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Undated pre 1994 (re the Aura)

The aura of a person is seen by the living in a way that is unique to the
individual. That living person has a window on a world that is unseen by
most. They may use this to heal the person they are seeing and this is
done by colour. The Transmitter is held in a state of careful and
deliberate thought processes which eventually are transmitted to the
Receiver. They in turn receive these thoughts in a parallel type of world.
Living thoughts held by all are the material which allows this healing to
take place. They are generated by the soul in response to direct need by
the Recipient. They are not a gradual sensation but one of cause and

The Transmitter pictures the person’s aura as a wave of colour forms.

This is moulded by the thoughts of that person. By envisaging them in a
positive way the emotions felt with the colours allow them to be
transformed into a different pattern. Negative can be turned to positive,
as can a magnet’s effect, thus changing the Recipient’s aura. We create
our own aura and it is not to be forgotten that the change is what one
makes it. A sick man who does not want to be cured is just as likely to
have control over these effects as we are. They too turn positive to
negative, thoughts, feelings, all have their own affects to this.

So the voice of many can control the thoughts of one, and this is
universally shared both in your world and ours. You are not alone and
neither are we. We share our fates even after death. Our thoughts are
life themselves and life giving, and being given life is the best gift we can
share. What it creates is the blending of the auras of two people, which
is done with the help of the Spirit world and that of the Medium. The
colours blended together combine the thoughts of the two. The colours
show us the need for those in Spirit to prove their love and life eternal.

Therefore, your “graph” is known to be a blending of spirits and souls.

The colours are unique to both the Sitter and the Spirit person and are
controlled and interpreted through the eyes of the Medium. Their
physical sense comes after psychic sight has allowed the colours to be
found. Search for the colours by impressions on your soul, given to you by
those in Spirit and harmonised for recognition in a simpler form for their
intended receiver here on Earth.
Colour is a form that all enjoy as they make an impression on the human
soul. Yours words as a Medium can make the bond greater by accurately
transmitting/translating what you are given by those in Spirit. Your
colours are the voice of Spirit, they are attuned to our thoughts, and
your own thoughts translate them – giving them in a way in which the
Sitter can relate to; that of colour.
Date unknown pre 1994 (re Time)

The process which determines the way which our energy is used is one
which is as natural in law as the process of life. The threefold effect is
symbolic of the way that life creates in one world what may be used in

Take a life that has been unaltered by the state of time that affects our
Earth bound cousins, but not those who are in the world of Spirit or
beyond. The elementary concept of time has been based on the precept
that it is man who moves in a static time field. When one passes through
time electrical and chemical processes affect the body, itself an
instrument, and change its state. We grow older, our life pattern changes,
our bodies physically feel the effects of time, and our minds constantly
store the information.

But what if time was but a state of mind in which man sees himself.
Hemmed in by his own need for parameters within which to live his life
and explain existence. He limits his frontiers to “now”. He feels he exists
“now” and has existed in a past unalterable state and will exist in a future
undefined and unreadable. But the mind has stored the information in the
physical body and this is but a state of body itself. It is the soul which
reads the pattern of time and evolves to suit it’s own needs, trying to
guide its way through time like a ship through an endless sea.

So in fact we are correct in viewing the body as a moving vehicle through

time, but let’s not forget that even the sea has shifting tides and
currents. Time is a moving entity. A part of the force of life which helps
to keep alive the perpetual thoughts of man that as long as he lives in
time, he lives in spirit. How sad this misconception that to lose life of the
body the spirit must end and its soul journey through time. For when the
body is abandoned as a worthless vehicle, a bottle in which to hold the
message, the soul continues unaffected by time. Time is a state to man of
his bodily reality.

There is a feeling amongst us that the more man sees himself as a static
sign, waiting to be read by the eyes of God, he is missing the fundamental
right of all human beings, to live forever. Time is not important. We can
shift through all states of matter with this concept in mind. Defeat the
barriers of mind in the physical body and enrich the soul with the energy
it releases. For it is the power of thought from the mind that triggers
the release of the power of the spirit within ourselves. This energy is
released to be redirected by thought through a state of conversion,
passing through matter and arriving at its intended destination. For

Your own thoughts think of distance. I laugh with joy for it too is but a
self imposed barrier, put up by the mind to limit itself and protect its
precious belief in ever solid boundaries around it. Distance itself is
matter. All matter is irrelevant as the energy is converted to pass to its
destination. The cube is to me very elemental, simplest of life formations
that make up matter. It possesses three bowl shapes viewed at this
angle, the same from the opposite direction. The energy released from
your soul directed by thought, and generated by the mind, passes into a
bowl in the cube. This bowl has a greyish white liquid that allows the
electrical energy and anti-matter fusion to take place converting it into a
pure form. This escapes through the cube to have both a physical and a
spiritual effect. Converted then into a similar raw energy for use in that
context when it leaves the cube. This threefold effect of going in from
the mind generated thoughts, actually being a type of “soul touching”, and
coming out in two ways, rather aptly displays the uselessness of time to
affect the human condition of life of the soul.

For instance, the mind of the Medium, which interests you particularly,
cannot be influenced by time as your thoughts are directed. Those in turn
of the Recipient are also sent out, and those of Spirit. They each leave
from the Mind State and pass into the cube, are changed and come out
again, passing back to the Medium’s body and affecting their spirit too.
The mind, body and spirit of the Sitter is changed by the message and
the Spirit communicator, although not possessed of a physical body, feels
the effects threefold. For it is possible for the soul to still feel
“physical” emotions like joy. The mind has retained all information relating
to bodily sensations and this is passed on to the soul as directly as it was
to the body.

In the same way as all meeting in a similar way, the cube converges the
energy. The mind of the Medium, the body of the Receiver and the
Spirit’s message all meld together. This simple form of life is but a
minute fraction of the wonder of life that we can term “God”. It is a
working model for the explanation of the conversion of energy through
various states of matter.
Your interest lies in the greyish white liquid that is the key to the
conversion process. This itself is hard to explain, and one way in which to
open free thinking is of extraordinary benefit.
Picture yourself on an island where there are a myriad of pools in the
rocks by the sea. Each pool holds the water of life for thousands of sea
inhabitants from crabs to microbes. Each one, and there is a vast number
of them, holds a pattern of life not held in the others. Each is different.
Each is unique. But as you marvel at this the tide comes in, raw energy
from which the pool is formed, and when it goes back out gain all has
changed; and yet it is the same! There is the same number of pools,
thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, and each one contains a unique
pattern of life just as before. And yet the energy that it had been made
o before had changed it. But a little of one pool has perhaps passed to any
number of others, and so too its inhabitants. The energy has not
disappeared it has merely been altered in a recognisable (and at the same
time compared to before), and unrecognisable way.

And yet you ponder my son, on the ultimate question and thought on life
which is the wonder to us. This island is but one of hundred, perhaps
hundreds of thousands of islands which are all surrounded by the sea
whose tides forever ebb and flow. And is it not possible for one
inhabitant, no matter how small, of the smallest rock pool to end up in any
one of those pools on any one of those islands. Each microbe is a life, and
life can choose its own way no matter what the tides of fate. So you see
time plays no part, as long as that life reaches the goal it was destined
Date 6/9/94 (re Communication)

I believe that this is a way in which we can communicate and that it is a

better thing by means of putting down what is being relayed. You should
not try to work out what is being put on the paper as that will cause your
thought patterns to be altered and destroy what I am trying to relay to

There is a barrier to what you re now preparing to do and I feel that you
enhance the thought patterns by a greater degree of freedom of mind.
The pressure built up in your own memory is not letting me impress my
thoughts over yours. My words are waiting to get into your mind but
cannot establish a firm hold. You must be patient and the thought
patterns from me to you will alter their course to your own pattern. It is
like the merging of minds and the blending of souls. There is a harmony
that has its own pattern. This is harmonious to the point of being a fine
tune played on a difficult instrument. You should never underestimate
your own mind and the capabilities of the power of thought.

I am not sure just what there should be from us in the way of direct
communication to you. You are not even sure yourself that the creating of
two minds in close harmony is at all possible. If this is so then there is
much work you can do to prove the theory is not just a simple matter of
disbelief but a working principle. You are responsible for your own
thoughts and they are the essence that helps create the way in which out
thoughts can combine with yours. If you are not receptive to the
impression we give then you cannot hope to be able to relay them to the

I would like you to imagine us as pure white light going into the body of
the person you want to come to you, then send them your thoughts asking
for a merging of minds. We can only do so much towards you work and
there are limits to even the most complex connections in Spirit. You must
try to perhaps think of them not in the physical sense but in a spiritual
essence, a core of being who once lived and is now contained in that white
energy. They will become recognisable to you by visual pictures.
Sometimes these will come to you directly from the people you are
praying to.

Do not be surprised by the word “prayer” for it can have more than just a
biblical term, though it is not so much a way of practice but a way of
thought. You are simply bound in your way of thinking by the impressions
of those around you and this is cumbersome and restrictive. Give yourself
time to develop your own school of thought. There is much to be said for
self expression in the power of thought. For when you are no longer the
novice there are things which will take your breath away on the earth,
and then bring you closer to the real world of Spirit. That is a promise
that we extend to every living being whether they be alive now or dead in
the Spirit world. Progression of the soul is that one true ideal that all
those her in the Spirit world can openly embrace. This brings them
together in the simple truth that life goes on and greater truth is always
sought by those who seek.

I am not sure that there is anything that you would wish to know about
the way in which I am able to come through so directly to you. It is a
process which has taken me a great deal of time to learn. And then I am
but a Beginner at the game of Life which is played by greater beings than
I. You would ask of me that there is something more to this world you call
earth than is merely seen by your own eyes. I can see things that you
cannot and they ware wondrous things that the soul would rejoice in. And
there are sad things that would make you cry for the sheer desperation
we feel when we are unable to stop the suffering. You must keep the
times that you are working to, the memorable moments when you seek for
inner peace and there is an air of harmony bout you. Rage and bitterness
within can cause the elements surrounding you to create a vacuum of
impenetrable steel.

I have not found that there are any things detrimental to the way in
which you are proceeding to advance at this stage of your development
and the Lady is showing you the whys and wherefore with an honourable
understanding. She is that way in which you will progress faster. Because
of the way in which she teaches you there will be no way of getting big
headed or level off to a point of no more progression. You shall never stop
going forward for there is no turning back. The rod goes on and there is
no way to tread the path any lighter, for it is a road through tough
terrain and the tracks leading off it are tougher still.

You are one of the lucky ones and must use your will to good effect and
never misuse what you have been taught and given. Develop in a peaceful
harmony and the lights of the soul will grow brighter an shine with a glow
which will attract further advancement and connection with the people in
Spirit. There is also a harmony that the animals can pick up and they re
more susceptible to your thoughts than are perhaps people. For they are
attuned from birth and conditioned to respond to what they see, and they
see much to which other eyes are blind.

Never believe that all is lost and that you will have to start again. The
impressions on the soul are with you through death to life beyond. What
is learned now in your world cannot be lost through any physical means.
You are in a world where the longing to succeed and survive through to
the end of your days will drive the Spiritual Progression ever forward. I
am not sure that you wanted to hear from the true and only slightly
enlightened me but there is a way to a better understanding through
mutual sharing of thoughts.
Date 16.1.94 (re The Soul’s Journey)

There is a bright light that shines within each of us. This light was turned
on when first man’s soul was set free into the ever changing world
surrounding us. You should never believe in the worst thing, but always
assume the best. For when the world becomes a part of the whole
universe that it is in then we shall need the power within ourselves.

There is no way of knowing just what and when the time will come for us
to be a part of that whole. For each the time comes when our soul is
ready. This is not just a part of knowing that we are called, but a part of
feeling the calling inside of us. The soul has very good reasons for never
giving us the reasons for developing at the speed that it does. We should
all be ready to accept the limitations of the body whilst we are on earth.
I cannot see the direction that form takes when the body ceases to be of
use to our souls. The housing shell does not go on indefinitely.

However, the progression of the soul will mean that there is a way in
which we can expand further than our previous aspirations allowed for.
The confines of our minds are not subject to reality as we know it. Reality
around us has changed and we move ever onwards. This trait is unique to
all life and we should treasure it and them, for they are blessed with the
gift of a soul.

Damage is healed through the learning experience and life is a part of the
process that allows us to learn. Developing the mind and the body leads to
keenness and power of thought. We can all be a part of the whole
universe around us if we just put our minds to it. Do not be bound by your
body but simply listen to your heart that tells you to be free. Go where
you would so that the power of the life force can flow through you more
easily and freely.

Be prepared for the journey ahead and never look back unless it is to
learn further. You must ever journey on. It is the will of the soul that we
travel further and develop ourselves to echo the harmony of this world
and those we are yet to see. Be glad for the joy of learning and happy in
the knowledge that we are of a greater understanding than when we first
started our journey.
Date 9.11.94 (re Understanding Life)

Can there be any doubt that man survives when the mortal remains he
once knew have been absorbed by the very ground he walked on. This is
symbolic of the survival of the species that in turn sees its own end as
merely a matter of living and dying and something in-between called life.
There has to be life after death for it is too much to ask for the soul
within the shell to stop living just because the shell is destroyed as we
term it.

Life is but a simple thread of existence to those who possess it. This is
across the world and the universe and we are not alone in thinking there
must be an afterlife. Other cultures have explored the possibilities of
endeavouring to learn about this before death has taken them. But we are
all still just learning as we go and for the main part this is built into our
senses as we understand them.

