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Myra E online contest

Image manipulation for a client joining an online contest.
The client joined an online contest for a new whitening
product under the Myra E brand, and because the contest
required a photo of the contestant with the product, she
asked me to integrate the product in her photo.
Only minor edits were made on the model’s photo, while I
spent the longest time on fixing the product image, which
was initially a small obscured image I downloaded from
the product website.
One of the prizes was Myra E advertisement appearances,
and this was intended to be a mock advertisement.
•• Photoshop

High school reunion poster and ticket

Designs for the 10th year high school batch reunion posters
(tall) and tickets (wide).
Titled “The Reun10n: Orangus Kulafus Still Wild at 10“, and
with a luau theme, I wanted it to be somewhat “playful, wild,
and flowery“.
With the monkey as the batch ”mascot” (1980 — their birth
year — was the year of the monkey in the Chinese calendar),
so I based my 3D logo design on it: an out-of-this-world
silver monkey face encased in glass, with wild tentacles. The
same face would be used for a t-shirt print design.
•• Photoshop, 3DS Max
ticket, printed on non-glossy photo paper, 6in x 4in

Benefit concert featuring Richard Poon

A month-long project I did for free.
Richard Poon was a Filipino-Chinese singer-songwriter, who sings
mostly standards and ballads. I had to make the designs formal
and somewhat dreamy, keeping in mind his character and musical
genre. My main concern then was to properly represent the artist
and the event’s nature: fund-raising for a feeding program.
poster, printed on tarpaulin, 36in x 48in

I had to make the color and tint values somewhat different for the different print mediums since the target printers, as well
as the viewing environments would be different.
The 10-page souvenir program, done in a day, was my first multi-page document produced in Illustrator. The challenge
was the limited pages to work on because of the client’s limited budget, while there was too much material. We had to
throw away a lot of stuff, but it worked out in the end (although its printing was another story).
•• Photoshop, Illustrator

streamer, printed on tarpaulin, 118in x 40in

souvenir program sample pages, printed with HP inkjet on ordinary board

clockwise from top: cover, pages 6, 7, 8.

Jedi “type“
Jedi font type design for shirt printing.
I wanted to create something with a Jedi* inspiration
since I am registered in several shirt design sites as
well as a member of two Jedi* organizations (*The Jedi
organizations are created by inspiration from the movies
and other stories of the Star Wars universe).
I wanted a text treatment that reflects the simplicity and
unity of the Jedi, and this was what I came up with.
The lengthened stem of the letters were intended to
extend to the back of the shirt, and connected with the
same design, following the idea of unity and continuity.
I’m still not 100% satisfied with it, so It still isn’t final,
for example the “i“ could be read as an “L“ and I’m still
figuring out how to make the “E“ more “integrated”, if at
all possible.
•• Illustrator

AK Soul logo
Various studies and design for AK Soul company logo,
submitted in a logo design contest.
AK Soul “produces large rock concerts, events and club
shows in Alaska and sells branded clothing that embodys
[sic] modern life in Alaska“.
They wanted it to be masculine and loud, exotic,
adventurous, raw and modern, and preferred the colors
blue, black and white.
As with any logo I design, I keep in mind to have it easily
reproducible and recognizable on different types of
media and product. They also wanted a pictographic
representation of the brand, so I used an amplifier which
is always present in any event they produce.
In the fourth design, I used some “universal” symbols
for audio control, as well as a symbolic fist that thrusts
upward which also represents a spotlight. Any of
these images alone could represent the brand without
the texts, but I particularly imagine the “A“ with an
“eject” symbol to stand as the small brand icon.
•• Illustrator
Blam logo design
Blam is a fictional brand name for a company that caters to gamers and gaming.
I wanted something with a retro yet modern feel. Simple, easily recognizable, and easily reproducible, the
logo is not only an appropriate representative for action and shooter games, but also for a wide range of
other gaming genres such as adventure, real-time strategy, and sports.
•• Illustrator

Deals for Change logo

Deals for Change is an online shopping portal that supports over 30 charitable institutions, where 100% of
the commissions earned on the site goes to charity.
They wanted it to have a colorful and a bit playful design, and communicate the feeling that shoppers will
be contributing to charity, as well as simplicity and economy.
The client representative was from Chapel Hill in North Carolina, U.S.A. and specified Carolina Blue** to be
incorporated in the design if possible. (**The lighter blue, at the top of the text.)
I used the butterfly as a “mascot“ to represent change in a way that is accessible and endearing.
•• Illustrator

