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As you would travel from Ephesus to Laodicea; we will embark on a historical and prophetic

journey to see what we can learn as the end time church so that we can be found worthy at
the Coming of our Messiah. John recorded physical attributes of each church and YHVH gave
them feedback on where they stood and what they must do to rectify to be found worthy.
Within these seven churches we also found the hidden mysteries that unveil the history of the
church throughout generations until the Second Coming of Messiah. This is found by
analysing the Scripture with a Hebrew mind. Scripture can be interpreted in four ways from a
Hebrew perspective:


- Pshat - literal meaning based on historical intent of author


- Remez - hint, allusion, allegory, connection, father-son verses


- Drash - personal application, exposition

- Sod - mystery, deep meaning, prophetic meaning.

There are three things to learn from the Seven Churches using three of these methods of

Peshat - The first thing we will look at is the plain literal historical happenings of the
Churches at that time when the Book of Revelation was written. This is the Peshat or
simple interpretation of the Seven Churches.
Derash - The second thing we will learn is the Derash meaning or personal
application where the Seven Churches describes seven groups of people and you
may find yourself in one or more than one of them. The reason YHVH show us this is
to help us as His Bride, to be ready for His Second Coming so that we can be ready.
The reason for this wisdom is to apply it to your personal life and repent of the things
that you can see in your life that are wrong.

Sod - The third thing to note is the seven time periods laid out and revealed through
the Seven Churches that started at the early Church and ends in the last days at the
Second Coming of Yshua. This is the Sod or hidden mysteries interpretation and
describes a 2000 year time period and we who believe that we are living in the end
times, should take note of the last Church.

The seven churches are outlined in a certain structure in the book of Revelation we will look
at each one of these areas described for each Church:

Background of the church and the meaning of the churchs name

Prophetic meaning of the church and time period representing.
Commendation of the church good attributes of that church
Reproof what is wrong
Counsel what to do to fix it
Promise the promises given to each church

We will look at each church and study it for its historical and prophetic application and we will
use each one as a measuring stick to compare our selves with to see where we stand and
what we need to work on as a church or Assembly or Fellowship. This is not a personal
examination as such, but a collative measure to see how we are doing in relation to the Body
of Messiah.


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1. Background - Ephesus Meaning Desirable. At the time the Revelation was given
to John, Ephesus was the chief capital of Proconsular Asia and its pride and glory. It
was also that country'
s chief mart of idolatry, containing, as it did, the magnificent
temple of Diana, which is reckoned as one of the seven wonders of the world. This
temple, according to the disclosures of modern excavations, was four hundred and
eighteen feet in length, and two hundred and thirty-nine in width, with one hundred
beautiful external pillars of Parian marble, each a single shaft about fifty-six feet high.
The city was proud of the title it had received, "Servant of the Goddess," and even the
Roman emperors competed with wealthy natives in lavishing gifts to her.