I cannot be more strange to you for you o not fully see and cannot
determine my existence through mere physical senses that you know and
feel comfortable with. If only man can go beyond what he feels he can
understand and cope with. As each generation expands their mind then
one step nearer the truth is taken. This exploration of self will come in
the future, for every generation will wish there were something more it
can bring to this world.

You must believe in the process of the singular capacity to understand, as

shared by the most sentient of creatures on the Earth, and in the
unfolding universe around it. On all planes of existence in all areas of the
mind there is the need to progress and gain more knowledge. It is just
that we feel in the plane that we are in, that there is always something
more we feel that we should know. There is never enough understanding,
it is always beyond our grasp and just out of reach.

When the world stops beating in time to the flow of what we create in
the extremes of our thoughts, to modify those things, beings and places
around us; then there shall be light to dream by and we shall wipe our
eyes and look on things afresh.
Date 10.11.94 (re Ruling Others)

Modern technology in a world with no vision is sad in the context of the

world from which we view it. You are never able to meet the full needs of
Society by developing yet more ways in which annihilate the few who
remain. The world must see that there are fewer steps to heaven than
they might think and the way to get there is not by making war upon one

I wager that the world would be better spent in dealing with issues of
crisis that are seen by so many and ignored by more than they should be.
These crises are but a handful of missions in which people could develop
their own skills and use their talents. I feel that the world can develop
past the stage of fear and fright, to one in which they can make a
positive effort to send love and assistance to those most needy.

You should not develop ideas above that which you are able to accomplish.
For nothing is sadder than someone who is able to keep the promises that
they made to each other. Nothing is harder on the soul than being let
down and devalued by your fellow beings. This is especially true in the
case of animals who cannot see through human eyes they ways of men. To
them ignorance may change to betrayal, for the need of men to rule in
their world surpasses all hopes of the needy.

For times in the past there have been those who see the plight of the
few as the opportunity of the many. It is always easier to rule from the
chair in which one sits in comfort and dictates the rules. The throne of
the King is a free and easy seat from which to dictate and tell the minds
of men the things they may not wish to hear. For in comfort comes the
safety that all man needs to feel. The Ruler to which you bow humbly,
need not be the one who wields the rod and cane for this is my
understanding; that it is human nature to help and assist. This is Ruler of
the hearts of men and will ever be the throne of the soul.

Let man turn to himself and govern his own soul by keeping the world
within himself in shape before he judges the world of others.
Date 29.10.94 (re Thought Focus)

There is a saying amongst my people that they will not come to those who
will sit and wait, they will come to those who seek. When the walls of
understanding are being built then you must chance upon what you will,
but on what you seek to find and know. This is because the knowledge
that is to be learnt from us can only be passed on to you with a better
understanding and appreciation of life.

You will have remembered that there is something more to life than
merely knowing how to live it. There is the appreciation of living it, and
this does not come to man automatically, it has to be worked at.

The bear knows that when it wishes to catch fish it must return to the
river and it will not climb the nearest tree to search for food there. This
is because it knows where to seek what it wishes to fin. Until you can say
the same you will be searching for fish up a tree.

Clear your mind and then channel your thoughts upon my tuition, for the
fruition of thought comes to those who seek it best. This is no mere
accident when the two minds blend as one. This is a deeply controlled
state that only seems as if you are still in control. Our directions are the
guidance you seek and this is what must be developed.

I will meet you in the clearing on the rock. There you will bring with you
your mat for prayers and greeting the new day as it envelops the world
around us. You must not seek to find the heart of the day without first
greeting the new born sun. For the very heart of our existence can be
brought into significance only when you have witnessed the birth of a new
Date 1.1.95 (re Kinship and Progression)

There is a possibility that there is nothing in the world that can suggest
the two forms of the reverse are possible. But then there should be a
possibility for everything in this world of ours, and that is where the
scope of the individual can conquer barriers.

Then there was a boy who can come up with the world in a single form
that of love, and the power to control that love
Is in the world itself. The scope of the individual, be they boy or man, is
not that of age, sex, race or creed, but of the mind of spirit.

Let us open the gateway of understanding and be the mind of man ever
open to the suggestion that nothing is impossible through the eyes of a
believer. It is the nature of man whilst h lives on Earth to believe in
barriers, and self-imposed barriers ever cross his path. But you are never
to be discouraged and in this I have given you hope.

Well you may listen for there is nothing to which your mind cannot be
applied. There are no limits unless you set yourself some, and this is no
way to take on the Universe and all of its wonders. For what the eyes of
man are blind to the soul can see, and there are many wonders to behold.

Travel into the past, viewing the present and seeing the future are all
part of the Spiritual realm and can be seen from Earth. All who seek to
question their existence shall see that they are part of a larger picture.
The fragment that contains them is an ever changing pattern of life that
comes in many forms.

When you write freely of what you have seen do not temper your
judgement to match your own narrow views of life, but try to broaden
your outlook and see what is really there. Be honest to yourself and no
matter how simple the truth write it. Truth is truth no matter how your
words contrive to portray it. The truth shall be seen and the eyes of God
shall understand what you have written. The nearest part of God as it can
be understood is that of mans’ soul, and that is the one part of the
individual that is governed by self.

There is no matter how man tries to become one with nature, there is a
pattern to life that must be followed. We do not understand when the
life pattern breaks down or changes shape to that which we desire. The
course of life does not run smooth and the truth to that course is the
means to learn from it.

In all that you do or see, learn from the experience and then pass it on to
those around you. For no one person is unique in the eyes of God, as each
soul is special in the gifts that it possesses, so we are all connected too.
Every soul is from the larger picture, that of life. Every soul shares
kinship in that they come from God who is the life that lives in us all.
That life can never be destroyed, so therefore no matter how we change
we all share kinship to one another.

This is why we can say that we re all brothers under the skin. For when
you look beyond what your eyes see, and search with your soul, you will
see the beauty that is the truth, that you are never alone. We share a
common thread with all things that share life, as they live and exist then
so we can see in them the ability to see ourselves. Why should any loving
thing perish, for life is not the fundamental truth of living beings, but of
the dead whose souls live on in other worlds. The plants and animals all
share in the life force and all can be said to emanate from God because
of this.

Learning to love the life force and share in the knowledge of existence
beyond the scope of mortal man, is the first step to finding the pattern
of God. There are many Gods to many things but all of them share the
same truth, as in their kinship to you as living beings. They share the
spark of life that makes them exist and should be honoured for this the
most simple of truths. For life is a journey in which the soul is a vehicle
and the force of that power is God to all things.

To seek knowledge and understanding to gain access to further depths of

the soul is what life is all about. The development of the mind and the
progression of the soul when the body exists, and ceases to exist, is all
that matters to the individual. For when they share in the knowledge and
simplicity of truth they share in the kinship of all that life embodies.
Embrace the knowledge that we share with you and then learn to spread
the knowledge to others so that they may share in it too. For the truth of
this life is that it I a beauty and wonderment without end.
Date 13.3.95

In the beginning there is nothing to be able to differentiate between

ourselves and our fellow man except for the very fact that our souls are
different. The very nature of life provides the essence of the fact that
we live and breathe, but we are unique in that we are ourselves. There is
no-one like us and there will never be another us. However, there is
always going to be people similar to us, those who share in who and what
we are. They are the people to whom we must entrust ourselves and learn
to share our lives with. They are our families.

I have not before spoken so openly about the very fact that we wish to
communicate so expressly with you regarding these many topics. I am
sure that you feel unworthy of the material that we supply. In truth it is
a little beyond the comprehension of the man who does not choose to
think. Only he who seeks the truth will find the wisdom in what has been
written before him. So it was, long before man ever began to develop in
the ways he knows as the present living standards of today.

Man has no need for the very existence that he has created for himself
out of the modern world. He could use his knowledge to further his goals
but instead he uses it to work himself harder to set more attainable
goals. For who wishes to run when walking is easier. It is the lazy minds
who will develop the lazy attitude and never get past their easy thinking.
You must learn to overcome your apathy and start to develop in ways you
have not yet begun to realise are possible.

When the time comes there will be plenty of work for you to do with the
very fabric of comprehension being stretched before you. You will tread
before me and then open your heart at my feet. For when the knowledge
of the light of truth begins to fill you all other light is but a spark to a
mighty flame that burns forever in the Universe.

I m special only in the fact that I talk to only to you concerning these
things in an effort to help you think harder about what it is you are
undertaking. Be bold in your search and develop a taste for adventure and
striving to reach perfection. You will always face the barriers that we
impose on ourselves, and even have to cross those set up by others, but
the path will be worth the effort. On that you can rely.
I have not thought why it should be so strange to you to hear from me in
this manner. I cannot see and therefore I am not able to push the
buttons when I wish. Only through sensing what you know to be right are
you able to operate this simple process. Th mind can take information in
at an alarming rate if given the opportunity to do so. This I why we are
unencumbered when we go to Spirit because the physical processes we
now take for granted have no limits in our world.

Open your eyes and see the wisdom before you and all mankind.
Date 2.5.95 (re Personal Communication)

There is a cloud of doubt which surrounds the heart when it is unwilling

to make the change between what it knows is right and what it feels it
wants to do. The soul is a driving force through which the river of our
thoughts cannot be stopped but which rides uncontrollable to the sea of

You should never give up in the hopes you have just for the sake of
making life easier. The hardest dreams are won and lost in the passage of
time when the light of clear vision in hindsight makes the choices seem
easier than they were.

Do not give up in believing that there will be some easier way out of the
situation that you are finding yourself in. There is a way, and there is a
route that lights that way. There can never be an easy road for the path
that we feel that you should tread. There is so much to be done and
there is never enough time for that work.

Be calm and never feel that you have been deserted. The help that you
receive is a culmination of many forces all eagerly at work. The
preparation of such matters lasts longer than the actual wheels when put
in motion. You must seem to be surprised when all goes well for the path
is a tricky one for us to negotiate and make wind your way.

I have centred you on a prayer mat for the prayers that you offer are
answered and heard by Spirit and no-one is without their Spirit friends. I
have to embark on a special journey when I hear your voice calling to me
through the power of your thoughts. This is a journey that you yourself
will work on some day and the rest from that long road is one that we can
never truly get used to. The path is demanding but we choose to take it
willingly for the love of the work that we do.
Date June 95 (re Personal Communication)

There is a mind to be aware of and this is the thing that I most want to
impress upon you. I can see you thinking of the man as he appears in the
physical and traditional way of your world to you. I have not been able
impress upon you any other way than by your senses and this is how I
appear in the world of men. I am not a ghost or a phantom or even a spirit
who is ethereal and misty in quality. I am solid and reliably a real
personality who is appearing within confines of a mind by implanting and
suppressing your own thoughts by mine.

It is not necessary for you to be able to do any other thing than receive
and be receptive for this is the vital key that we need. You should never
force the opinion of the views of traditionally implanted traits and
beliefs, for these are not our way. We do not need and do not ever show
the slightest fear for using what we can when we know it to be
appropriate. Your own skill as a medium is just short of the mark. When
you can develop freely, and not be tied down by the level of drudgery
that swamps your mind, then you will begin to see the progress you are

I want you to know that we are very keen on developing and using your
skills that hold great potential for one key thing, and that is as a receiver
for our messages of love. This is the way and the means by which you will
do this. The very core of your being depends essentially on your welfare
and peace, and we cannot use you if you are not emotionally well, as do not
wish to intrude upon your life. It should always be assumed you shall be
visited by someone other than myself for we all have work to do. This
work can vary in degrees and that of the welfare of others is paramount
in the sights of the ones who wish to progress.
Date 7.7.95 (Re Future Advancements)

When the edge of his world is sought by man, he will be able to make the
sun seem as though it was the merest flicker of light. For we are in a
world where the aura of others is bright enough to illumine the whole of
life itself.

There is no woman or man who can really appreciate that there is going to
be a new lease of life given to the whole of mankind through the
discoveries of the next century. When this arises man will be thinking
more vehemently towards the ascent of the stars, and the nearest rivals
to their knowledge will be others who occupy the same thoughts

You must never lose sight of the fact that there is enough of the soul in
man to realise that he must never be beaten by the confines of a sharply
diminishing material world that surrounds him. He wants to be eternally
free to escape the existence that he finds himself in and broaden his

It is the horizons of new space makes it, time and his matter that he
occupies at the present, seem like a dream that is to be conquered,
explored and devoured. This is no time for making the same mistakes that
others have fallen into the trap of doing. They shall not bury their heads
into the sand when the ostrich should be running. For when the
opportunity strikes then it should be taken and the knowledge will come
flooding in.

Then what of this knowledge and the things that our worlds can bring
together to help in the peace and tranquillity of the soul. To put an end to
the suffering that makes us all so sad at times to reflect upon and see.
Well, I would wish that the world of medicine would make bacterial
breakthroughs with the appliance of chemicals which have been
manufactured through silver and platinum compounds. The elements in
metals are the exact components that will cease the suffering of
arthritis and boost the heart rate of those who suffer from all heart
rendered illnesses. This may seem impossible to replicate the compounds
required but the ability to fuse materials will be common. With nuclear
breakthroughs that are currently being used in labs around the world, and
in different contexts and ways than they should be used.
I m wise to the elementary wishes of the multitude for peace and
compassion to their fellow man. A Humane Society will provide a relief
fund that will allow the aid workers to travel unhindered and unrestricted
to all parts of the world. A universal government will be established that
will lead to further unity, and division amongst the few fractions who
would always seek power and the will to destroy. The World will look to its
new leader to unite peoples of all races in an effort to stay loyal to the
plight of mankind; in the ever present knowledge that chemicals and
pollutants pose an even bigger problem than was ever comprehended. The
space travel will yield answers to the fact that the planet’s breakdown of
atmosphere is leading to depressants and affects upon the minds of many
individuals on Earth.

