cushion, 25 3 Bermuda side table, 179 4 Wide stripe throw, 35 5 Bantry weave cushion, 12
6 Bermuda medium sofa, 749, all Marks & Spencer


For more information on the full range of furnishings at Marks & Spencer, call 0333 014 8000 or visit

INTERIORS Style we love

Bring a taste of the exotic into your
interiors with an eclectic mix of rich
hues and unusual patterns


Left Towels, from 4

each; wire storage basket,
7; zebra bathmat, 8;
Chandler apothecary chest,
795, all George Home.
0844 381 6321,
Right Chevron cushions,
15 each; Venus pendant,
23, both Littlewoods.
0844 822 8000,
Below Harlequin terracotta
rug, 209.99; Hendon
small sofa in New England
brown, 849.99, all
Dunelm. 0845 165 6565,

s well as tantalising our taste buds

with cuisine from around the world,
we can also draw inspiration from
far-flung locations to help transform our
interiors. Thanks to the wonders of the world
wide web, we are all global travellers, blessed
with the ability to access designs from across
the planet at the mere click of a mouse or
tap of a screen. From the dazzling mosaics of
Morocco to the stunning embroidered textiles
of India, we are able to fill our homes with the
essence of long-haul locations without stepping
foot outside our front door.
The trick to working the look successfully
is to heed Coco Chanels wise words: Less
is always more. Cramming every nook and

This look celebrates traditional

craft skills and the unrefined
appeal of handmade items, making
the most of overseas influences
cranny with trinkets from your travels and
bold prints will make even the largest space
seem cluttered and detract from the unique
charm of each piece. Combining multiple
statement patterns can be done, just ensure
that the designs stick to a similar colour
palette. Key hues include indigo, saffron and
burnt orange, as well as shades of dark wood,
such as rosewood, mahogany and ebony.
In addition to featuring daring motifs, soft
furnishings should be tactile, with a wellloved, lived-in feel. Accessories shouldnt
seem brand-spanking new or boast a flawless
finish, its more important that pieces seem
authentic. This look celebrates traditional craft
skills and the unrefined appeal of handmade

items, making the most of the wealth of talent

from overseas. Genuine artefacts will create
a talking point in your interiors, which will
fascinate guests and add a sense of purity to
your scheme.
Underfoot, texture is fundamental in
replicating this style. To evoke an exotic
ambience, keep it simple with exposed
wooden floorboards, decorated with sisal or
seagrass rugs. Or, if youre cautious about
using too much colour, use your floors to make
a statement. Invest in a rug in a striking tone,
featuring a repeat motif such as ikat or a
fun animal print such as zebra. In terms of
accessories, hints of copper and bronze will
add an air of luxury to this exotic scheme.

INTERIORS Style we love

Persia wallpaper in Indian blue, 22 per

roll; blue and white teapot, 25; lattice
cushion (available in black and navy),
40; Tokyo modular grand corner sofa
in Linamore charcoal fabric, 4,900, all
John Lewis. 0345 604 9049,


PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:43 Page 89

PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:43 Page 90


Left Global Mix flooring collection, from

6.99 per m, Carpetright. 0845 604 5619,
Right Vintage Kantha blankets and cushion
covers, from 17, Barefoot Gypsy.
Bottom Left Moroccan candle lantern,
42.50, Moroccan Bazaar. 020 8575 1818,
Bottom Right Cushions, from 15; Aztec sham,
40; copper round vase, 50; Latifa throw, 50;
Aztec quilt, 120; Miko pouffe, 160; Flores
grey three-panel screen, 850; Flores fourposter kingsize bed, 1,350, all John Lewis.
0345 604 9049,


PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:44 Page 92


Shaker kitchen by John Lewis of
Hungerford, priced from 25,000.
0700 278 4726,

he perfect island unit can serve as

a worktop, alternative kitchen table
and cocktail bar. This workhorse of
the modern kitchen has evolved to become a
statement piece of furniture and offers ample
opportunities for adding a second sink or
bringing the hob centre stage, to create a sense
of theatre if you want to release your inner
Jamie Oliver or Nigella.
Open-plan living means that island units
need to be superbly versatile and practical,
as Tom Layzell, a designer at John Lewis of
Hungerford, explains. Clients will often ask for
seating, be it a breakfast bar for two or a builtin table for 12. They may require somewhere
for the kids to do their homework, coffee with
friends, a place just to sit and use the laptop or
to have a glass of wine in the evening.
Much as we admire islands in kitchen
showrooms, you must be sure that you have
enough space for one and you need to be
honest with yourself to see if you actually
need one in the first place. Islands come into
their own in sociable households, in which the
kitchen can replace a family or living room
as a space for friends and family to gather,
especially if you love entertaining. The chef is
no longer separate from guests in the dining
room and can enjoy a glass with them instead.

All you need to know about choosing a new
addition to your kitchen with Susan Dickerson

A cheery red island adds

personality to this classic scheme.
Crown Imperial kitchens are
priced from 10,000. 01227 742


PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:44 Page 94

The Aga


Reconditioned Aga Cookers and

Re-enamelling Service
There Has Never Been a Better Time
To Exchange or Buy an Aga Cooker

Tel: 01929 472121


100% solid wood kitchens no MDF, chipboard or ply
Dovetail jointed drawers mortise and tenon joints for carcases
Free design service, individual, hand drawn plans
Non-standard sizes, at no extra cost, to suit your kitchens dimensions
Fully assembled units; no annoying flat-pack assembly
Straightforward, easy to understand costing prices include VAT & delivery
Painting service now available
P NELAND is a privately owned, family company that has been established for
over 20 years. We believe in listening to our clients, and our hand drawn plans,
reflect our customers desires and opinions. The final design combines well
planned functionality, with elegance and beauty, and our clients are often surprised
how all this can be achieved at such a reasonable cost.

Visit our website; Email: or call our offices:



Far left Treat your
home to a reconditioned
range cooker from
West Country Cookers.
01548 830 069,
Left Dark timbers and
pale cabinetry fuse
in this Martin Moore
kitchen, priced from
35,000. 0845 180 0015,
Below A island is at the
heart of this bespoke
cook zone by Coeden.
Priced on request. 01758
750 333,

If youre more of a kitchen introvert then

a smaller unit might inspire you to install a
second sink or a designated area for food prep.
Or if you fancy having a special place to make
pastries or cakes, this could be your chance to
put the baking equipment in one place away
from the pots and pans. And you have the
option to invite people into your space if you
felt inclined to share any trade secrets.
As you can personalise your island to your
hearts desire you may want to have dedicated
spaces for chopping boards, your wine
collection and favourite cook books. Island
units can be an excellent way of dividing your
kitchen and separating the work zone from the
bustle of dogs, cats and hungry teenagers.


Discuss what youre drawn to with a reputable

kitchen planner and ask friends with islands
about the pros and cons of their units before
you start making serious plans.
You might discover that a peninsula unit
will be more suitable or decide that cleaning a
mammoth island unit is something you would
prefer not to do on a regular basis, particularly
if youre petite. Remember that it is advisable
to have adequate clearance of at least a metre
around your island unit. It also makes sense to
consider which way cupboard doors will open
and how comfortable this will be for everyone
in the household.
Talking of cupboard doors, remember that
you can always give your kitchen a face lift by
replacing your current doors. All you need to
do is measure your existing doors using the
online guide at and send the
team a list of the sizes you require. Once you
place your order, you can expect to receive it
within 14 days, 01233 220 311,

This room design is perfect for

home entertaining. The Broadoak
Almond kitchen by Second Nature
is priced from 12,000.
01325 505 539,


PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:45 Page 96
Antique Beds and Furniture
In Brass, Iron, Wood & Upholstered Wood

Bedroom Specialists

Restoration service and bespoke furniture making

also available
Chelvey Court Barn, Chelvey, Backwell, Bristol
BS48 4AA

Tel: 01275 464114

Traditional & Contemporary Beds

Tel: 01484 500560

01730 894 754

*Feefo Independent Reviews ratings as of May 2015



Slumber in style with this seasons pick of boudoir beauties

The Secret Linen Store offers a vast collection of superb
bedding to bring luxury and style into any bedroom. All linen
is woven in Portugal using the best cotton yarns, ensuring
a perfect slumber. If youre unsure of which set to choose,
head online to order a free sample, where youll also find
a wealth of accessories to complete the look. For more
information on the full range of products, call 01243 606 245
or visit



When it comes to a bedroom makeover,

rearranging the bedframe, bedding and
accompanying furniture can prove to be
a hassle. But thanks to Fine Panel, theres
an easy way to refresh your room in
keeping with its period style. You can
achieve a total bedroom up-do by creating
a stylish feature wall using modular
panelling, which can be pre-trimmed to the
width of any area for smooth installation.
Suitable for all types of walls, the panels
are invisibly fixed and pre-primed, so
a lick of paint is all that is needed.
Available in a number of styles and sizes
to suit your abode, call 01892 544 228 or
visit for more details.