2. Prophetic Meaning - Ephesus represented the early church to about 100 AD and
the Apostolic Scriptures were written during this time. This was a prosperous time
with a lot of growth and the Gospel went out among the nations and the message of
Yshua spread like a forest fire. Peter worked among the Jews and Paul worked
among the Gentiles and YHVH poured out His Spirit on all believers and confirmed
His Word with signs and wonders. The believers were persecuted and there arose
false teachers who brought another gospel as Paul wrote in Rom 15 where Satan
tried to confuse the people and weaken the faith with lies. This was the first
generation of believers and they held fast to the truth and continue in the faith.
3. Commendation - The Church had a good character showing patience, they laboured
for the Gospel and tested people who claimed to be apostles and found them liars.
They hated the deeds of the Nicolaitans who were a Gnostic sect who believed that
your body is evil and the mind is holy and you are saved by the knowledge of YHVH
and not by doing the Commandments and doing good. Nicolas was the god of the
sea and he was he forerunner of St Nicolas who featured in the celebration of
Christmas. YHVH hates the works of the Nicolaitans; not doing the Commandments
and celebrating pagan festivals, and praised them for also hating it as well. This is
something that is evident in the modern Church today and they do not hate the works
of the Nicolaitans and have a Grace doctrine that teach that the Commandments are
legalism and they celebrate pagan rooted festivals like Christmas and Easter. They
should REPENT and turn back to their first love rooted in the faith of the first century
4. Reproof YHVH reprimanded them for losing their first love, cooling down in their
relationship with YHVH even when they were doing good works, labouring in faith.
This is a dangerous place to be where you can have the knowledge of the truth but
your heart is far from YHVH. Messianic believers following the Commandments and
hating the works of the Nicolaitans normally fall into this trap; not having a real
intimate relationship with YHVH, only works. This is an important thing for us to
remember because when you start to obey His Instructions, you can fall into the trap
of doing things mechanically and not out of your personal relationship and love for
Him. Why do we fall into the same trap? We sit on the side looking at the people in
the modern church, how they follow the works of the Nicolaitans and because they
are wrong and we are right, we loose our real focus and compare our selves with
them and not the Word like Lot did. He sat at the gates of Sodom and felt righteous
but he was not righteous compared to Abraham who compared himself with YHVHs
standards. If we do not repent, then YHVH will remove our Lampstand (anointing)
from us. The Lampstand represented YHVHs presence and anointing and if He
removes it, the He will not use you for His work any more. Examine yourself if you
perhaps have lost the spark in your walk with YHVH and lost your first love, Yshua.
The longer you are on the path, the most likely you would have fallen in this area, if
so, repent and go back to your first love, focus on YHVH and on your relationship with
Him. How do I restore my relationship with YHVH? Love YHVH with all your heart and
with your whole mind and with all your strength, which is the first step of true faith.
Think of the time when you just started your walk with YHVH, you were excited and
could not get enough of Him and His Word and you prayed spontaneously and would
spend hours studying His Word, learning about Him. Spend more time with Him,
every morning when you get up and every evening when you go to bed, read your
Scripture and pray and bless and praise Him daily.
5. Counsel Repent and turn back and do your first works and first love; the works you
did out of love for Him, spontaneously, not mechanically. Search the Scripture and
find out what He wants from you and not what man prescribes. This is a warning to all
of us who know the truth and do it, but we neglect our relationship with YHVH and
with our fellow believers;
( ) Take this reproof seriously and REPENT!!!
6. Promise To him who overcomes, he will eat from the tree of life. If you repent and
turn back to your first works and first love, then you will overcome and eat from the
Tree of Life. This is a salvation issue; if you do not repent and restore your first love
and your relationship with YHVH, you will not eat from the tree of life.







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1. Background - Smyrna Meaning Myrrh or Sweet Smelling. Smyrna was situated

on a bay of the Aegean Sea, its beautiful harbor rendering it from time immemorial
one of the most important commercial cities of Asia Minor. History does not inform us
when the gospel was first introduced in this city; but at a very early date a large
congregation existed there.
2. Prophetic Meaning - Smyrna represented the early church in the time period
from 100 AD to 313 AD. We end this church age at 312 AD because it marks the
time when Emperor Constantine won total control over the Roman Empire.
Constantine believed that he could use the church to unite the empire. He told the
Believers in Messiah that they would no longer be persecuted if he were victorious in
his struggle for command.
3. Commendation - The Church had a good character although the fact that they were
poor. This church experienced tremendous persecution and for ten years Diocletian
persecuted the church from 303 AD to 313 AD. Their enemies saw that persecution
did not work and in the next church we will see how they implemented the tactic of
4. Reproof None. They are the only church that has no reproof and is the most
desirable of all the churches. Why do you think that they have such a good report?
They were the church that were persecuted and persecution sifted the warm from the
lukewarm and only the believers that followed YHVH with their hearts unto death,
kept on in the faith and did it with sincere hearts and out of love for YHVH. They
lacked materially but were rich spiritually and their circumstances builded their
character. I believe this is what the church will look like during the Great Tribulation; it
will only consist of believers that are really on fire and that will stand in faith even
when they are persecuted and killed for the sake of Messiah Yshua. Character is
never build in comfort and for us to aspire to the same status as Smyrna, we need to
be on fire for YHVH and put Him first as if our lives depend on it.
5. Counsel None because they have all things in order and follow and worship YHVH
as you should; by loosing your life in order to gain eternal life. Do we live out our faith
in this way? No, surely not, we are still lukewarm and full of pity issues that keep us
from true unity so that YHVH can use us mightily. We saw in the meaning of Smyrna
that it means a sweet smell and that is evident in their worship, that it was as a
sweet smell unto YHVH and therefore received no reproof. Are we as a fellowship a
sweet smell unto YHVH?
6. Promise To him who overcomes, will not have part of the Second Death. The
Second Death is where all the unrighteous will be cast into the lake of fire [Rev
20:14]. To them that hold on till the end, they will be part of the First Resurrection and
will reign with Messiah a 1000 years. [Rev 20:6].