More aquatic and seafaring mammals will be migrating in patterns that

are contrary to their evolutionary patterns, and those who cannot cope
will perish. This is the human cycle of things that never will be able to
keep the presence of mind to prevent certain happenings. The
introduction of mammals in to the education systems will further enhance
the manner in which we educate our young. There will be a brilliant
binding of cultures, and people will learn to develop using an ability to
communicate on many levels, other than the sensory that are used at

Mind transference through mechanical implantation will inhibit the

corresponding brain patterns and cause sensational rapid movements in
the mind. The connecting brain nerves and patterns will create a sort of
vacuum into which all non-sensory irrelevant information could be
inhibited and translated into useful patterns. Such as the blind man who
could not see, being given higher access to all other functions of his body
whilst still being unable to see. He may be able to respond better through
the enhanced information being fed to his brain through the other organs
of his body.

I would like to say that the world will be a better place to it and watch
and listen to the glory of peace and heaven. But you should know that
there is an ever present struggle to overcome the resilient nature of man,
who always seeks a less clear and an easier route to the freedom of
choice. Man is by essence an essentially lazy creature when he is not
inspired or educated to act and question and gain pleasure from the quest
of knowledge. More information than ever before will be fed directly to
him through devices of educational learning, directly implanted into a
system of learning within the mind. Imagine thinking of states of higher
plains and being able to watch from the sides as events happen and you
observe. Not only will information be given verbally inside your head, but
you shall be able to see it there also. In a manner that hitherto only a few
people could achieve, save through dream state, the conscious mind will be
able to be manipulated in such a way that we shall be the masters of our
own education through the choice of input one chooses to accept.

And if all this seems rather far-fetched, remember that we can only
begin to imagine just what man shall need in his hour of final reckoning,
when he meets death and begins his new life. A whole new adventure,
where the learning of the mind will begin without mechanical stimulus, and
freewill enables you to make your dreams come true. Let us rejoice for
the knowledge that all who come into the world of Spirit will ultimately be
sharing together.
Date 18.7.95 (Re Molecules and Matter)

Matter is not held together by the consistency of the density of the

particles, but by the enormity of the complex structure in which it is
held. The very latest designs on the nature and the understanding of the
fabric in which all matter is enveloped, is significant in the findings that
we can support.

There is seldom a breakdown of molecular residue when the molecular

structure has been altered after a transportation of matter has been
produced. Instead, the matter takes on a new form that tends to be
somewhat puzzling. At no time may you expect to see the combination of
trace elements being left aside and then reunited; save for the fact that
they are clambering to rejoin into what they were.

There is an example we can give in that water is a molecular structure

that when broken down will give a liquid form to solid matter and gaseous
form when heated. But it resumes its prior form when cooled, hence
evaporating back to what it was, being a liquid again.

I think that you will understand better when you are able to try out what
we suggest and transport matter from one element to another. This
combining your own energy and ours, effectively generating a new form,
means that new ingenuity and feats of accomplishment are secondary to
the fact that our co-existence could save the lives of millions upon your

Let me show you that the path of creation is something that man can
strive to aid in the deliberate and utter surrendering of his own
limitations into our hands. Together our elements combined can generate
the force to get things done in a way that man has never thought
Date 25.7.95 (Re Communication)

There is no way in which the truth can come into the light of searching
for the sight and sounds of the ultimate way of reference to the past and
the techniques of the future. This combination in thoughts and feelings
can only lead to the eventual breakdown and retry of the old methods of
seeking for the truth.

I wish you the utter control of your mind, but the fact is that there is no
way that control of such a device that you have at your disposal, will be
properly controlled in so little time. There is a limit even to the
possibilities imposed upon us when there is a limit of the body for a start.
You must never try and push the limits you have around you and then turn
out to be disappointed and hampered by those very limits.

You are but starting on a trek that is taking you along the time and path
of what all those who went before you had to learn for themselves. And
what we learned on this journey is that everything comes to he who waits
and then learns from that which came. Is there any point in waiting for
something only to be blind when it finally passes you by?

I am surprised that you are not in the very throws of convincing yourself
that this is all not true, for that is still evident in your control of your
mind. And as I type faster there are still the doubts that you have,
coming to the forefront of your mind. There is something that bars the
way in everyone who comes to us direct from the Earth. That is that they
wish to belong to something that they are not as yet a complete part of.

There is no need to rush the path when one cannot enjoy it, and that
process of learning and enjoying will be passed from one person to
another when the time is right to share the knowledge. This is what I try
in part to pass on to you, and the quicker I go then the better for you,
for there is not the time to be able to think about the conscious thought
prevailing in all
I wish to write.

This is somewhat of a time and experience for me, but then there is
something new that we all must learn when the time is right. The very
fact that I can share this time and place and be here prove to himself
and others that survival is imminent to all who search. You must look to
know you survive before you can learn to live and appreciate life.
There is the fact that when you type there is nothing stopping the flow
of words, and although you must still see that there is nothing impeding
the processing factor, the very willingness to come through seems enough
to guide your hands. This is a new and exciting moment when we too can
see that the words that we wish to share with you come through

Try not to let your own mind cloud our sentiments and understanding. You
are short in the minds eye when you compare the mind’s knowledge and
acceptance of the facts if you have never had to live with them as we
have. This is a mighty big step to take and jump into the realms of
thoughts and discarnate ideas and concepts.

There is a light that we can see from where we are and it is centred in
the back of you mind. It guides us to you and is like a flame to a moth. We
are drawn towards it and then manage to manipulate your own thoughts so
that our own can come through.

Be delighted that the process is swift and can improve and get better.
There is a lot of white and pale blue involved in the creating of the lights.
The white is the core with blue tinged edges. This is a description that
lacks the true beauty of the doorway we travel through. Our thoughts
come from far but there is no limit on them and the direction that they
choose to take.

This is somewhat of a strange and novel method of communication and we

would hope to continue to get more experienced in this, so keep trying
and do not give up.
Date 12.9.95 (re Personal Development)

Do not hasten to assure people that there is something out there when
you are yourself believing in the power that is in you. This time taken to
adjust to the belief that there is something precious within us all, comes
slowly and is not to be rushed too quickly for some individuals. You are
keen, but remember that we must all learn at our own rates.

This is a somewhat short version of what we are intending to say tonight

because we that time is for you no longer easily come by at the moment.
You must learn to take things more slowly. You have come a long way when
you think about your development. Things cannot go forever at a steady
pace. There will always be peaks and troughs for you as a mortal man who
is governed by the states of mind and body.

I believe that you will be thinking of those most in need of your healing
thoughts and sending vibrations to them all. At night we will take your
thoughts and craft them into some semblance of help for those most
needy. This is done at intervals when we can come closer to you in this
work through mutual co-operation. You may feel our presence and that is
the time to work hardest at forging a link and expending your power so
that we may use it together to help others more needy than yourself.

Sounds are pressing on the mind and causing a disturbance that may
ultimately lead to headaches and tension. You must eliminate this noise by
reducing your receptivity to such phenomenon. This is a hard tool to use
when you are not used to the right calibrations to get the best results.
However, as a tool it is finely crafted and the art of using it comes with
many warnings. The first is that utilisation of the device is to be limited
to the correct times and places.
I am positive that developments can be made and the time utilised to the
fullest extent possible when you are able to bend your will to what you
are really capable of. I know that it is a long hard day and it takes every
effort to soldier the storm of life, but there are highs and lows in
everything we do. It is how we weather those that determines how great
a man we are.

I am pleased to see the effort being made now to develop more precisely
and the acquisition of such skills will lead to more perfection that will
serve you and us better. Do not be put off by the swirling life around you.
Though you are a part of it, the path you will tread may lead you to have
little or no time for the thoughts of everyday life in general. This is a
pledge, that we know that you will be using skills you had only dreamed of
ever using. This I now a fact and the plans have been drawn up on how you
may best serve us in our continual efforts to bring awareness to the
many, and evidence to the few who are receptive to receiving it. May we
succeed together.
Date: October 1995 (re Philosophy)

It had never occurred to me that there was truth in the rumour that
there is a necessity for mediumship to be done by those who felt they
were different in some way. Because to proclaim that one is different
from the rest is already starting to alienate yourself from your fellow
man. The Brotherhood of man is what we preach to those who are new to
the so called philosophy that has been passed the label of Spiritualism. I
do not call it this. Rather, that it is a way of the body and mind to find
peace within oneself. There are other ways in which this may be achieved,
but here we deal with only the advancement of the soul through the
physical life.

I am not sure that many people can comprehend the scale of the
afterworld when they are used to quantifying the world in their own tiny
measures of comprehension. For us there is no limit to where one might
go. For the outer reaches of the world that you know are but a stones
throw away from the agile mind.
Date: 8.11.95 (re Life and Progression in the Cosmos)

There is nothing more to say in the matter that we think you are
developing, for this is to me a closed chapter. For when they are asking
you to do what you feel is right then you must explore all that we are
making possible at your disposal. Use the greatest of your gifts for your
fellow man and never lose sight that after this, there may be a possible
step forward beyond the scope of your comprehension at present.

This is by no means the last word on the subject of progression. This is

just the tip of the iceberg, that we shall call forwards the means by
which you shall be developing in the future. When you see that we have
just come from the best times to those when all the world will see that it
is possible to comprehend the power of the mind and that of Spirit. We
are all sure that doubtless wonders will be bestowed upon the world for
realising that they are not alone when it comes to the cosmos and the
fellow beings that occupy our space and time. For know that there are
other worlds and that we are not the only ones who seek the progression
of the soul. This is the pursuit of all beings who share in the life force of
the cosmos. In fact, we share a lot in common because in essence we are
all part of the great scheme of things and the rule for one is the rule for
all. In this, we have a single uniformity that makes us brothers in that we
are connected by thought and a common law which is party to us all.

When the development of this world goes beyond the scope of modern
day man to understand properly, we shall be waiting to hold the hand of
the few with the foresight to see that the future is bright and not bleak.
They who look ahead with open vision and a wondrous heart, are far more
likely to see the joys of tomorrow. We have all got the chance to be
there to witness it, so why do we not all look to a brighter future. It is
with heavy heart indeed that man sees his own path going down a slippery
slope when in fact he can get back on a path of wisdom and seek help
from those who already tread it.
Date: 9.4.96 (re Thoughts)

To place a thought in the mind begins with a single power, an energy, a

thought from which rides the wave of the mind and ends up in the brain
where it can be interpreted. This thought is then relayed to the
necessary part where it is needed. But what if that destination is no
contained within the human form from which it is transmitted. This is
where the power of thought and the necessary patterns with which we
can control the world around us to a greater or lesser degree, comes in to
its own pure light.

You see my friends, we are all governed by cause and effect. We feel, we
react and we learn from the experience. What is not generally accepted
by the greatest of scientific minds in your world is that we are all of the
same substance. We are all one in what some may term the Power of God.
I like to think that we are cast from the same clay, the earth from which
we are formed is a natural thing. This is a natural world that surrounds
and in which we live and breathe, and eventually die. It does not stop
when death arrives, for it is natural that things should continue forever,
as far as we ourselves will continue to exist. For why should man place
himself above the earth from which he is created. That is sheer folly and
the way in which the closed mind, fearing the power of the light that will
consume him, turns all his knowledge into a crumb. Why, even the
smallest bird can carry the crumb that he may know in its beak and fly
away with it, so that he may never build on it unless he is quick to
challenge what he already knows. Those with the foresight to see ahead
of what they feel they already know, to seek out more and push
themselves to the very edge of knowledge, will surely reap the greatest

A single pulse of energy is all that is needed and a single mind that has a
willingness to use that pulse, to send it far ahead of oneself and into the
great unknown. But why should we not be able to direct that thought.
Surely if we can influence our own thoughts inside of ourselves we have
some manipulation over those which we generate that are destined for
outside of ourselves. This is where the light and knowledge of the Spirit
World can help. They too seek to utilise their thoughts in the World of
Man, to continue to make a pattern that weaves itself into the daily
fabric of life. This weave is made up of both our own thoughts, and the
ones that we can utilise from yourselves. You see, even in death, we exist
side by side, a natural combination of the power of good and hope, love
and determination, to make a difference to the World we see together.
Our own lives are made so much easier if the truth that each individual
arrives with can become a truth that all share together. To have
knowledge when one arrives here is the fundamental art that all strive to
achieve. The quicker we acquire that knowledge the keener we are to
expand upon it and use it to help others. We all strive together and the
path is by no means easy, but help and guidance is freely shared for the
benefit of mankind.

I have to admit that the power of the energy contained in thought is

strong and yet can be totally uncontrolled. Things are eagerly awaited
with relish, and when they do not happen then negative thoughts can have
a detrimental effect too. This tends to be forgotten by those who seek
only to dwell forever on the good things. Know that these are the harder
thoughts to control. To put a stop to negativity is perhaps the hardest
thing we are all striving to master. One kind deed, one sparing thought,
can make all the difference to a soul in distress. So reach out with your
mind and seize the very thoughts that you know you are capable of. The
mind is under used and can be made to manipulate quicker brain waves and
faster patterns. It can be helped to use these very special patterns and
waves to fully integrate with the world around it and develop a working
bond. This bond is strong and unseen, but can be traditionally used to
break the spell that confines the thoughts to ones own body. Do not let
yourself be narrow-minded. Expand your horizons and usury the confines
of your own thinking. Bring peace and harmony from discontent and
discord. It can be done with patience and hard effort, and our help will be
given if needed and asked for.

