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Parashah 33: B'chukkotai (By my

Parashah 33: B'chukkotai (By my regulations); Leviticus 26:3 through 27:34.
Haftarah (Writings and Prophets): Jeremiah 16:19 through 17:14.
B'rit Hadasha (New Testament): John 14:15-21; 15:10-12; 1 John.

Summary & Overview

Leviticus 26:14 | Blessings for Obedience - Penalties for Disobedience
Leviticus 27:1 | Votive Offerings

Last week we looked at the transition from the Mountain to the Promised Land,
that is the restored Garden of Eden. We looked at the Sabbath and why YHVH
sees that as the most important Commandment. This week will be the final
Torah Portion from the Book of Leviticus and will look at the continuation of the
blessings and curses associated with the Promised Land and how it relates to
the End Times.

Understanding the Law

Before we jump into this week's topic, we will
lay some foundation regarding the Law or
Commandments of YHVH that will shed
some light on why we are blessed or cursed
when interacting with these Laws.
There are a lot of misconceptions regarding
the Law, especially when you read it in the
context of the Berit Chadashah (NT). In
Greek, there is one word translated as Law, and that is the word nomos that is
used to refer to three different types of laws; firstly, it can refer to the Torah or
Law of the Spirit. Secondly, it can refer to the law of the Pharisees, or the man-
made laws also called the traditions of the fathers, and lastly, it can refer to the
law of the flesh, our fleshly desires we submit under and obey.
In Hebrew there are many kinds of different Laws that can be grouped under
the heading Law or Torah, or Commandments of YHVH. We need to
understand these different laws within the Law of YHVH to know which of
these Laws He is referring to, for example, Statutes, Judgements or Decrees,
Ordinances, Precepts, Edict, Enactment, Testimonies and Commandments,
what each different law mean and link together, and how they apply to our lives.
We will study this prior to looking at this weeks Torah Portion because this
week is about the Commandments Israel broke and these different types of
laws are mentioned. We need to know how these Laws are linked and interact
with other Laws and what every one of these represents, in order to understand
what the Torah Portion is all about.

The Law of YHVH consists of Laws and sub-laws that define His Complete Law
as seen in the illustration above. Law is the word Torah that means; Custom,
manner, mode, law, direction, instruction. It comes from the root word yarah
that means; to throw, shoot arrows, cast, pour, throw water, rain. Torah is first
mentioned in Scripture about our father, Abraham:
Gen 26:5 Because Abraham obeyed (shema -hear & obey) My voice
and kept My charge (Mishmereth), My commandments (Mitsvah),
My statutes (Choq) , and My Laws (Torah).
To get things clear, didnt Torah only come at the time of
Moses? The word Torah is the collection name that contains
all the Words YHVH has spoken but consists of different levels
and interactions between various types of Commandments,
like the gears inside a watch. The best way to describe the
word Torah is to see it as Directions, that show the Way back
to YHVH. When you ask where someone lives, you will receive
directions to their house so that you can meet and be in the same
place to have fellowship. Yshuas is the One Who shows the Way to the Father,
and that is the same function as the Torah, indicating the way to the Father,
covering all possibilities and can lead people back to Him from every possible
place they are currently at. That is why the Torah is so complex so that it will
cover all possibilities.
If you make the statement I am no longer under the Law, means the you are
no longer under the Torah, that implies that you are no longer under Yshua. If
you mean the laws of man or traditions of man, then it is the right statement to
make because man does not know the way to the Father, only Yshua does,
and He is revealed in His Torah. The word Torah last used in Scripture:

Mal 4:4-6 (4)Remember the Law (Torah) of Moses, My servant, which
I commanded (Tsavah) him in Horeb for all Yisrael statutes (Choq) and
judgments (Mishpat). (5) See, I am sending you Eliyah the prophet
before the coming of the great and great day of YHVH. (6) And he
shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the
children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with utter
This verse is in End Time context where YHVH mentions the destruction of the
Earth, the appearing of Elijah the Prophet that will come before the coming of
Messiah, and refer to this time as the great, Great Day of YHVH. Before that,
He sets the stage with the opening words; remember the Torah of Moses,
His Statutes and Judgements giving Israel some insight into what is required
to avoid the wrong side of His Coming, being part of the utter destruction.
This is the same message and topic in the final Torah Portion in Leviticus that
places this weeks Torah portion in the End Time context as well. We need to
see what message YHVH gave Israel (all who claim to be part of Israel), to be
ready for His Coming. We will now look at what it means to remember His
Torah, His Statutes, and Judgements. As seen in the illustration of the Law, we
see that the Torah consists of Statutes that in itself consists of Ordinances and
Precepts and that the Judgements flows from the Torah, including Ordinances
and Decrees.
Judgements are an outflow from His Torah and His
Statutes (Ordinances & Precepts) that become Decrees
that deals with the consequences of breaking the
Torah. The Torah with its Statutes and Ordinances and
Precepts cannot change and is symbolised by the
Commandments written in stone on the Mountain.
Judgements can change if there is another Decree that
adds grace. This concept is known as Forgiveness.
To forgive mans sin, a Statute needs to be created by
the King, that translates into a Decree that neutralises the initial Decree that
was against us. We see the application of this in the following passage:
Col 2:14 Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us,
which was contrary to us, and has taken it out of the way, nailing it to the
Q What was nailed to the cross?
The ordinances and handwriting (decree) that was against us. The Decree is a
verdict that was made as a result of breaking a Statute, that consists of
Ordinances. (see chart). This Decree or handwriting can be changed by adding
another Decree that adds grace (Story of Ester as well as story of the
Unforgiving Debtor where the King forgave his debt. - Matt 18:21-35)
Q What are Ordinances and Precepts?

Ordinances are part of the Statutes that is the word choq qx - that
means; limit, something prescribed, due, law in
general, prescribed limit, boundary, to cut, carve, cut
in, to engrave, appoint.
For example, an Ordinance will be not to overindulge
in food, placing a limit on your consumption for
various beneficial reasons. Ordinances are
engraved (in stone) and cannot change. Ordinance
first used in Scripture:
Gen 47:20-23 And Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh, for
the Egyptians sold every man his field because the famine prevailed over
them and the land became Pharaoh's. (21) And as for the people, he
caused them to go into the cities, from one end of the borders of Egypt
even to the other end of it. (22) Only he did not buy the land of the
priests, for the priests had a portion (Ordinance) from Pharaoh, and
ate their portion which Pharaoh gave them. Therefore, they did not sell
their land. (23) And Joseph said to the people, Behold, I have bought you
this day, and your land, for Pharaoh. Lo here is seed for you, and you
shall sow the land.
Prophetic Application: The concept of an Ordinance in the context of this
passage that relates to the limit or boundary that defines a particular area of
land that is associated with an inheritance given by Pharaoh to his Priesthood.
The prophetic significance of this is seen when you connect the characters as
follows; Pharaoh represents the Father, Joseph represents Yshua, the
Priesthood is the Bride of Messiah and the portion of land is the Brides
inheritance after the Second coming. The timing of these events is about the
End Times and the Tribulation (famine in the land).
All the people in the Land sold their inheritance to buy food except the
Priesthood, the ones Joseph (Yshua) favoured. During the end times, people
will be forced to sell their souls in exchange for food through receiving the
mark of the Beast instead of the mark of YHVH. The Ordinances are related to
the mark YHVHs Bride will receive that will protect Her during these dark
times while the rest of the world (even believers) will receive the mark of the
Beast (System) to be able to survive.
Q What is the mark of YHVH that will preserve His people?
We have looked at the sign or mark that was on Cain and Lamech in the
previous Torah Portion, and that relates to the covering of YHVHs people until
the final Jubilee year when Messiah returns. We have made the connection to
the cycles that represented the ring on the finger of the Bride as a sign or
mark that show that She is Engaged and belong to Her Groom, Yshua.
Choq not only means Ordinance, it means appoint as well and confirms the
connection to the Appointed Times and these cycles relates to the ring
which are the Ordinances for the Bride, that consists of the Sabbath and all
the Festivals.
Choq means portion or inheritance as well and establishes the link to the
Bride being the portion or inheritance of YHVH and because of that, the Bride
has an inheritance after the famine. The Inheritance is the Promised Land or
the Kingdom of YHVH where She will live with YHVH forever.