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1. Background - Pergamos Meaning Elevation. Pergamos was a city of
considerable importance, the ancient metropolis of the province of Mysia and the
residence of the Attalian kings. Pergamos was in the region where the Babylonian
Priesthood originated and was the official nest of Babylonian paganism.
2. Prophetic Meaning - Pergamos represents the church in the time
period from 303 AD to 513 AD. The Babylonians believed that they are
as gods, elevated and are the bridge between earth and heaven. They
were mediators PM (Pontifex Maximus) and have the two keys to heaven,
as found with the Roman Popes today. This was the time of Constantine
where he married the Babylonian faith and faith in Messiah and created
the Roman Christianity (Catholicism) as we know it today.
3. Commendation They held fast to YHVHs Name and had not denied
YHVHs faith and there were a martyr called Antipas among them who died
for his faith.
4. Reproof A martyr Antipas was slain where Satan dwells. Could this imply that
Satan dwelled in their midst? This church had a lot of reproof, Pergamos had good
and a bad attributes because they held to the teaching of Balaam and of the
Nicolaitans. The tactic of Balaam is based upon compromise where the enemy
infiltrated YHVHs people and presented their pagan traditions and customs so that
they would compromise their faith mixing in pagan traditions so that they can
become one with them. In the end, they defeated the Israelites when YHVHs
blessing lifted from Israel. They ate meat offered up to idols and lived sexually
immoral (Acts 15) as were the tradition of the Pagans among whom they lived. Do we
see this in the church today? There is a great influence in the modern church by
Catholic traditions; things like Sunday worship, communion, Easter, Christmas, infant
baptism, Greek Jesus etc. Do you compromise and mix in traditions found in the
region you live to be accepted by the people? Do you fit in or do you stand out
because of your faith? Be careful because it is the same sin the church of Pergamos
committed and YHVHs blessings will be removed from your life and from the
Fellowship you are part of. If you do compromise and mix pagan things with YHVHs
things, repent, and do these things no more, because He will come with the sword of
His mouth and fight with you and cut you off. This is a very serious salvation issue but

there are a lot of compromise amongst believers because they want to fit in and be
friends with the people in the world or who are blind and confused believers.
You become like the people you mix with and will mix in their traditions and habits
into your life. Do not allow these people into your inner circle and only have intimate
fellowship and friendships with true YHVH fearing believers.
5. Counsel None, they did not deserve any counsel because they mixed with the
Pagans and adopted their traditions. YHVH hates that and His only words to them
was reproof and to repent.
6. Promise To those who overcome, they will eat of the hidden manna and will
receive a white stone with a new name on it. Manna is supernatural spiritual food that
YHVH provides. This was given when Israel left Egypt (bondage) when they were on
their way to the Mountain where YHVH gave them His Word/Spirit (Bread of Life).
The same picture is drawn when YHVH told John to tell the people who are part of
the Babylonian system (mixing), to come out of Her (Babylon religious system based
upon mixing) Rev 18:4. The people who were in the System have not tasted
spiritual food (manna/Word) and have been taught lies based upon mixing. His Truth
is not open and out there, you have to have a heart to want to know the truth and you
need to search for it. It is only for those who diligently search His Word that will find
the hidden gems (manna) that will lead to freedom and everlasting life.