Think of your mind within a circle that you wish to move out of. The
circle’s boundaries cannot be broken, those are the laws of nature. But
what you can do is stretch them, they are malleable and they will bend
thought. It is like expanding the shape of the circle and turning it into an
oval at points where you wish to break through. Thought can create a
pattern, a new shape to the fabric of time as it is known to you. Do not
waste energy on trying to punch through the barrier of the Natural
World, for where the mind cannot enter, the body will not be predisposed
to go either. The soul will act as a vehicle through the centre of this
shape, with the direction taken being controlled by the power of thought.
The thoughts are the fuel and they act like a carrier beacon to guide the
power within us all to do extraordinary things, as the body will consider in
It is unlike anything you have ever dreamed of. For the patterns of colour
within our Universe and beyond are like an ebbing tide flowing too and fro
within the natural confines of the perimeters. There is no limit to what
you are eventually capable of doing. At times you may seem as though you
are standing still and not getting anywhere, and this is generally a period
of transition. You have them on the Earth and they are a Natural form of
self development. In all states, and wherever you go, you will feel special
when using the power of thought. For it is the intercommunication for all
living things. I urge you to expand on your thoughts and use the colours
and the techniques that you feel respond to the brain waves you are
using. Each thought is a carrier signal that can be made use of. Each brain
wave is an electrical impulse that will surely result in a thought carried
far from the host if that is your intended purpose. With love from the
soul, and with the truth of the message will go the speed of thought. It
cannot be overtaken by anything, for it is a thing that transcends time as
it has the power to do. This is what may happen in instances like
precognition, and by which we can sometimes gain insight from.
We can see and hear things in this instance beyond our usual

I must leave you with the passing thoughts that came and have been
elaborated on in barely a ripple on the surface of a very big, beautiful sea
of knowledge. To fin that ripple one must certainly look first. Look with
your heart and then your mind, and when you have found the answers you
were seeking within, send your thoughts out to those who you would wish
to share your knowledge with. For in the sharing is the joy that unites us
all and makes us a part of the family that embraces all living things with
open arms and minds.
Date 21.8.96 (re Goals)

When there is a time to come from above and not realise that there was
the need to excel, then there was no reason to pursue your endeavours
with such fortitude. Now that man has reached the goals that he set
forth and attempted with the upper reaches of his mind, he has achieved
his aim. That aim is not that the goal is finished but that new sights are
having to be set and new limits explored, such is the cycle to which we
become accustomed.

In a way that is why you are maturing and experiencing the difficulties
that make life a trial. This is for you to reach and surpass the goals that
you are capable of. There is no challenge in the ever affordable and the
ever reachable, for that is not a limit but merely a mark of the test of
your ability. You are able to reach far beyond any imposed limits and
should look to become very much a pioneer in setting your sights beyond
that of the ordinary man. For as every man is unique so should there be
limits, and to succumb to the temptation to make those limits that bit
easier to get is a hurdle that is no barrier to overcome.

Be sure that you are not wanting more than can be achieved in one day,
for the road is ever winding and sometimes leads us back to the place
where we first started. The wise man will recognise the path he is on and
not make the same mistakes twice. The man who is a fool will fail to see
the progress he has made and renew the very cycle he had hoped to
Date 27.8.1996 (re Personal Communication)

When the door of light is thrown open the whole world seems to come
forth and look at what is in view. But in this small view that has opened in
the chasm of our world there is a new thing to be learned. Which is that
we should not judge the whole by the uniqueness of the parts of which it
comprises. For if we were to do that we would lose the very wonder that
makes each part that much different from its neighbour.

We can sometimes be lost in this vast space when you need no more than
time and passage to view the heavens that you imagine yourself in. Yet we
can to some extent build on the foundations of our learning by making
advances in the fields of science and numerology. That is the sentience of
life, and the understanding of its being. You see, we are all predisposed to
believe that man reigns supreme in a world of men, but there’s is a world
that is one of many and unique to itself. Does not the Universe as a whole
boast more than this single planet on which man thrives, and if that is the
case let us not be too sure of ourselves. Is the uniqueness that we give
ourselves credit for any more special than that which others may endure
and hold dear to their own hearts?

The answer is that we are no more special than the rest of the parts that
make up that whole, and no less the wondrous for it either. We have
emerged after time and breeding into a culture that delights in the
sweeping generalisation that we govern the many for the benefit of the
few. We see through the eyes of others the aims that make us richer, not
in the reward of our souls, but in the supreme power we hold over our
brothers, be they man, animal or life in other forms. We co-exist with our
brothers and should not look to be Lord and Master over the few who
share in being special for being unique in themselves. Of the smallest
deed the simplest soul is measured and the cloth we cut in this world is
for the suit we shall wear in the next.

I have come from many a time when the lives of men were weighed
against the coin of the realm that had no compassion or mercy to offer
its inhabitants. This is where I feel I may have been different, unique in
my own small way, for I left that world and went to find others who
shared my views and thoughts. We cannot say that we did any better than
any other culture, but ours was a way where the caring sought to help its
fellow man and brother. In life we gave what we had and in token
gratitude those we shared with were never wanting in the rewards they
bestowed upon us. I have seen with my own eyes the Falls which measured
and spanned the whole length of a continent that had made man and
angels dance together in harmony. I sing of the praises of that culture
for we never saw a more dignified race. They who would not bestow arms
against us, nor let us starve in the face of the meanest and cruel
weather, sought to give us hope and a yearning in our souls.

I came to speak to you about the times we have had and I look to re-
establish many links from those earliest of beginnings. I have never
looked back for the way is ahead, but sometimes it is a help to see where
we have been so that we may know where we are heading. You must
remember that you are one of many and those who see as you do are
prone to lack the ability to seek for themselves the comforts that make
life bearable. You see and you feel with a passion and endurance that can
martyr a person for no real reason. You should not look to be a martyr to
the cause, but rather to be a hero in your own eyes and to feel good bout
oneself, that is the best tonic I ever tasted and ever likely shall.

I was wondering whether any of the individuals who make up the peer
group we share in your views are capable of seeing into the frame of light
that encompasses them when they meet. Many of them feel a presence
and can sense it close, even if they do not see it. I have brought to you
my friend wondrous evidence only to sense that you are unable to take it
for whatever reason. Very often the vibration that makes my presence
known to you cannot be reached and tuned correctly, leaving a very
exasperated host and guest. We take great pains to build up our presence
to the right level and yet we are unable to do his alone. A positive
attitude is very often the way to strike further ahead. I am grateful for
this short time together whilst I realise that you re about to leave me I
would ask you to communicate again shortly. I have many things to want to
share about the stars and the world that we want you to be a part of and
see. It is important to you and your friends that you taste a part of what
small picture we can show you as a representation of the world we live in.
Like when the first beautiful colours of a world unknown were shown to
Date pre May 1997 (re Mans’ Focus)

Lessons to hold with, are judged primarily on their strength of purpose

and their ability to hold the individual true to their word. It has often
been the error of man above all their species to follow a plan and the
meaning behind it to their own advantage. It was seldom a case that the
individual would suffer at the expense of their own folly. People thrived
on what they felt they knew best and sadly failed to be diverted to the
better cause. This is where man went wrong. He so easily feels that he is
superior to those who surround him and becomes all but blind to the truth
that penetrates his life. In everything that exits lies some truth. Even
the stars and the rocks exist, and their eternity will exist long after our
earthly bodies have died. In this simple truth we should be humbled.
Date 1.5.1997 (written 2.5.97 in retrospect about Egypt)

The name was given to me pelt out sound wise in sections a bit at a time.

ATEN-A-KA-TEN and possibly also


The sound structure seemed very important and the man speaking it was
most emphatic to repeat it several times at that moment. Whilst I
realised I was in Egypt I felt I was inside a very large chamber of stone
that was rather dark, being made to look at the stone channels in the
ground. Very slim, about 15 to 20cms across, they held water to a depth
of approximately 60 to 90 cms. These channels were also of stone built
against the side of a wall and raised from the floor. Maybe it should have
been dark but it was semi-shady because I was told about a hole in the
roof that I felt was sloping and also on the outside quite high up. (I had a
strong feeling that I was in a pyramid but couldn’t see the outside of the

The hole was able to let in light that hit the channels of water where it
reflected off and produced more light. I was told that this process of
refraction also helped serve many needs. As a means of viewing other
areas, rather like a periscope works, as a means for measuring angles and
also for geometric building patterns. The latter was more a sense or
feeling, because he was likening the techniques to being used in varying
forms in structures elsewhere. The names Mesopotamia and
Constantinople were very clear.

Linked with the name given above I was told, after seeing the reflected
light illuminating a large picture about some hieroglyphics (sensed but not
seen) about the Royal cartouche. Maybe this is what the words were in
hieroglyphics, but I had the sense that the name was linked with the
speaker who felt like an Overseer to the building of structures such as
the ones we were in.

Looked into the name above and suggest that it is linked to Akhenaten
who was Amenophis IV.
Date 13.8.1997 (re written in retrospect about Nubia)

I was told about communication in the form of hieroglyphs and cave

paintings and the like. I remember them talking about the pyramids and
temples but most of all I still feel strongly about one man telling me
about very ancient signs left. He said about Nubia and high up, I felt as if
it was the side of a mountain, there were rooms (perhaps caves is more
exact) that held these earliest forms of pictorial writing and art. The
speaker I felt was the same as previously connected to construction as of
1.5.97). I felt these caves were high up and as yet were undiscovered and
held archaeological importance to mans’ first and earliest written

I looked up Nubia in the Atlas and it now Sudan (right next door to Egypt
and just below Abu Simbel).
Date 20.9.2002 (re The Psychic Faculty Within)

When you look at individuals you cannot help but send signals to your
brain. This matter, of electronic impulses conveyed in a complex route to
the processing centre, is a minor miracle in itself. However, the actual
reclassification of the original signals, the conversion of the raw data into
a coherent message, is surely another wonder. This magnificent process is
pursued by millions of sentient beings every second of every day. Yet
most choose to ignore the beauty and are blind to the power contained in
this system.

When viewed, the individuals are perceived in the mind as more than just
what we see. Our own thoughts, and those where we have been influenced
by outside stimuli, convey with these images further information. Be it
right or wrong, we tend to be influenced in our perceptions, the actual
sights we see are linked to what we think of feel at the time. Hence the
colour pink, whilst perceived as an actual sight, is also processed in our
minds with how we feel about that colour – a personal perception not
influenced as much from without as it is from within us. Likewise, a
myriad of messages floods our mind along with the expansive simultaneous
sensory information – and all this is handled in a remarkable way by the
functions of the brain.

When you have beyond five senses it is not that far removed to believe
that extra sensory information can also influence our mind patterns. Like
any other information not physically tangible, there is no reason to
discount its actuality. If we are receiving information then another short
step is to question as
To whether it is being given or are we just receiving. Is this a blend of
extra sensory emotions carried about us, or just something excluded or
sent at will at certain times. What influence does the individual have over
their own perceptions and can thy influence those of others?

When I look at individuals within a crowd I am aware of what I see, hear

and perhaps can even taste at the time. Whilst processing all of this I am
also aware of my own mind being influenced by these things, attaching
perceptions of its own, based rightly or wrongly on all my experiences up
till now. Yet beyond this there is something more, it starts from within
and becomes a sort of energy that is turned into an extra sensory
emotion. This is then processed in the brain and when it is not
disregarded, analysed or prevented, then it becomes just another random
set of electrical impulses to be converted like all the others. It is
possible to curb such impulses, as it is to switch off your senses or tone
them down, like listening to only one voice/conversation in a crowd. You
focus, and with varying degrees of clarity you manage to perceive the
object of your attention.

Beyond what I deem to be normal sensory input, and that of the usual
influences the mind itself attaches automatically to it, I come to the
extra sensory. When I look at a crowd I know like everyone I am
processing everything continually, a million messages sorted and put
together by my brain to make sense.
The mind relays this information to the self and we seemingly
acknowledge our own selves, me myself and I, amongst the multitude we
assume are doing exactly the same thing. My own version is no doubt not
dissimilar, but I often wonder how much of the extra sensory information
they are collecting, and whether they have taught their brains to
discount such messages. This is perfectly acceptable in theory, after all
there are times when if we were aware of all sensory information we
would be driven mad. Our mind is aware of enough to clarify our
surroundings, and when it wishes to focus or enquire further, the brain is
only too willing to oblige with the electrical patterns it is processing. In
essence, further information is there, but in order to go beyond the
basics one has to focus too and collate the information. This is in the
same manner as an out of focus page and we automatically squint to see
more, or an ear turned to hear better.

To start with I wonder what the basic extra sensory information is like
for the individual, and can only relate my own experiences. Firstly, I am
keenly aware of self, the ability and uniqueness of the individual within my
surroundings. At times I have blotted out and discounted much of what I
feel, asking subconsciously for the brain to filter it as I would a distant
dripping tap, and ultimately to discount it. Sometimes this does not work,
when I am in commonly called “a daydream state”. Then it is suddenly
possible to have it all suddenly switched back on, but you quickly become
alert to it and the mind focuses and the brain filters once again. The
amount of this background dampening cannot be stressed enough. When
you consider the emotions that seep seemingly from individuals, as well as
the influences and impressions left on all tangible objects – the effects
are great.
Indeed, it seems to me everyone adds something to the space around
them, my guess is it could be named “the aura”. But it is important to say
I do not physically see it – I psychically sense it, which to me amounts to
the same thing because the impressions are just as strong and can be
acted upon by the brain in the same way. So if individuals have this sense
or aura, or perhaps more accurately an energy field about them, how far
(you might ask) does it extend? On this I am not sure, because my own
energy field seems to extend over any distance o meet it. By this I mean
I can focus my mind to concentrate the state, but in our usual states I
think it stays pretty close to the body. It seems to expand and contract
as people blend with those about them and their surroundings. I cannot
sense how far their own fields come out, I can only send my own to
encompass a person, a room or a whole area. There seems to be no
barriers to focussing this energy with practise. Interestingly enough
hindrances do exist sometimes to me when I try.

