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San Francisco External Studies Center

San Francisco, Agusan del Sur
Assignment: Insight in DROP OUT RATE
Instructor: DR. WILSON C. CALVO
Many students now a days are having their hard time in attending classes, most of them are experiencing
poverty and lots of them are forced to do chores instead of attending classes at school. There are lots of issues and
causes of drop out but in our area these are the common cause or reason of drop out: poverty, lack or loss of
interest, difficulty in accessing the schools and early marriage.
Poverty is one of the major cause of drop out, lets admit it, though the government secured the students
that they will not pay any amount for their education but we could not remove the fact that student find it hard to
comply the requirement asked by their teachers. It doesnt mean that the education is free all of the materials are
also catered. Portfolios, journal, report, art materials and etc. are the common requirements are needed for the
students to comply and will assure them for their promotion next year. Many of the students are having difficulties to
comply those requirements because their parents are also having hard time to support them especially when there
are lots of them in line. Meaning even the number of students in the family can also affect their performance. So the
best reason for them is to force their children to work to support schooling. Next s Lack of interest, many of them are
losing their interest to attend classes, and there are lots of reason why. In our area the common reason why theyre
losing their interests are the following: The Teachers Factor, Bullying, Peer Pressure and Students personality.
Teachers play the vital role in the students learning. They are the person behind why students are still
attending classes. Maybe teachers are too traditional and boring, too serious and authoritative and a bully thats why
students are losing their appetite to attend school. Teachers must be innovative, creative and trendy to catch up with
his/her students interest. Then we have difficulty in accessing the school, most of them are living in the mountainous
area and their means of transportation is by single motor and by their feet. I asked them how much is the fare for a
ride in a single motor and they told me that its 100 pesos per ride, the amount for a fare is too much for a student. So
most of them are not availing the motor ride instead they chose walking. But it will take them hours to reach the
school and hours to reach their home. So the students are losing their appetite to go to school since walking is tiring
and they spent too much time walking than studying.
Lastly, the so called early marriage, this is the common cause of drop out in our area. Whether we like it or
not we cant really stop it especially if the students parents are pro for it. I have an experience regarding to this. I was
then handling MAPEH grade 10, and one day a parent asks my permission to let her daughter to quit schooling. I
was shocked because I might be the reason why the child wont attend school anymore. So I asked the parent why,
she told me that the fianc of her daughter already built their future home and the guy prepare lots of food for their
pamamanhikan. I was stunned by the thought of those statements uttered by a parent. I told her to not let her
daughter to stop, that we could offer modular type of schooling. But she refused and told me that their decision is
final. these are the things I found out why DROP OUT RATE is increasing. That was the reason we are formulating
solutions to solve the drop out rate issues. We hope that those solutions we formulated will work and boost the
students interests and improve their performances in academic and extra-curricular activities.