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1. Background - Thyatira Meaning a Perfume, sacrifice of labour. Thyatira was an

important military city founded by Alexander three hundred years before Messiah.
Thyatira stood at the junction of three main roads leading to Pergamos, Sardis and
Smyrna. It became a well-known center for trade guilds and dyes for purple/scarlet
cloth. The word Thyatira comes from two words meaning, "sacrifice" and






"continual" The similarity between the meaning of the name and the sacrifice offered
during the Mass in Roman Catholicism is not just a coincidence.
The three roads that leads to Pergamos, Sardis and Smyrna shows prophetically the
Roman Catholic influence that climaxed in this era, symbolized by Thyatira, that
influenced the eras from 313 AD to 1798. This was the main rule of the Roman
Church and the dark ages was its climax. In the end, YHVH is calling out His people
from this bondage and influence of this system and it all started with the reformation
by Martin Luther.
Prophetic Meaning - Thyatira represented the early church in the time period
from 538 AD to 1517 AD. This was the saddest period in the history of the Church
and is better known as the Dark Ages. Justinian decree appointed a man, the
Bishop of Rome to decide what was right and what was wrong. The Bible was only a
guideline and the authority was given by God to the Roman Church, so they
believed. They persecuted and killed believers in Messiah as well as Jews who did
not want to follow their ways. This was nearly a death blow to the Assemblies the
early Apostles started and the true faith went underground and was no longer seen
on the open.
Commendation - The Church had a bad character and there were very few who
were not defiled by this doctrine of Jezebel and they are to hold fast till Yshua
comes. This is something we definitely can relate to because this is the current state
of the Christian Church today where only a few are not defiled by the Roman
Chatholic Churchs doctrines.
Reproof Here we see a total infiltration into the faith, which bastardised it to
become the Catholic Church. The spirit that was at work was a woman called Jezebel
who called herself a prophetess. In the Scriptures it states that Jezebel
married Ahab, the king of Israel and led Israel into sun worship (which she
inspired). 1 King 18:4 & 2 King 9:22. A woman in prophetic terms always
depicts a Church and this Jezebel is the Roman Church that is leading all
the people in sun worship. Jezebel means Husband of Baal and her
fathers name was Ethbaal which means with Baal. Baal worship is sun
worship and Constantine introduced early Christianity by mixing sun god
worship and worship of the One true Elohim, this was the birth of Roman
Catholicism. This is the first of four churches whose time on earth
continues unto the end times. The message Yshua spoke to these last four churches
makes an end time prophetic picture fairly clear. One reason we think that the
previous three churches mentioned do not continue is because we see no prophetic
message about the coming of Yshua in the letters to them, but His coming is at least
implied in the last four letters. This religious system taught YHVHs people to do
fornication and eat things offered up to idols (Act 15). Her children will be killed
(Churches that follow her pagan ways, also known as Harlots Rev 17:5 ) and all her
followers will experience great tribulation. This is confirmed later on by Revelation
18:4 and the people need to repent and come out of this system or they will receive
the plagues that are prepared for her.
Counsel The majority of the churches are under this spirit of Jezebel but not all of
them. Those who are clean and not defiled should hold fast till Yshua comes. We
should learn from this and stand guard against infiltration of the sprit of Jezebel that
will come and teach doctrines of mixing and compromise in the name of love and
Promise To him who overcomes and stay clean unto the end, he will have the
power over the nations and will rule them with a rod of iron and will receive the
morning star. A star is figurative of a Prince and we know that Yshua is the Prince of
Peace. Morning is the Hebrew word boker which also means to acquire and end of
darkness, the darkness will end and you will acquire Him as your Prince and Ruler



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# 9


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1. Background - Sardis Meaning Renewal or Reformation. Sardis was also one of

the oldest cities in Asia Minor. Sardis was a city of commerce that was noted for its
carpet industry and was a very wealthy city. The first gold coins in the world came
from there in about 600 BC. The patron deity was the goddess Cybele who had a son
named Midas whose touch was said to turn everything to gold. Sardis was on a hill
1000 feet above a broad valley. This gave the people a false self-confidence about
their security and people there lived in the glories of their past. They did not watch as
they should have and the city had been taken more than once by armies that scaled
the tall cliffs surrounding her.
2. Prophetic Meaning - Sardis represented the early church in the time period
from 1517 AD to 1798 AD. This is the church of the reformation that began when
Martin Luther broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. This fact is also evident
in the meaning of this churchs name. This was the beginning of the Protestant
church and most modern churches today are related to the early Protestant Church
that started the reformation but did not complete it.
3. Commendation There were a few people who had not defiled their garments and
walked with YHVH in white and who were worthy. This is imagery of churches whose
actions are pure (white garments) and not defiled by the false doctrines of the
Catholic Church. The little life they had were to be guarded over to keep the flame
alive so that the Reformation could be completed in the generations to come until the
coming of the Messiah.
4. Reproof They live and are dead, in a sense starting something good but have not
quite finished it, and then it died. Not all the people who came out of the Catholic
system through the Reformation were found unworthy, but the majority were
unworthy and spiritually dead because they did not totally cleanse themselves from
false doctrines. They are to be watchful and be awake and ready, but are not,
because YHVH will come upon them as a thief in the night and catch them off guard.
This relates to the story of the five wise and five foolish virgins in Matt 25. Only those
with oil in their lamps ready and busy with YHVHs things through a active
relationship with Him will enter the Kingdom. The phrase thief in the night is also
used to point to the Second Coming of Messiah and this makes it relaxant to us living
in the end times. This sounds like people who had some truth, but not all of it, which
put them in a position of uncertainty and confusion.