Global Healthcare Billing logo

Two submitted logo variations for the Global Healthcare Billing logo design contest.
Global Healthcare Billing is a company that provides Healthcare billing for medical offices and hospitals.
They wanted to communicate cutting edge service, efficiency and speed. They cater to professionals in the
medical and dental field so they wanted a feeling that is modern and refined, bright, colorful and serious, yet
at the same time appear economical.
•• Illustrator
Mashable celebration and promotion
Mashable is a blog about social media and Web 2.0.
On March 2010, they relaunched their identity and
provided a contest for this relaunch where I submitted
these designs.
The aim was to create designs that would look good
on real-world products such as shirts, mugs and
skateboards, while promoting and celebrating the new
identity of Mashable.
This was one of my favorite design projects because
I was at more liberty to create and submit as many
different ideas as I can. Among these, I was most fond
of the “haftoned guy”, which I had photographed from a
drawing I did on a DVD+R.
•• Illustrator

Saudi Arabian ad agency clients

Video for an advertising company in Saudi Arabia,
promoting various offerings of their clients.
The style was simple, the presentation was direct. One of
their artists, Edgardo Rejano sent me a storyboard, and I
interpreted it in Adobe After Effects.
Finished within around two days overall, this was one of
my early commercial projects done in AE.
•• After Effects, Photoshop
Privilege card and gift cards promotion
Video for an advertising company in Saudi
Arabia, promoting mall privilege cards and gift
card offerings of two clothing brands.
I received the storyboard done by one of the
company’s in-house designers, Edgardo Rejano,
and I finished the work in about 5 days.
There were several challenges that I had to break
in this project: First, I have only begun using After
Effects for a few days, but I knew that it was the
right tool for the job, so I needed to accelerate
learning the program; second, it was a silent video,
so the videos had to be compelling without the
assistance of audio for emotional response; third,
the final output was HD at 1280p, and I have had
little to no knowledge of properly working on HD
format (and my system has not been set up to
handle HD efficiently).
In the end I learned a lot from the project and
gained more confidence in facing new projects
using new and unfamiliar tools and formats.
•• After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop
Special effects and CG integration
Far left: training and trial for the immersive
microscopic view of red blood cells inside a human
It is my first trial of integrating After Effects with
3D Studio Max. I used the AE plugin Trapcode
Particular to produce the random movements of
the blood cells and tiny white particles.

Left: Integrating a computer generated element

into an actual video footage.
With a footage I shot with my digital still camera, I
used Boujou — a camera tracking and matchmoving
software — to calculate the camera movements
and camera location from the footage. I then used
that information to generate a camera in 3DS Max
to use as basis for rendering the 3D model of the
robot Evangelion (which I animated for this very
project) into the shot, creating the illusion of a toy
walking in a live-action garden.
Footage and rendered 3D were then composed in
AE, adding final touches such as color correction
and shadow blending.
•• After Effects, 3DS Max, Boujou
Medical presentation: Vomiting mechanism
Nursing students approached me for a project that illustrated After Effects so that I had to use Flash, which I was most
the vomiting mechanism. One of my biggest projects, this comfortable with and had the capability that I needed.
lasted for around two months. I wanted it to be not boring, so I used “cartoon value” and
I did the medical research, storyboards, some story script guested Spongebob Squarepants characters. The final scene
editing, narration generation (via the program TextAloud) with the closing credits, featuring The Family Guy, was just
modeling, animation, lighting and rendering. serendipity: I saw the online episode via Shoutcast TV with
Most of the time was spent on modelling and rendering, while the guys barfing.
the animation was considerably easier. I faced the challenge It has been submitted, but regrettably unpolished. For
of organic modelling, and of figuring out how to precisely fit example, the vomitus (the thing being expelled) would have
together the internal organs. looked better if it were produced using particles, but, to save
I worked on the videos by “scene” (although there were no processing power, I replaced it with the Spongebob character
scene cuts) so I needed a program that could “stitch“ them Plankton instead, although it also provided comedic value.
together on framed layers. This was before I learned about •• 3DS Max, Flash, VirtualDub, TextAloud


»» is Lorgen Gerard R. Magpantay.

