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Evil is a familiar and ugly face. Rearing and peeking around dimly lit cities and alley ways
at night, evil stealthily rapes, murders and tortures its victims. Evil Popes have riddled the
history of the Vatican more frequently than most nations have ever seen a tyrant ruler.
While a majority of black-hearted, evil men and women are brought to justice in todays
world, it is sad to know that some sources of evil cannot be vanquished as easily as a court
verdict. Perhaps more abhorrent than that, is the fact that evil still hides away waiting to
take more victims. Worse still is the plagued history of truly evil acts that have been
committed throughout all nations. When evil deeds are done in the name of God, they not
only scar our histories with shame, they blaspheme in the highest against our benevolent
creator. It is only at the very pit of evil where all things are frozen in Hell from the
constantly lamenting, flapping wings of Satan do we find places for the men described
here. Those whove propagandized and spread evil throughout the world while sitting on
the Throne of Peter have claimed justification through the Lord. What is to follow may
disturb you, upset you and ideally cause you to shed a tear over the tragic misdirection of
the evil that has been demonstrated within the office of the papacy.
*Note: As a disclaimer for this controversial topic, the statements following have been verified across several esteemed informational
sites. Though the information presented is widely accepted as fact, not all sources will cite the exact information presented, if theycite
information on these topics at all. The List Cafe and authors opinions are not expressly represented in what is to follow. Thank you.

1 0. P op e A l e x a nd er V I

Pope Alexander VI had a special place in Hell reserved for him in the circle of
lust. On Halloween night of 1501, he was said to have organized and
participated in the worst orgy ever in the Vatican. While sex with promiscuous
women while unwed and sworn to celibacy and a life devoted to God may be
forgivable in certain circles, his other most awful sexual conduct would be
frowned upon by just about any member of our currently civilized society.
Alexander VI also was known to fornicate regularly with his two sisters and his
daughter. For the crime of incest, Alexander VI is surely damned to the core
and quite prodigiously evil.

9. Pop e D a m a s u s I
Individuals who lived to see Damasuss
rule saw a bitter day: women and
children were bought and sold as sex
slaves to increase funding for the
church at Damasuss design. Those
who opposed the tyrannical rule of
Damasus would be tortured and
literally burned alive after their lands
were seized and used for church
designated purposes. Worse still is that
the women forced into prostitution
were not always simple subjects of
Rome, but female priests and nuns
themselves. So much for serving in
humility before God
While some light could be said to come
out of this, there were forty-four
bishops who abhorred the acts of Pope
Damasus I and had found him guilty of
adultery on many counts.
Unfortunately, the office of the Pope was a strong central figurehead and Pope
Damasus I weaseled his way through being convicted of the crimes that he was
known to commit on a regular basis. After the charges had passed, all forty-four
bishops were murdered at the order of Damasus I. What could be done?
Nothing. Damasus I was also the first among Popes to instill the concept that
the papacy was a supreme office of God, using the Petrine text in the Holy book
of Matthew to support his claims. Nothing like divine intervention eh? Among
the populous these heinous crimes went without retribution. For his adulterous
behavior, the public commonly referred to him as Auriscalpius Matronarum
which means ladies ear scratcher in Latin. Its a shame they didnt name him
constituent back-stabber.

8. Pop e S er giu s III


In seven short years as Pope, Sergius III was bad the minute he was made
Pope. He took the Papacy through murder and while in office, lived quite
contently unmarried with a concubine by the name of Marozia. While his
political affiliates may have enjoyed his murderous tendencies for the sake of
gaining control of the papacy, Sergiuss concubine may have rivaled him in true
potential for evil. Marozia personally assassinated Pope Leo VI who followed
Sergius just seventeen short years after Sergius left the Throne of Peter in
order to claim the throne for Sergius and her son, John XI. Wicked.