5. Counsel They had to remember how they received and heard in the beginning
when they had passion ad zeal, but they have lost it and need to repent from their
passive attitude and complete what they have started. They had to find that passion
and search that truth and repent from the doctrines of death they still held on to. I
think this is a message for the evolved church that came through the Reformation,
so that they can search their roots and repent as they come to the knowledge of
YHVHs Truth.
6. Promise To him who overcomes, he will be clothed with white clothing. Clothing is
symbol for the covering sin (nakedness) and the clothing is a garment of
righteousness and salvation. YHVH will give this garments to those who have
repented from dead works (doctrines of man) and who have chosen Truth and Life.
Those who will not repent, they will be blotted out of the Book of Life. To blot out is to
take a pen and scratch it out and it cannot be written back in. This is a good example
to proof that you can loose your salvation and the criteria is to be passive and not
cleansing yourself from pagan traditions found in the Church that came into being
through the crafty work of the spirit of Jezebel and the Catholic Church. So be careful
and guard your salvation so that you may enter into His Kingdom when He comes
again. Hold on to the truth and examine the fellowship or church you attend if it is
teaching the truth or if it is teaching doctrines that can be traced back to Catholicism
like Sunday worship, communion, Easter and Christmas. Repent from these and find
a place where Scriptural truth and repentance is preached.



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1. Background - Philadelphia Meaning Love for Brother. Philadelphia was the

youngest city of the seven mentioned in the letters. The city was established in 189
BC and was named after two brothers who ruled over the area and who displayed
great love for each other. Coins have been found in the area with these two brothers
images on them. This area had many excellent vineyards and the abundant wine
made drunkenness the major social problem. Philadelphia was a missionary center
for spreading the Greek language and culture to many other areas. The city suffered
many earthquakes so she never became a great city. The church at Philadelphia
suffered at the hands of a large Jewish community but many Jews actually did find
the Messiah.

2. Prophetic Meaning - Philadelphia represented the early church in the time

period from around 1798 AD to 1900 AD. This missionary and evangelical church
started with the great western revivals. The Bible came into common usage in
common languages during this period and people began reading and obeying what
the Bible taught. The great missionary movements and revivals began when
overcomers believed and taught the truths in scripture that had been forgotten or that
had been replaced with the theologies of denominational theologians. During this
period, the good news of YHVHs grace was brought to all the nations and the
teaching from scripture about his imminent return and his second coming to set up a
physical kingdom on earth was restored. The brotherly love went out to all nations
through missionary work and a lot of ground was won though the preaching of the
Gospel to all nations. The key of David also alludes to the people of promise going
back to the physical land f Israel. This we saw coming to fruition when Israel became
a nation in 1948 and this signaled that the Exile is over and YHVH is calling His
people out of the nations to return to the beloved City of Jerusalem restoring the
Tabernacle of David. [Acts 15:16]
3. Commendation YHVH said He knew their works and He has given them an open
door no one could shut. His door is the ability to go to other nations and to preach the
Gospel and to spread the Bible all over the world. They have kept His Word and have
lived lives carrying His Name without defiling it.
4. Reproof There were people among them who were called the Synagogue of
Satan who claimed to be Jews but lied. Why did they do that? They properly
infiltrated the assemblies saying they were Jews and caused division and disputes
teaching salvation through works but without Messiah.
5. Counsel YHVH told them to hold fast to what they had so that no one could take
their crown. After the Reformation, the Church developed and cleansed themselves
from a lot of Catholic customs and conformed even more to the Word of YHVH and
started to spread the Gospel through Missionary work.
6. Promise Because they have kept His Word, YHVH will keep them from the
temptations He will send as a test and start the sifting process between the sheep
and the goats, the righteous and the unrighteous. They who overcome will be made a
pillar in the Temple of YHVH and will be continually in the presence of YHVH. This
does not mean that you will become a physical pillar in the Temple, no, you will have
a supporting function which is part of your reward you will receive for standing strong
in this life, keeping and teaching His Commandments. He will write three things on
you, His Name, the name of His City and your new name. This will identify you before
the people that you were set apart when you lived in this world and that you are still
set apart unto Him.




