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The names of Allah describe the sublime attributes of our Lord. For example, Allah
is the ar-Rahman, the Forgiver. He is the Rabb, the Teacher and Guide. He is the alHakeem, He Who issues commandments and rules all things. He is the ar-Razzaq, He
Who gives people their daily bread...
Since these names describe Allah, people can better comprehend His greatness,
closeness, power and mercy by praying to Him using those names. It is entirely in line
with the meaning of his prayer for someone seeking his daily bread from Allah to pray to
Him using His name of ar-Razzaq. Indeed, we are told in the Quran that one can pray to
Him using different names:
To Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names, so call on Him by them

(Surat al-Araf, 180)

Nobody who knows the names of Allah will try to conceal his errors from Him
because he knows that Allah is aware of everything, whether he conceals it or puts it out
in the open. The believer who knows that covering up his errors will do him nothing but
harm will always seek forgiveness from Allah for all his mistakes and deficiencies.
In this film, you will see some of the names of Allah as revealed in the Quran.

AL-BASIT (He Who opens, broadens or makes plentiful)

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanIs there anyone who will make Allah a generous loan so that He can multiply it for
him many times over? Allah both restricts and expands. And you will be returned to
Him. (Surat al-Baqara, 245)
Allah bestows material and spiritual abundance on those who believe in and
sincerely obey Him. He clears away the difficulties before them and shows that He is the
close friend of believers in all they do. The true servants of Allah seek refuge in Him
alone and take Him as their guardian in all kinds of trouble, affliction and sickness. But
while Allah makes things easy for believers, he makes them very difficult for nonbelievers.

There are many examples of this in the Quran. For instance, the Prophet Moses
(pbuh), and the people of Israel who followed him, had to flee their homes because of
Pharaohs persecution. But Pharaoh followed after them with his army in order to catch
them. Trapped between Pharoahs army and the sea, the Israelites thought they had been
This is revealed as follows in the Quran:
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanAnd when the two hosts came into sight of one another Moses companions said, We
will surely be overtaken!
He said, Never! My Lord is with me and He will guide me. (Surat ash-Shuara, 6162)
Allah heeded the Prophet Moses (pbuh) prayer and worked a miracle to divide the
sea in two, thus rescuing the Israelites from Pharaohs hands. He then destroyed Pharaoh
and his army, allowing the Israelites to inherit the land they emerged onto.
There is no doubt that Allahs promise always has, and always will, apply to all

AL- BADEE (He Who creates using no pre-existing model)

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan-The Originator of the heavens and earth.
When He decides on something, He just says to it, Be! and it is. (Surat al-Baqara,
Human beings have five senses, and it is impossible to even imagine a sixth. In
addition, they can only use the senses they have in a limited manner. For example, they
can only see a specific range of colors or hear sounds of specific frequencies. It is
therefore impossible for them to think about, discover or imagine something that does not
exist in this world.
When we look at some scientific discoveries, we see that people have taken the
living things they have observed in nature as models. For instance, the protruding nose of
the dolphin served as a model for the prows of modern large ships. The operating

principle of radar is the same as the sensory perception system of bats that emit sound
Yet Allah's knowledge is infinite. Almighty Allah has created everything that people
see, or cannot see, around them, using no pre-existing models. Allah created a flawless
system made up of atoms, molecules, cells, living things, planets, stars and galaxies, at a
time when no universe, galaxies, planets, living things or even a single cell existed,
simply by commanding it to BE!
Allah brought the universe, and every detail in it, into being using no pre-existing
model. This is revealed as follows in another verse:
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanHe is the Originator of the heavens and the Earth. How could He have a son when
He has no wife? He created all things and He has knowledge of all things. (Surat alAnam, 101)

AL-FATIR (The Creator, Inventor)

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan"My Lord, You have granted power to me on Earth and taught me the true
meaning of events. Originator of the heavens and earth, You are my Friend in this
world and the Next. So take me as a Muslim at my death and join me to the people
who are good. (Surah Yusuf, 101)
The Earth is a planet specially arranged for living things to survive on. The Earths
position in space, and the fact that it is equipped with every detail required to meet the
needs of the living things on it, are proofs that the planet is a sublime work of Allahs.
There are amazing signs of creation in all the living things on Earth. Each one lives
in the most habitat most suitable for it, and with appropriate bodily features.
The cell, the essential building block of all living things, is by itself a perfect
system, with all the organelles inside it. The order inside the cell is so immaculate that it
by itself proves the impossibility of life emerging spontaneously.