7. Pop e B e n e di ct I X

Nephew to the previous two Popes that resided in the Vatican, Pope Benedict IX
was touted in the Catholic Encyclopedia as, a disgrace to the chair of Peter
which would be absolutely correct. Bishops in the service of the Lord, and
particularly Desiderius who was later crowned Pope Victor III believe Benedict
to be moreso the progeny of Simon the sorcerer rather than Simon the apostle.
He raped the office of Pope in every way he could from murder to adultery and
just about all else. Because of the horrible things he did, the people literally
drove him out of Rome. His violent and sexual crimes were committed under
the blazing bright sun instead of through stealth of night and when he left, he
did not go with empty pockets. Before accepting his fate of having to leave the
Papacy, Benedict IX sold the office of the papacy to John Gratianus (Gregory VI)
who was fortunately for the people, labeled among the most religious of his day
and age. After Gregory VIs rule as Pope, a Pope known as Damasus II came
into power. Benedict literally poisoned Damasus II and reclaimed power over
the Papacy. This was when the crimes of Benedict IX were so much to bear that
the Romans could no longer stand it they expelled him from the city entirely.
Later, Conrad reinstated Benedict IX despite his atrocious crimes.

6. Pop e Piu s I X

Let it first be known that Pius IX resided in the Vatican as Pope between the
years 1846-1878. Let it secondly be known that there was a direct correlation
between his constant scheming within the realm of politics and the
assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Both funding for and the mission
plan itself had made its way from the papal office, through hands undisclosed
to eventually meet with John Wilkes Booth who shot Lincoln dead on April 15th,
1865 at the Ford Theater in Washington D.C. Yes, despite popular belief, Lincoln
died as a result of orders from the Roman Catholic Church not a fanatical
maniac who really wanted his slaves. What an addition for the history books



5. Pop e Urb a n II

Pope Urban II was the benchmark for

where the crimes against humanity and
God became genocidal. Between the
years 1096-1099 Pope Urban II ordered
the slaughter of roughly ten million people
where there were men and women but
mostly children in efforts to procure
Belgrade, the Orthodox Church of
Constantinople in Yugoslavia as well as
Turkey, Syria, Antioch and Palestine. Just
for reference, Hitler killed in or around six
million Jews during the Holocaust. Wow.

4. Pop e Inn o c e nt III


While Pope Innocent III didnt reach the epic numbers of slaughters that his
predecessor Urban II had, he still aided and abetted in the murder of well over
one million people during his papacy between 1198-1216. His were words of
war: he rallied military support in favor of the Inquisition after
excommunicating Philip II of France and had put both France and England
under interdict which was the Popes granted power of punishment. What was
unique was that the Crusade he waged after supporting the Inquisition was not
against heathen scum following a far carried faith he went from the Vatican
directly to England and had his military might wage war against European
brothers. He had also began a Crusade against the Albigenses where upon his
military constituents were ordered to butcher them by the tens of thousands in
horrid and unholy ways. Dracula, eat your heart out.

3. Pop e B o nifa c e V I II

Again a Pope that was so evil that he made it into the Catholic encyclopedia for
his grave injustices against the people and his God. Boniface VIII was described
in the Catholic encyclopedia as having, scarcely any possible crime omitted
heresy gross and unnatural immorality, idolatry, magic, simony his whole
pontificate was one record of evil. Quite an accusation coming from the
Catholic encyclopedia When the poet Dante wrote his eternal masterpiece,
Inferno it was the deepest pit of Hell that were assigned to Boniface VIII,
Nicholas III and Clement V. Needless to say, this was one bad dude.
Boniface VIII was a self-proclaimed Atheist. He didnt even BELIEVE in God yet
he somehow managed to obtain the position of Pope. In 1302, Boniface VIII
instituted a commonly quoted misconception of Christianity (thanks) called
Unum Sanctum where through no faiths but that of the Catholic faith were to
be saved come the day of Judgment by Christ. All outside of the Holy Roman
Catholic Church were to be damned eternally in the pits of Hell. As it turns out,
most of those he damned did in fact go to Heaven, but as Dante predicted, it is
Boniface VIII chilling with Satan over poker and shots of Johnny Walker Red.