At Swans of Oakham, theres a wealth

of antique furniture to help bring true
authenticity into your home and maintain
its period style. This antique Louis XIVstyle painted cane bed, 1,700, is
perfect for keeping a classic look in your
boudoir, while theres a variety of art,
books, antique lighting, mirrors, clocks,
mattresses, garden and architectural dcor
to take your fancy. Visit the showrooms
in Oakham to browse before you buy,
or tune into The Antiques Road Trip to
discover Swans very own Tom Scott,
sharing his expert advice.
01572 724 364,

At Classics Direct, theres a firm belief

in the timeless quality and design of
authentic French furniture. The company
has seen the style become a leading trend
in the interiors industry, and continues
to develop its success by offering a
wealth of furnishings in elegant, Fenchinspired designs. Now the UKs leading
provider of French furniture, Classics
Direct offers a number of historic pieces
in different finishes, including painted,
shabby chic and polished natural wood.
It even manufactures traditional English
reproductions to suit all home schemes
and budgets. Call 0845 604 8480 or visit for more information.

PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:45 Page 98


Furniture, lighting, cushions, oilcloth,

table linen, bedding and much more

Inspirationally French
Heart of the Country Village, Nr Lichfield

Tel: 01543 481414


For Quality Bathrooms From Leading

Brands At Discounted Prices
Up to



INTERIORS Expert advice



Discover how to get a beautiful bathroom

with top tips from industry insiders

Finishing touch
Is it important for the accessories to match the
aesthetic style of my period bathroom?
If your bathroom features a traditional style,
complete its authentic feel with matching
fittings. At Period Features, we have everything
to suit your classic bathroom, including soap
dishes, towel rails and rings, toilet roll holders,
gentlemans grooming items and bathroom
sundries, such as signs, ceramic cistern and light
handles and traditional French soaps. Many of
our products are available in different finishes,
including aged brass, brass and aged silver. We
also offer a number of Samuel Heath goods,
a British manufacturer with expert
craftsmanship and innovation at its heart.
Suzy Dymock, Period Features
01538 372 202,

Cover up
Were updating our cloakroom and would
love something that is stylish and practical,
and has concealed storage - can you help?

True colours

Im not very confident with a paintbrush, is there another way that I can introduce colour
into my bathroom?
How about a statement bath tub? Our baths can be finished in over 2,000 Dulux trade paint colours,
so whether youd like to complement your existing dcor, or create a fabulous focal point, you can
introduce a fun pop of colour into your bathroom without having to don your overalls. Our Tubby
Too bath is a double-ended design, which means that it can be placed anywhere in your bathroom,
providing more space. All of our tubs are made from a unique Iso-Enamel material, which has all the
benefits of cast iron without the weight or water heat loss.
Phil Etherden, Albion Bath Company
01255 831 605,

This bathroom unit and basin from Finwood

Designs is perfect for providing extra storage.
Its interior is spacious, creating an additional
area to stash your belongings, and it is
available in solid teak or oak and a variety
of different oiled finishes to suit all schemes.
You can also choose from stone and wood
worktops, as well as white or matt black
basins, depending on your taste and style.
We offer several other bathroom options too,
including wall hung units and basins which
create the illusion of space, while theres
a wealth of convenient smaller units for
areas where space is at a premium.
Hazel Lancashire, Finwood Designs
01926 484 037,


PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:46 Page 100

Showroom and Head Office:

Castello Luxury Baths, 57 Knowl Piece, Wilbury Way,
Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4 0TY
Telephone: 01462 440719

Timeless style ... enduring quality


01926 484037

INTERIORS Expert advice

Home comforts

How can I soften the clinical look in

my bathroom?

Perfect balance
Id like to buy a new bath, but want to keep the style traditional. What is my best option?
Weve just launched a brand new range of baths which are ideal for homes with a period feel. For
example, this traditional style bath is made from the same advanced stone composite material
as our more contemporary models, but features a classic design perfect for older and Listed
properties. This range maintains traditional characteristics but with a luxurious feel, so you can
rest assured in the function and style of your tub. Or, if youre thinking about something modern,
we also offer a range of stunning contemporary free-standing baths that are available in a choice
of natural stone finishes.
Simon Simms, Castello Luxury Baths
0800 111 4891,

As with most rooms, it is the finishing touches

that make the difference and allow you to
personalise the space. Invest in some traditional
hooks for the back of your door and hang
a pretty linen bag or a sumptuous bathrobe to
bring some soft elements into the room. Choose
coordinating shades of towels for a subtle splash
of colour, folding them over a free-standing
towel rail or a wall ladder. To complete the
look, place a wooden stool or chair in a corner,
complete with a wire or wicker basket filled
with a selection of luxurious toiletries. It is also
effective to have a bowl of quality natural soaps
on display, as this will bring in some colour and
texture, while keeping your bathroom
smelling beautiful!
Jennie Ayres, La Maison Bleue
01543 481 414,

Trendy tub
What should we be looking for in a freestanding bath?

Clear view
I have a window above my close-coupled
toilet which has a poor flush. How can
I improve this without hiding the window?
This was also a common problem in
Victorian and Edwardian times. The solution
was a side-wall flushpipe, which allowed
the installation of a high-level cistern
to one side of the window (on the same
wall), or on a side wall if the W.C. was near
a corner. This allowed the window area to
be kept clear. Today, we produce a fourpart flushpipe, which is very popular as it
provides an authentic solution to a difficult
problem. As well as having a powerful flush,
it also looks quirky and is sure to make
a statement in your bathroom or washroom.
Simon Kirby, Thomas Crapper & Co.
01789 450 522,

Free-standing baths are perfect for making the

ultimate statement in your bathroom and our
Victoria & Albert range provides an elegant and
timeless look that will suit any scheme.
A bath should leave you feeling truly relaxed
and revived, so the collection has been designed
in a distinctive style, with long, luxurious
soaks in mind. Its also important that your tub
complements your existing features, so the
iconic shapes and subtly contoured sides are
crafted to enhance any bathroom. Baths are
made to the highest quality, making them
a worthy investment and ensuring that they last
for years to come.
Linda Hayman, Bathroom Discount Centre
020 7381 4222,

Glassy design
Is it possible to get glass doors and panels
made to fit a shower enclosure perfectly?
Glass shower panels look stylish and
wont visually impose on your bathrooms
space ensuring a light, open aesthetic.
Try Hicks & Hicks for glamorous designs,
such as this central door and four panels,
priced at 3,130. Its screens are made from
10mm safety glass in a choice of Easy Clean
finishes and a wide selection of handles.
You can even have a frameless design
made bespoke, so its tailored to your exact
requirements, even if your ceiling is sloped.
Susan Dickerson, Period Ideas
01872 530 761,


PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:46 Page 102

Crown French
f u r n i t u r e
The niche Specialists of French, Contemporary &
Shabby Chic Furniture





Classics Direct sell arguably the best quality
French furniture available in the United Kingdom
today in a variety of painted, Shabby Chic and
traditional polished natural wood finishes.
If you are looking for Traditional English
Reproductions, we manufacture stunning
pieces to suit everyone's pocket.

In-store or Online
Tel: 0115 849 7579
No.3 The Embassy, 1 Lawrence Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 1JY


08456 048 480

Left Wallpaper Giselle
214089; Sofa fabric
Chino 243776; Armchair
fabric Ruskin 231452,
all available from
Sanderson, price on
request 0844 543 9500,

Remaking HISTORY

Choosing reproduction pieces is a smart choice says Susan Dickerson

iving in a period property means we

often have to be practical as we blend
the best of the past with 21st century
comforts. Once upon a time, reproduction
furniture was considered a poor relation to the
genuine article or the latest designer look, but
thankfully times have changed. Today there is
a more relaxed approach to mixing furniture
from different ages and genres, echoing the
work of Nancy Lancaster in her approach to
country house style, so take advantage of it.
One of the nicest things about buying
bespoke reproduction furniture is that you
are supporting specialist makers and thus
reaffirming our islands rich cabinetmaking
tradition. If you have always wanted to have
a brother or sister to go with an heirloom
armchair, it can be done with ease and such
remarkable attention to detail you may even
forget which one is which.


Sometimes we want to take care of our

furniture so we can keep it in the family and
pass it onto another generation, so you may
want to have some pieces for everyday use
which will still be in keeping with the style
of your house. Again, reproduction furniture
can help here so have a good look at the
proportions of your home and consider key
architectural features in each room before you
go to the salesroom for a bargain at auction or
browse what might be offer online.
Some makers such as Deacon and Sandys
specialise in particular eras so they will be
well-placed to ensure your new old furniture
is in harmony with the rest of your house. This
particular firm is renowned for its authentic
16th and 17th century craftsmanship in
everything from panelling to staircases (01580
243 331,

Take a relaxed approach mixing furniture

from different ages and genres echoing the
Nancy Lancasters country house style

Look at the furniture used at the higher

end of the country house hotel market if you
are in need of inspiration. Given that it has
to take a lot of heavy traffic, these pieces
are solidly constructed to stand up to wear
and tear. Retailers such as Lock, Stock and
Barrel are often the first port of call for such
establishments and you can reap the benefit
of their knowledge of the hospitality sector
(01531 633 333,
When it comes to bedroom or dining room
furniture, you cannot be too generous to your
guests to ensure their comfort. Also remember
the scale of your rooms so that the furniture
isnt overpowering or out of keeping.

