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the joints and fingers. Severe cases can affect the brain and heart.

Sometimes the central nervous system is affected, and deep depression, amnesia, seizures, or psychosis
can result.
CAUSESLupus is an inflammatory disease of the connective tissue. It has been classified as an
autoimmune disease, since the body is attacking itself.
Ultraviolet rays in the sun can trigger the first attack. Stress, childbirth, fatigue, infection, chemicals, and
certain drugs can also bring it on.
TREATMENTDr. Max Gerson used a careful, very nourishing diet, including vegetable and fruit
juices and vitamin-mineral supplementation to eliminate lupus in his patients, but the dietary change had
to be total or no progress was made. All meat, gravy, fats, junk food, fried food, soft drinks, caffeine,
alcohol, etc. had to be eliminated from the diet. The diet had to be low in fat and salt (thus helping the
weakened kidneys).
It is best to eliminate all unsaturated fats. Fats quickly become rancid and, in that form,
harm the connective tissue, and wear away the myelin sheath which covers the nerves.
Avoid eating alfalfa sprouts, for they contain canavain which, in your body, replaces its
A vegetable juice fast would be very helpful.
Do not take birth control pills; they can intensify the lupus.
Up to 10% of the lupus cases originate by taking medicinal drugs (New England Journal
of Medicine). Pollutants, additives, chemicals, and certain foods can also bring it on.
When the cause is drugs, the kidneys or nervous system are generally not affected, the
lupus is a milder case, and it tends to stop when the drug is no longer taken.
Parasites are associated with lupus. The parasites excrete droppings which interfere with
body functions. Until the blood stream is cleansed and the parasites removed, healing
cannot commence.
Allergies can be another causative factor. Search them out and eliminate them. Here are
several to consider: beef, cow's milk, wheat, corn, ammonia, hair spray, formaldehyde,
perfume ethanol, pesticides.
Those with Raynoud's disease should live carefully, for they are also prone to
contracting lupus. Those with lupus are often misdiagnosed as having syphilis. Lupus is

not AIDS. HIV destroys the body's immune system, but lupus is one's immune system
destroying his body.
Obtain enough rest and exercise. Avoid all stress.
Echinacea, yucca, red clover, pau d'arco, and goldenseal are helpful herbs.
ENCOURAGEMENTGod's faithful ones have ever been able to obtain help from Him. Give Him
your heart, and He will fulfill all your needs. In His strength, you can obey all that He commands in the


SYMPTOMSA variety of symptoms keyed to a lack of mucous-secreting glands to not function

properly: dry or parched mouth, burning throat, trouble chewing or swallowing, gritty or sandy eyes,
eyes which feel like they have a film over them.
Other symptoms include tooth decay, joint pain, digestive problems, dry nose, dry skin, lung problems,
vaginal irritations, muscular weakness, kidney problems, burning tongue, and extreme fatigue.
CAUSESSjogren's syndrome (pronounced SHOW-grens) is a chronic autoimmune disease which was
first identified by a Swedish physician, Henrik Sjogren, in 1933.
As an autoimmune disorder, Sjogren's syndrome causes the body's immune system to work against
itself, destroying mucous-secreting glands, including salivary and tear-producing tissues.
Although not life-threatening, Sjogren's is progressive, debilitating, and can permanently damage the
eyes and mouth if symptoms are not treated.
When Sjogren's occurs alone it is considered "primary." When patients also have an additional
connective disease, Sjogren's is called "secondary." These other diseases include rheumatoid arthritis,
lupus, polymyositis (inflammation of the muscles), scleroderma (thickening and stiffening of the skin) or
poyarteritis nodosa (inflammation of the arteries).
Anyone at any age can be afflicted with this disease. In the U.S., estimates run to 200,000 to 4 million;
of which 90% are women.