Above all, the emotional balance of an individual, I guess in truth it is the

mind, body and spirit balance within each person, is truly what affects
the energy field. It takes much practise too to train the mind to process
the information so that it can accept the extra sensory as it would other
stimuli. We are undoubtedly often pre-programmed continuously with so
much in the way of other peoples’ perceptions, that we may take half a
lifetime to find our own truth. Mind, body and spirit within reflects the
energy field without. At times of being uncertain or withdrawn, it is held
close and somewhat guarded, not blending with the surroundings or people
it could so easily come into contact with. When extrovert and happy it
seems to have a resonance about it, and it naturally extends further and
blends with those close. When these energy fields meet, to me it is
almost like with a touch, because information seems to flow between it.
At times it flows easily, maybe when a harmonious connection is mad, say
for example between two like-minded people. At other times it is a real
focus of attention to delve softly into the energy field to extract the
information sought. This is done much the same way as our minds control
ourselves and make us aware of how we feel now, what has influenced us
to make us feel the way we do. To a degree, all of this can be obtained
from the link and often a heightened sense of focus can bring more
accurate or detailed information.

Interestingly enough, as I mentioned before, distance seems to be

irrelevant and does not diminish the connection totally. Somehow people
seem to have a unique signature to their energy field, I like to think of
that as their core, the soul. We all have a common bond, like it or not that
is the possession of a soul, and therefore I believe we are all capable of
the potential for growth. In a natural unaffected mind, spirit and body
combination we can achieve the same degree of practise and knowledge.
What does seem to be an impediment to me is the connection to a person.
Like attracts like, some of the easiest and most successful people to read
are often the most like us. Though we can read others we may not like to,
and eventually recoil from the effort or unpleasantness of such a
connection, as we would probably do so in their acquaintance.

A deliberate barrier can be put up by any individual who has self-

possession. They can withdraw their energy field in a focussed and
deliberate way in order not to be read to any degree of success. I think
this must take as much a focussed mind to achieve as it would to be aware
of reading others. The ability is inherent, but like all our skills it requires
practise, and I don’t doubt even needs training. Previously, I mentioned all
tangible objects have this energy trace. I think much of this is due to it
being made up of atoms, and we share a common bond in those atoms. As
well as having an energy trace itself, that object (places can also be
affected by human contact or proximity) blends somehow with the energy
field of the individual and therefore becomes a part of it. I suppose this
can be compared to how every soul we ourselves come into contact with,
to some degree or another, leaves an imprint upon us – reflected
undoubtedly in our own energy fields. Thus theoretically I believe an
object too can be read (psychometry) and a place too (such as in
hauntings on battlefields where scenes are replayed).

So you see that is the miracle of our own bodies, mind and spirits. As you
focus your mind the other senses are not needed after practise, indeed
they can be a hindrance because they are just creating more simultaneous
erroneous information the brain has to process. Personally I find it useful
to focus when not being too apparent by closing my eyes, a simple but
effective method. You cannot flood your mind if your brain isn’t getting a
visual image, and by the same token it can’t falsify or mislead your mind
with any preconceptions about what it sees. As a result in my experience
less sensory input can often lead to more results and it is only when much
more detailed information is needed does it become helpful to work as a
“whole”, using all our senses together. I mentioned earlier about distance
but it should not be imagined I am saying we have no limits, I just feel
rather that it is more an indication of the focus needed.
You should consider this, that in all it is evident just how important our
electrical impulses are, they feed our mind and the brain processing them
co-ordinates the body that houses them. The balance is essential, and if
this energy field is contained without as well as within, as I maintain it
certainly is then even our thoughts are part of this energy pattern.
Prayers, thoughts, feelings, all can be focussed and extend beyond
ourselves in an energy field that with practise can be directed over
distance to any other person or place. Hence, I believe in the power of
prayer when said with deliberate focussed intention, as it is but
concentrated thought often with deliberate intention. The power to do
good as well as harm by the power of thought is evident. But inevitably we
are masters of our own “ships”, which are our bodies housing mind and
spirit. We either stay open to receive energy sent from others, or we can
close our minds (and ultimately ourselves)
to its effects. In this world, like attracts like and there is a universal law
of nature that permeates all levels of existence. With our energy, or soul
means we too can permeate all barriers and this is why I truly believe we
do not die except in a physical sense.

I seem to have deviated a great deal from my path in telling you what it is
I sense from what is around me. Sometimes I feel an energy field
touches me, as if an individual is focussing on me. It is rather like the
sensation of being stared at, you can’t possibly know for sure but you feel
it so strongly, and yes you then find your extra sensory perceptions are
correct. I think that is due to the fact we have attuned our brains to
input all this extra sensory energy as normal and irrelevant. Yet from
time to time when we are the object of the focus of others energy fields,
our brain informs our minds something is heightened and we suddenly feel
aware of extra sensory things happening. This is kind of like thinking of
someone and then they suddenly call you, or getting the sense of
somebody being near or even of a familiar place. Strong impressions
result in strong focus and our extra sensory messages are heightened,
but how we perceive them is up to our own mind.

Imagine, I am in a crowd, I sense the connection and the energy fields of

lots of people. They are all different and in a like attract like kind of way
they are all giving off their resonance. In a sea of such energy you can
become lost, feel insignificant or else overwhelmed, so you learn to tune
out. To have your mind tell your brain not to bother with that
information, to acknowledge that it is there but to only call on it when you
tell it. Add to this the atmosphere these energy traits leave on a place
and you can imagine how a shopping mall, enclosed and with thousands of
visitors can become a sensory overload. Yet an intimate gathering of
friends can be the opposite and your mind may tell your brain to allow the
information through so that you might enjoy the ambience. You feel
connected, even if nothing is said. Sometimes being in the company of
those you love and are loved by can create a wonderful feeling. As I said,
feelings are part of the electrical impulses. The soul feels good and
extends its energy field to embrace those around. The auras (or
energies) of those present extend to blend with each other and perhaps
share the opportunity to pick up extra sensory information. In a way, this
explains why two people can feel so attuned to each other and almost
know what the other is thinking, and then they go and do the same thing.
A place that has built up similar energies can feel homely to like people
sympathetic to the ambience. Or equally it could repel others who feel
uncomfortable, or in extreme cases perhaps an evil presence. Here a
modicum of common sense prevails and you know that nothing can cause
you harm when you are master of your own ship.

To focus on one of those individuals I tend to open up my energy to the

whole. Invariably I tend to sense somehow where to go in a crowd, either
because I told myself I wish to go there for a specific reason (to heal or
find someone), or else I am just drawn there. Think of the form as the
shell, what covers it in as much as how it is dressed and the age or colour
is irrelevant to the extra sensory. As you train your mind to sift the brain
for extra sensory only, other information can be separated and stored
for use later. When you extend your consciousness to that person, for
that is what it can feel like, you are forging a link with them. It seems
that first I get an overall sense of who they are and how they are feeling.
If I try I can sense them as colour (an aura) and relate this information
to what I feel. Mostly though it feels like your mind is aware of having
control in a very small way of them.

So with this experience comes the ethical obligation to never betray a

trust and to respect the privacy of others. After all, beyond the general
sense of who they are comes more specifics. You sort of pour your energy
in, direct your mind to find what you want and your body responds. Not
through the organs you would expect but perhaps via what some call the
chakras. I know it is all processed via the brain and I find it hard to
determine which part of me provided what information. Of note, the solar
plexus and my “third eye”(or the space in my head behind it at least) and
also my hands (which get very hot) all seem influenced. As a point of note,
pressure at the back of the head, such as when I lye down seems to
restrict me somewhat. Perhaps that is psychological because I wonder
how I continue to have some psychic experiences whilst in my dream

As I focus the information comes to me in my mind, just as you see and

hear and taste and smell in a dream, but I am aware I am conscious. Real
specifics can be a struggle depending on how well I blend with that
personality. Most people are conditioned to get long with others to
varying degrees, and so like you would tend to get on with them socially
you can get what you may from an extra-sensory connection. You may
appreciate then that some who are using the usual sensory perceptions
recoil from a person, and say that they don’t like the look of them, a
person using the extra sensory may be drawn to them for no apparent
reason. This is an important point about the soul – do not judge a book by
the cover.

As our brain stores the collection of experiences that makes up our life
and our minds try to extract them, so too can it attempt to unlock the
information in others. It is more than just facts contained in it, it is also
feelings and emotions linked to them. As we ourselves have trouble
unlocking the past from our minds so too there can be trouble doing the
same for others. You tend to recall the most impressionable events, good
or bad, all there is to read. I guess we can raise the question here as to
do the Akashic Records truly exist and if so can we all truly visit them?
Perhaps, but maybe one needs an extremely well trained and disciplined
mind, body and spirit balance.

The more one explores and considers the magnificence of what we can do,
the more you are aware of the Pandora’s Box we are opening. As limitless
beings in the potential for spiritual progression our brains, influenced and
controlled by our minds, are housed in our bodies. When the body dies
then the consciousness that is our mind, and imbued in our soul, will
contain the ability to retrieve the information leading to spiritual
progression on a whole new level. I believe our thoughts are a part of our
energy field and can extend to anyone or any place over any distance. Is
it such a leap of faith to hope and trust that they can reach the minds
and energy of those who have departed, wherever they are? A belief that
no matter is ever destroyed, just converted from one form to another,
becomes indicative that science hints at the true power and glory of the
human soul. Like a phoenix from the ashes of death it rises up and lives
again with the whole of its prior experiences, very much taking up a
progressive spiritual journey. We are all somewhere along its path and in
that we have a mutual bond. That bond ties us to each other no matter
how far along, or how far back we might be in relation to one another.

We share the journey and the path and I love it that I can see within
others, beyond the body as they too will do eventually, like glimpsing their
soul. In fact, I can only glimpse or feel the energy field it gives off, a
reflection of themselves and therefore of that soul. The colours vary and
I think if I were to ever see the soul directly, it would be too bight and
glorious even for my meagre psychic sight! It is towards this light that we
are all striving whether we want to or not, we might take a step forward
or one giant leap ahead or possibly a step back. But the laws of natural
effect, the power behind it all, whoever or whatever it is spurs us on to
do better in our very core being. And the glorious delightful thing is the
fact that we will all eventually get there.
Date 25.9.02

The following is an exercise where I took a book of historical Egyptian

artefacts and looked at the photo. I then would write down what came to
mind and that is given here. Sadly, the limited information provided by
the text, which I would read after, could only hint at whether I was
heading in the right direction with my writing.

Gold of the Pharaohs

Picture 3 page 30 (visual is of a stone shaped block in rough pharaoh


I picture this object placed in a large, light area such as an open temple.
Plenty of people pass it by almost without noticing as it lays in an alcove
of little significance, save for that it is a decoration as part of a whole. A
tribute object as part of a bigger tribute area where people come to
worship more than admire such objects. In this alcove small gifts can b
left as tokens of appreciation. They have little or no monetary value, they
are like tokens of remembrance to the tomb's/temple’s recipient. For
example, incense, oil burning in small plain stone jars, or even plain beaded
bracelets. Somehow the latter are exceptions, and are left because the
giver wants to be remembered or be favoured for a particular “good luck”
situation. This object remains untouched and in truth often unrecognised
in itself. It is a mere symbol of what it, or who it is supposed to
represent. “Let the house have many rooms and be open to all my guests.”
It is as if it is placed in an alcove like many others, where people can come
and be together in their devotion, but also have privacy and private
prayer in separate “compartments” within a larger complex. Despite being
light and airy, the air is heavy with incense and mumbled prayers or
chants, and therefore feels more close than you would expect. Area
around it is kept surprisingly clear so that it can be used again promptly.

(Text noted afterwards)
Statue of Ankhrenepnefer in red granite, xxii dynasty, Reign of Osorkon
II, circa 874-850BC.

He was “Deputy of Pharoah” and the statue was discovered in 1883 in

Naville’s excavations at Tell el-Maskhuta. Additions to the temple were
made in the reign of Osorkon II, and the cartouches on the statue
indicate that it was this Pharoah whom Ankhrenepnefer served. On the
back it proudly records the favoured position he occupied in the King’s
entourage, which gave him free access to the palace and the right to
enter the royal presence at the head of the courtiers, and to carry the
King’s orders.


Picture 16 page 44 (visual of a golden vase/urn embossed with


I feel that this was used for pouring warm oil, perhaps perfumed and
undoubtedly rather expensive or special. Undoubtedly crafted by a
craftsmen of some skill and its simplicity hides/masks the expertise used
to make such an expensive item. The oils were used for either the
washing of hands or sometimes in bathing, and this was a lavish display
vase with a much used practical purpose. I get the feeling some black
residue is contained on the bottom of the inside where the acidic liquid
has reacted with the metal over time. Sometimes the contents was
nothing more than water mixed with herbs and petals that smelled, more
than had a practical purpose for the kin or cleanliness. Funnily enough the
rim has some practical purpose and is not just decorative – as if
something was rested on the top o it. I think that somehow a candle or
bowl of burning oil was rested here, the heat of which warmed the oil
contained within by the process of conduction.