French Brodsworth
sleigh bed, priced from
1,295, Lock, Stock and Barrel.

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Lock Stock and Barrel supply a wide range of quality

solid mahogany and walnut antique reproduction
furniture. To include four poster beds, beds, bedside
tables, dressing tables, wardrobes, chests, desks,
bookcases and much more.

High Quality Solid Mahogany

and Walnut furniture at Low Prices
Tel: 01531 633 333



PICTURE this...

Treat your home to some elegant period-style pieces for the new season

Burr oak furniture, price on request, at

The Real Wood Furniture Company.
01993 813 887,

Armchair Lyon 223972; cushion and curtain Solain

223975; paint Morning Dew Lt 124, all at Sanderson.
0844 543 9500,

Lulworth writing desk/dressing table, 245,

Bespoke window seat in a traditional style,

Hamilton armchair, 499; Ophelia coffee table, 699;

Maison Home Interiors. 020 8940 0230,

price on request, James Mayor. 0121 328 1643,

Vivien three-drawer chest, 1,099, all at Marks &

Spencer. 0333 014 8000,


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Flooring SPECIAL

Ground FORCE

Seoana Sherry-Brennan explores the latest flooring trends

and shares the best expert advice with you

t can be easy to forget about
flooring, seeing as we tend to point
our feet at it rather than our eyes.
But we should all devote more time to
considering whats going on under
foot, as a floor can make or break
a scheme. Spending hours agonising
over swatches and samples of paints
and fabrics is a wasted effort if, once
youve made your decision, your floor
covering is a mere afterthought.
Just like other aspects of interior
design, flooring sees its fair share of
trends each season. Were not just
talking wood finishes and carpet
colours there are a multitude of
looks to try, many of which will
complement a classic dcor scheme.
Lee Thornley, founder of encaustic tile
and wood flooring specialist Bert &
May, shares his thoughts on the latest
looks in flooring. In 2015, there has
been a shift away from monochrome
towards natural shades. Geometric patterns
will continue to dominate but more elaborate
and complex motifs will top the bill. The craze
for wooden flooring endures, but with more
interesting timbers being used.

1 Porcelain tiles, from

108.23 per m, part of
the Classic range at Reed
Harris. 020 7736 7511,
2 Seagrass original
natural carpet, 25 per
m, Crucial Trading.
01562 743 747,
3 Ecos satin floor paint in
pure brilliant white, from
17.63 per l, Ecos Organic
Paints. 01524 852 371,


Neutral hues and earthy tones are a great

way to balance a more striking use of colour
in other areas of your room and can open up
small spaces. If youre concerned that
a boldly patterned tile might overwhelm your
interior, dont rule it out entirely consider
using calmer, more subtle shades to inject
a sense of fun and style into your floors
without assaulting your senses. Independent
tile business Reed Harris offers a stunning
range of porcelain tiles in an array of inspiring
textures and patterns, which will integrate
perfectly into both classic and contemporary
style homes.
Replacing flooring can be expensive, but
thankfully there are a number of cost-effective
ways to transform your surfaces. Ian West,
founder of Ecos Organic Paints, reveals one
of these budget-friendly solutions. Ecos satin
floor paint is a highly durable and washable
surface coating suitable for interior wooden

floors (excluding oily hardwoods) and dry

concrete floors. Its available in 180 colours,
so the options for revamping your flooring are
practically endless.


Natural flooring has been used in homes for

thousands of years and it has recently seen
a resurgence thanks to an increased
awareness of the importance of using
environmentally-friendly materials in home
renovation projects. Seagrass, a carpet with

a conscience, is one such material. As well as

being a sustainable product, it also helps to
support the economies of rural communities.
It is renowned for its durability and can
withstand even the heaviest foot traffic,
making it ideal for entrances and hallways.
Whichever trend you decide to follow,
make sure that your choice is practical for
you and your home. If, for instance, youve
got pets or have grandchildren round to visit
regularly, opt for a surface that you can clean
quickly and easily. Installing new flooring
is a big job that many homeowners hesitate
to repeat often, so make sure that your final
decision gives you floors that you can adore
for many years to come.

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Versailles panels in Antique French Oak 350 per sq. mt.


Flooring SPECIAL

Treat your home to the natural beauty of timber for classic style

Left Elegant flooring

from the Bamboo
Flooring Company

heres no doubt that wood stirs

something deep in the English
psyche. The great forests provided
building materials for Englands ships as
well as its homes and the oak tree came to
symbolise the strength of the nation itself,
encapsulated in the official march of the Royal
Navy, Heart of Oak. Nothing evokes a feeling
of warmth, tradition and security quite like the
well-maintained floorboards in a traditional
English home.

Below left Old white

engineered oak in
situ from The Natural
Wood Floor Company
Below centre This
floor was treated in
Polyx-Oil by Osmo
for a glossy finish
Below right A superb
traditional look at UK
Wood Floors in this
kitchen dining room


It is absolutely true that installing a wooden

floor requires a high level of expertise, so
the money you spend on the services of a
specialist will often to prove to be a very good
investment in your property.
The key thing to consider before you begin
your project is how humid or damp a room
is. It is also best not to install wood where
there is excessive heat, such as a south-facing
conservatory, or an area of heavy footfall.
All solid and engineered wood floors expand
and contract with changes in humidity and
temperature, so you need to make sure that
suitable expansion gaps are provided around
the full perimeter of the floor.


Make sure that you see a wide range of timber

species and types of floorboard when you
are selecting a solid hardwood floor. Visiting
a reputable company with a team who can
explain the grain characteristics to you and
help you understand any technical jargon.
Look carefully at sample boards to see the
quality of machining and finish. The boards
will need to have a good depth of timber so
you have the option to resand and refinish
them in the future. A minimum of 20mm will
provide stability and longevity.
One of the nicest things about having
a wooden floor is that you can change the
look and feel of it with a variety of paints and
finishes, but do make
sure that you plan
this project carefully
around your family
life. Look no further
than the easy-to-apply
ranges available at
Osmo UK and give your floors upstairs and
downstairs a special treat with minimum fuss.

Another option to try is bamboo flooring.

It is one of the hardest natural materials
available and is an excellent alternative to
hardwood flooring. Bamboo
has a higher fibre rating than
any hardwood which gives
it exceptional hardwearing
qualities, and it has great
eco-credentials. This highly
renewable grass can grow to
maturity within five years and the grass root
continues to grow after it has been cut.

Theres nothing
quite like timber
for heritage chic

Bamboo Flooring Company
0116 274 1050,
The Natural Wood Floor Company
020 8871 9771,
Osmo UK 01296 481 220,
UK Wood Floors
01252 308 395,


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Honed, Polished & Tumbled tiles

Solid &
Pre Oiled, Unfinished

Affordable, Stylish &

Is there anything like
Natural Stone?


Unit 3 White House Farm, Green Lane, Chart Sutton ME17 3ES
01622 840420/01580 895489

Flooring SPECIAL

1 Reclaimed terracotta tiles (7.5cm x 30cm), 109.76 per m,

Fired Earth. 0845 366 0400,
2 High Society marble mosaic in Astor, 89.35 per 28.5cm
sheet; Bridgehampton marble tiles, 104.88 per m, Fired Earth.
0845 366 0400,
3 Kaleidoscope Terra ceramic tiles, 19.99 per m, Crown Tiles.
0800 156 0756,
4 Pendrano honed limestone, 83.95 per m, Coastal Stone Ltd.
01243 537 686,


Discover how versatile this classic material can be in your period home

nterior designers frequently turn to the

past for dcor inspiration, not only for the
aesthetic appeal, but also because of the
resilient qualities of materials from previous
eras. Many homeowners are keen to invest in
materials that wont need replacing often, for
both economic and environmental benefits.
Stone flooring was first developed over
5,000 years ago in Egypt. The Great Pyramid
of Giza has some of the oldest examples of
intact natural stone flooring in the world,
proving its resilience. There is a long history
involved in the process of making stone
flooring, resulting in a product which is
unique, elegant and beautiful. If it is maintained
correctly, it will last for a lifetime, says Hash
Mystery, of Natural Image Wood Floors (01622
840 420,