There are signs of a manifest creation in all the details we see, or do not see, around
us. There is no doubt that the features of all of these belongs to Allah, the Creator of all
things. Allah reveals the perfection of the system He has created in Surat al-Mulk:
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanHe Who created the seven heavens in layers. You will not find any flaw in the
creation of the All-Merciful.
Look again do you see any gaps?
Then look again and again. Your sight will return to you dazzled and exhausted!
(Surat al-Mulk, 3-4)

AL-KHALIQ (He Who foresees the existence of all things and the forms they
will assume throughout that existence, and Who creates them accordingly, out
of nothing)
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanAllah created every animal from water. Some of them go on their bellies, some of
them on two legs, and some on four. Allah creates whatever He wills. Allah has
power over all things. (Surat an-Nur, 45)
All the bees in a hive discharge their responsibilities to perfection. For example, all
the worker bees work on building the hive. They also keep the temperature in the hive
stable by ventilating it. They bring the foodstuffs they collect from flowers back to the
hive. The queen bee, on the other hand, always stays in the hive and constantly
The gnat that hatches from an egg in no way resembles its adult state. The larva will
shed its skin four times before completing its development. The skin opens up towards the
end of the pupal stage and the adult gnat emerges without ever touching water.
These creatures are just two of the countless life forms on Earth. As with all other
living things, Allah has appointed their births, lives and deaths. From the moment of their
creation they live in the manner ordained and commanded by Allah. And they never step
outside the tasks appointed for them by Allah.

Camels that live at temperatures of 50 Celcius+ in the deserts, penguins that live at
-30 Celcius at the Poles and sponges thousands of meters below the sea are all in the
same situation. They all live in the manner ordained by Allah. The generations that went
before also all lived in the same way, as will all those that come after because Allah has
determined a lifestyle for all life forms.
Allah created man from a drop of water and ordained a lifestyle for him, too.
Nobody can by himself decide on his own lifestyle, nor hold off aging and death, nor
escape sufferings because Allah ordained these events an eternity before people were
even aware of their own existence.

AL-HALEEM (The very Gentle)

Those of you who turned their backs on the day the two armies clashed it was
satan who made them slip for what they had done. But Allah has pardoned
them. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, All-Forbearing. (Surah Al Imran, 155)
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanAllah sent our Prophet Muhammad (saas) down a book from His own Presence.
That Book, whose commandments have been preserved to the present day, is the Last
Divine Scripture.
In the Quran, Allah reveals commandments that people must abide by, and
prohibitions they must heed. He has also revealed that those who spend their lives earning
His approval will remain in Paradise for all time. He also reveals that those who disobey
Him will spend all eternity in Hell, as well as detailed descriptions of the sufferings there.
But although they know the Quran is the truth, the majority of people refuse to
read it. They ignore the verses sent down to them by Allah and turn instead to the
amusements and pleasures of the life of this world. They never think about the account
they will have to give of themselves after death and the life of the Hereafter. In the same
way they fail to abide by Allahs prohibitions, so they thus fail to live by the moral virtues
He commands.
They never share their goods or possessions or help those worse off than
themselves. And when told to believe, they reply I know exactly what I am doing.

But Allah, the infinitely Compassionate and Loving, does not punish those who
deny Him immediately. He even allows them to live pleasant lives in this world and
bestows all kinds of blessings on them. He gives them time to believe and turn to the true
Allah has shown that He has made Islam easy to live by; He knows how feeble
people are, so He does not hold them responsible when they forget or make mistakes. He
imposes no responsibilities on the blind, the lame or the sick. He lifts the load from
peoples shoulders by teaching them fortitude and submission.

MALIK YAWM AD-DEEN (Lord of the Day of Judgment)

The Day of Judgment is when people will be resurrected after death, give account
of themselves and see their futures. On that day, nobody will be in any state or have any
opportunity to take any interest in anyone else, not even their parents, spouses or children.
With the severity and extraordinary fear on that day, everyone will consider himself
alone. Allah describes the Day of Resurrection, or the Day of Judgment, in these terms
in the Quran:
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanWhat will convey to you what the Day of Judgment is?
Again! What will convey to you what the Day of Judgment is?
It is the Day when a self will have no power to help any other self in any way.
The command that Day will be Allahs alone. (Surat al-Infitar, 17-19)
On that day, the relationships that people attach so much value to in this world will
fall apart in the face of Allahs wrath. Peoples relationships and genealogies will no
longer mean anything. The only remaining value will be that of faith.
This means that all the doors that people expect help from, other than Allah, will be
closed. Only Allah can save them from that difficult situation. And that again depends
entirely on His will.
Allah will create a climate suited to His majesty and glory and will hold His
servants to account. He will save those whom He wishes through His mercy. On that day,

when unbelievers suffer the most terrible regret, believers will be happy and joyful. This
is set out in another verse in the words:
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan.
... on the Day when Allah will not disgrace the Prophet

and those who faith

along with him (Surat at-Tahrim, 8)

RABB AL-`ALIMEEN (Lord of the worlds)

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanAll praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the heavens and the Lord of the earth,Lord
of all the worlds.
All greatness belongs to Him

in the heavens and earth He is the Almighty, the

All-Wise. (Surat al-Jathiya, 36-37)

