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May 2010

Vol. 11

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Our Graduates ·········· 4

Calendar ················· 8
A mother’s prayer ···· 12
Church at Work ······ 14
Two disciples were walking down the dusty road to
Emmaus. They were talking of the crucified
Jesus. But suddenly a stranger comes along and
joins them. He says, "What are you talking
about?" They stop and turn to look at Him as one of
them asks, "Haven't you heard about Jesus of Naz-

Isn't it wonderful? God, in disguise, listens pa-

tiently, most likely hiding His wounded hands in His
robes. He must have been touched by the faith of
these two men, but these two men were worried
about the political situation in their country! "We had
hoped that He was the one who was going to re-
deem Israel."

Are we any different than those two men? Isn't it in-

teresting that 'our agendas' are so often totally dif-
ferent from God's 'agenda’? And maybe that's good!!

Our problem is not so much that God doesn't give us

what we hope for as it is that we don't seem to know
what's right to hope for!! Yours for hoping for the
right thing---God's 'agenda' for us, Pastor and Sharon

Page 2 The Church Courier

Healthy Notes by Glenn Paul

Vegetarian Diets
Vegetarian: 29.5% of Adventists
Fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs, nuts, milk

Semi Vegetarian: 21.2% of Adventists

Fish, poultry but no beef

Non Vegetarian Omnivores: 47.2% of Adventists

Plant and animal

Total Vegetarian: 2-3% of Adventists

No dairy, eggs, fish, poultry or beef

Vol. 11 Issue 5 Page 3

Our Graduates
Congratulations to all the ones in our Church that today
see all their hard work pay off,
specially to our school students.

Pre K Kindergarten:
• James Amodio • Madison Dibernardinis
• Joshua Atchinson • Bailey Faircloth
• Elizabeth Billett • Sabrina Ferrand
• Isabella Cortes • Alana Lopez
• John Crennan • Raquel Mergal
• Amelia Cripe • Victoria Nearing
• Ryan Davila • Jalise Powell
• Michael Hartje • Willie Queen
• Evan Herzel • Steven B. Rodriguez
• Caitrin Hubbert
• Quincie Patterson
• Nashley Richard Eighth Grade:
• Emma Troxell • Ashley Howard
• Donald Varanai • Katie Koch
• Suheidy Vazquez • Leo Rodriguez

From Adventist Christian Academy,

thank you to all the people that volun-
teered and helped in one way or another
during this School year.

Thank you to all the teachers and family members for

making this a successful year.

Enjoy your summer vacations and see you next August.

God bless you!

Page 4 The Church Courier


MAY BABY WAS: Kimberly Carrigan

Clue: “From princess to gourmet chef.”

Our winner was: Sharon Webb

Thanks for participating!

You can submit your baby pix by email or directly to us.

Photos can be black and white or color and will be promptly
returned. For more information please contact us.

No pictures were submitted for this month.

Think about it…

• “Mothers write on the

hearts of their children
what the world’s rough
hand cannot erase.”

• “God loves you, and I’m

really trying.” Bumper

• “God give me patience, but

hurry.” Bumper sticker.

• “Any fool can count the

seeds in an apple. Only
God can count all the ap-

Vol. 11 Issue 5 Page 5

by Juan Rivera

The Adventist Motorcycle High Springs, then we heard

Ministry is a Christian group a great sermon that morning,
composed of Seventh-day lunch was fantastic, enjoyed
Adventist members that have the zoo (especially the bear),
a passion for riding motorcy- fellowship, and ended with a
cles and a love for ride back to Tampa.
God. Our minis- When all was said
try is about fel- and done, we had a
lowship to wonderful day. To
strengthen our see pictures and a
faith and love for video clip, visit
one another, and
to proclaim to all amm.
people the ever-
lasting gospel to Would you like to
lead others to accept Jesus as be part of A.M.M? Please
their personal savior. Our visit our website at
mission is also dedicated to www.adventistmotorcyclemi
conduct different projects or contact Juan
and assistance to those in Rivera. God bless and ride
need. safe!

On April 17, the club went to

Camp Kulaqua to be a part of
camp meeting. Members
from the chapters of Miami,
Orlando, Avon Park, Jack-
sonville, and Tampa enjoyed
a great day. We started with
an early morning ride to

Page 6 The Church Courier

Education Meets Evangelism
(from the Carolina Conference)
During the month of November the Westminster
Church in South Carolina conducted an evangelistic
series. Nearby, seven students from the Westmin-
ster Poplar Springs Elementary School preached to
a younger audience at the same time. With the help of "Truth 4
Youth," this audience, ranging from ages 5 - 10, listened as their
peers (2nd - 8th grade) spoke about the message of God's love and
grace. Each evening presented an opportunity for these young people
to participate in "evangelizing." Students would take turns preaching,
while other classmates led out in song service, ran the power point
presentations, programmed the CD player for special music and
helped with arts and crafts.