The hard-wearing qualities of stone make it

ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways. If
you need a particularly heavy-duty stone, we
recommend slate. Not only is it waterproof
and stain resistant, it is also incredibly durable.
Plus, its perfect for pet lovers, as no matter
how energetic your canine companion or
feline friend is, their claws wont leave
a scratch. The mineral composition of Delabole
Slate creates a hard-wearing surface that
ensures excellent durability and a long life,
often spanning centuries. It comes from one of

your symptoms. Unlike carpets, which often

hide allergens that can be difficult to remove,
stone floors can be easily hoovered or washed,
making them a hygienic and healthy choice.


the oldest working slate quarries in the world

(01840 212 242,
As well as its strength, another benefit
of stone flooring lies in its design. Thanks to
the natural variation in the stone, there are
an infinite number of colours and patterns
available, meaning that you will not only be
investing in a hard-wearing surface, you will
also be adding a unique statement feature
to your home. Unlike other options, such
as carpet or wooden floors, stone actually
improves with age and its natural patina will
become more interesting over time.
Keeping a stone floor clean is easy,
providing you have had it sealed after
installation. A regular sweep is all youll need,
and any stains or spills can be mopped up.
Make sure you reseal your floor every five
years for peace of mind. If allergies are your
problem, stone flooring can help to soothe

Another asset of stone is its ability to regulate

temperature. It remains cool in the summer
and can help to keep your tootsies toasty in
the winter, as Tom Hollingsworth at Floors
of Stone (01509 234 000,
explains: Compared to other options, stone
is particularly beneficial when it comes to
heating, as it can be installed over underfloor
heating. This will help your floors to retain
heat and reduce energy costs.
While it may be more costly, the elegant
design and long-lasting finish of a stone
floor makes spending the extra cash a sound
investment. It wont require refinishing,
resurfacing or re-coating and you will recoup
the initial cost if you ever sell your home, as
a stone floor is guaranteed to add value to
a property. It is an excellent choice, as
Matthew Chandler, managing director
of Coastal Stone Ltd (01243 537 686,, explains. Natural stone
has been used over the centuries in many
of the worlds most famous monuments due
to its timeless qualities and classic looks,
which creates a highly desirable air of grace
and luxury.

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Natural Flooring and

Bespoke rugs

Natural flooring is often chosen for its durability and has been
a designers choice for many years. The natural tones complement
both modern and traditional interiors, providing character and
texture. J Hayden Carpets has over 20 years experience in the supply
and fitting of natural flooring in homes and businesses and we also
make bespoke rugs from sisal, seagrass, coir and jute. Natural rugs can
be bordered with a wide range of cotton and linen bindings, as well as,
leather and suede. Samples on request.
TEL 01424 431809

J Hayden Carpets

We are based in Hastings, East Sussex

Beautiful rugs Indoor and outdoor use

The sisal look that you can clean
Waterproof and washable Made in Devon


Tel: 0844 414 2166

Flooring SPECIAL


Get great style underfoot with this seasons best buys



Brintons new collection is bursting with

style, making it the perfect trend update for
your floor. The striking Grain du Bois is the
result of a collaboration with Glaswegian
design duo Timorous Beasties, and features
a free-flowing weighted pattern which has
been developed from drawings of wood
grains. The stunning shades subtly blend
and contrast at different angles and are
guaranteed to enhance any interior scheme.
Priced at 95 per m, call 0800 505 055 or
visit for more details.

If youre looking to incorporate a fresh feel

in your classic style home, head to the UKs
leading carpet manufacturer, Cormar Carpets.
It offers two 80% pure wool collections,
Home Counties Plains and Home Counties
Heathers, bringing class and comfort to your
indoors. The former consists of 18 beautiful
colours, branded under the Wools of New
Zealand banner, while the latter offers
a selection of 14 natural heather hues in
British wool, providing a complementary
canvas for your home setting. Both of these
carpets are available in 4m and 5m lengths
and all of Cormars wool twists, wool loop
and stain resistant polypropylene carpets are
produced on site at its Lancashire mills. For
further information on this wide selection of
flooring, visit


Launched in 1964, J Hayden Carpets

regularly undertakes a wealth of projects,
from fitting floors in the smallest rooms in
private homes to supplying natural runners
for the walkways at Hampton Court
Palace. The company understands the need
for flexibility and is happy to work at times
that suit its customers and businesses,
even in anti-social hours. Its craftsmen can
accommodate almost any measurement,
as demonstrated by its diverse portfolio,
which includes fitting carpets in classic
cars, boats, caravans, motor homes and
even an aeroplane. The company also
provides carpet whipping, binding and
fringing, as well as hand carpet binding and
Foxi anti-slip. Plus, theres an online blog
where you can view previous projects and
finished rooms and browse a huge array of
products. 01424 431 809,


If your busy home is taking its toll on your floor, head to Unnatural Flooring, which stocks
a variety of natural styles designed to combat the wear and tear caused by high levels of
foot-traffic in your property. With a wealth of practical flooring and rugs, finding one to fit
your requirements is simple, whether you need an easy-clean option for your kitchen, or an
enhancing feature for your outdoors. All rugs can be used indoors and out, including decking,
pool areas and balconies, and are easy to maintain, making them ideal for busy spaces
such as hallways, landings, patios and kitchens. You can even order free samples from the
website to check whether a certain colour sits well in your abode. Call 0844 4142 166 or visit for more details.

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PROMOTION Parquet Parquet

Out of the WOODS

To find out more about reclaimed parquet

flooring, call 01507 313 470 or visit

The expert team at

Parquet Parquet will be
happy to advise you on
the different options

Take to the floor

Increase your eco-credentials and make a style

statement by investing in reclaimed parquet flooring

ne of the blessings of modern

times is the huge, almost unlimited,
number of choices we have.
However, there can be a danger of being spoilt
for choice, as having so many options makes
it tricky to find materials and products that are
high-quality and durable.
By using reclaimed materials in your
home, you can rest safe in the knowledge
that you are investing in elements that have
stood the test of time. At Parquet Parquet,
you will find a huge range of reclaimed
parquet flooring, sourced mainly from large
public buildings constructed from the 1920s
onwards. During this period, high-quality,
slow-grown timber was readily available,
therefore the condition and character of wood
is often exceptionally good. Parquet flooring is
incredibly hard-wearing and versatile, and
can be used throughout the home. It can even
be installed in kitchens and bathrooms, all
thats needed is the right finish to prevent
any damage.


When it comes to reclaimed parquet, there is

a wide range of wood species available,
many of which are now difficult to source or
not available at all. The choice is constantly
expanding, as the team at Parquet Parquet are
still discovering different types. As the options
broaden, so too do the uses, and designers are
finding new ways to use parquet, particularly
in commercial premises such as hotels and
shops. Current trends are moving away from
the shiny and new towards a combination
of traditional and striking modern, for which
reclaimed materials are ideal.
The environmental impact of a renovation
project is something that is more important
now than it ever has been before. Many
homeowners are considering eco-friendly
materials when it comes to making changes
to their property. As parquet is sourced from
old buildings, it is a sustainable option, so your
home update wont have a negative impact on
the environment.


Technological advances mean that you

neednt be concerned about any maintenance
problems with your floor, as there are many
user-friendly finishes and after-care kits
available which will help to extend the life of
your parquet. It is also possible to incorporate
modern features with your traditional flooring,
such as under-floor heating systems. As with
all woods, parquet timber differs in density,
which means that only certain types can be
used with this heating solution.
Parquet Parquet is truly passionate about
its flooring. This dedication drives the team
to ensure customers are entirely happy
with their purchase, and they are constantly
striving to provide the best service possible.
To support this objective, the company has
recently started to offer a premier service, the
aim of which is to make your reclaimed floor
installation as hassle-free as possible, from
choosing your parquet right through to having
it fitted.

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Original Radiators
T: 01403 266400

0845 644 9051


Flooring SPECIAL

Jack is a key member of the team at Parquet Parquet

and he will help you find your dream floor

Just one of many stunning examples of the pieces

available from The Vintage Floor Tile Company


How to source and choose the best pre-owned flooring for your period home

f you have the opportunity to bring a

touch of the past into your home with
reclaimed flooring then youre in for
a big adventure. Salvage chic has become
extremely fashionable in the past 10 years
and lot of home owners are keen to look
for environmentally-friendly family flooring
options. But before you rush to the nearest
salvage yard, you need to establish how
appropriate pre-loved pieces might be for
your home.


There is a wealth of reclaimed flooring

available including stone, tiles and marble
as well as timber, which will suit your
preferences and the styles of your home,
says Debbie Kedge at The Vintage Flooring
Company. You need to consider the levels
and thickness of your flooring, particularly if
you are covering a large area, so it all lies true.
Humidity is an important factor to consider if
you are tempted by wooden flooring or if you
are revamping a kitchen, utility room or even
a bathroom or cloakroom.
I think you also need to be realistic about
how much wear and tear the room is going
to get. It is vital to check everything with the
person who will be doing your installation
before making your final purchase to avoid
mistakes and misunderstandings.

