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10-04-22 Zernik’s Declaration RE: Fine v Sheriff (09-A827) Mr Danny Bickell and Filing at the
US Supreme Court

Declaration of Joseph Zernik RE: Fine v Sheriff (09-A827) and Filing at the Supreme Court of the
United States.
I, the undersigned Joseph Zernik hereby declare as follows:

1) This declaration was written as a memorandum of events pertaining to the filing of my

papers at the US Supreme Court in Fine v Sheriff (09-A827).

2) I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth herein, which I know to be true
and correct and, if called as a witness, I could and would competently testify with
respect thereto.
3) Around April 12, 2010, I, Joseph Zernik, first spoke with Mr Danny Bickell, staff
member of the US Supreme Court Clerk's Office. At that time I informed him that I
intended to file a Motion to Intervene in Fine v Sheriff (09-A827), which was scheduled
for conference on April 23, 2010. His response was that filing papers in the case was
timely as long as the Application was pending before the court. He added that unless a
Motion to Intervene provided a "compelling justification" for the intervention, it was
likely to be denied by the court.
4) I informed Mr Bickell that I was going to mail it priority mail, and he made no comment
on that.
5) On April 15, 2010, I mailed the papers, priority mail, certified.
6) On April 16, 2010 I called the court and spoke with staff member at the clerk's office, who
identified herself as "Molly", in an effort to ascertain that the papers were received. Molly
informed me that the papers were unlikely to reach the clerk's office by April 23, 2010,
because of anthrax checks on all incoming mail.
7) On April 20, 2010, I flew to Washington DC and hand delivered the papers at the
Supreme Court security station, where receipt stickers were issued. I was informed that
the papers would be at the hands of the clerk's office staff by the next morning, or the
latest by the next afternoon.
8) On April 21, 2010 I called and spoke with US Supreme Court clerk's office case analyst
Mr Erik Fossum. He informed me that my papers were indeed received, and that they
were held by Mr Danny Bickell.
9) I was then forwarded to Mr Danny Bickell. He initially tried to tell me that the papers had
not been received by the clerk's office, due to security checks. Only after I informed him
that Mr Fossum had already informed me that Mr Bickell was holding the papers, Mr
Bickell admitted that such was indeed the case.
 Page 2/3 April 22, 2010

10) Mr Bickell then proceeded to tell me that he had not yet decided regarding the disposition
of the papers. Mr Bickell never stated any discrepancy in the papers.
11) I asked if he was authorized as a Deputy Clerk. He informed me that he was not.
Regardless, he insisted that he was authorized to either docket the papers, or not docket the
papers without even a discrepancy notation in the docket, indicating that paper were filed,
then rejected.
12) I then asked him for the basis for his March 12, 2010 notice to the parties in Fine v Sheriff
(09-A827) of denial by Justice Kennedy. The Rules of the Supreme Court were explicit,
that the justice would note the denial on the petition. However, a March 22, 2010 copy of
the petition from US Supreme Court file had no such notation on it. Neither was any
ruling or order of denial listed in the log of orders of the court on or about March 12,
2010. Mr Bickell responded that he was not required to answer such questions.

13) The papers, which Mr Danny Bickell was holding, provided incontrovertible documentary
evidence, which Richard Fine himself had no access to, which showed that Richard Fine
was held under alleged fraud in records of the Sheriff and the Los Angeles Superior Court,
and that there was never any valid and effectual warrant, judgment, conviction, or
sentencing entered in his case. [1]

14) In short - Mr Bickell was and is denying access to the US Supreme Court, in a manner that
a reasonable person would conclude was likely to pervert justice in the case at hand.\

I make this declaration under penalty of perjury pursuant to the laws of the United
Signed here, in La Verne, County of Los Angeles, California, April 22, 2010.
Joseph H Zernik, PhD

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[1] Zernik's filing in Fine v Sheriff (09-A827), documenting alleged fraud by Sheriff of Los Angeles
County and Los Angeles Superior Court relative to warrant judgment and sentencing in the case of
Richard Fine.
 Page 3/3 April 22, 2010