On the last Friday evening of the series, fifth grader, Clifford Ritter,
(Danny & Lorraine Wilson's grandson) gave a call for baptism. He
went through the process of handing out decision cards to the chil-
dren and waited for their response. In the midst of being preacher
for the night, the Holy Spirit created a stir in Ritter's own heart for
baptism! He decided it was equally important to make a public dec-
laration for Christ, because the very next Sabbath he was lined up
with the other baptismal candidates who chose to be a disciple of Je-
sus. While small in size, every child grew significantly in spiritual
maturity. This experience left principal and teacher, Judy Harward,
thrilled by the opportunity to see the power of Christ working in her
students' lives.

"With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might

furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming
Savior might be carried to the whole world!"...Education, page 271
(Ellen G. White)

Vol. 11 Issue 5 Page 7

A mother's prayer
Make me a wise mother, O Lord.
Keep me calm and give me pa-
tience to bear the small, irritating
things in the daily routine of life.
Give me tolerance and under-
standing to bridge the gulf be-
tween my generation and that of
my children.

Let me not be too ready to guide

my children’s stumbling feet, but
allow me to be ever near to bind
their bruises. Give me a sense of humor that I may laugh with
them but never at them. Let me refrain from preaching with
words; let me show by example instead.

Keep me from forcing their confidences, but give me a sympa-

thetic ear when my children come to me. Make me humble.
Keep my children close to me, O Lord, though miles may
separate us. And let Thy light so shine upon me that they, too,
will perceive Thy glory. Amen.

Seven things you’ll never regret

1. Feeling reverence for your Maker.
2. Showing kindness to an aged person.
3. Destroying a letter — or not sending an e-mail
— written in anger.
4. Offering an apology that saves a friendship.
5. Stopping gossip that could wreck a reputation.
6. Taking time to show loved ones consideration.
7. Accepting the judgment of God on any ques-

Page 8 The Church Courier

Herbal Tea Recipes

Following are some basic recipes for your own herbal teas. To make, sim-
ply follow the instructions in the section below.

Important note!: You should discuss herbal tea use with your health care
provider. One cup of tea won’t likely harm you, but if you use teas often
you need to talk with your care provider. Some herbs interfere with medi-
cations and vitamins. Others are inappropriate for children or certain con-
ditions like pregnancy or liver problems. If you aren’t sure what a specific
herb will do to your body don’t use it. Also, any serious health condition
should be discussed with a professional

Herbs for headache teas: Brew lavender, ground ivy, rosemary, or betony
either as a mix or choose one to use alone.

Herbs for insomnia teas: Brew one of the following or create a mix;
chamomile, lime blossom, seeds of fennel, skullcap, elderflower, or lemon

Herbs for basic colds or fevers: Brew sorrel and borage together to bring
down a fever. Try mint or spearmint teas for a basic cold. Borage, sage,
marshmallow, and anise can be used to treat a cough.

Soothing stomach and basic mealtime tea: This tea can be used for all
around good digestive health and to calm achy stomachs. Mix one half
ounce of chamomile, one ounce wormwood, one half ounce mint, and an
ounce of centaury together. To use, scoop two teaspoons of the mix into
your tea ball.

Vol. 11 Issue 5 Page 9

Are you ready?
Softball season Graduations
starting soon. The
deadline to return Kids Safari Day Care Pre
applications is K graduation is on
May 16th. Games Sunday, May 16th at
begin on Sunday, June 6th at 4:00 PM
5:15 PM. Softball is a fun
Adventist Christian
summer sport and an excellent Academy is on
way to fellowship with church Wednesday, May 19th.
members and friends. Join us!.


A couple of weeks ago we had a visitor

who misplaced her camera. It was a Ko-
dak Easy Share Camera. She left it out-
side by the mailbox while taking family
pictures there. If you might have any
knowledge of the camera or if you have it
in your possession, please turn it in to the office. We can return it
to the rightful owner who is very anxious to have the pictures on
the card. Thanks for any help you can give us.

Mexico Mission: There will be a Mexico Mission in

2010. The dates will be Monday, July 19th through
Wednesday, July 28th. If you have an interest, please
contact Mark Schiefer (376-4362) or the Church Office.

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From the Editors
How’s your year going Having a happy time?
Praise God.
so far? It’s amazing to
Life getting difficult?
see how fast it’s going. Seek God.
Are you still working on Having a quiet moment?
your goals and resolu- Worship God.
tions? Suffering great pain? This newsletter is
Trust God. published monthly
Puzzled about what to by the NPR SDA
Always remember that
do? Church. If you
if God is on your side
Ask God. have any com-
you can move moun-
Overwhelmed with joy? ments to make
tains. Praise the Lord Thank God. about the news-
from the heavens; letter, wish to
praise Him in the make a donation,
heights! Praise Him, all or wish to submit
His angels; praise Him, Love, Omayra an article, please
all his host!” (Psalm send it to the
148:1-2) church or to us.

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