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The Song of the Pearl as a Liturgical Option

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Song of the Pearl

As the apostle Thomas prayed, all the prisoners looked on him, and begged
him to pray for them, and when he had prayed and sat down, he began to
sing this mystical song:
When I was a little child, I played in the kingdom of my Father, and enjoyed
the wealth and luxuries, of those who raised me up.
From our homeland, in the East, my Parents prepared me and sent me.
And from the riches of our treasury, they gave me a load, Great the
treasure was, but so light I could carry it alone.

They girded me with determination, which crushes iron.
They took off from me the splendid robe, which in their love they had made
for me, and the purple toga, which was woven to the measure of my
They made with me an oath, and wrote it in my heart, that I might not


If you go down to Egypt and bring the one pearl, which is in the middle
of the sea, in the place where the loud-breathing serpent lives, then you will
again put on your splendid robe, and the toga which lies over it.
And with your Brother, our next in rank, you shall inherit our kingdom."

I quitted the East and went down, led by two companions, for the way was
dangerous and difficult, and I was very young to travel it.
I went down into Egypt, and my companions left me to go alone.
I went straight to the serpent, and close to the place where he lives I
Since I was all alone, I was a stranger to those who lived there with me.
But I dressed in clothes like theirs, so they would not suspect I came from
outside to take the pearl, and so may wake the serpent up against me.

But for some reason or other they saw that I was not from their country, so
they treated me treacherously, and gave me to eat of their food.

Very soon I forgot that I was a kings child, and I served their king.
And soon I forgot about the pearl, for which my Parents had sent me.
Because of the heaviness of their food, I fell into a deep dream.
All that happened to me, my Parents observed and were sad for me.

They decided that I must not be left in Egypt, and they wrote me a letter,
and every family member signed it:

From your Father, the King of kings, and your Mother, the mistress of the
East, and from your Brother, our other child, to you, our child in Egypt,
Awake and rise up from your sleep, and listen to the words of our letter.
Remember that you are a child of a king. See the slavery of those
serving the one you also serve!
Remember the pearl, for which you went into Egypt.
Remember the beautiful robe, and think of your glorious toga, that you

may put them on again, that your name may be read in the book of the
heroes, and that with your Brother, our crown prince, you inherit our

The letter was a reminder of the oath they made with me, that they wrote
in my heart, so that I might not forget.
Then I remembered I am a child of a king, and my noble birth asserted
I remembered the pearl for which I was sent to Egypt, and I began to cast a
spell on the terrible loud-breathing serpent.
I brought him to dream and sleep, by naming my Fathers name over him,
and of my mother, the queen of the East, and the name of our next in rank,
my Brother.
I snatched away the pearl, and turned about, to go to my Fathers house.

The dirty clothes of that land, I took off and left it there.
Then I changed my way, to face the light of our homeland, the East.
My beautiful robe that I had taken off, and my toga with which it was
wrapped about, from the heights of our kingdom, my Parents sent it to me.

Amazed, I forgot how dignified it was, for I had left it in my childhood in my
Fathers house, but suddenly, when I put it on, it became like me, as my
reflection in a mirror; I saw it in me, and in it I saw myself, apart from
myself, so that we were two in distinction, and again one in a single form.
The likeness of the king of kings, was embroidered all over it.

Again I saw that all over it, the movements of knowledge were stirring.
I hear the sounds of its songs, which it whispered as it came down:

I belong to the brave servant, who was reared for me by my Father, and I
saw in myself how I grew, as the servant laboured."

With royal movements, it poured itself toward me, and my love made me
run to meet it, and receive it, I stretched out and took it. With the beauty
of its colours I dressed myself.
And my toga of brilliant colours, I put on completely over myself. I clothed
myself with it, and went up to the gate of greeting and adoration.
I bowed my head and worshipped the splendour of the Father who sent the
robe, whose commands I had accomplished, as he also had done what he

For he rejoiced over me and received me, and I was with him in his
And he promised that I will again walk with the crown prince, to the gate of
the king of kings, and with my pearl, with him, we will appear before our

Father, we thank You for Your promise: If we remember that we are
children form heaven and are not from this world, that we can conquer the
serpent and find the pearl, and return home to You and our Glorious Mother
Holy Wisdom, and to our brother the Crown Prince. O God, who makes
everything holy.

Let us remember who we are, and not think this world is our home, and not
think the rule of this world is the rule of our King.

Let us give thanks to our Parents the rulers of heaven. They sent us a
message so that we may wake up from the sleep of fools. So we stop
believing the dream that this world of many gods is our home - so that we
turn our faces to the Light and go home as heroes who conquered the
+ Amen

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