Buying reclaimed items can be a minefield to

the uninitiated. You need to check every piece
very thoroughly. Avoid reclaimed tongue and
groove floors unless they have been properly
lifted as the tongues, and probably the grooves,
will be broken and split. Look out for boards
which have had carpet stapled or glued to
them, as gum and staples are very difficult to
remove. Another top tip is to avoid wormy
pine boards and to negotiate on price if the
boards you have set your heart on are damp.
Drying out boards can take time and space,
so see if you can get a substantial discount or
look elsewhere.


As underfloor heating becomes more popular,

Debbie has the following advice. It is fine to
use reclaimed stone or tiles, in my experience,
but do check the maximum thickness which
will work with your system to ensure you
will get the maximum heat. Reclaimed wood
is more stable than new timber but there is
no guarantee that it wont move. I suggest
the boards are sealed on the underside to
minimise this and give them plenty of time of
acclimatise to the heating. Remember that you
can use a new engineered wood oak board
which could be distressed to look old and
would be totally stable. That way you can have
a reclaimed look and peace of mind.


Putting in new floors is a big job, regardless of

the materials you choose, so Debbie suggests
an allowance of 10% wastage. The amount
youll need very much depends on the shape
of your rooms and how much cutting in may
be required. Do get an estimate for the amount
of time and labour required so you can budget
accordingly, she says.
Another aspect of antique flooring is
working out how you will finish it. Some
people like to make a feature of interesting
markings, such as the painted lines on maple
floors from school gymnasiums.
Rustins has been a go-to choice for DIYers
for generations so make sure you check out
their superb range of floor products. Whether
youve been inspired to buy a varnish, coating
or a floor shine, look for Rustins and you can
be sure youre buying a product that homeowners have trusted since 1924.

Parquet Parquet 01507 313 470,
The Vintage Floor Tile Company
01285 760 886,
Rustins 020 8450 4666,


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Inspiration and practical advice for owners of older properties

Safe and secure

Recent changes to the Construction (Design &

Management) Regulations 2015, which aim to reduce
incidents during construction projects, are set to affect
many more homeowners. It now includes construction
work carried out for homeowners who will live in the
property after work has been completed and specifies
on-site safety standards and the provision of welfare
facilities. For more details, call 020 3603 6466 or


Working windows

The Sash Window Workshop has supplied and installed

elegant timber windows in homes in London and the
South East for over 20 years. Following significant
investment in their Bracknell manufacturing plant, it
now offers a supply-only service, allowing customers
with their own builders to use the premier products
the company is renowned for in their own renovation
projects. 01344 868 668,

Specialising in bringing period or listed properties back

to their former glory, Bryan Williamson & Daughters
has everything you need to restore your home. Its
craftsmen have expert knowledge in traditional building
and construction methods and can take on any project,
from fixing up an entire property, to repairing a vintage
fireplace. 01342 834 829

Green with age

International Antiques & Collectors

Fairs has completed a study to show
the difference in emissions between an
antique chest of drawers and
a 21st century counterpart. The study
compared the greenhouse gas emissions
associated with the manufacture and use
of an antique and modern-day chest, and
revealed that antiques are the greener
choice when buying furniture, due to
their lower carbon footprint. For more
detailed results and antiques advice, visit

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Buildings Ltd.
Gabriels Farm, Marsh Green, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5PP
Visit our website:





award winning OUTDOOR LIVING POD



Tel: 01732 866910






uk manufacturers of innovative exterior blinds

0844 800 1947



Perfect project
Im interested in adding a conservatory to
my Victorian property. Can you help?


We specialise in constructing our glazed

extensions in seasoned oak and we also work
in a range of different materials, including
other hardwoods, aluminum or better quality
PVC, in a variety of woodgrain finishes and
different colours. Our experienced designers
will work with you to create a bespoke
design, dealing with any planning, listed
building consents or building regulations and
ensure your installation complements your
home. After an initial site consultation, we
will provide you with a 3D visual model of
your design and follow up with a detailed
specification and price. Fully detailed drawings
will be provided for your approval before they
are sent to our workshops where craftsmen
carefully build each conservatory. We can
either work with a builder of your choice, or
we can provide a reliable local builder who
we have worked with for many years.
Marcus FitzGerald, Richmond Oak
0845 644 2257,

Everything you need to know to make
your great outdoor simply splendid

Out & about

I want an outbuilding which is unusual and
distinctive. Any thoughts?

Glorious gazebos
Can you give me some advice on buying
a gazebo, please?
Have a good think about what you are trying to
achieve. A gazebo is ideal to tuck away in
a secluded leafy part of the garden, or placed as an
elegant centre piece around which the garden can
be created. Have a think about the type of panels
that you would like. The option of solid tongue
and groove effect panels provides additional
privacy and screening if required, whereas
trellised panels are designed as a perfect frame
for climbing plants. Whether you fancy a gazebo
which can be a place to entertain, or a pleasant
spot to read a good book, we have the answer.
Jamie Harper, HSP Garden Buildings
01638 583 814,

How about a shepherd hut? They were

designed to provide a very basic living area
for the shepherd whilst he was tending to
his flock but today they are luxurious. You
can order a bespoke hut, which has a 10 year
guarantee, or try one of our self-build options
in oak or metal. In most instances planning
permission is not required, and we can help
supply stoves, beds and bathrooms.
George Bannister & William Vickey,
Blackdown Shepherd Huts
01460 929 747,

Seating solution
I want a high quality garden structure to provide
an interesting seating area in my garden,
any suggestions?
Seating areas can be achieved with a variety
of designs from orangeries and pavilions to
temples and follies. Temples are one of the most
intriguing, with elegant designs ranging from
large balustraded temples with lead-effect
dome roofs to small classical temples with
a wrought iron dome roof. At Haddonstone, we
have many designs to choose from. This picture
shows a small Classical temple with lead-effect
dome and stepped floor in our inspirational
Northamptonshire show gardens. A temple can be
used as an interesting seating area or a focal point
in a garden or landscape featuring a fine statue or
classical ornament.
Rebecca Faulkner, Haddonstone
01604 770 711,

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whatever the
The perfect solution for barbecuing and entertaining in our
changeable climate. Versatile, unique and deceptively spacious,
our BBQ Huts create a warm and ambient retreat all year round.

We also offer a range of other outdoor buildings

& products, so please check out our website
for further information or call us on 07989 329696



Garden gift

Id like to buy my daughter a wedding present

for her new garden. What do you suggest?

Hot topic

Could you tell me the difference between an orangery and a conservatory please?
The main difference is that whilst a conservatory is made with minimal brickwork, an orangery
is built with brick and timber. Orangeries are often larger and it is vital to ensure that the design
incorporates key characteristics of the property to ensure that it doesnt look like a timber box
attached to the building. The roof lantern part of the structure can also be glazed with the very
latest specialist glass that is both energy efficient and carries an easy-clean coating. Orangeries
have a history dating back to the 17th century, when it was very fashionable to have a special place
to grow citrus fruits.
Jason Carey, Carey and Fox
0333 323 9600,

You cant go wrong with some classic teak

outdoor furniture, such as a round folding dining
table and four handmade matching chairs along
with a parasol and base. The set is relatively light
and easy to stow away in a garage or garden
shed, as it hardly requires any storage space at
all. All of our teak garden furniture at Home Life
Direct comes from fully sustainable forests in the
Far East and here at HomeLife we support Trees
4 Trees. This initiative means that all of our teak
garden furniture has a unique code which allows
you to trace your purchase all the way back to the
forest where its timber was grown, and follow its
journey from the tropics to the UK.
Edward Sloane, Home Life Direct
01283 430 013,

Food for thought

My family loves having barbecues but the
English weather is so unpredictable. What
can we do?

Smart move
I love the idea of having a home office in the
garden. What do you think would work?
Choosing an oak-framed building will instantly
add a feeling of warmth and character to your
property. With the passage of time, the frame
will settle and the joints will become tighter.
Generally speaking, the oak framed building
(pictured above) does not require building
regulations or planning permission but I always
recommend that customers check with their
local authority prior to beginning their projects
for peace of mind. Finally, do consider your
comfort in your home office and ensure that
you will have enough space for meeting clients
if needs be.
Nathan Tyler, Radnor Oak
01544 260 727,

We specialise in all-weather BBQ huts which

combine modern day comfort with a back
to basics experience. We can help you out if
theres a soggy summer, as well as providing
a great space to barbecue and entertain in
the winter months. Our huts can really come
into their own at this time of year. They
areperfect for cosy and romantic winter
evenings and we often light the fire, open
a bottle of wine and simply relax. The huts
are bigger than most people expect (with the
most popular size seating up to 15 people), and
provide a warm and ambient space. Once you
step inside, smell the wood, light the fire and
feel the warmth you will forget the weather.
Sarah Burrows, The Cornish BBQ Hut
07989 329 696,

Furnish your dreams

Id love to have some new low-maintenance
garden furniture. Any thoughts?
Its important to be sure that any pieces of
furniture designed for outdoor use will cope in
the variable British weather. All of our furniture
at Maze Living is 100% weatherproof so you can
leave it outside all year round. Its always worth
putting cushions and glass into storage over
winter to keep them looking their best. All of our
rattan products come with a five-year guarantee
against structural damage, rust and fade so you
can be sure that their good looks will last. We
have a superb selection of dining sets to seat up
to eight people, day beds, hanging chairs, sofa sets
and sun loungers at very competitive prices.
Jackie Pruden, Maze Living
01440 710 673,

REAL ROOMS Antique flooring



offers a huge variety of antique reclaimed

flooring and timber. Call 020 8501 7555 or visit to view the full range

Best foot forward

Seoana Sherry-Brennan chats to Bob Lovell
of The Antique Oak Flooring Company, and
discovers why reclaimed flooring is so popular

he sixties and seventies are as famous

for their ground-breaking interiors
as for their politics. New technology
enabled designers to play around with form
and function, and the bold prints of the
catwalks made their way onto furniture and
furnishings. Experimentation was key, as was
establishing an identity for a new generation.
It was fashionable to remove architectural
features from older properties, and many
period homes were stripped of their original
floorboards and fireplaces to make way for
modern designs.
But just as our Victorian forebears were
inspired by the past, the offspring of the
baby boomers began to draw influence from
previous eras, which led to a huge demand for
antique flooring and floorboards in the 1990s.