»» is interested in almost everything.
»» plays drums.
»» does not dance or sing karaoke. Please.
»» wishes he can fly.
»» named his computer ShadouPada01. Before that it was
Gelenny and Shahmecompy.
»» collected stamps, plastic wrappers, superhero cards,
soda bottle crowns, Ultraman cards, free toys from food
items, Transformers cards, magazines, coins, comics... even
stones and bones.
»» animates.
»» studied Tengwar, a writing system created by J.R.R.
Tolkien. (It was created for the language that Tolkien
invented, and was used in his books and The Lord of the
Rings movie trilogy.)
U2 vocalist Bono, stylized in the vain of the famous black
»» syncs subtitles. ink Che Guevarra shirt design.
»» is fascinated by innovations and conspiracy theories. Made with Adobe Illustrator.

»» recently finished watching the Naruto series. (Other

animes in his list: Ergo Proxy, Witchblade, Tenjou Tenge,
Guyver, Evangelion... and more.)
»» troubleshoots his own computer because many
“technicians” are full of BS.
»» is a Jedi in training.
»» doesn’t have a real light saber, because it’s impossible.
»» wants to buy that umbrella with a samurai handle. It looks
cool when carried “bandolier-style.“
»» was obsessed with dinosaurs.
»» graduated Psychology, but took up Computer Engineering
and Accountancy before that.
»» is interested in philosophy, psychology and astronomy. This is a velociraptor head. This is also his signature.

»» wants to do special effects and animation for movies.

»» writes, draws, plays, walks. And runs around the house.

»» prefers alternative, rock, jazz and classical music.
»» learns fast.
»» never leaves home without his sunglasses.
»» doesn’t care about designer labels.
»» eats huge but ShadouPada01 dictates when he eats. The color of hope:
»» eats junk food and ants. » in RGB, white —
» in CMYK, black —
»» graphic designs. because hope has everything.
»» enjoys rain, clouds and the moon and stars.
»» Loves†
His digital art career started way back After school that day, he met Gaddy‘s cousin
in 2001 when Gaddy Rejano, a co-staff Cloyd Manuevo in the nearby subdivision.
in their college newspaper The Heart, Cloyd introduced him to Photoshop, and
approached him and asked if he still learned to make a human face out of
draws and whether he was interested vegetables. Digital art has captivated him
in creating websites. and he never stopped from there.

He has never stopped dabbling in Well, almost never stopped.

visual arts and, although at that time
he was the Sports Editor, he started in In 2005, he worked as an HR Assistant in the
the publication as an artist. sales division of the beverage company San
Miguel Beer and in 2006 as a P.R.O. Staff
The idea of website creation sounded in his alma mater Sacred Heart College. But
new, but familiar. During that time as exciting as the work environment in both
making websites was almost unheard institutions were, he always kept going back
of. Sure they’ve already visited and to the “thrill“ of creation.
used website services, but he never His first edited photo of himself using
really knew how these things were Today, he continues his studies and freelance Photoshop 7 (or was it 6?). The inscription
created. And the idea excited him. work on graphics and visual arts. below, in Tengwar, was added later.
= j`V5^6Y -= jh5#: 85#zT`N -= j6Yx5$ x7RuE 7r%6R`V tx#q1[E`Cl -= jr^(j~Û ~T jr^( l.M -= jr^(j~Û t#jY`N x%5iE`B`N -= j`V5^6Y -= jh5#: 85#zT`N -= j6Yx5$ x7RuE 7r%6R`V tx#q1[E`Cl -= jr^(j~Û ~T j

jr^(j~Û t#jY`N x%5iE`B`N -= j`V5^6Y -= jh5#: 85#zT`N -= j6Yx5$ x7RuE 7r%6R`V tx#q1[E`Cl -= jr^(j~Û ~T jr^( l.M
Document size:
8 inches x 13 inches

Number of pages:

Fonts used:
Tengwar Annatar – property of creator
Johan Winge © 2004-2005; created with
MetaFont, mftrace (using potrace) and
FontForge; distributed as freeware.

Tengwar Parmaite – Måns Björkman ©


Titillium – born in the Academy of Fine

Arts of Urbino; open source font, published
under SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.

Aller Sans – designed for the Danish

School of Media and Journalism by the
English bureau Dalton Maag Ltd.; art
directed by Henrik Birkvig; sponsored by
Aller; based on a visual identity concept
designed by Kontrapunkt.

Bundy Yellow – by “Mad Mutt“ of Married

With Children; MWC Solid, version 1.00,
July 6, 2002; free download and usage.

Featured projects were created in the years


Lorgen Gerard R. Magpantay

15 May 2010
†pour Lovely*