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At last few years, we are faced with global warming. Global warming and climate change are
terms for the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate
system and its related effects. Global warming is bed for our environment in so many ways,
but there is one good thing. The mean air temperature in the Arctic has increased by around
twice the rate of the rest of the world, and it enabled melting glaciers. Melting glaciers have
opened up a new route for commercial shipping, The Northern Sea Route (NSR).
The main task for my partner and me was to explore why is this route important and useful,
who can use it, and how will this route improve commercial shipping. Also we learned a lot,
because our knowledge about this subject was poor. It was intresting doing this subject
because it was new, unknown and helpful for our profession. Also, it was hard to read artickle
about this subject, because there are words and terms that are unknown to us, and we have to
struggle with that. But, the advantage is that we worked together, so we helped each other.
The Northern Sea Route lies within the polar circle and extends along the northern shores of
Russia. It is good because it shorts ship distances between Europe and Asia. The opening this
route also enable hydrocarbon exploration. Waterway through the Arctic and in the future
would be seasonal, limited to parts of the year when the ice has thinned. But, sailing this route
has many problems. On of them is the possibility of delay risk. In this paper the delay risk
will be assessed with a fuzzy bow-tie-based analysis. A bow-tie analysis is way of performing
risk analysis and is very helpful to describe the different risks, barriers and consequences
related to an unwanted event. But that is not ehough, so we must use fuzzy set theory. This
theory canaddress uncertainty related to expert knowledge. Combining these two analyzes, the
author proposes method to do a semiquantitative bow-tie analysis to assess the risk of delay
for ships sailing the NSR. It presents a basic concept for an exemplary routeing for a summer
transit. The method used could be a tool for policy makers, insurance companies and
operators to evaluate the use of NSR by giving a clearer picture of the risk of being delayed.
As we can see, this subject opens a loto of other subjects, such as bow-tie analysis, fuzzy set
theory, commercial shipping etc. Reading this article we learn something about that, but there
is always place for more research and knowledge for us to do and learn. Also reading this
article, caused debate between my partner and me. We debate if one of us will go to sail this
route. We both agreed that we would not, because there is too much risks and the route is still

not well researched. On the other hand, we agreed that we will follow the news and researchs
about route. The other subject that caught our attention is global warming. We agreed that tis
subject is very important to everyone. It is important for the public to learn and become aware
that this problem becoming more and more dangerous for our environment and the world we
know. Sure, we agreed that it is good for the North Sea Route, but there are so many other
things that are very bad, such as droughts, floods, climate changes etc. To conclude, for my
partner and me this project was hard and challenging, but also we learnd a lot about this
subject, we learnd new words and terms, we practiced our english, team, presentation skills.
We have learned to respect the opinions of others and debate about problems.
My partner and me chosed this topic because it is intresting and very helpful. It is intresting
because we did not know much about it, and it is helpful for our future job and knowledge.
Also, we learnd that there is opportunities to explore. I expect that we`ll find lot of useful
informations. For exemple, we can explore how NSR will affect on world trade and economy,
on environment and relations between countries where route passes. On the other side, we
think that people are not familiar with this topic and opportunities that route gives, so it is
important to inform the public. We all think that in 21st century we do not have more to
explore but the world we live is changing. Sometimes these changes are good for us and
sometimes are bad. For example, it should not be ignored hydrocarbon exploration. This
natural source can be beneficial to world trade and exports.
I expected from my partner that he would cooperate and that we had a good relationship. I
hope we made succesful student project. And I hope that in the future we will work together
and that we wil be the best. In the end of this essay. I would like to say that I am satisfied how
we done this. I think taht we done good job, considering our language skills. It was hard and
painful, but we did it.