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# 9

1. Background - Laodicea background Meaning Nation of Judgement or Rule by

the People. The city was founded before 1000 BC but the city was named Laodicea
in 250 BC. The physical location of the city was about 40 miles east of Ephesus. The
city of Laodicea was known for the lukewarm water it got by aqueduct from the hot
springs of Hierapolis. It was a very wealthy city of merchants, bankers and industry.
Laodicea was the main center for rich black wool that came from the unique sheep
that grazed the area. The wool was used in their industry to produce carpet and
garments. Laodicea had a famous school of medicine that was known for its eye
ointment. There is evidence that the people in the city liked to be entertained. The
ruins indicate that the city had a gymnasium, a large racetrack, three lavish theaters
and some bathhouses. Laodicea was so wealthy that when it had a massive
earthquake in 60 AD the city actually refused outside aid from Rome. The city is
known to have had a large Jewish community.
2. Laodicea represented the early church in the time period from approx 1900 AD
to Second Coming. What may mark the beginning of this church prophetically was
when Protestant seminaries started questioning the basic foundations of Christian
truth with their higher criticism methodology. These seminaries produced lukewarm
leaders who doubted the scriptures and many of the truths found in them. Many
began to teach doctrines of secular humanism and points from satanic psychology
from their pulpits and the people in their congregations became indifferent to the
foundation stones of Christianity laid by the apostles.
This church represents materialistic churches that are poor spiritually that
exist in the last days just prior to the second coming. It includes prosperity
churches and some large seeker churches that have watered down the true gospel
and provide spiritual entertainment for those who are more fleshly so that
Christianity may be more acceptable. They are seeker sensitive and cater for every
need of the people but there is little Bible based spiritual enrichment offered. Many of
the methods now used to reach people are not based on teaching Scriptural truths,
but are based on psychological concepts that work in the world'
s most successful
corporations and is purely motivational.


The assembly at Pergamos was corrupted by the world political system but here in
Laodicea the church is corrupted by the Madison Avenue techniques of the world
market place. These churches uses positive thinking and make themselves the
creators of what they believe and say claim it and frame it faith. They also
includes some TV ministries, traveling self-anointed healers and all those who fleece
the flock by living extravagant life styles on the offerings of others with their sowing
and reaping doctrine. It may also include some who think they are rich spiritually but
are really spiritually bankrupt because they have actually embraced new age pagan
theology and doctrines of demons. They gathered teachers for themselves that
tickle the ear and teach them what they want to hear. [2 Tim 4:3]. Others like these
have embraced human emotionalism with altered states of consciousness where
they are in the zone and call it the presence of God.
3. Commendation None. It is shocking to see that they did nothing worthy of any
praise. There might be individuals who follow Him with pure hearts but I belief the
majority of the church are deceived and follow false teachers and false doctrines.
[Mat 24:11, 24, 1 John 4:1]
4. Reproof Their reproof is based around the fact hat they are casual about their faith,
they are not hot or cold but lukewarm. People avoid being hot for YHVH today
because they are labelled as being fanatical. This is what YHVH expects of His
church, to be fanatical and passionate and full of zeal, not compromising
and standing in faith and truth till He comes. This church said that they
are rich, striving to have a better life now and pursue prosperity and
fleshly lusts and desires by their purpose driven lives. They exchanged
salvation for self esteem and refuse to preach sin and repentance.
YHVH told them that they are poor, wretched, blind and naked. All these
things relate to their spiritual conditions, founded unworthy, but on the outside they
appear to have the winning recipe for life. YHVH would them rather be ungodly than
to have a false appearance of godliness.
Counsel They should buy spiritual gold purified by fire (repentance), so that they
can be rich (spiritually), buy white clothing so that their nakedness (sin) can be
covered, and anoint their eyes with eye salve so that they might see the truth.
YHVH told them to be zealous and repent.
Promise They received a beautiful promise and reward if they repent because their
sin is so great. YHVH is knocking, and if you open your door, then He will come in
and dine with you. Interesting that He uses the symbolism of food because food
relates to the basic thing we need to be alive. He is the Bread of Life and you must be
dependant on Him alone for your existence, especially in the time that is to come. He
will allow them to sit with Him on His throne. A throne represents authority and the
ability to rule. You will be count worthy of being a king or priest in His House and He
will appoint you over nations to rule (judge) over them as He has promised in 1 Cor
6:2-3. This is a beautiful promise to the last generation church for those who