There is mention of the word portion (Ordinance) in the Brit Chadashah (NT)
in the Book of Luke where Yshua told a Parable to explain the Kingdom of
Luk 12:42-46 And the Master said, Who then is the trustworthy and
wise steward, whom his Master shall appoint over his household, to give
the portion of food in due season? 43 Blessed is that servant whom his
Master shall find so doing when he comes. 44 Truly, I say to you that he
shall appoint him over all his possessions. 45 But if that servant says in
his heart, My Master is delaying his coming, and begins to beat the male
servants and female servants, and to eat and drink and be drunk, 46 the
Master of that servant shall come on a day when he does not expect him,
and at an hour that he does not know, and shall cut him in two and
appoint his portion with the unbelievers.
Ordinance or choq means to appoint as well and in this passage is linked to
the Masters House that He left in the hands of His Servants He appointed to
take care of while He was away.
Prophetic Application: This passage in Luke describes the time of the end and
every Servant (Believers) in His House is awaiting His
return. The Master shall return on a day and a time that
no one expects and will cut in two or divide the
Servants into two camps; the wise and the foolish. Each
camp will receive their portion (inheritance) according to
how each one maintains the House. The foolish Servants
thought the Master is still far off and started to mistreat
their fellow Servants and used the Masters House for their
own pleasures. These Servants (Believers) will hear the
words depart from Me you workers of lawlessness,
receiving their portion with the unbelievers. The wise Servants
who kept the Masters House in order, the same way He left it, will receive
their portion or inheritance to live with Him forever in His House as His Bride.
Q How do we keep the masters House in order till He comes?
We keep everything the way He left it and do not change any of His Ways;
these include His Ordinances, His Appointed Times (Sabbath and Feasts) as
well as His Word (Torah) that contains the standards for the Servants need to
adhere by living and serving in His House.
These Appointed Times (choq) are reminders to the Bride that helps Her to be
ready and prepared until Her Master returns. She is to keep watch and preserve
the Masters House She is appointed (choq) to watch over. When He returns He
will give each servant his portion (choq) based on their works. All of these
things are connected and related, coming from the same word (choq); the
Appointed Times, the Masters House standards, to be appointed as well as
the servants inheritance/portion, making all these concepts echad (one).
Some are of the opinion that the Ordinances are done away with, as interpreted
from Pauls letter to the Assembly in Ephesus.
Eph 2:14-15 For He is our peace, He making us both one, and He has
broken down the middle wall of partition between us, 15 having abolished
in His flesh the enmity (the law of commandments contained in ordinances)

so that in Himself He might make the two into one new man, making peace
between them;
Context: The context of this verse is about the Jews and Gentiles (proselytes
Gentiles converted to Judaism), who worshipped in separation because they
disliked one another. (read from the beginning of this chapter). The converted
Gentiles were not permitted to enter the inner court to worship with the Jews
and had to worship at the Western wall behind the back of the Temple. These
ordinances or "dogmas" were laws created by the Pharisees to maintain
separation between Jews and Gentiles. This man-made-law created enmity or
hostility between these two groups. Yshua came and broke down this dividing
wall by taking away the authority of the Pharisees, exposing them. It has
nothing to do with YHVH's Law (Torah). Context, context, context!!!
Precepts is the word piqqud dvqp that means; visitation, to attend to,
troops parade for exercise, number, reckon, visit, punish,
appoint, look after, care for, to seek in vain, need, miss,
lack, assign, lay upon as a charge, deposit, punishment,
symbolic name of Babylon. Piqqud first used in Scripture:
Jer 50:20-21 In those days and at that time, declares
, the crookedness of Israel shall be searched for, but
there shall be none; and the sin of Judah, but none shall be
found. For I shall pardon those whom I leave as a remnant.
21 Go up against the land of Merathayim (double

bitterness), against it, and against the inhabitants of Peqod

(Babylon mixing - confusion). Slay and put them under the
ban, declares , and do according to all that I have
commanded you.
Some of the meanings of the word piqqud have a military theme and have to
do with conflict and battles that result in punishment and destruction of
(symbolic) Babylon. This part of Scripture brings the focus on one of the things
Yshua came to do, He not only came to bring Salvation but came to fight
against Babylon (mixing and confusion) and to cleanse His Word from mans
traditions. He came to interpret the Word so that there will no longer be any
confusion. His Precepts are the standards that need to be raised up against
false teachings that are based on mixing. Because of the difference in
standards (precepts), mans mixed doctrines vs. YHVHs Word leads to conflicts
and heated discussions within the House of the Master, but we are called to
defend His Truth and clean His House from any Leprosy just as Yshua did
when He took on the Pharisees.

