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TLP Education Cycle

After the TLPs are elected, you will have the education plan below in order to develop performant TLPs who can help the EB in taking the LC forward.

The TLP education cycle is divided into 10 meetings: 7 group meetings and 3 individual meetings, as follows:

First 2 TLP meetings are more focused on self and TLP position awareness, followed by 3 meetings focusing on their Leadership development and how to perform better as TLP. The last 2 meetings focus more on applying their gained knowledge in having a final sprint and preparing the transition plan for the next TLP.

In every meeting, don’t forget to check the objectives’ realization, plan and status of their teams. Also, give them space to share in order to build trust in themselves and in the TLP community.

There are 3 individual meetings between you as VP TD and each TLP (coaching-ish, mini LEAD), where you work more personalized with the TLP.

There is no functional preparations included in here, so make sure that the area’s VPs deliver those preparations.

The purpose of these preparations is to increase the quality of your TLPs as leaders.

Good luck!

TLP team meetings:

1st meeting:

I. *check objectives & check plan

1. TLP Role - awareness

TLP role: Directly guiding and delivering experience

Coordinate to create collaborative learning environment

Proactively to learn about management and leadership

Ensure the pipelines to continue the legacy

Maintain internal communication effectively

Final responsible for the accomplishment of project objectives

To executive the strategies from EB

To take higher leadership role

1.* Creating our TLP Community

How do we position ourselves in the LC, expectations TLP-VP TD- EB, set way of working, set the TLP preparation meetings

VP TD presenting the overall TLP education plan to the TLPs

2. Project Management v.s. People Management: getting shit done through your members

-task management- project tool, backwards planning, -people mgm- how to choose your team; how to delegate tasks to the team members -financial mgm- basic financial skills -types on incomes, of expenses, decontari, keeping a bugdet, keeping the financial part in mind when taking decisions

3. Way of working & communicating with your VP

2nd meeting

II. *check objectives & check plan

1.My contribution- how my objectives help the organization grow and develop. what is my own personal and professional contribution to the project and in the LC

2. Me as a leader- what are those qualities that makes me a good leader, am I a good role model? My

team is my reflection

3. Get to know what your team is capable of

-my team -their strengths and weaknesses -their needs By knowing my team’s needs (personal and functional) I can help them better perform and develop themselves as well.

4. Check on how do I manage to delegate tasks to my team

3rd meeting

III.*check objectives & check plan

1. Leadership Situational- ask for an external/alumnus/ex EB member to have this training

2. Constant improvement- ask for feedback. YOU as TL ask for feedback in order to improve- perform

better, improve your relationship with your team

4th meeting

IV.*check objectives & check plan

1. Re-planning & adapting- agile thinking- how to be flexible and constantly adapt

[after checking the plan and objectives, see the reasons, be solution oriented and replan in order to compensate for the plan vs realized gap. Don;t wait until the end of the position to spot mistakes in order to fix them]

2. Generating solutions- open space between the TLs to find creative solutions to their problems

5th meeting

V.*check objectives & check plan

1. Awareness personal - Am I there?

Reflect upon your experience of TLP you have had so far and find the relevance of what you do

2. You shape your experience- you are creating your own experience. make it worthwhile, don’t waste

your time to be average

3. Team status

4. Final sprint- final push in order to accomplish your dream results you established at the beginning of

your experience.

6th meeting

VI. *check objectives & check plan

1. Final sprint- the same as above

2. What have I learnt so far- reflection and stuff

7 th meeting

1.Transition plan- how to do that (advice:make it visual- mapping, but also make a spreadsheet with a transition plan of 3 meeting they’ll pass on to the next TLP)

3 individual meetings:

-check frustrations and accomplishments -check way of working with the VP and the team -leadership pipeline - how i manage my team -what do you need to achieve your goals -plans for the future