Architects and developers started hunting for

flooring dating from the early 18th century to
the 1940s. Since then, interest in the use of
reclaimed building materials has rocketed.
Salvage is chic!
Fortunately our expert, Bob Lovell, can help
you meet your needs. He founded The Antique
Oak Flooring Company specifically to meet
the demand for antique and reclaimed flooring.
Ive spent 35 years in the architectural salvage
industry and I specialise in the re-use and

application of reclaimed timber and flooring.

Im proud to say that we offer the largest range
of reclaimed timber and flooring in the United
Kingdom, he says.


There are many benefits in using reclaimed

materials. The push towards building
sustainable structures and having a more
environmentally friendly lifestyle is
encouraging interior designers and home-

Interior designers and home-owners are

excited about using reclaimed materials,
thanks to the drive towards sustainable living


Below Reclaimed flooring isnt

just used underfoot, here its been
added to decorate the walls and
create a cosy, Scandi vibe

Above Parquet flooring is a popular choice in

period properties, as it is incredibly durable
and there are a huge range of decorative
designs to choose from

owners to give second-hand building elements

a new lease of life. Using salvage helps to
reduce landfill and preserves some beautiful
architectural antiques. Some people love the
thrill of the chase and relish sourcing unique
stock with a story to tell.
Despite increasing demand, the amount
of reclaimed material available is dwindling,
thanks to the recent downturn in the economy
which has led to a decline in property
development. Fortunately Bob has spent the
past few years hunting down top-quality
reclaimed material to add to his extensive
stockpile. His accumulation now comprises
of over 100,000 sq ms of reclaimed flooring,
and includes pieces from the Bank of England,
London City Hall, and many prestigious
municipal buildings from the UK and overseas.


In addition to the period and historic

restoration field, Bob is exploring other uses
for his supply of reclaimed flooring. We
regularly receive shipments from all over the
world, including weathered Mississippi Oak,
Cherry from old cotton mills in the southern
states, and Russian and Anatolian ancient
Oak boards, he says. My son, Sam, has even
travelled to Australia to discover more about
reclaimed Eucalyptus woods.
Architects and interior designers are
flocking to the north east London depot to
satisfy the most demanding design schemes
and restoration projects. Bob has an impressive
commercial client portfolio, including many
top high street retailers, fashion stores and
restaurant chains.

For example, he recently supplied materials

to The Happenstance bar, opposite St Pauls
Cathedral. This up and coming bar was shortlisted in the UK and International Restaurant &
Bar Awards, which is the worlds only event
dedicated exclusively to the design of food and
drink spaces.
Whether youre attracted by the character,
patination and depth of colour of reclaimed
timber, or youre striving to make
a renovation as eco-friendly as possible,
salvaged flooring is the perfect way to combine
time-honoured design with sustainability.
The Antique Oak Flooring Companys
breadth of choice is guaranteed to cater to your
tastes and requirements, providing you with
the perfect base for all your decorating and
restoration projects.

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Door Furniture Handles & Knobs

Cabinet Fittings Window Fittings
Electrical Switches Stair Rods
And Much More ...
buy online or call 0845 260 9009



Adorn your doorways with this seasons most stylish accessories


If youre all about the finishing touches, this

Print Etch Film, priced from 45 per m, is ideal
for you. Use it to decorate your door and bring
beautiful detail to your entryway. You can even
match it to the traditional style of your home, as
there is a wide variety of period patterns and
number designs available.
020 8992 4024,


For a classy style update in

your home, furnish your doors
with stunning accessories
from Fulton & Bray. Its
ornate knobs, handles
and fittings feature
elegant designs, such
as thisclearfaceted
glassmortice knob in
polished chrome. Find out
more about the extensive
range by calling
01228 672 900
or visiting


This fluted glass mortice knob in satin

chrome covered rose is just one of an array
of elegant door furnishings from Danico
Brass, priced at 51 per pair. Also available in
polished brass and polished chrome, youll
find fittings and finishes to match all manner
of period schemes.
020 7483 4477,


Theres a variety of accessories

available at Locks and Handles of
Fulham Broadway, so youre sure to
find whatever youre looking for. The
wonderful new range of heavy rounded
cup handles is ideal for kitchens with
a clean and classic feel, such as New
England models. Available in three sizes
in polished nickel and other finishes,
prices start from 15.01.
020 7751 3397,


Ensure your doors match

the traditional style of
your period home with
Early Doors. This starburst
vestibule is a replica of
a classic Victorian door,
with all the benefits of
21st century design. The
door itself is made from
solid pitch pine with wide
bottom and mid rails and
mortice and tenon joints.
01279 647 200,

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Early Doors Limited


Early Doors have an

extensive selection of
stylish internal period
doors from a range of
different eras. When
choosing the most
suitable traditional
doors, you want to
make sure it will create
significantly stunning
effect to the appearance
of your property.
To see our full range of
doors visit

Snobs Knobs &

Posh Knockers
Antique & Period Door Furniture Established in 1983

Antique &
Starts on
the outside


Dress to impress at every dinner with this stylish table runner,

which can be made using leftover fabric scraps

hether youre planning a host

of summer soires or are just
looking to update your dining
dcor, this handy accessory is the perfect piece
of trendy tableware to breathe new life into
your eating space. From Caroline Zoobs The
Hand-Stitched Home, this pretty project is
ideal for both beginners and experts, as it can
be worked in either simple back stitch or stem
stitch. A piece of fabric at least as long as your
table and an allowance for the hem is ideal for
this make, but if you can find a slightly heavier
linen, it will be easier to work with - ideally it
needs to have a bit of texture. You can either
use the template provided or customise the
runner by experimenting with different motifs
and patterns. If youre feeling confident, freehand a design using dressmaker chalk pencils.

Coordinating threads
Plain red fabric
Mother-of-pearl or
shirt buttons
Bonding web


Stem stitch
Back stitch
Knot stitch
Satin stitch

First, hem all the edges. You can do this by

machine if you prefer, but a hand-stitched
hem gives a gentler finish, as do properly
mitred corners.
Take a needle and thread and slowly
sketch the first embroidery design, and
then imitate this along the edges of the runner.
If you prefer, you can use the template to
create a tracing. First, enlarge it to the size that
you want. Transfer the template to your base
cloth. In order to keep your trail aligned along
the edge of the runner, choose a flower or leaf
near to the edge and ensure that in each pattern



PERIOD IDEAS JULY 2015 ad master_PERIOD IDEAS 12/05/2015 14:52 Page 130



repeat the flower or leaf is the same distance

from the edge. This is where a clear Perspex
ruler come in handy.
Embroider the design using stem stitch or
back stitch. The effect is nicer with stem
stitch, particularly when going around curves.
However, you also get an interesting effect if
you do simple back stitch but instead of going
into the same hole as the stitch behind, you
split the base of the stitch with your needle.
The solid flower petals are made from
tiny scraps of vintage French fabric. Fuse
bonding web to the wrong side of a small piece
of fabric. Now draw the petal shapes on the
paper side and cut them out. Peel off the paper
and position them - a pair of craft tweezers



can be useful for this. Fuse them to the runner

using an iron, placing a muslin cloth between
the work and the iron to protect the
delicate fabric.
Using a sewing machine, appliqu the
petals to the runner. You can stitch them
on by hand but they will be more robust if done
by machine. The trick with the curves is to go
very slowly and stop to turn the fabric with the
machine needle down. Pull the threads through
to the wrong side and tie or stitch down. I had
not planned to use solid flowers when I started
but felt the design needed a bit more impact.
If you did not want to do the solid flowers,
it might look interesting to embroider larger
flowers, like these in outline, employing the


same back stitch, perhaps with an extra thread

for emphasis. For most of the design I used
three threads. The little dots are worked in
simple satin stitch, and the filling for the leaves
consists of knot stitch.
Add buttons to the centre of each of the
solid petalled flowers. You could choose
red ones to match the petals, or use mother-ofpearl for a subtler tone.