The word piqqud is spelt, Pey Qof Vav Dalet, dvqp with the Dalet d,
that means door, that represents Yshua, Who is the Way to the Father. There
is the Vav v represents man, who needs to be cleansed. There is also a

Qof q that means back of the head or repentance, showing the back of
your head as you walk away from the wrong things you use to do. The Qof
faces the Pey p or mouth which show that your words will be changed
through this act of repentance, purifying your speech.

Spiritual Application: To do YHVHs Precepts is to cleanse your speech, only
speak His Words, the Words based on Yshuas Words (Torah). This cleansing
of words reveals the Truth. Yshua mentioned more than once that He speak
nothing of Himself and only speaks the words He received from His
Father. We know the Torah originated from the Father and is
presented to us through His Commandments as well as through
Yshua when He walked the earth. His Precepts equip us to stand
against the strategies of Babylon and to slay half truths and to ban
them forever. Any doctrine that is created by mixing YHVHs Truth
with a man-made tradition or pagan cultures, is an abomination in
the eyes of YHVH and He wants us to use His Precepts
(standards Sword of Word) to destroy this enemy that will try
to infiltrate the House of the Master.

Blessings and Curses in the Promised Land

This believed by the Sages that this Torah Portion is one of the most
fundamental teachings regarding Who YHVH is. The fundamentals of any
religion is that is you please your God, then you will be blessed, and if you
dont, you will be punished.

Portion or Inheritance of the Wise Servants

According to the Parable in Luke, Yshua

described the Female Servants or Bride, who
tried to keep the Masters House in order until
His return. She was abused by Her fellow
Servants who just wanted to do their own thing.
Here are the blessings mentioned in this Torah
Portion as the inheritance (portion / choq) of the
wise Servants (Bride) who kept the Masters
standards (precepts).
Here are all the Blessings for those who walk in Covenant with YHVH according
to Lev 26:4-13:
Rain in its season Blessings of life and spiritual growth.
Plentiful produce of the land that will last to the next season Physical
benefits and knowing that YHVH will look after His people, even in a time
of famine.
Safety and peace in the Land, not being afraid of the enemy Knowing
that we are above the enemy in the Name of Yshua, he has no power
over us as believers in Messiah.
No wars, your enemies will be afraid of you five will chase away a
hundred and a hundred will set ten thousand a flight The enemy is a
liar and should not be feared because he is actually afraid of YHVH
faithful followers.
No evil beasts endangering your flocks You will be protected, and
nothing will come near you and your family.
You will be favoured by YHVH and made fruitful, having multiple
offspring You will be successful, and your household will be blessed,
and your family will live in harmony together.

He will confirm His Covenant with you When you stand in faith
regarding any situation or issue in your life, YHVH will come through and
confirm that He is the God that keeps His promises in His Word.
YHVHs Presence will be with you, and He will walk with you You will
have a real personal relationship with the Father and walk with Yshua
every time you enter into His Presence, but you need to make time for
Him to be able to hear His Voice.
You are set free from slavery and the yoke of bondage, walking upright
You are no longer a slave of sin and find it easier and simpler to say no
to things of the world that might bind you.
The Fathers heart is to pour blessings upon His people if they walking in
Covenant with Him. Remember that this Covenant is a Marriage Covenant, and
He wants to always be in a close and intimate relationship with His people.

