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April 2010

Justina Road Elementary

Maxey’s Corner
Student of the
The school year is winding down with only one grading period left. Hopefully,
everyone had the opportunity to enjoy their Spring Break. Spring is the time of year Month
for beginnings, new starts, and a period of renewal in the land and us. With that
renewal, I want to impress upon you that the students and staff are working hard to March Students of the
continue the rigorous academic pace of instruction that is provided at Justina. In the Month
upcoming week, I look forward to seeing many parents at the school to assist in Field ✓ Hussain Aljaberi
Day activities, Field Trips, Summer Academy Enrollment, and many other school- ✓ Chynah Andrews
based opportunities. ✓ Re’cord Bennefield
Remember: “Success Comes When We All Pull Together” ✓ Jaden Petruska
✓ Jeremiah West
Q & A Handling Peer Pressure ✓ Darry Jackson
Q: My son recently decided to stop being friends with a classmate because ✓ Jada Barclay
other kids said, “We don’t like him”. How can I teach my child to think for her/ ✓ James Brown
himself. ✓ Chasity Avila
A: It’s important to give your child the tools he/she needs to stand up for ✓ Adonne Tillman
themselves—especially now, before she/he faces peer pressure about things like ✓ Jayla Smith
drugs and alcohol. Talk to your child about choosing friends who share his/her
✓ Johnathan Basso
interest and values. Kids often give in to peer pressure because they want other
✓ Osha Harvey
kids to like them. If your son has good friends on his side, she/he won’t be as
✓ Zeniya Andrews
likely to go along with the crowd. Also teach him/her to walk away from
uncomfortable situations. For example if the kids playing basketball are being ✓ Keithshon Thomas
mean to others, your child could go to another part of the playground to play. ✓ Snailanda Corneil
✓ Trevon
Upcoming Events ✓ Azayvien Dennis

April 14 Early Dismissal ✓ Keiaysha Andrews

April 16 NED show

April 19 Stranger/Danger & Officer Friendly Grades

K-4 Thank Yous
Fort Caroline McDonald’s for providing
April 22 PTA meeting
free breakfast for 3-5th grade students
the first day of FCAT.
Contact Us Big Brother /Big Sister for providing
mentors for Justina Students
Justina Road Elementary
Full Service School for their continued
3101 Justina Road
support of Justina Elementary School.
Jacksonville, FL 32277
Justina Road Elementary Connection

Box Tops

We are still collecting boxtops at Justina. Our goal is $ 1500. If every Justina family were to
collect 50 boxtops over the course of the school year we could easily reach this goal. You can
clip 10¢ Box Tops coupons from hundreds of your favorite products such as Cheerios®, Betty
Crocker®, Juicy Juice®, Ziploc®, Kleenex®, Hefty® and more! Make sure to turn in your
boxtops to your child’s classroom teacher.
Justina Road Elementary Connection
Hip Hop Speaks to Children
Book of
Learner Profile & Attitude: Communication &
the Month

This anthology highlights the use of rhythm and vernacular in hip-hop, rap,
and African-American poetry. The 51 pieces - which also include a passage
from Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech - use gospel rhythms,
"hambone" rhythms (which Giovanni explains in her informative
introduction), jazz and blues rhythms, and language from the fields and the
city streets. Artists range from Langston Hughes to Kanye West, from Eloise
Greenfield to Queen Latifah. Much of the subject matter focuses on hope,
self-esteem, respect for the past, and determination to make a better future.
Justina Road Elementary Connection
Academic Focus
Reading Mathematics
K - Instruction continues in Theme 7. Targeted Comprehension K - Describe attributes; sort items
Strategies and Skills in Theme 7: Summarize, Text Organization and according to their attributes. Record
Summarizing; Monitor/Clarify, Cause and Effect; Question, Making information in a picture. Count a set of objects.
Predictions. Use one-to-one correspondence to match two
1 - Instruction continues in Theme 7. Targeted Comprehension sets of objects. Count items in a data set. Keep
Strategies and Skills in Theme 7: Summarize, Problem Solving; track of and compare two sets of data.
Question, Noting Details; Predict/Infer, Making Predictions. Represent a set of data. Recognize shapes in the
2 - Instruction begins in Theme 4. Targeted Comprehension environment. Observe/describe/develop
Strategies and Skills in Theme 4: Monitor/Clarify, Drawing vocabulary to describe two-dimensional shapes.
Conclusions; Question, Text Organization; Summarize, Cause and Use shapes to make a picture.
Effect; Evaluate, Understanding Biographies. Instruction begins in 1 - Find combinations of up to 20. Explore
Theme 5. Targeted Comprehension Strategies and Skills in Theme 5: relationships among different combinations of a
Evaluate, Making Generalizations; Questions, Following Directions; number. Find the total of two or more single-
Predict/Infer, Making Judgments; Monitor/Clarify, Sequence of digit numbers. Record solutions with pictures/
Events, Monitoring Student Progress, Focus on Genre-Chapter numbers/ words. Find more than one solution to
Books. a problem. Show number combinations with
3 - Instruction begins in Theme 4. Targeted Comprehension pictures/words/ equations. Develop strategies
Strategies and Skills in Theme 4: Evaluate, Fact & Opinion; for organizing sets of objects so they are easy to
Summarize, Compare & Contrast; Monitor & Clarify, Making count and combine. Find the total of several 2’s,
Judgments; Question, Understanding Biographies; Review previously 4’s, 5’s, or 10’s. Record strategies for counting
taught strategies and skills. and combing, using pictures, numbers, and
4 - Instruction continues in Theme 4. Targeted Comprehension
Strategies and Skills in Theme 4: Predict/Infer, Predicting Outcomes, 2 - Work with 100 and combinations of
Evaluate, Problem Solving; Monitor/Clarify, Understanding Poetry; numbers that equal 100. Add strings of numbers
Summarize, Drawing Conclusions; Question, Story Structure. by chunking/ grouping numbers that go
together. Write a story that reflects an addition
5 - Instruction continues in Theme 4. Targeted Comprehension equation. Compare two quantities. Record
Strategies and Skills in Theme 4: Predict/Infer, Problem Solving/ strategies for solving. Operate with 1’s/10’s on
Decision Making; Monitor/Clarify, Noting Details; Phonics/ the100 chart. Solve problems involving
Decoding; Question/Compare/Contrast; Making Inferences; combining/separating/comparing.
Evaluate/Making Judgments; Understanding Plays, Visualizing,
Responding: Preparing for Literature Discussion. 3 - Use measurement as a way of collecting
data. Conduct a data analysis project. Organize/
represent/analyze data. Make recommendations
based on conclusions drawn from data.

K - Explorations and observations 4 - Apply knowledge of coordinates to

of the size of objects that can be locate points on a computer screen. Describe
Science seen in the sky. geometric figures such as rectangles and squares
in several ways. Understand turns as a change in
1 - Explorations of and a orientation or heading. Explore what happens
performance task about living and when turns are repeated. Become familiar with
nonliving things. degrees as a common measurement for turns.
2 - Explorations of habitats for plants and animals. 5 - Compare lengths expressed in different
3 - Explorations of the properties of light energy. A ways, such as meters/centimeters & meters/
performance task about heat and light energy. decimal fractions. Keep track of/calculate total
4 - Explorations of the functions of human body systems. measurements. Develop benchmarks for and
measure distances of 100 meters. Compare the
5 - Explorations of balanced and unbalanced forces. relative sizes of US standard and metric
Turnaround Schools continue Benchmark Review lessons. measures of weight/liquids. Order items by
measures of weight/liquid quantity.