Taken from The

Hand-Stitched Home

by Caroline Zoob
with photography by
Caroline Arber (20,
Jacqui Small).



Win a wonderful
getaway for two at
the Twr y Felin Hotel
in Pembrokeshire
worth 560! One
lucky reader and
their guest will stay
in a sea-view
room and enjoy
a weekend of
relaxation and
breathtaking scenery.

Tumbler, 3; wine glass,

3; white bistro chair, 20;
metal folding bistro table, 30,
all Tesco. 0800 323 4050,

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Suppliers of Original Cast Iron

Radiators, Towel rails &
Traditional Valves & Fittings
T: 01435 868289


ESSENTIALS Perfect dozen


Make the most of your home with our selection
of products, ideas and expert advice



Bring nature into your home with a terrarium. This elegant wood and
glass design lets you create your own miniature garden indoors, using
a selection of your favourite succulents. The roof is hinged, allowing you
to nurture your plants throughout the season and add to your display as
you wish. Priced from 40, Ella James. 01572 759 190,


Fill your home with a stunning array of artwork

from The Country Stile. It stocks a wide selection of
framed prints and canvases by a range of artists,
including Catherine Stephenson, who created the
beautiful Across the Stream pictured here, 55.
01507 525 871,

Kent Balusters supplies the largest range of
replacement balusters in the country. With over
220 different types available, it is the place to go if you
need to refurbish broken stonework on your property.
The company also has a vast stock of stunning garden
stonework, including planters, troughs, pedestals, finials
and focal pieces, to enhance any outdoor space.
01634 711 617,


The excellent Mon Empire castiron bath is finished using the

authentic Vitreous Enamelling
process, which creates extreme
hardness and durability, ensuring
your tub will last for many
bubble baths to come. Priced at
4,195, Hurlingham The Bath
Company. 01400 263 310,


Bespoke seating specialist The Chair People

has just released the elegant Lustro heavy crushed
velvet collection. Highly textured but with a fantastic
soft finish, this statement fabric is available in 21
fabulous colourways to provide your home with the
ultimate in luxurious lounging. 01952 585 820,


Enjoy time in your great outdoors

whatever the weather with the
Outdoor Living Pod canopy from
Caribbean Blinds. The opening
louvred roof design provides
shade from the suns glare and the
hidden guttering system will filters
out water when the inevitable
summer showers arrive.
0844 800 1947,


Combining the natural appearance

of wood with the superior quality of
porcelain tiles, the new range from
bathroom and kitchen tile specialist
Bibliotheque is ideal for high-traffic
areas both inside and outside
your home. 020 8365 2084,


Discover a great variety

of interior and exterior
light fittings at The
English House. Created
by internationallyrenowned designer Charles
Morris, the collection
blends traditional and
contemporary design
elements, making it ideal
for both modern and
period properties. Take
a peek at the assortment of
smart wall lights, classic
chandeliers, candelabras,
ceiling lanterns and
table lamps by visiting



Rather than hitting the high street in search of new treats

for your home, pay a visit to Knutsford Antiques. Full of
high-quality antique pieces, its the perfect destination
to find unique items for your abode. It also stocks Annie
Sloan chalk paints, so you can customise your new
purchase. 01565 654 092,

produces a range
of splendid gas
fires that fuses
efficiency with stylish aesthetics. Its
glass fronted range has models with
up to 90% efficiency or, for those who
prefer the look of an open fire, the firm
has models with efficiencies of 74.4%.
020 8254 6802,


Footstools & More makes stylish footstools to

order and has a huge range of fabrics
to choose from. Or, for the ultimate
in customisable comfort, you can
supply your own. Pictured here is the
Kensington stool in House of Hackney
Pampas fabric. 0113 345 7526,

Black Fox Metalcraft

designs and manufactures
decorative metalwork,
specialising in smart
weathervanes and
swinging signs. The
quality of craftsmanship ensures that each piece
will survive throughout the seasons and the team
also accept bespoke commissions. For more
information, call 0161 681 4293 or visit



Regular articles from our

Benefit from the breadth of knowledge, advice, experience and guidance that our
regular experts share with us every issue! With their help you can refresh your interiors
and create stylish and classic decorating schemes. Well also ensure that your outside
space is just as beautiful with the latest gardening news.

& Vintage

is one of Britains
best-loved antiques
experts. She began
collecting as a child
and has a life-long
love of fine china,
beautiful books and
historic homes. Her
column combines practical tips with the
best advice from specialists at auction
houses nationwide.

& Renovating

is famous for
her honest and
direct approach
to renovating and
property buying.
Drawing from her
own experiences on
the property ladder,
she will help you care for your period
house from making an offer to renovating,
moving and selling.

Please quote PER15T

RAVEN is the

queen bee of the

British gardening
scene. She has been
running cooking,
flower arranging,
growing and
gardening classes
at her East Sussex
farm since 1999. Every month she will
reveal her top planting advice and share a
fantastic offer.





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0161 456 0501
James St, Stockport, Cheshire



The next issue of Period Ideas

is on sale from 26th June

Discover a
splendid range
of homewares
for summer dining
and outdoor games,. all at
Laura Ashley. 0333 200


We show you how to create fabulous vintage and country schemes and share our pick
of beautiful homewares
Everything you need for your next dream project, from flooring to classic cabinetery
Sarah Raven helps you to maximise your outdoor space for high summer
Explore Arts & Crafts treasure houses and enjoy Margaret Powlings passion for paperweights


Win 2,000 worth of Khrs Oak

Oyster wood flooring!

Khr founded the original business

Q Johan
in which year?

A 1757 r B 1857 r C 1957 r


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Treat yourself this month with our

selection of fantastic freebies!
Weve teamed up with the stunning Twr y Felin Hotel in
Pembrokeshire to offer one lucky winner a two-night stay for
two in a luxury sea-view bedroom, including a bottle of Prosecco
on arrival, a three-course dinner each evening and a full Welsh
breakfast every morning. Weve also joined forces with the glorious
Mistral Hotel in Crete to offer an amazing prize of seven nights
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six dinners and Chania airport transfers. To enter, simply tick the
boxes below. You may enter both giveaways, but entries must be
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r Twr y Felin Hotel

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Send your entry form to: Period Ideas July

Competitions, PO Box 443, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 8WG
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range includes Conservatory Furniture,

Lighting, Garden Sculptures and Much More

01284 765522

or visit:


Clock House Furniture: 01620 842 870

Crown French Furniture: 0115 837 4024
Footstools & More: 0113 345 7526
James Mayor Furniture: 0121 328 1643
John Lewis of Hungerford: 01235 774 300
Kirkdale: 01495 243 999
Lock, Stock & Barrel Furniture: 01531 633 333
Maison: 020 8940 0230
Sofa Sofa: 01495 244 226
The Chair People: 0845 124 2477
The Real Wood Furniture Co: 01993 813 887
Thomas Lloyd: 01495 717 170

Gardens, Conservatories & Outbuildings

Blackdown Shepherd Huts: 01460 929 774

Carey & Fox: 01977 608 069
Crown Oak Buildings: 01732 866 910
Home Life Direct: 01283 722 720
HSP Garden Buildings: 01638 583 814
The Cornish BBQ Hut Company: 07989 329 696


Adrian Flux Insurance Services: 0808 077 2266

Armchair, 150; Hera
wicker bistro table,
199, both John Lewis.
0345 604 9049,

Interiors & Gifts


Our guide to the goods and services you need

Antiques, Auctions & Shows

Antique Crystal Chandeliers: 01242 529 812

Art in Clay: 0115 987 3966
Bamfords: 01629 730 920
Bentleys Antiques Fairs: 01424 218 803
Bowman Antiques Fairs: 01274 588 505
Fellows Auctioneers: 0121 212 2131
IACF: 01636 702 326
Knutsford Antiques: 01565 632 743
Lawrences Auctioneers: 01460 73041
Pughs Antiques: 01568 616 646
Swans: 01572 724 364
The Barn: 01789 721 399


Albion Bath Company: 01255 831 605

Bathroom Discount Centre: 020 7381 4222
Castello Luxury Baths: 0800 111 4891
Finwood Designs: 01926 484 037
Hicks & Hicks: 01872 530 761
Hurlingham, The Bath Company: 01400 263 310
Mike Wye & Associates: 01409 281 644
Omnia Bathrooms: 01278 723 751
Period Features: 01538 372 202
Thomas Crapper & Co: 01789 450 522


Bedsteads of Bath & Bristol: 01275 464 114

Snug-Interiors: 01730 894 754
Time 4 Sleep: 01484 500 560
Wessex Antique Bedsteads: 01935 829 147