Portion or Inheritance of the Foolish Servants

According to the Parable in Luke, Yshua
described the foolish Servants that did
whatever they wanted in the House of
the Master. The curses mentioned in this
Torah Portion are the inheritance or
portion (choq) of the foolish Servants
(Believers), receiving the same as the
unbelievers who do not walk in Covenant
with Him.
It is said that the people who hurt you the
most are the people closest to you, and
this is the case with the Bride, hurting Her Husband, right after the Marriage
Covenant, She broke Her vows by worshipping an image, this is similar to
Spiritual Adultery. Imagine newlyweds where the bride cheats on her husband
before the first wedding night. Imagine how YHVH felt when Israel sinned right
after He gave them His Commandments. This event shows the true character
of YHVH where He forgave Her and took Her back after She repented.
These Curses are recorded in four sets or waves that came upon YHVHs
people to break their stubbornness so that they can repent and be restored into
His presence. This proves YHVH to be righteous and just, giving then a clear
warning before the curses He released upon them. This is one of the primary
functions of Prophecy, warning His people, urging them to repent, so that they
can avoid calamities and curses that would come upon them.

1. First Wave of Curses The first warnings were given to His people as a
result of breaking His Commandments and Covenant, despising His
Statutes and hated His Judgements.
Lev 26:14-18 But if you do not obey Me, and do not observe all these
Commandments, and if you despise My Statutes, or if your soul abhors
My Judgments, so that you do not perform all My
Commandments, but break My Covenant, 16 I also will do this to you. And
after all this, if you do not obey Me, then I will punish you seven times
more for your sins, I will break the pride of your power:

Sickness: I will appoint terror over you, wasting disease and
fever which shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart.
Enslaved: You shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies
shall eat it.
Loose Authority: I will set My face against you, and you shall be
defeated by your enemies. Those who hate you shall reign over
Famine and Natural Disasters: I will make your heavens like
iron and your earth like bronze.
Fruitless efforts: Your strength shall be spent in vain; for your
land shall not yield its produce, nor shall the trees of the land
yield their fruit.
Revelation Chapter 2 is similar to the first wave starting with warnings to each of
the Seven Churches that depicts aspects of the Collective Church or Believers,
including all Denominations and Sects across the world. These warnings are
applicable to us today because we are living in the time of the Birth pains as
described in Matt 24. It was only the Second Church and the Sixth Church that
did not receive any curses and this proves that there will be Believers in
Messiah that will not be affected because they keep YHVHs House in order
and walk according to His Covenant. Here are the seven warnings with their
consequences (black and red):
First Church Ephesus- YHVH
knows their works, they lost their
first love and needed to repent
Lampstand will be removed.
Second Church Smyrna -
YHVH knows their trials, poverty;
Overcame Synagogue of Satan
Embracing Torah without
Pharisaical laws/traditions Will
be persecuted as a result of their
faith No curse.
Third Church Pergamum
Holding teaching of Balaam
(mixing in mans traditions) and
Nicolaitans (mixing in pagan traditions), engaging in spiritual fornication
- Repent - YHVH will fight with sword of mouth
Fourth Church Thyatira Allows a false prophetic spirit, the spirit of
Jezebel in their midst, they commit adultery with her, engaging in
physical and spiritual fornication Great Tribulation will come upon them,
Jezebels children (followers) will be killed those misled by this false
spirit in the church will be exposed and possibly die during the Great
Fifth Church Sardis Say you live but are dead, no life in their
congregation where YHVHs Spirit and His Gifts are not allowed to
function. They have imperfect works and are not effective - YHVH will
come as a thief if you do not watch.
Sixth Church Philadelphia- Overcame Synagogue of Satan, they will
worship at your feet. Possibly embracing the whole Torah without
Pharisaical laws No curse.

Seventh Church Laodicea - YHVH knows their works, they think they
are clothed, rich and have the truth, but they are wretched, blind, naked.
They are lukewarm, neither hot or cold. Picture of the modern day church
teaching doctrines that tickles the ears, enlightening people to be
prosperous without teaching them the basic foundational truths found in
Scripture YHVH will spit them out.

