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Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition Combat Reference Sheet Version 1.

Full Defense (pg 275)
Declare that you will only defend this turn
Roll Full Dice pool for first defensive action
Subtract 1 Dice cumulatively, for each additional defensive action

Combat Maneuvers
Aborting Actions (pg 274)
Abort to a defensive action (block, dodge or parry)
Roll Willpower vs. Diff 6 or Spend 1 Willpower
Ambush (pg 274)
Attacker rolls Dex + Stealth
Defender rolls Perc + Alertness
If attacker has more successes, attacker gets one free attack with
extra success from Ambush roll add to that attack.
If Defender has more successes then begin combat as normal.

Close Combat Maneuvers

Bite (pg 276)
Dex + Brawl; Difficulty: Normal
Accuracy: +1 Die; Damage: Str +1 (Lethal/Aggravated)
Must successfully perform a Clench, Hold, or Tackle first.

Blind Fighting/Fire (pg 274 & 279)

Blind characters are at +2 Difficulty for all actions
Add Two Dice to attack rolls against Blinded targets
Cannot use ranged attacks

The Kiss (pg 276)

Dex + Brawl; Difficulty: Normal
Accuracy: +1 Die; Damage: None
The Victim must successfully perform a Clench, Hold, or Tackle
first. Drains blood from target at normal rate of 3 per turn.
Victims with Willpower 9 + or Kindred can resist with a Self
Control/Instinct roll Difficulty 8. (pg 269)

Flank and Rear Attacks (pg 274)

Attacker on the flank adds 1 Die to attack roll
Attacker from the rear adds 2 Dice to attack roll

Claw (pg 276)

Dex +Brawl; Difficulty: Normal
Accuracy +0 Dice; Damage: Str +1(Lethal/Aggravated)

Movement (pg 258 & 274)

You can move running distance and still attack
Walk at 7 yards per turn
Jog at 12+Dex per turn
Run at 20+3xDex per turn

Clinch (pg 276)

Str + Brawl ; Difficulty: Normal
Accuracy +0 Dice; Damage: Strength
If Attacker is successful a clench begins and attacker rolls Str
Damage in 1st round
Subsequent turns, each combatant can do STR damage attempt to
escape the clench.
To escape a clench, make a resisted Str + Brawl, if escaping
character has more success, she breaks free. Otherwise, clench
continues into next round.

Multiple Actions (pg 274)

Declare total number of actions
Determine smallest Dice Pool
Divide that Dice Pool amongst Actions
Extra Actions from Celerity cannot be split.
Targeting (pg 274)
(limb, briefcase)
(hand, head, cellphone)
(eye, heart, lock)


Defensive Maneuvers
Block (pg 275)
Hand to Hand Bashing Only
Roll Dex + Brawl
If Defender has Fortitude or Armor may block Lethal or
Aggravated Damage
Dodge (pg 275)
All attack types
Dex + Athletics
Parry (pg 275)
Brawl or Melee
Dex + Melee
If Defender makes a brawl attack and the Defender rolls more
successes, the defenders rolls Base Weapon Damage + extra
successes for damage.

Disarm (pg 276)

Dex + Melee; Difficulty: Normal
Accuracy: +0 Dice; Damage: Special
If successful the attacker rolls damage normally.
If successes exceed the defenders Str rating, no damage is done,
but the defender drops his weapon
Hold (pg 276)
Str+Brawl; Difficulty: Normal
Accuracy: +0 Dice; Damage: None
On a successful roll, the attacker holds the target until the targets
next action.
At that time, both combatants make an opposed Str + Brawl roll.
The target may take no action until she scores more successes than
the defender
Kick (pg 276)
Dex + Brawl; Difficulty: +1
Accuracy: +0 Dice; Damage: Str +1
Multiple Opponents
In close combat, a character who battles multiple opponents suffers
attack and defense difficulties of +1 cumulative (max of +4) for
each opponent after the first.
Strike (pg 276)
Dex + Brawl; Difficulty: Normal
Accuracy: +0 Dice; Damage: Strength