We have seen many attributes of every Church and what YHVH thinks of them by His
commendations and reproofs. There are a lot we can learn as a Body of Messiah and
different congregations, especially standing so close to the edge of time and the Coming of
the Messiah. Here is a list of all the things they did right and all the things that did wrong, so
that we can learn from them and repent and get our lives and our fellowship in order so that
YHVH will not remove His presence from us or worst, we loose our salvation:


Good Things

Patience, they laboured for the Gospel and

tested people who claim to be teachers.
They hated the deeds of the Nicolaitans and
they know the Word and the enemy to see
what to avoid.
They were poor and were persecuted had
zeal and passion for YHVH even unto death.
Held fast to YHVHs Name and had not
denied YHVHs faith. Stayed faithful in
Scriptural truth.
A few were not defiled by the doctrine of
Jezebels pagan traditions and doctrines.
A few have not defiled their garments
(actions/worship). They kept it clean from
contamination of Catholic and pagan
Their good works gave them an open door no
one could shut mission work spreading the
Gospel and the Bible.

Bad Things

Lost their first love, cooling down in their

relationship with YHVH
Held to the teaching of Balaam and of the
Nicolaitans. Mixing pagan traditions into the
They ate meat offered up to idols and lived
sexually immoral (Acts 15). Did not cleanse
themselves from their past pagan traditions.
They committed adultery with the prophetess
Jezebel they followed doctrines of
Catholicism (Sunday, Communion, Easter,
Christmas, Infant baptism etc.) due to their
rebellion against YHVHs Word
Are not watchful and awake and ready for the
Messiahs Coming. (Oil in lamps Matt 25)
They live and are dead they started
something good but it died the Reformation
began but they did not complete it in their
They are neither hot nor cold and YHVH will
vomit them out. They are luke warm and
casual about their faith and compromise or
just do not care because there is grace.
They are spiritually poor, wretched, blind
and naked (sinful). They lost their zeal and
exchanged it for sin.

The question is, do we as a group/fellowship/church/ assembly/congregation do the Good

Things and avoid the Bad Things in order to collectively please YHVH and contribute
towards His work and His Kingdom of which we say we are part of?
These things written about the Seven Churches in Revelation is not about individual actions
necessarily, but it is about collective actions as a group or assembly and we are measured
as a collective body to see if we please or anger YHVH. We have to shape up and there is a
long way to go before we are pleasing before YHVH if compared to the church in Smyrna. We
have two extremes, Smyrna as I motioned, this is the ideal church and on the other end of the
scale, Laodicea, that is the worst of all, the church that YHVH wants to vomit out. Smyrna
represented the church in the timeframe around 160-313 BC and it was outside the influence
of the Catholic Church. Laodicea is the church right at the end of time, right before the coming
of the Messiah, a church dominantly controlled or influenced by the Catholic Church.
Shocking to see what the state the church is prior to the coming of our Groom, the Messiah.
We are supposed to be the Bride without spot or wrinkle.
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There are not only a lot of Catholic influence but also a lot of new false doctrines promoted by
false prophets based on humanistic beliefs, one of which is the prosperity teaching that took
over the Christian world. The focus is no longer on YHVH but on the flesh and how believers
can get their lusts met.
Take this seriously, YHVH has written it in the Book of Revelation so that the last church can
learn from all the mistakes the previous generations made. We should not make the same
mistakes and we should take YHVHs warning seriously so that we may have white garments
of salvation when He comes again to collect His Bride.