2. Second Wave of Curses came on YHVHs

people as a result of their stubbornness, still
breaking His Commandments and His Covenant,
despising His Statutes; Ordinances (Sabbath
and Feasts), His Precepts (not cleansing His
Word) and hated His Judgements
(consequences of sin).
Lev 26:21 Then, if you walk contrary to Me,
and are not willing to obey Me, I will bring on you seven times more
plagues, according to your sins:
I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your
children, destroy your livestock, and make you few People will die
and loose loved ones to sickness and calamities.
Your highways shall be desolate No trade, downfall of the
economic system.
We find in Revelation Chapter 3 the Seven Seal judgements, similar to the
punishment that will be seven times more than their previous punishment.
First Seal White horse - False Peace Arrival of Anti-Messiah
Second Seal - Red horse - Wars, conflict in the world, especially within
the Middle East.
Third Seal - Black horse - Financial downturn or famine, new taxes, only
earn enough for one day. Enslavement by System.
Fourth Seal Pale horse - Pestilence and sickness and death.
Fifth Seal Souls of martyrs - Death of Saints who died for their faith.
Sixth Seal Great earthquake - The powers of the earth will be shaken
and make man weak in the eyes of this calamity.
Seventh Seal Starting of the Seven Trumpet Judgements.

3. Third Wave of Curses The people still would

not submit to YHVHs authority, breaking YHVHs
Commandments and His Covenant.
Lev 26:23-24 And if by these things you are
not reformed by Me, but walk contrary to Me,
24 then I also will walk contrary to you, and I

will punish you yet seven times for your sins:

And I will bring a sword against you that
will execute the vengeance of the covenant; I will send pestilence
among you, and you shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy.
When I have cut off your supply of bread, even if there is enough
bread, you shall eat and not be satisfied.

The Book of Revelation follows the same pattern with the next wave of curses in
the form of the Seven Trumpet judgements that will come upon man because
they still refuse to obey Him and walk according to His Ways. These seven
punishments are seven times more than the previous judgements.
First Trumpet Hail and fire, mixed with blood, is released on the Earth,
burning up of a third of all the trees and green grass.
Second Trumpet - something like a great burning mountain that plunges
into the sea and wipes out a third of all sea life and ships. A third of the
oceans will become blood or die.
Third Trumpet A great star called Wormwood falls on the Earth
poisoning a third of the earth's freshwater sources, such as rivers and
springs. Men will die from drinking this bitter water.
Fourth Trumpet A third of the light from the Sun, the moon and stars
will become dark as a result of these celestial bodies being "struck".
Fifth Trumpet The fifth trumpet sound is the "first Woe" of three Woes.
A Star from heaven falls on the earth and given the key to the
bottomless pit, releasing the Locusts. This is Lucifer that is cast from the
presence of YHVH. The Locusts have tails like scorpions and faces like
men with lion's teeth. They had long hair like a woman's and flew with
locust-like wings. They were commanded by their king, Abaddon, to
torment any man who does not have the seal sign of YHVH on their
forehead. Could this be the Alien Agenda that will deceive humanity?
Sixth Trumpet This is the "Second Woe." 200 million mounted troops
whose horses that scatter fire and brimstone from out of their mouths. A
third of mankind will die because of this curse, estimating over 2.3 billion
Seventh Trumpet - The sound of the seventh trumpet signals the "Third
Woe." This is the final trumpet sound and the final Woe. The Temple of
YHVH is opened, and the Ark of the Covenant appeared in His Temple.
Then lightning and thunder occurred followed by a great earthquake and
an excessive hailstorm.

4. Fourth Wave of Curses These

judgements came upon YHVHs people as a
result of their refusal to repent, still walking
contrary to the Way He laid out in His Word.
Lev 26:27 And after all this, if you do
not obey Me, but walk contrary to Me,
28 then I also will walk contrary to you in

fury; and I, even I, will chastise you seven

times for your sins.
His people will eat the flesh of their children.
YHVH will destroy their high places, cut down their incense altars,
and cast out their idols; and His soul shall despise them.
YHVH will lay their cities waste and will bring the land to desolation.
YHVH will scatter them among the nations. Then the land shall
enjoy its Sabbaths.

