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Support Your Mate

In marriage the independence is equal,

the dependence mutual, and the
obligation reciprocal LKA
The trend for marriage today is
away from the patriarchal
system-the man is the head of
the fly & the word is law! an
egalitarian relationship.

Studies show few couples are aware

of their role performance. Failure to
carry out a role can cause marital
tension. Patriarchal- Hs leadership is
not questioned. His word is law.
Matriarchal- wife assumes the lead
role. Co-leadership new termwomens lib-equal authority &
control. Power Struggle-both compete
for leadership role-fights for decision.

The Missing Link Ephesians 5:22-

Wives, be subject to your husbands, as

to the Lord, Husbands love Ur wife. Be
subject to one another
Bear one anothers burdens.Gal 6:2 It
is a matter of mutual submission.
The Meaning of Mutual Submission
1. Each partner submits to the other at
times-give & take.

2. Each partner recognizes individual

3. Each partner willing to adapt
during conflict.

4. Both are equal partners.

The Supportive Relationship
In marriage a couple desires
intimacy, understanding, and
reinforcement of self-worth.

1. Based on mutual submission.

2. Both partners give up power and
3. Both are willing to negotiate &
adjust differences.

4. Hs will lead in some areas bks of O

5. Wife will lead in some areas bks of
O competence.

The Supportive Husband

1. Understands wifes positionshouldering different roles is not

2. Offers supportive leadership.

3. Sees problem areas.
4. Takes spiritual leadership.
5. Provides protective leadership

The Supportive Wife

1. Submission is not being a doormat.
2. Or helpless dependency.

3. Or Servility.
4. Or blind obedience.
Submission is willingness to adapt
ones rights to those of another.
rights to those of another.

Ephesians 5:22 and 1 Peter 3:1 must

be interpreted correctly.
These verses dont make Christian
women 2ed Class Citizens! Mutual
support means willingly adapting her
own rights to that of her husband.
A doormat wife or a henpecked
husband is not Gods ideal. Mutual
submissionbut at the point of
conflict the wife should adapt or yield!

What Submission Is
Freedom of expression is part of a
supportive relationship.
A submissive attitude will not stifle
her personality, God wants us to fully
express His gifts to us of IQ, insight,
& common sense.
A mothers attitude towards her
partner will influence her children.

Samuel Liebowitz says Put father

back at the head of the family.
Unconsciously bucking his ideas, &
criticizing his attempts to exert
leadership will not help.

A wife must accept suggestions,

appreciate & reinforce her partners

Difficult Situations
a.An unworthy husband-mean,
cantankerous, ornery. God will
hold a wife accountable for the
way she chooses to react.

b. A husband with weak leadership skillsa wife needs to let

go and allow him to feel the
weight of leadership.

c. Husband who isnt a Christian

women are more religious, fit in with
his planshe will be won by your
respectful, pure behavior. Your

godly life will speak to him better

than any words. 1 Peter 3:1
He cant help but respect a faith that
Leads her to give so much of herself.

The Limits of Submission

a. God has given every wife a mind &
conscience , she must follow what is
morally correct the Bible.

b. She must protect her kids from

moral, physical, & spiritual harm.
c. She must spend private time with
God to get strength.Do not parade
devotion, be a sermonin shoes.

Benefits of Supportive Relationships

Power struggles vanish, & a closeness
results that isnt possible otherwise.
Backing each others roles will enrich
their relationship & make their
marriage more fun & enjoyable.

Children will learn a natural respect

for the organization, society will also
benefit. For a strong home builds a