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This release contains the fullgame of The Sims 4 + all recent cracked DLC and the latest availible,

cracked patch ( from dec. 12th 2015 - full list off addons etc. below)
Origin is not needed to run this Game. You need only to install a small local Origin Server (made by
Reloaded) that is necessary to start the game.

Password to extract the second rar: sims4

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please read this guide to the end and make sure you follow all the steps.
After finishing all Steps the Game will be allready cracked and ready to run.
1. deactivate your anti virus to prevent the deleting some necessary files !!!IMPORTANT!!
Make also sure your Windows Defender is completely off even if you run a third party antivirus software.
Especially on Windows 10.
2. extract the rar (use the password abowe)
3. run setup.exe from folder 1. Install The Sims 4 (make sure you have still deactivated your anti virus.
Otherwise some important files could be deleted because of false positiv)
4. after setup finished run install_origin.exe from 2. Install Origin Server (this will install the small local
server make sure you have still deactivated your anti virus. Otherwise some important files could be
deleted because of false positiv and your game will not be able to run)
Block TS4.exe your Firewall set a exception for
C:\EA Games\Origin\sims4\RLD!\origin_svr.exe
to your anti virus to prevent that the game goes online and from deleting the crackfiles.
If your anti virus still reports some DLLs , then set also exceptions fort he reported DLLs.
If you use a third party antivirus software make also sure that windows defender is fully disabled. In Win
10 you need to doublecheck it ;)
Just google how to disable Windows Defender if you are not know how to do.
5. run the game and enjoy (make sure original Origin is not running if you have installed it).

!!!de-ativate all online features in game menue

Read also the Troubleshoot and how to change language below.
Deactivate all online features in game menue -> advanced options.
How to change the language?
If the game doesnt show your language then open the extracted change Language.reg by right click and
open with Editor and change
"Locale"="en_US" to your language (e.g. "Locale"="fr_FR" for french)
Save the edited file and execute by doubleclick the.reg
Availible languages

Installed DLCs, Addons and Stuff

Get to Work
Luxury Party Stuff
Spa Day
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Perfect Patio Stuff
Get Together
Spooky Stuff
New world Newcrest
And many more stuff and Gameplay