YHVH will send a faintness into their hearts; they shall be afraid
and flee when no one pursues and have no power to stand before
their enemies.
They shall perish among the nations and the land of their enemies.
And those who are left shall waste away in their iniquity in your
enemies lands.
We see a similar pattern continuing in Revelation chapter 16, another wave of
curses called the Seven Bowls would come upon the earth as a result of mans
First Bowl Foul and painful sores come upon those bearing the mark
of the Beast and those who worshipped the image of the Beast.
Second Bowl - The seas and the oceans become blood, a major part of
sea life destroyed.
Third Bowl - The rivers and the remaining sources of water turn to blood
dead fish and animals dead because of affected waters.
Fourth Bowl The sun causes a major heatwave to scorch the planet
with fire. The wicked refuse to repent while they blaspheme the name of
Fifth Bowl A thick darkness overwhelms the kingdom of the Beast.
The wicked still refuses to repent and curse God.
Sixth Bowl The great river Euphrates dries up to prepare the place of
battle. Three unclean spirits with the appearance of frogs come out of the
mouths of the beast and the false prophet. These demonic spirits work
Satanic miracles to gather the nations of the world to battle against
YHVH during the Battle of Armageddon.
Seventh Bowl - A major earthquake across the whole earth causes the
cities of the world to collapse, destroying all infrastructure. Every
mountain and island are removed from their foundations. Giant
hailstones are weighing nearly 50kg plummet onto the planet. The
plagues are so severe that the wicked's hatred of God intensifies and
continue to curse God.

Repent and Return

All these things, spoken by Moses to the Children of
Israel regarding the curses happened to them. Moses
was a Prophet, and YHVH revealed to him the things
they will do before they even knew it. This was a kind
gesture from YHVH to pre-warn His people of what
they are about to do to help them not to break His
Covenant, but they still did.
It sounds harsh reading the consequences for disobedience and makes YHVH
out to be a terrible God that seeks blood and revenge. YHVHs motive is always
love and compassion, trying to help His people and save them from themselves,
breaking their stubborn hearts.
Q Is this the final verdict over Israel, is YHVH done with them?
A lot of believers today believe that YHVH rejected Israel and replaced them
with the Church. This is not true because YHVH extended mercy to Israel
during these times of punishment, and if they repent, He will take them back

because of the Covenant He made with their fathers. I am very grateful that
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob kept the Covenant so that those who call
themselves Israel and who are grafted into Israel can find mercy in the eyes of
YHVH because of this Covenant He made with Abraham.
Lev 26:40-45 But if they confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their
fathers, with their unfaithfulness in which they were unfaithful to Me,
and that they also have walked contrary to Me, 41 and that I also have
walked contrary to them and have brought them into the land of their
enemies; if their uncircumcised hearts are humbled, and they accept their
guilt 42 then I will remember My Covenant with Jacob, and My
covenant with Isaac and My covenant with Abraham I will remember;
I will remember the Land. 43 The Land also shall be left empty by them,
and will enjoy its Sabbaths while it lies desolate without them;
they will accept their guilt, because they despised My judgments and
because their soul abhorred My statutes. 44 Yet for all that, when they are
in the land of their enemies, I will not cast them away, nor shall I abhor
them, to utterly destroy them and break My Covenant with them;
for I am YHVH their Elohim. 45 But for their sake, I will remember the
Covenant of their ancestors, whom I brought out of the land of Egypt in
the sight of the nations, that I might be their Elohim: I am YHVH.
We sometimes do not realise how strong and how binding a Covenant is
between YHVH and His people. It was because of the Covenant that they went
through these waves of punishment so that they would repent and turn back to
Just like Moses prophesied, Israel was scattered into the nations, but he also
predicted their return to their Land if they repent. This happened in 1948 when
Israel became a Nation again, and we have seen evidence of all the blessings
that came from Israel since then, confirming Him excepting them back as His
people, because they turned back to the Torah and His Covenant.
The question is, will the rest of the believers within the nation's return to YHVHs
Ways and repent from those things mentioned to the Seven Churches. If not,
then they will experience their inheritance with the unbelievers, going through
the Waves of Judgements that will come upon the Earth before the return of
Yshua the Messiah, as prophesied in the Book of Revelation.
This is the time we are currently at, the time between the Two Comings of
Messiah, the time before the Final Judgement of the Earth, before entering the
Promised Land.

Rev 1:3 Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this
prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the
time is near.