Doors & Door Furniture

Croxfords: 01484 850 892

Danico Brass: 020 7483 4477
Early Doors: 01279 647 200
Finesse Design: 01207 500 050
Fulton & Bray: 01228 672 900
GBS Joinery: 0161 456 0501
Locks and Handles of Fulham Broadway:
020 7751 3397

Period House Group: 01427 871 467

Snobs Knobs: 0191 213 1930
World of Brass: 01204 399 113

Fireplaces & Heating

AEL Heating: 01928 579 068

Aga Exchange: 01929 472 200
Capital Fireplaces: 01462 813 138
Carron: 01400 263 315
Dunsley Heat: 01484 682 635
English Fireplaces: 01730 897 600
Heritage Cast Iron Radiators: 01435 868 289
Montpellier Marble: 01452 714 800
Nu-Flame: 020 8254 6802
Salvage Doctor: 01403 266 400


Antique Oak Flooring: 020 8501 7555

Bamboo Flooring Company: 0116 2741 050
Bibliotheque: 020 8365 2084
Brintons: 01562 635 580
Coastal Stone: 01243 537 686
Cormar Carpets: 01204 881 234
Crown Tiles: 0800 156 0756
Delabole Slate Co: 01840 212 242
Frith Rugs: 01793 509 020
J Hayden Carpets: 01424 729 113
Natural Image: 01580 895 489
Natural Wood Floor Company: 020 8871 9771
Osmo UK: 01296 481 220
Parquet Parquet: 01507 313 470
Reed Harris: 020 7736 7511
Rustins: 020 8450 4666
UK Wood Floors: 01252 520 520
Unnatural Flooring: 0844 414 2166

Furniture & Upholstery

Aristowax Products of Norwich: 01603 439 391

Artistic Upholstery Limited: 0115 973 4481
Chesterfields Direct: 01706 853 636
Classics Direct: 0845 604 8480

Candle & Blue: 01284 765 522

Caribbean Blinds: 0844 800 1947
Charlton & Jenrick: 0845 5195 991
Country Stile: 01507 525 871
Ehrman Tapestry: 020 8748 8698
Ella James Living: 01572 759 190
Fine Panel: 01892 544 228
Just Fabrics: 01993 823 690
La Maison Bleue: 01827 880 608
Maze Rattan: 0144 071 0673
Radnor Oak: 01544 260 727
Richmond Oak: 020 3239 3393
The English Ladies Co: 01782 344 900


Avec Cookers: 01565 830 885

Bryan Turner Kitchens: 01953 601 567
Husky Retail: 01455 555 397
John Willies Country Kitchens: 01425 403 338
Neptune Retail: 0870 777 0099
Pineland Furniture: 01299 271 143
Shaker2go: 01233 220 311
West Country Cookers: 01548 830 069

Lighting & Switches

Bromleighs: 01208 79490

dr Lighting: 01295 672 200
English House: 01502 478 493
The Limehouse Lamp Company: 01273 497 070

Paints & Wallpapers

Ecos Organic Paints: 01524 852 371

Renovation, Restoration & Reclamation

Antique Buildings: 01483 200 477

Bryan Williamson & Daughters: 01342 834 829
Bulmer Brick & Tile Company: 01787 269 232
Harrison Thompson & Co: 0113 279 5854
UK Architectural Heritage: 0845 644 9051
Wye Valley Reclamation: 01432 353 606

Shutters & Blinds

Hillarys: 0115 852 2574

Plantation Shutters: 020 8871 9333


Copycats: 01732 866 632

Croxfords: 01484 850 892
Heritage Window Company: 020 8695 2300
London Window Painting Co: 020 8935 5096
Mumford & Wood: 01621 818 155
Sash Window Workshop: 0800 597 2598
Storm Windows: 01384 636 365

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Period Window Specialists

Sash Window
Bespoke New Windows
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Antique Buildings Ltd


Dunsfold, Godalming Surrey GU8 4NP


01483 200477

Tiles 3.2 mm, 4.75mm, 6.4mm, 8.0mm thick + waxed from 16.95 sq mt
COLOURED CORK from 19.15 sq mt
clear PVC surface for heavier wear from 34.62 sq mt.

We have Immense Stocks of:

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Siesta Cork Tile Co - Croydon, Surrey CR0 2DP
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Protect your Roof with

Spray Foam Insulation
Dramatically reduces heat loss
Reduces fuel bills, stops frozen pipes
Work completed in a day
Eliminates condensation

Websters Insulation Ltd est 1854

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Snobs Knobs
& Posh Knockers
Antique & Period Door Furniture

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Watercolour Artist
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Prints, Canvases & Tea towels




New Vintage Teaware Hire Service Available

Have a unique and Artistic representation of your house, business or

garden painted by an experienced artist.
Prices start for a mounted framed painting plus
greeting card. 225.00 for 12"x16"

We can supply discontinued and current replacement

pottery, china, glassware and cutlery worldwide.

Contact me for more information - 01252 722346


Ranges include Denby, Minton, Noritake, Marks &
Spencer, Royal Albert, Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester,
Villeroy & Boch, Wedgwood and many others

Please call for our friendly advice service

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Clare House

May we invite you to the coastal resort of Grange over

Sands, within easy reach of the Lake District, and to stay
at our comfortable hotel overlooking the picturesque
coastline of Morecambe Bay.
April 25th-July 3rd
Any 4-night break from 361.00pp D,B&B.
Park Road, Grange-over-Sands, LA11 7HQ
Tel. 015395 33026

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Traditional & Contemporary Beds

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The home of high quality cookware
View our full range
and buy online, or
visit our store at
7 Lordship Lane,
SE22 8EW.

Fabric & Wallpapers

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wallpaper you love?
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LAST WORD Bricks & mortar



Our property expert explains how to

spruce up the outside of your home

Its worth keeping

up outdoor appearances,
as buyers will pay up
to 23% more for
a home that has an
appealing exterior


ecorating your
interiors is one of
the great joys of
owning a home, but
unfortunately it often leads to
the neglection of its exterior.
A recent survey by Dulux Weathershield
revealed that the majority of people havent
painted the outside of their house for at least
ten years, with a quarter of those questioned
admitting to not having touched it for two
decades. But theres a wealth of benefits to be
reaped from keeping up outdoor appearances,
as the survey also reported that buyers
will pay up to 23% more for a home thats
appealing on the outside.
When it comes to an older building,
updating its exterior can be a tricky task,
especially if it has already been modified in
some areas. Start by taking a closer look at
the roof, ensuring that the chimney is wind
and water tight. If its leaning, it may need
rebuilding or re-pointing, while the flashing
around the bottom of the stack may need
repairing to prevent leaks. You dont want to
end up with a bird in your fireplace either. Its
happened to me so often that Ive put a cowl
on the top of our working chimney, as Id end
up having to chase them with a tea-towel!

Once your chimney is in tact, check your

roof to see if youre missing any tiles, as these
small gaps can quickly let in a lot of water
and damage your interiors. You can review
these from the outside, or take a look in your
loft to see if you can spot any light beaming
through. If you do need to replace some tiles,
reclamation yards are a great place to look for
fixtures which match your homes existing
style. Hire a professional to install the new tiles
correctly, such as a quality contractor from the
Confederation of Roofing Contractors (CORS),
to ensure your roof is properly patched up.
To check that your guttering and
drainpipes are functioning, do a literal raincheck on a wet day. Leaks can cause damp
in the walls, resulting in peeling wallpaper
and cracking plaster. At the bottom of the
guttering, the water should be draining
away efficiently, so look out for damage in
the surrounding brick or stone work. Its
also worth investigating whether any drains
have collapsed, as this is a common cause of
subsidence and often goes undiagnosed until
serious cracks appear.
The final factors to consider are the
paintwork, windows and doors. In a period
home, you ideally want the windows to
complement the character and age of the


property, or youll end up with an odd mixture

of features. My farmhouse, for instance,
has unattractive plastic windows (the only
advantage being that they are double glazed)
and a horrible conservatory plonked on
the side of the lounge, which doesnt look
remotely like a natural extension of
the building.
If your home features wooden window
and door frames, its imperative to have them
painted at least every five years. This may
seem frequent, but it will really freshen up
your home, and neglecting to do so can reduce
the lifespan of good quality, expensive doors
and windows. Applying a prime undercoat
followed by several layers of paint will
prevent you from having to do the work every
couple of years and will lessen the chances of
water getting through and rotting the wood.
If you have a Listed home, its essential to
contact your local authority to approve any
work you have done, especially on the outside
of your home, where it will be more obvious if
you havent abided by the rules.
While upgrading the inside of your
property is crucial, its equally as important
to keep your exteriors up to scratch, so that
your whole house can work in an orderly and
up-to-date fashion.

Kate is one of the UKs leading residential property experts. She writes Which? Property books and regularly appears on the BBC and ITV
news as well as Radio 4 and 5live. Find out more at


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