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Grant Heileman

31 Cedar Hill Pl NE Albuquerque NM 87122


Space Vehicles and Materials, ATA
Contractor, Engineer
May 2016- present

Defined fabrication method for 3D printed antennas

Designed Liquid Crystal (LC) phase shifter for antenna arrays
Electromagnetic Infrastructure and Security Laboratory, UNM
Research Assistant
Feb 2015- May 2016

Measured characteristic impedance of ATMELs LP2052 micro-controller and in-house PCB.

Classified Intels MCS-51 instruction set in terms of dynamic current for the LP2052.
Informatics Laboratory, UNM
Software Developer
June 2014- Feb 2015

Wrote Prolog script that helped reduce computation time of degree audits.
Developed a Sunburst diagram, for graduation data analytics, using d3
Woodward at Copper
Snowboard & Arial Awarness Coach
January 2014- March 2014

Half Pipe & Slope-Style

Trampoline & Tumbling
Configurable Space Microsystems Innovations and Applications Center
Hardware Developer
Summer 2013/2014

Member of the Hardware team. Worked on the development, and implementation of the collection and
processing hardware used in COSMIACs cubesat LISA. Programed VHDL interfaces for an ADC and a

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM
Graduated May 2016

B.S. Electrical Engineering

Cum Laude

Conferences and Publications

Conferences Presented
2016 DEPS Annual Directed Energy Symposium
Wrote and presented poster: Instruction Dependent Pin Impedances on a Microcontroller
Conferences Attended
2016 DEPS Annual Directed Energy Symposium

Awards and Recognition

University of New Mexico

Eta Kappa Nu, International Honor Society of Electrical and Computer Engineers, 2016- Present
Harry and Mabel F. Leonard Scholarship recipient, 2015/2016 academic year
Sigma Alpha Pi, National Engaged Leader Award, 2015
Mammoth FIS Half Pipe Grand Prix, 16th place, 2012

New Zealand Junior National Snowboard Championships, 1st place Half Pipe and 4th place Slope-Style,
Invited Dew Tour and Grand Prix Olympic qualifying event participant, 2009.
Phi Eta Sigma, National Collegiate Academic Honor Society, 2009- Present.
Target Gold award, Woodard WEST, Summer 2006

Programming Experience
Languages/Frameworks: C++, Javascript, Ruby, LATEX, Rails, d3, Prolog, VHDL, Altium, Assembly
Classes: ECE 132 Programming Fundamentals (UNM), ECE 231 Intermediate Programming (UNM),
ECE 238 Computer Logic Design (UNM), ECE 344 Microprocessors (UNM),
Web Application Architectures (UNM Coursera)

Hardware Experience
Devices: Keysight VNA, BNC Pulse Generator, variety of microprocessors & Cs, Edison, Arduino, and MPPT
Classes: ECE 322 Electronics II (UNM), ECE 419/420 Senior Design (UNM), ECE 495 RF Design (UNM)

Leadership and Community Service

Project Manager for Lobo PoWiFi, 2015-Present
IOT project sponsored by Intel, UNM, and K&Awireless
Volunteer for the Math Moves You, youth STEM event, UNM Fall 2015

Dr. Edl Schamiloglu
Distinguished Professor at ECE, UNM
Dr. Salvador Portillo
Research Associate Professor at ECE, UNM
Dr. Edward D. Graham Jr.
Professional Engineer and UNM Emeritus