(Text noted afterwards)
Libation vase of Amenemope-beloved of Osiris. Tanis, tomb iii, burial
chamber of Amenemope.

A typical example of the heset or senbet vase, which was used to

consecrate the lustral waters, to sprinkle people with, or for pouring the
libation waters. The inscription attributes the vase to the King for whom
it is made and to the god who welcomes him.


page 64 (visual only of an amulet with winged scarab centre)

I get a small shudder from this official’s necklace, almost like a sense of
office. It carries a sense of official duty by the wearer, and despite its
evident artistry/craftsmanship, it is worn more as a sense of duty than
ceremony. It is an exquisite piece, but along with the beauty comes a
feeling of importance and rectitude, as if a sense of judgement (i.e. the
judging of others) is presided over by the wearer. This “chin of command”
reflects the balance of state and welfare. The design itself has a sense
of symmetry and so too the wearer needs to show the same in his
decisions. Definitely passed on as a nominated official rather than a gift.
It has to be earned and is not just a glib or flashy item of jewellery. The
stone centre I symbolic of the decisions made and the finality. The
wearers words is the final word by the order of the symbol (hieroglyph)
above it who placed them in their post. In fact, they were probably
nominated in a democratic vote and a person symbolised by the gold is a
mere figurehead stamp of approval. I think that it is worn by a man
presiding over common law and judgements. They hold a lot of respect and
considerable power because they are the actual intermediaries that the
commoners/normal people have rather than with any hierarchy.

(Text noted afterwards)
Pendant and chain, xxi dynasty, circa 1000BC, Tanis, Tomb III, burial
chamber of Wen-jeba-en-djed (on his mummy.)

An image of the rising sun, represented by the winged scarab occupies

the centre of the pendant. “The Osiris Wen-djeba-en-djed” incised on a
rectangle of gold. The scene, which evokes the birth of the sun,
illustrates marvellously certain passages from solar hymns of this time.
An inferior quality to that of the Pharaoh’s pectorals.


item 42a page 77 (visual of an ornate crafted amulet or ring)

This has been designed with the sole purpose of display and is an
exquisite piece of jewellery. Crafted I believe for a female in her teens
who was just coming to pre-menstrual age and could be wed soon to
strengthen allegiances. This is stylised with symbols of protection to help
the wearer see right in their choices. Worn to be alluring in its lavishness
it was worn on her upper arm because of her narrow limbs and would
eventually be worn as a bangle in later years, hence designed larger in
anticipation of later development. A protective lucky charm I believe it to
have been worn seldom and it soon found its way to be buried with its
owner long with other items. I only see pale arms wearing it – how this
fits in with Egyptian families of importance I am not sure. The young girl
is plain and immature still, perhaps 12 or 13 and is only just becoming
aware of her importance to her family. I would guess the item to b cold
to the touch and holds little sentimental value to the recipient, a flashy
piece of jewellery to them and no more. Given to her by family not suitor.

(Text noted afterwards)
Bracelet of Pusennes. Xxi dynasty circa 1000 BC, Tanis, Tomb iii, burial
chamber of Psusennes on the King’s right arm.

Inside and outside inscriptions. One of 22 bracelets found on Psusenne’s

arms, but it is a special sort and has no equivalent in Tanis or elsewhere.
These sheet gold bracelets take the shape of semi-cylinders (often
hinged) which can be adjusted to fit either arms or ankles (e.g. bracelet)
Date 26.9.2002 (re Egypt)

It was the sun’s energy, the divine light, the source of eternal life that
breathed existence into the land. The sun was not seen as an object but
as a God. As the heat from the sun touched you it was the God touching
and knowing your very soul, there was no part of you he was not aware of.
This meant that he was the guardian of the day, all seeing, all knowing and
to the people below he was omnipotent. During the night the God slept
and it was his sister who came to look upon the people, as soothing as he
was merciless. She bathed them in soft gentle light, and whilst still wary
of them they seldom felt fear of her directly as they did the sun.
Indeed, other Gods than her prevailed in the skies at night, the stars
representing the light that was their existence. The common man
believed his light shone within us, his essence, but it was not powerful
enough to shine beyond the limits of their body. Not until their body died
and the essence within was released, hopefully deemed worthy to return
to the one flame, the one great light from which we were all descended.
Yet the sun ruled the skies alone, the one God, ruler of the day and lord
of the heavens above.

In Egypt, God’s representative here on Land was the Pharoah. As the

Chosen One, exulted of the Sun God Ra, the Pharaoh’s power was absolute
for he spoke and the words of R were made audible. The suns rays were a
blessing to the Pharoah, they caressed his skin where they burnt those
less worthy, the embued him with the divine inspiration of his father in
heaven. He was the embodiment of power, all knowing, all wise and the
earthly representative sent by Ra himself to rule his people within this
Land. Yet the Pharoah was human, despite the Divine Light within him
that comprised a part of his soul being evidently as bright as Ra himself.
It was believed that at night, as the Pharoah slept, his divine light went in
search for Ra by leaving his body. Of course, as Ra had ascended high into
the heaven he was not to be found, and therefore the Pharaoh’s search
would end in vain. But whilst asleep he left his body, and ascended the
skies at will to consult with other Gods. Eventually, in his eternal rest his
soul would once again ascend to the Heavens, become one with Ra both in
his form as the Sun and also his resting place in the deep darkness of the
skies where he went in his nightly repose. It has been suggested that this
connection of the Pharaoh might be in the constellation of Orion, namely
three stars within Orion’s belt. Indeed, only the Pharoah himself and
those privy to the secret magic and had the King’s personal trust, knew
the exact location. To them it was a place they could never reach, being
mere mortals, the best they could hope for was to return to the divine
presence, into the Divine Light.

Here I am sure that certain stars were used as a celestial signpost to

mark Ra’s return to the heavens. It is interesting to note that there truly
is the belief that Ra ascended to the Heavens having come to the Land in
person. It is for this reason that it was strongly believed that the
Pharoah was the human embodiment of Ra. Ra had seen for himself his
people, ascended to the stars, the home of his birthplace, and would
return hence forth in the embodiment of their Ruler. This is what the
ancients believed, and though there was no written form during this time
there was more than just a primitive culture. There was a people rich in
art and culture and philosophy, and this pleased Ra, who set about
traversing his my lands to share in his presence with the civilised peoples
of the time. In this Ra would always be in the sky, thought by some in
later times, when the words took wings and grew into birds whose flights
of fancy went beyond the actual, to be the actual manifestation of either
Sun or celestial bodies. Remember, there were no written records, these
came much later, and though cultures did travel they could seldom
communicate their shared experiences and knowledge to any great
degree. Yet eventually, as words were made into tales, and some tried to
keep the truth alive – written records were kept of the “Visitors”
presence, of where he lived and what he shared with them.

To this day he has many names. He is Ra to the Egyptians, Wakantankan

to the Red Indians – many names and many stories. There are a few art
forms that depict his presence, even some writings, but few of the actual
original records written by the oldest cultures and collected by the likes
of the Egyptians much later, have yet to be discovered. Talk of an ancient
library has always been whispered, perhaps it is true. I feel there is still
much that can be pieced together, but parts of the evidence like a jigsaw,
lye scattered and may never be assembled without a key. The key will be
fresh papers, the forms of incantations and prayers as tributes to the
“Visitor”, built on later by those who kept the earliest written records,
and hose High Priests and Sorcerers who were passed on the verbal
stories and truths that had been passed down for generations. The
secret home place of the “Visitor” may one day be stumbled upon, but will
we recognise it for what it is? What importance does it truly hold for a
race of people which has itself now learned to travel to the skies above?
Date 04.10.2002 (re: The Brain)

The electrical discharge passing from the brain to alternative areas of

the human nervous system require a great deal of control. The stimuli
which trigger the major autonomical functions are governed by more than
just the passing whim. You trigger a chain of responses that develops a
method of communication. From the brain to other areas of the anatomy
and back again in a continuous loop of feedback that even extends outside
the physical sphere. Consider that you project your thoughts in the form
of speech and that it is carried to others by sound waves, received,
interpreted and perhaps relayed back also, either by sound or action. It
should therefore be considered whether individuals can influence others
merely by thought, projected not using the auditory functions, automated
responses, or any known physical action. A psychic response may result
from such a psychic faculty whether intentionally or subconsciously,
leading to a further invisible feedback loop. If this is conceivable then it
should also be no leap of faith to believe that even physical responses or
reactions might be recorded by not only the sender but the receiver too.

You have control over your own body because of the complex nerve
endings. The pathways of organic circuitry contained within you are
continuously pulsing with life in the form of electrical impulses. These
messages carry information to the brain that controls their patterns and
makes sense of it all. It keeps your body working even though you are not
consciously aware of it. Then it may be that other things are happening
without you registering the information supplied. Consider then the huge
amount of sensory information our bodies are gathering and passing on to
the storage centres that are our brains. You are gathering such data via
all your senses and only a tiny fraction is being made use of. All that you
see does not register, and yet under hypnotism it might be recalled quite
easily. This retrieval method proves we gather more than our conscious
mind feels we need. Th outside influences us, we can hear, see, taste,
smell and touch – and it is conceivable that far more can be achieved.

Our brains can govern all our internal organs and has control over our
bodies. Body temperature, pain thresholds, what we do and say, can all be
manipulated both by conscious and sub-conscious. In order to develop we
need to be able to take charge of our brains and use the way they work to
our advantage. It takes training to learn such mental and physical
demands we place on ourselves. The old adage, that practise makes
perfect, holds true but not everyone has the same concept of perfection.
We grow and develop according to our own controls, our necessity and our
wanting to improve. How we influence others and ourselves all impacts on
the development we seek.

This all seems elementary and yet the simple truth contains the seed of
knowledge. If all these things are run by the processing centre called the
brain, surely our minds that seem able to govern the conscious parts of
this organ, can take us beyond where we are at this point. Those who seek
to develop need to use their minds to demand more from their brains and
in truth their bodies. Practice demanding more, concentrate on developing
all the senses, ask for more than just what is performed sub-consciously.
This takes time but yields results and before you know it you are
gathering data beyond the limits of natural comprehension.
Date 4.10.2002 (re Soul Mates)

There comes a connection between two people when the psychic rhythm
of both seems to almost flow into one another. This connection is more
than any physical bonding on any level, it goes beyond the sensory though
it plays a big role in affecting the physical body of each. In truth, the
idea of a soul mate is a confusing concept. It seems to suggest that there
is but one person to whom you will belong to and feel a part of, that
matches the way you think and feel. Yet there are many such people out
there and it is mere short-sightedness to be looking for only one. In the
principle of like attracts like, you will find yourself a peer group, a group
of friends you are drawn to. Yet perhaps it is only the occasional person
that you come across whom you can relate wholly to. Sometimes these
individuals become partners for life but not always do they feel like a soul

We are developing and growing constantly both inside and out. Therefore
it seems strange to think that we can expect someone to be with us
throughout our own lives who grows at the same rate. What we do is to
learn to adapt and share in our experiences. This sometimes brings people
together, and sadly can also make them drift apart. From time to time
when we feel like we have found our soul mate the feeling soon dissipates
making you realise that the person was not all you expected. Perhaps
these expectations that we place on others are too high. Maybe we should
be turning within to find the so called “soul mate” satisfaction in
ourselves first. There are groups of souls always seeming to develop at
your rate and you may come across them constantly on your life journey
and hereafter. But to hope to find that one, to hope that they progress
at the same level, that they connect without words – is it all too good to
be true or self-defeatist?

There are those you have known perhaps before, or that you recognise by
their light. These are the people who have left a part of themselves with
you, and share in your psychic development. You feel close to them
because of your shared experiences and simply enjoy their effect on you.
Such souls fall into the “group” theory that we all develop in batches, but
even within that group there must be allowances for rate at which we
develop, for the soul is individualistic. As we all differ and are unique so
we find ourselves trying to take the best from those about us. This is a
mutually agreeable service, the giving allows for the receiving and most
times both parties are satisfied.
So in truth we are all connected but some more than others will trigger
responses when like attracts like. The way in which such connections are
used and interpreted depends on the individual. Your soul group is what
you will find, and that will ebb and flow as people meet others. You
journey apart and together, you learn from one another but you cannot
hope to learn all from just one person. So forget about the soul mate as a
single individual to fulfil all your needs. The journey you are on is already
shared by others who are seeking to learn from you and share what they
themselves have experienced. We call them friends or acquaintances,
maybe even strangers but they could be thought of as “soul mates” too in
a way.
Date Oct 2002

The following is an exercise I did rather like the previous one that
involved looking at photographs and determining impressions given to me
about them. This time it was on real objects in the British Museum where
I would locate an object, pay no heed to the area I was in, or the
information cards. I would look at the object and write what I felt about
it, then check the information afterwards. This was very often very
limiting and it became obvious I could not hope to validate the
information I received to any degree.


Item: Mosaic column from Tell-Al-‘Ubraid nr Ur circa 2500BC

Built in segments this was made of basic stone, slightly porous, which took
the overlay well because the mixture used to affix the mosaic pieces was
apt to lose its cohesiveness. It was worked on by several people, each
having responsibility for a section but working to a set design. This meant
that the column could be built with speed in mind and was effectively
more for viewing pleasure than practical purpose.

The column has lost much of its initial glare sighted where it is because
when it used to catch the sun it shone golden and copper like. The design
was an arbitrary one but had been chosen for its simplicity of geometric
detail. It took no major craftsmen to design such a piece. This was to be
part of a larger set of structures, more for “interior design” as we would
term it today.

