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Death of a big idea

Hassan Ahmed
Section B


This is a big question in the modern marketing what is the meaning of strategy in the present
marketing scenario. Form the past few years there is a shift in marketing, now marketing has the
meaning of real time results not the long term planning and strategy.
There is a lot of discussion on strategy but now a days strategy is not being considered as the
part of marketing process.
Strategists are now being asked to clarify the connection between the excellence and affectivity
of strategy.
Strategy now days must play its role in the execution of the idea.
Persons dealing with the strategy must be concerned about the utility of the strategy or the
benefits attached to a strategy.
The incongruity of strategy
From past few years there is a huge debate on strategy there are many job titles having word
strategy in them and there are a lot of books into the market with the title of strategy. But most
of the organizations claimed that the basic element in the innovation is the organizational culture,
work place environment, not the strategy. With the growing awareness and media channels
strategy has become complex and hard to achieve.
Malcolm white stated three reasons:

There is lack of intellectualism in marketing.

There is no difficulty in marketing strategy but strategists have done badly in explaining
the strategy.
In the present scenario marketing demands rapid actions but strategy is about delaying

Five hypotheses:

Judges that were judging the campaign were fool.

In a campaign there might be many components that will be working as effectiveness of
the strategy if once strategy is present there.
Industry of the particular campaign demands broad thinking spectrum, that might be a
Brand purpose must be pretty much clear, brands with clear purpose stands above than

Deliberate strategy is an old classical approach towards the strategy, u can simply say it like hard

Emergent strategy is a weak form of strategy, there is less consistency in the strategy.

Strategy is all about your goals that where you want to be, this can include the following
Only fight at that time when you know you can win.
Does not fight alone make coalitions.
Effective use of empathy, getting the others thinking.
Crux of strategy:

Strategy is all about the power to do something and effective allocation of resources at
right time and right place.
Strategy is a broader term than planning because planning does not contain independent
decision making.
Strategy should be handled carefully from the beginning not at the ending.
It is an ongoing process even if u wins you will have to continue it the other day.