There are many different worlds in the universe, further subdivided into many other
different worlds.
There are millions of different types of animals and plants.
There are also many different kinds of objects.
Winds and clouds also possess different characteristics to one another.
Allah has created billions of human beings, none of whom resemble any of the
others, all with different races, complexions, languages and cultures.
In addition, Allah has also created the world of the atom, invisible to the naked eye,
the cells with their magnificent systems that make up every millimeter of our bodies and
many other life forms wholly invisible to the human eye.
As we sleep or while we are awake and getting on with our own business, Allah
constantly controls innumerable different worlds, from the microworld made up of microorganisma to the macroworlds made up of the celestial bodies in space; He manages and
nourishes them all and permits them all to survive.
Allah reveals that He is the Lord of all the worlds in these words in the Quran:
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan-

It is Allah Who made the earth a stable home for you and the sky a dome, and
formed you, giving you the best of forms, and provided you with good and
wholesome things.
That is Allah, your Lord. Blessed be Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.
He is the Living

there is no god but Him so call on Him, making your religion

sincerely His.
Praise be to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds. (Surat al-Mumin, 64-65)
Allah is not only the Lord of all the countless worlds within the universe, but also of
the Angels and djinn who live in another time and space. He also created all those entities
and made them submit to Him. The worlds created by Allah far surpass the capability of
human reason and imagining. They are all works of His creativity, artistry and infinite
What people must do is to respond to our Lord, Who called on the Prophet Abraham
(pbuh) to Become a Muslim, by saying (I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed
satan-)"... I am a Muslim who has submitted to the Lord of all the worlds...." (Surat
al-Baqara, 131)
And as commanded in the Quran, they must live for Allah alone:
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan"Say: My prayer and my rites, my living and my dying, are for Allah alone,
the Lord of all the worlds, (Surat al-Anam, 162)

AS-SANI (The artist, He Who creates with infinite beauty)

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanYou will see the mountains you reckoned to be solid going past like clouds the
handiwork of Allah Who gives to everything its solidity. He is aware of what you do.
(Surat al-Naml, 88)

Proof of a sublime Mind and infinite Knowledge can be encountered in every

created entity, living or not. There is no doubt that these are all manifestations of our
Lords title of al-Aleem. However there is another very important characteristic to be
seen in all these entities: a fine artistry.
We can see Allah's title of

as-Sani by looking at the delightful appearance,

perfection and fine and delicate artistry in all the things He has created.
For example, the human body has been created in a flawless and immaculate form.
All our organs are just where they need to be. Our eyes, for instance, are in our heads,
where we can see everywhere around us. Our heart is in such a place that it is protected
by the rib cage.
There is a golden ratio that established symmetry in human beings external
appearance. Artists make use of this golden ratio in their paintings. And human beings
mouths, eyes and noses are located on the basis of this very delicate ratio.
Allah has created details in many different life forms in such a way as to reflect His
title of as-Sani.None of their external appearances are the same.
One can also see Allahs infinite artistry in the plant kingdom. In one verse Allah
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan"And also the things of varying colors He has created for you in the earth
(Surat an-Nahl, 13)
Allah has created millions of different kinds of plants and flowers. They all have
different scents, shapes, colors and symmetries.
There may be very different varieties of a single flower, say an orchid, with
different appearances and colors. Roses come in many different colors, and there are
different tones and hues among these colors. These colors, tones and patterns are all signs
of a manifest artistry.
Allah shows us the infinite nature of His artistry in these different appearances, by
creating such a wide and beautiful diversity.

AZ-ZAHIR (He Who is evident)

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanHe is the First and the Last, the Outward and the Inward. He has knowledge of all
things. (Surat al-Hadid, 3)
The proofs of Allah's existence are evident for any rational person and are spread
right through the universe. All systems, from the simplest to the most complex, are full of
miracles. Allah cites various examples of these miracles in the Quran:
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satanHave they not looked at the sky above them: how We structured it and made it

and how there are no fissures in it?

And the earth: how We

stretched it out and cast firmly embedded mountains onto it and caused luxuriant
plants of every kind to grow in it, (Surah Qaf, 6-7)
Have they not looked at the birds above them,

with wings outspread and folded

back? Nothing holds them up but the All-Merciful. He sees all things. (Surat alMulk, 19)
Allah reveals His existence to His servants with other examples cited in the Quran.
One of the main characteristics of believers is that they reflect deeply on all they see
around them and thus become aware of the existence and greatness of Allah.
And one of the most important characteristics of the believers is that they harbor a
great fear of our Lord, to Whom they will have to give account in the Hereafter, and thus
spend their whole lives striving to seek His approval. Allah tells us in the Quran that:
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan-Those who remember Allah, standing,
sitting and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the
earth: Our Lord, You have not created this for nothing. Glory be to You! So
safeguard us from the punishment of the fire. (Surat al-Imran, 191)