I get the feeling there was a golden bowl close by, treated almost like a
font and about the base on which it stood was the same inlaid design. This
is sited in a temple where worship was more for show. Somehow it seems
to lack seriousness. It is not disrespectful to say this, because the
temple place was more like a gathering area. The purpose was supposed to
be a place for prayer, but it was never intended for it to be silent. With
the sound of a large crowd, but no echo, this place was attended by the
well off and certainly not the common. It was a symbol of their riches. A
kind of tribute to their own success, as if the rich middle classes
arranged for it to be built to impress their richer noble counter-parts
and to do likewise for their poorer brethren.
Here you have the age old class mockery. The upper class remains
unimpressed whilst the lower just feels it is a waste. The ones who had
built it meant more to impress than to ever pay homage at this place. As a
consequence they visited often in self-congratulatory fashion doing their
best to make it a cultural centre and symbol of the things that could be

The good thing is that a lot of the middle to lower class tradesmen did
benefit well from the construction. Despite the gaudiness of this piece
much laborious work went into cutting the pieces and sticking them on. I
mentioned the porous quality of the stone beneath, this helped because in
the dry heat from the sun and then the cold of the evening, the
environmental conditions could cause pieces to drop off! Highly irritating
I am sure, especially if they came from the top! Yet there was a black
gloopy quality to this mixture which became the paste to fix it. It
consisted of fine black powder, a greyer grit, some sort of plant ground
up and mixed into a liquid which seems thicker than water (may be some
sort of clear oil like substance). The plant makes it thicker and tending to
have a more flexible gloopy quality to help it give a little when expanding
and contracting with the heat. Personally, I think to my untrained eye this
seems to be the hardest part! (getting and keeping the consistency right,
when it takes so long and need so much of it).

There was a lot of music played too here. Tambourines and not sure how
to describe it to western ear, not a trumpet sound, more like a bazaar
type sound but with more bells. It’s very Indian in a way and I believe
bells are playing using the fingers too. This music and dancing proves the
place to be a very motivating place to come to, as if celebration seems
always to be evident.



Item: Gold bowl, hemispherical gold drinking cup circa 4th/5th century BC

Despite the simplicity of this piece if has been finely crafted. The item
has also been used despite the lavishness of such and held a mixture of
corn-like mush. In truth the thing has not been used often at all because
it ended up stored as a symbol of wealth more than for practical usage.

The paste was like a blend of very watery milk (almost the consistency of
our non-fat milk) with powdered ground seed that was mixed gradually
into the bowl and kneaded by hand to the preferred texture, often a
doughy consistency. It had a gritty consistency but was a staple food for
most of the people, kind of like having your cereal! It tasted a bit bland
on its own so they often flavoured it with a sort of yellow flower ground
to a fine dust (that grew locally and was profuse for the commoner to
get), or with more lavish herbs and spices for the richer, that they were
able to obtain from merchants.

No utensils were ever used with this bowl. It even had water or weak type
of wine and was used also for a very short time for drinking out of during
a ceremony. To my eye it seems too large for this, but both hands were
used and only gulps or sips were taken as a symbolic gesture. This item
has passed hands often, being traded as a gift or given as a donation but
rarely being valued by the owner as a personal possession. The thing has
no particular attachments to a person, and even when crafted it was not
made for anyone specific.

I laugh because I can’t help feeling someone had the audacity to want to
mark it, emboss it if you will, like they do with a lump of gold. Odd that, it
sort of insinuates its felt like a mass manufactured item with no
sentimentality by the maker and yet it was individualistic when made.

FOOTNOTE: “Achaemenid Court Style”, Greek or Central Asian. The

Oxus treasure.



Item: Stone Jar, carved limestone “drums” , Status & Spirituality case.
This jar reminds me of a canopic jar because I feel it is to contain
something sacred and special. Not so many readings from it, it has been
stored underground or in a dank dark place for many years untouched. It
has not seen the suns rays and I feel that this is a big mistake because in
its symbolism this was an important need. Had it seen the sun it would
hold more warmth and the contents would be re-energised. Odd thing to
say I know, but the shape of it suggests it is used for a part of a
ceremony rites.

It must have a detachable lid because I want to take the top off and peer
inside. Very often it was filled up to the brim with a honey like liquid
which really stank at first, but after time the smell wore off. The liquid
became a kind of natural embalming oil. It should be a pleasant vessel but
it has some sort of macabre quality to it, as if something was pickled

The geometric lines have been finely carved on but it was not by anyone
special. It is of little or no consequence or value except as an example of
its kind. If you lifted it up I would expect to see cracks in the base
where the liquid has slowly seeped out. A poor man’s tool for use in
ceremony it held only symbolic performance and a small part even in that.

This was crafted by someone with little or no ambition in their lives who
seems merely to serve. A very simplistic and basic lifestyle they have and
don’t expect any better in the future. A sort of giving up feeling, a
passive resignation to the humdrum state they are in. Despite expecting
this to be a much later piece than the previous two, the maker was far
more culturally basic and plain.

England, Later Neolithic/Copper Age 2500 to 2000BC. 3 elaborately
carved cylinders found placed behind the head and hips of a child’s
skeleton in a round barrow (ancient burial mound). The drums are unique,
and their use is unknown.
Date 18.10.2002 (re Time)

The idea of time, and the concept of time are given much credence by
modern man, as if to understand it would be to enable him to control it.
Time is seen as energy, as linear, as an intangible form that can be
governed. Yet it is not so, it cannot be conveniently labelled and adapted
to suit the needs of man. At least, not until it is fully understood, and
even then it will be almost impossible to mould the fabric of time into a
convenient tool.

Time is like the breath of the Universe. It permeates all things, all areas.
It has nowhere to go because it is already there and it has nothing to do
because it is not sentient. Time exists everywhere and therefore it is
truly all encompassing. It is a predominantly dormant energy that has
matter floating in it. It holds, encompasses and permeates living energy
from the smallest molecular composition to the largest. Its rules that
govern it are true for virtually all places it fills, and what can be said for
our three dimensional causes and effects, can be applied to time in
general. In itself, time wants to remain a dormant force, needing nothing,
wanting nothing, yet governing virtually all it holds or touches. It is like a
lifeless liquid of energy that plays by its own rules as if it is the
commonality in all things, in all places and in every situation.

If time is everywhere and truly permeates everything it is fair to ask

whether it is moving or we are moving through it. Our own linear
perceptions fail to capture the magnitude of the concept of time. What
governs us must also govern us in other places too, remember it to be
commonality, the link to bring a semblance of order to the chaos, a thread
that entwines all things. People have talked of time as the fourth
dimension, but they underestimate the complexity of the situation.
Imagine time’s tendrils linking every person, to wrench a person from it
means to have to place them somewhere else, yet by doing so they still
exist in time because it is everywhere at once. Assuming it does not move
itself, the displaced person is either elsewhere in the Universe or in an
alternative dimension that is still full of inert time.

To have control over time we assume would be the ultimate power. Yes, in
itself it would lead to moralistic dilemmas and a potential of a magnitude
we choose not to dwell on. But whether time can be manipulated to our on
ends is yet to be seen. This linear concept, birth-life-death, to most
starts with nothing and ends with nothing. The soul, as too the body,
passes as it came into an obscurity. In other words it came from time and
ended in time, but we choose to rationalise this as being a different point
in time. We say either we are moving, or else time is moving, or both. The
result is that our on conceptions are that we exist in linear formation,
going forwards through time but living only in the present. And as we
experience each moment it has already passed into oblivion, an
unalterable moment that cannot be relived. Yet our brains, controlled by
the pattern of our life and the choices we make, decide on a course of
action that it is determined to follow in the future.

Perhaps the greatest ability we have is to stop our minds believing in this
linear philosophy of birth, life and ultimately death. If the soul was
always in time, and our minds seem to have an indelible effect on our
souls, then we are experiencing time at many points. Maybe for its own
comprehension we need to put a pattern to it to make sense of it all. But
if the soul existed in time, and exists also both during and after our
terrestrial vehicle (i.e. the body) has reshaped itself to nothing more
than in-cohesive atoms, maybe the soul is our vehicle through time itself.
We could theoretically exist in time, which itself permeates everything
and is everywhere, perhaps giving us a common link to the rest of the
Universe. This would give us the ability to be any place, any when.
Assuming time is static, and it is we who move through it, we are
travelling in the same time but to different points. This then could be a
fourth dimension. But what if it were not static
And time itself was moving too – then we may be in the same point but
which itself occupies various positions at the same moment. Then could we
not think of time as leading to more than just a single dimension.

Time wants to be governed in the same manner wherever it is, but it too
is subject to the Cosmic Laws. It can be thought of as the air that
permeates the Universe, energy, one force, of which a part of it is here
and a part is there. What was here now has passed into then and where it
will be next is not necessarily where it is now. Ever changing perhaps, but
to us it seems static, the only perception we have of its passing are the
changes we notice both in ourselves, and the world about us. Yet we know
and understand that at the same moment in our existence, others lives
elsewhere are also witnessing simultaneously the passing of time. Yet
consider if you will, we are NOT just witnessing the now, we are also
seeing the then. For example, when we see the light of a star we know it
existed maybe millions of years ago and maybe longer. It’s light has taken
many years to get to us but reaches us now; from then to now. The what
was in time, has become to us, the what is in time. So you see, perhaps if
static time twists and turns for us to see what was, what is, and possibly
even what shall be. Maybe it does move itself, possibly even affected by
Cosmic Laws like we ourselves are. This could lead time to be stretched,
twisted or turned, and if it were linear the implications of such effects
could be colossal.

Time can be not only the thread on the necklace that is the Universe, but
also permeating the whole necklace, each bead being another world. There
is a commonality that we are aware of, the thread if you will allows us to
think we are linked. If we were to exist inside one of the beads then to
us, our perception of time within our world is the time in that bead. But
time exists simultaneously in other beads and in-between, and we get
glimpses of it because the commonality of time is threaded through to us
all. Then consider that necklace is twisted and turned, it doesn’t really
matter to us, time is still perceived as the same to us, but if we were to
want to travel to another point would it still b where it was? Maybe it
would in our bead of a world but what about outside of time as we know,
could we travel there too? Finally, consider that this necklace is not a
tangible thing, it can exit in more than one place at one time. Imagine a
bead being permeated by another, perhaps our view of time is still
particular to us, but overlapping us is another bead who exists in the same
space but another time particular to them. But time the thread still runs
through both and all. It permeates all beads, all the thread
simultaneously and yet points on the thread are linked. If our souls could
travel where would they lead us to, our own world or an overlapping one,
and can you b aware of the then and now and perhaps the what will be?

All that can be known for sure to us is the now. We can look inside
ourselves and be aware of what makes us unique. Our souls can reach
beyond our own bodies as they have before, are doing, and will do. They
can travel long time and therefore have limitless potential beyond our
comprehension and understanding. Why limit ourselves to just one point
when we might have the potential to either be in many at once, or else one
at many. In a linear existence, our bodies will be created, live and die
within its own lifetime. What we did within that lifetime not only
affected us, but also influenced the past, present and future of others,
both known to us or not. The repercussions of this are like ripples on a
pond, one action creates another then another and so on. What we had
done in the past may influence the present for someone else and even the
future of others. Sometimes we are blind to just how magnificent a gift
we have, to not only shape our on world, but that of others too.
Date 24.10.2002 (re Personal Choices)

You must be guided by your senses and what you feel to be right. There is
no way of knowing what paths you are to take before you reach the
crossroads in life. That is why prediction and absolute dictates are
seldom satisfactory. We never know all, and the fact is that human choice
is the divine right of every soul, we have no means of being assured of
the path to be chosen. When you choose it should be for yourself and the
good of others will invariably come from if it was the right decision.
When you follow the path that leads to the flow that Nature’s Law had
intended for you, then simplicity is often the way. Confusion is the enemy
of choice, and complexity only serves to make decisions harder. The
simple answer to your choices is to follow your heart and trust in your
feelings. Only too often the mind can try to see too far ahead, to push
forward the confusion, to force you to consider the complexities that
may never happen.

Make your way straight to the route of the problem, the fork in the road
of life, and savour the delights of having got there. The hard part is then
to make a decision balanced by your knowledge and that of others whose
experiences lead them to provide suitable help or assistance. Yet realise
that you are the one who must get it right or wrong. Yes, you would
welcome the path that proves the best for you even if it is not the
easiest. But smile in the knowledge that from the wrong path comes the
chance to learn and adapt. You can always get back to where you were,
and if not another fork in the rod will present itself soon. How you handle
your route, how you resign yourself to coping and improving yourself, is
down to nobody but you. This is what they refer to as the measure of man
and it is a constant course of action. It takes thought and consideration
and during the journey not only are you trying to help yourself, but to
help others too whose burden may be as bad or perhaps harder.

The danger is to believe you are on the journey alone and un-befriended.
Even though you have a personal responsibility to do as you would be done
by, you are never truly beyond the help of your fellow man. Indeed, even
your animal cousins can show you compassion and love, putting their
supposed and reputedly higher brethren to shame. For it is our duty to
assist those about you who need the mutual support and confidence to get
through the hard part. Whatever your station in life it costs nothing to
show support and compassion. A comforting word can be worth its weight
in gold to the spirit. Money cannot alone develop the light within. They say
you can be poor but happy and indeed riches must be seen in the worth
and wealth of contentment and progression. These help the spirit
flourish, the decisions flow easier and the route taken towards a
progressive and self-fulfilling future a lot more tolerable and indeed,
when all is right, enjoyable too!

