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1 Cor 14:2
In the Spriit
When you When you set yourself praying in tongue
you are setting yourself in the HolY Spriit. The Holy
Spriit dwells in you and he klives permanently in you
and you stir him up activate him when you speak or
pray intongues. Praying in tongues is also the key to
praing continouslly and praying withourt ceasing.
In the book of revelation the bible records that john
the apostle was in the spriirt in the Lords day. I
beleive JOhn must have been praying in tongues
speaking out divine mysteries to God in heavenly
communication ot Him. He was speaking divine
secrets and sacred secrets hidden in GOd.
As he began to speak in tongues and speaking
mysteries and divne secretets to god he would have
entered the relam of the spiriit and became a
recipient of revelation from heaven
The Lord is calling the endtime church to a place of
revelation divine mysteries and one of the ways to
accesse this mysteries is through the power of
speaking in unknown tongues.
The more you pray that is as you begin to be
deteremined and diligent to pray in tongues fr

prolonged hour mysteries of God will be unweilied to

The church has lived way below its what God has
wrought for us through the redemption in Christ
Praying ourt Gods Mysteries of your inheritance
When you pray in tongues the Holy Spirit lends you
his language and give you the words to pray and
enter in to the relam of the spriirt. Praing in tongues
will develop you to the place that you can
consistently live in the spirit. Z
God has put in the mystery of speaking in tngues a
capacity you every beleiver to grow out of the carnal
and flesh life into the life of the spriit. Walking in the
spiriit becomes the normal chris tian experience
rather than thing.n to walk in the spriirt
When you begin to walk in the spriit you naturally
manifest his presense and walk in the miraclous
relams of God.
Acts 1:8 become a reality. God has already anointed
with power from on high.we must enter into our
inherintance and began to possess the promises of
god that give power to proof produce miracles and
signs and wonders for him.
Gits of the Holy Spirit form of the gifts

POwer comes to us in the the form of the gifts of the

holy spirit that ae given to us for warfare. These gifts
are our wepons of war and enduement of power for
living the miraclosul life.
As pray in tongues the gifts will begin to manifest in
our life
Ve answered his praing in tongues back to him.
He mu=ysteries were hidden in the Holy Spirit ..
The Bible says in 2 Cor 2 that there are things that
god has prepeared for those who love
him..............the deeper things of God or the
mysteries ofe God.
These divine secrets are hidden wisdom of God for
the church. These are the legacy and heritage that
Jesus wrought for us in the Redemption. It belongs
to us. It is our rights and priviledges. Let us enter
in and possess it.
How will we possess it? God has given us the Holy
Spirit to reveal these these mysteries and divne
secrets. That is His function. The Spirit searches all
things even the deep things of God.
As you pray in the unknown tongues, you are moving
into the realm of the spirit. And in the spriit speak
divine mysteries. He has a divine communication
with the Father in heaven -adirect communication
that by passes the intellet, the emotions and the 5

senses. Prayer ascends to the throne directly by

passing the realm of demonic powers. That is why
satan is so afraid of praying in tongues.
However in the spriit he speaks divine mysteries. He
speaks the divine mysteries which unsearcheable
riches of Christ which he paid for us with his blood
on the cross.