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Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition Combat Reference Sheet Version 1.0
Sweep (pg 276-277)
Brawl or Melee
Dex +Brawl/Melee; Difficulty: +1
Accuracy: +0 Dice; Damage: Str & Knockdown
An attack designed to trip an opponent. If successful, the target
takes Str Damage and must roll Dex +Athletics (Difficulty 8) or
suffer a knockdown

Readying a Weapon (pg 278)

Ready a Firearm: Dex + Firearms
Ready a Melee Weapon: Dex + Melee

Tackle (pg 277)

Str + Brawl; Difficulty: +1
Accuracy: +0 Dice; Damage: Str+1
You rush your opponent, tackling him to the ground. Both
combatants roll Dex + Athletics (difficulty 7) or suffer
knockdown. Even if the target succeeds, he is unbalanced and
suffers a +1 difficulty to his actions until the next turn.

Strafing (pg 278)

Dex + Firearms; Difficulty: +2
Accuracy +10 Dice; Damage: Special
The attacker may fire an automatic weapon across an area no
larger than 3 yards. The attacker divides success gained on the
attack roll evenly among all targets in the covered area. If only
one target is in the area, only half of the successes affect him.
Dodge rolls against a strafe are at +1 Difficulty

Reloading (pg 278)

Dex + Firerms
Reloading takes one round, but can be part of a normal action

Weapon Length (pg 277)

When you attack a character with a longer weapon(knife vs
sword), you must approach and therefore lose 1 die from the attack
Weapon Strike (pg 277)
Dex + Melee; Difficulty: Normal
Accuracy: +0 Dice; Damage: Weapon Type
Ranged Attacks
Aiming (pg 277)
Requirement: Firearms 1
Add one die to the attack roll on a single shot for each turn spent
aiming at a target that is moving no faster than a walk.
The maximum number of dice that can be added is equal to the
characters perception rating.
A scope add two more dice in the first round in addition to those
added for perception
Automatic Fire (pg 278)
Dex + Firearms; Difficulty: +2
Accuracy: +10 Dice; Damage: Normal
The weapon unloads its entire ammunition clip in one attack.
The weapons magazine must be at least half full to use

Two Weapons (pg 278)

Dex + Firearms; Difficulty: +1 for off-hand
Accuracy: Normal; Damage: Weapon Type
Firing two weapons in the same turn is considered a normal action
subject to the Multiple Action rules.
Maneuver Complications
Dazed (pg 279)
If in a single attack, the attacker rolls more damage after soak than
a mortals Stamina or a Vampires Stamina +2 the victim is dazed.
The target must spend her next turn shaking off the dazed effect
Immobilization (pg 279)
Add two dice to attacks made against an immobilized opponent if
the target is still able to struggle
Attacks hit automatically if the target is completely immobilized

Cover (pg 278)

Cover Type
Light (lying prone)
Good (Behind Wall)
Cover increases the difficulty to hit, but someone behind cover
receives a penalty to attack as well. This penalty is one less than
the difficulty listed above.
Multiple Shots (pg 278)
Dex +Firearms; Difficulty: Normal
Accuracy: Special; Damage: Weapon Type
The player divides the dice pool amongst the number of shots he
wants to take up to the weapons rate of fire.
Range (pg 278)
The listed range for weapons is the Short Range.
Attacks up to Short Range are Difficulty 6.
Attacks up to Maximum Range are Difficulty 8.
Attacks at Point Blank Range are Difficulty 4.

Three-Round Burst (pg 278)

Dex+Firearms; Difficulty: +1
Accuracy: +2; Damage: Weapon Type
The attacker expends 3 rounds from his weapons clip against one

Knockdown (pg 279 - 280)

The victim falls prone.
After a knockdown, the subject makes a Dex + Athletics roll. If
successful the victim may get to her feet immediately, but her
initiative is reduced by 2 on the next turn.
A failed roll means the victim spends her next action climbing to
her feet
A botched roll means the fall was especially hard and the victim
takes one automatic level of bashing damage.
Stake Through Heart (pg 280)
Staking a Vampire is a difficulty 9 attack.
If the attack succeeds and inflicts at least 3 health levels of damage
after soak, the target is immobilized
An immobilized victim is conscious and may use perception
The victim may not spend blood points.

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