So go out there and respect the travels of others. Their choices might be
yours someday and you can learn from what they have to give you. Nobody
knows all the answers, and as time is irrelevant to the eternal soul, there
is no rush to race towards your eventual goal. There is no prize for being
first, just a prize to yourself for knowing that when you are there you
enjoyed the journey on the whole, and felt you valued and were valued by
others you met along the way.
Date 25.10.2002 (re Ancient Cultures)

It seems incomprehensible that the ruins of Amon-Rek, or the jungle

cities of Ararshee-tar should be lost to the eyes of man. It would be too
ignorant to presume that cultures will survive forever as they were, they
grow and expand and with them knowledge changes. So the past lays
buried and with it the ideals of the time. The architecture and
alignments, the beauty of the placement of the water and stone, flowers
and trees and parks. It all had the very ambitions of the men and women
who created their heaven on the earth, a testament to their beliefs and
goals. Artisans created gifts of their labour and the common man shared
in the joy of their beauty or else laughed at their candidness. But all was
talked about, removed and replaced as odd ventures were replaced by new
ideas. Development was the key to unlock the doors of mans’ own

A world would wonder and marvel even now at a city of water and the
moon built in the land of the sun. Or a city of animals running tame and
kept for the appreciation of their beauty, in a jungle that was wild and
unexplored by the so-called civilised world outside of its walls. Like all
self-sufficient anachronisms of a world trying to find itself and the
destiny it was bound for, peaceful existence was often appreciated and
held dear by some cultures.

I refer to Amon-Rek as the city. In truth the principle temple that was
there met with the two themes of the place, the moon and water. When
built it was designed to be at its best in the moonlight at night, when the
stars above were viewed from the best vantage points within the walls,
built especially for this purpose. People marvelled at the night skies and
the heavens above, although that word may be out of context, because to
them it was merely the garden of other worlds and higher beings, perhaps
their Gods. They were intrigues but did not revere the stars or worship
them, they just appreciated their beauty. There was however, a huge
respect and almost worship like honour like honour of the moon, and its
importance on their lives. Thy designed the city to have lakes and
waterways, channels and pools. Lit by the moon the city had a beauty that
was almost natural despite being man made and designed. Its waterways
were fed and replenished by the ebb and flow the moon created, and to
the occupants this was not lost on them. They gave thanks to the powers
which created and influenced the moon. To think of an Egyptian city, a
land that held the sun in the highest regard, being built so that it might
appreciate the night and the moon is perhaps quite remarkable. Water
was very important to the Egyptians, it was the lifeblood of their
livelihood. But in Amon-Rek it was an aesthetic pleasure, a thing to be
enjoyed more than considered vital for survival.

Most of the citizens kept themselves within the city limits and walls. It
was a small but very proud people who worked closely together and
bonded well. In fact, they were ever on the edge of becoming agoraphobic
and seldom sought the counsel of outsiders, preferring to govern
themselves as much as possible. It was only the mastery of crafts and
skills, and trading needs (which were kept to a minimum) that led outside
ideas and fresh perspective. But many of the citizens returned and few
visitors full appreciated the ways of these extraordinary people. Their
ways were not the usual ways, and this was either seen as a threat or else
just plain peculiar. Yet as they were a peaceful people who rarely saw
violence o internal struggles, they were left pretty much alone.
Inaccessible to most except by river, word tended not to spread, after ll
it was a city who slept most o the early daylight hours until the cooler
fading light. Most boats did not travel in darkness, and ships could not
navigate the route. Desert stretched out for many leagues either side of
the city, and those who ventured there by land had a long and hard
journey indeed – so their need must be great to bother.

Moon and water were the two elements that shaped their prosperous
culture. They had their own coins about the time that the city passed into
decline because of lack of outside visitors. It was a city of culture, of
architectural design unlike that of the rest of Egypt. It knew fluid forms
and simple elegance, smooth stone and yet was peppered by intricately
carved statues and ornamentation. It held much knowledge written by the
tutored scholars and was well beyond the times of other peoples from
around the world. But as it had risen from the earliest ashes so it fell as
suddenly. Flooded by the very waters that it adored, and shaken by the
quakes that became a regular plague of the time. It was not possible to
put right what was lost, the heart was gone from a much diminished
population. Only the elders seemed to remain, the young ones travelled
East and West to their fates realising their city was doomed. There was a
great need felt by the respected elders to keep their secrecy and wisdom
to themselves, to only share what the outside world was ready for. A
peaceful nation knew only too well how hard it was beyond their walls.
Apart from their ornate and well documented maps, the young ones left
with heavy hearts but optimistic bout an unseen world. They were few in
number, two great plagues having wiped out the very young and infirm.
Children were a rarity, and it was secretly hoped that outside breeding
would end the cycle and youths would return to rebuild what had
suffered. It never happened. The old waited and finally died, and with
them thy buried their secrets. Lost to all eyes the city was no more, but
even today it is waiting to be discovered for the riches of its philosophy,
arts and architecture in a supposed advanced land.
Around the jungle city were fields used for cops an grazing an cultivation
of other flora and forna species. Animals were protected, even wild ones
of the jungle which became domesticated to an unbelievable degree. They
learned to work closely with animals and developed an amazing affinity
with medicine and doctoring. Indeed, a lot of lost remedies and present
day medicine were part of their extensive knowledge.
They did not travel, there was nowhere worth travelling to, and though
they were a dark nation they knew their pale, almost white brethren.
True to say, they knew they existed but had only ever seen a sole visitor,
or at most two or three at a time. They gave them little mind after they
had gone but much respect whilst they were there. These visitors were
introverts, quiet and somehow commanded respect and attention. They
did not come by boat or beast and they always looked clean and refreshed
when they turned up – but it was many generations between their visits.

Just how such a large population carved themselves an expanding culture,

with a rich and intense dependence and appreciation of the land about
them is remarkable. They had many things that would be luxuries even to
us, like heating and cooling systems, a diverse diet and excellent medical
care. More basic than present day cultures, their philosophy and concepts
about spiritual progression were advanced. Mind and body prospered.
Written form was not invented, communication was by simple pictures and
body art. The oral tradition was respected and considered an art form,
and music and dancing were celebrated for their enjoyment. Somehow
they left or were disposed of is the feeling I get. No natural disaster
decimated this place. I’m not sure what happened but the jungle grew
back and covered it. Mainly only small artefacts survive, beads and
pottery and instruments etc. But when dated on discovery they will prove
the existence of society many thousands of years more progressed than
the rest of their continent.
So we should not presume we know all about man and civilisation. There is
still much to learn from and about such people, and how the modern us fit
into the tale of our ancestry. I picture and place the former city in Egypt
that was, whose borders were different then. Perhaps found close to the
sea and in quite an isolated place then, but who knows in our densely
populated world whether that is still the case. The other city I fell to be
in Africa, the almost prehistoric continent as it was then, when man as we
know him was struggling to develop. I think we will be surprised at how
advanced both cultures were, but especially the latter for they were our
very early ancestors.
Date 26.10.02 (re Progression)

Never worry about progression as it is a natural state that transpires as

a direct result of the heart’s path. When you think too much about a
thing you will find that some of the magic has left it. Sometimes it is
better to have travelled your path blinkered than have had your eye open
to the lies and deceit about you. Never think to yourself that you re the
only one concerned about the direction you take, there are always others
concerned about your welfare. It is just as much a part of us to know
that others are fairing fine as it is to know that we are doing right by
ourselves and the ones whose lives we touch.

Most people truly do not accept the best of their abilities and fail to
realise their own worth. When you do not aspire to being better than your
narrow perceptions you re rarely disappointed, but neither are you
ultimately fulfilled. You need to take a step back every once in a while and
join in the song in your heart. Feel the flow of mind and energy, and then
use your thoughts and put them into action for the good of all but most
especially for yourself.
Date 26.10.02 (re The Evolution of Man)

Is it possible that the evolution of man came simultaneously to the

various cultures of the world – of course not. Man had to evolve to suit
his environment, both mentally and physically. His brain and his body
became slow to adapt to his situation but slowly he became aware of his
potential, both in the surroundings and in himself. This state of mind did
not come easily, it was painfully slow in our present day terms. Indeed,
when you think of the earliest man you wonder how he could fail to have
come to realise a mere fraction of the knowledge that we take for

We tend to wonder about the human brain, its limits are fewer than we
have come to think and even present day scientists have not discovered
just how much more our brains are yet to develop. We store so little in
the computers called a brain, and the retrieval method of our minds still
have trouble as we get older establishing the information we seek. We
are lucky in that a lot of our knowledge is learned from an early age, and
taken for granted at a later stage. We continue to learn and store
information all our lives, and as wider sources and methods become
available to us, yet still more is taken in by the sponge like brain. There
is the capacity for vast amounts more, taking our cranial capacity to even
greater achievements. As we are using up so little even now, the need for
evolutionary adaptation is unnecessary.

What we think is a master achievement several thousand years later is

nothing to that of the mere centuries to come, when the mind truly will
be tested for its level of comprehension, storage, and retrieval. At some
future point the mind may well reach its maximum objective input, but by
that time we will have adapted. No doubt some remarkable science and
technology will allow us to store data and be retrievable to us by some
sort of cybernetic link up. It can never be true to say that we have no
limits, indeed we have in the physical sense, but mans’ spirit knows no
bounds. He is wonderfully adaptive and benefits from the ability to not
only learn from his mistakes, and those of others, but to learn from his
successes too.

So cultures grew at their own rates, with their own ideas – sometimes
shared and other times vehemently guarded. We ourselves learn the
inherent traits of those about us, growing and developing along with those
who are our teachers. Our education is life itself and our own
consciousness begins to build up an identity of self. We recognise what to
us is right or wrong, good or bad, and it very often changes and adapts
itself to what we learn and experience along our differing paths. So too
did early man learn, not only from his physical surroundings, but from his
evolutionary self too. What was witnessed by one, slowly and very
cautiously over time was developed by another. Minds grew aware of self,
and the brains began to be used more adapting to the needs of the human
who directed it.

We should never stop our hungry minds from feeding and exercising our
brain. We were given a gift, the knowledge of our brothers before us and
the wealth of their experience. When we say the Brotherhood of Man we
throw our arms open to man and woman, to rich and poor, old and young of
every shape, colour, religion, creed, ethnic background, the whole and the
impaired it matters not. Every single human life had a reason for living
and whether or not it reached what it, or even we, would consider to be
its full potential is beside the point. Somehow it touched someone’s life,
and in some way that had an effect on them that did so likewise on
someone else, and the culminating effect was knowledge to a person who
may never have even met them. We have passed down to ourselves a
legacy, as invaluable as it is, of achievements and failures to be drawn
upon whenever we wish. We can remain blind and ignorant, but there is no
excuse for such behaviour. We are evolving all the time, it is a natural and
progressive law, and it is a blessing to be aware of the good it brings to
ourselves, and the power of good it offers to future others.
Date 23.11.02 (re

In amongst the nothingness there are things that we cannot see unless we
tune our senses, or apparatus to act as our senses, to a different range.
That is why we only sense that which is able to bring itself to the
forefront of our everyday senses. Yet as a species we are also able to
feel sensations of what we feel within. As a sentient being we are
influenced by our own internal thoughts, feelings and reactions. Clarity of
all these senses and feelings comes with practise – but how many of us
can say that we spend time on this, perhaps the most singularly important
of tasks.

You see, the ability to focus and understand the reception of what you
sense and feel begins to put life in focus. If you start to challenge your
perceptions, start to demand more and stretch your limitations, then you
begin to sharpen your skills. As a result, your mind wants more and
expects to get it. It will not settle for less when it has known the
pleasure of more. Sadly, man’s often baser emotions work in the same way
and his own body will succumb to the temptation to over indulge itself. If
we take pleasure in our finer indulgences, the material aspects of life
that we can enjoy from time to time, then we are not doing wrong. Yet if
we persist in wanting ever more of the same, when in actuality we re
satisfied by what we already had, then we begin to abuse ourselves and

Consider if you will, what will happen when you are alone with yourself
with no material wealth or objects of status. There are still things there
unseen, surrounding you and waiting to be explored. This then becomes a
personal challenge, to use one’s own mind and senses to perceive what is
about them and use it to enrich the soul. It is often said one can be poor
and happy and it is indeed true. But one does not necessarily have to be
poor to enjoy the prosperity of one’s own self and the benefits of what
you have worked for.

Sadly, most people seem to concentrate on acquiring material wealth, ever

wanting more and failing to b happy with their lot. If you are not happy
with what you have now, it is unlikely you will appreciate even more being
set at your feet. It is rather like having gorged yourself only to then have
a superb banquet placed before you. Sometimes greater joy can be had
from the simplest of pleasures and we tend to treasure experiences more
than indulgences. So ask yourself, when you re left with nothing, when you
have only yourself and your recollections to express yourself, will you feel

About us there is much to experience and sense. You can perceive things
unseen and realise just what in giving and receiving you get out of it.
There is no right and wrong way through learning from these things, for
your path is unique. We approach things our way and the road can be easy
or tough, gentle or kind. It will always seem slow to you, but measured
against what? If I was to say your lifetime was to last beyond your
physical death then perhaps you wouldn’t worry as much about the time
things take. Enjoy what you have now and continue to learn and develop. It
is possible for one person to bring forth changes in another, but it is the
individual who must want to change. If we look at ourselves we are
bringing about change for the good, or are we coasting along unaware
today and uncaring tomorrow?

Make that change. Use your perceptions, your mind and all at your
disposal to develop yourself so that if you had none of the trappings of
this world, you would still feel rich with what you have within yourself.
Life is after all, a learning journey.