2. Pop e J o hn X X I II

Not to be confused with Pope John XXIII of the 20th century.

Why people called this man the most depraved criminal who sat on the papal
chair rather than calling him the most depraved criminal of all time may never
be understood. Perhaps it was simply because they didnt understand the
scope of his evil. This man if you can call him that, committed almost every
heinous crime imaginable by the hundred. There were thirty-seven clergy
members who witnessed and professed against him on the following charges:
Fornication, Adultery, Incest, Sodomy, Simony, Theft, and last but not least,
Murder. Even more members of the church than the thirty-seven who had
accused him had been witnesses to the gut-wrenching fact that Pope John XXIII
had a harem of mistresses in Boulogne numbering two-hundred. Even more
disgusting yet was the fact that these two-hundred women consisted mostly, if
not entirely of nuns. Thousands of lives were lost during the schism enacted in
efforts to depose John XXIII, but luckily for the people, and the two-hundred
nuns, he was indeed deposed.

1. Pop e Piu s X I I

As though one horrible Pius wasnt enough, Pope Pius XII came into power over
the Vatican not long after his predecessor Pius who supplied the orders to kill
Lincoln. Again, take careful note of the era during which Pius XII held the Chair
of Peter it was 1939 to 1958. Well, if anyone had ever been curious as to why
exactly Hitler got the notion that Jews were to be exterminated by the millions
between 1939 1945, it may have had something to do with the fact that Pope
Pius XII personally handed him detailed instructions on how the methodical
extermination of non-Catholic minorities across all of Europe was to be enacted
and how death camps were to be constructed for the sole purpose of their
murder. According to Pius XII, people of Jewish faith and other heretics were
not only supposed to be shot or killed, they were to be burned alive as to stay
consistent with the Roman Catholic Churchs designated penalty for heresy
against God. In 1946 he came to the aid of war criminals including Ante Pavelic
who was known in Croatia for leading among the most satanic and kill-happy
regimes in all of world history. The group went by the name of the Croatian
Ustashi. Taking a note from Pavelic, Pius XII established his own mini form of
the Ustashi known as the Catholic Ustashi (guess he liked Pavelics work?) and

the Catholic organization was responsible for the murder of more than 600,000
people. Not only were the murders enacted but they were done in such hideous
ways that its probably a sin just to think about how they may have looked.
Killings ranged anywhere from excessive torture to another visitation of
crucifixion (its not just Christ this time), cannibalism (mmm, mmm. Fingerlickin good), live dismemberment (remember the saying Ill cut off your arm
and beat you with it?) and burning alive (oh so they gave the Jews a few
friends to dance on the hot coals with). If all of this is true, this man was not
only truly insane, he was quite possible the epitome of evil in the 20th century.

All in all, it seems as though the papacy has been littered with more criminals
than good hearted Christians. While this short list of ten is only a fraction of the
fifty Popes whove been said to have sinned unceremoniously against God on a
regular basis, there have indeed been two-hundred sixty-five Popes in the
history of the Vatican. God willing through the other two-hundred fifteen there
has been enough good instilled throughout the world to overcome these jawslacking evil peoples works. Just to paint a portrait though of how rampant evil
was and has recently been within the office of the papacy, there have been
forty-four US Presidents to serve in office since the establishment of the United
States in 1776. If the Presidency were to have followed suit with the papacy,
there would have been eight Presidents already whove committed cardinal
sins such as adultery (cough, cough, Clinton, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower,
and Roosevelt), murder (come now, thats already at least twenty of the forty)
and other sins that God-fearing and decent people would shrink in cowardice
over simply hearing about. Well, maybe the papacy isnt as evil as some offices
that have been held in the past few hundred years