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Q.1) Can you embed a 4" diameter pipe in a 150 wall?

A. no (Your Answer)
B. yes
Q.2) The minimum size of a trap and waste branch for a shower stall?
A. 2 diameter (Your Answer)
B. 3 diameter
C. 1 1/2 diameter
D. 1 diameter
Q.3) What is the typical slope of a waste pipe?
A. 1%
B. 2% (Your Answer)
C. 3%
D. 4%
Q.4) What should not be permitted to cross a beam?
A. soil pipe (Your Answer)
B. electrical wiring
C. water pipe
D. AC ducts
Q.5) What is the color coding of pipes for potable water?
A. cyan
B. green
C. blue (Your Answer)
D. light blue
Q.6) Where is water meter located?
A. right after the main distribution line connection (Your Answer)
B. beside the water pump
C. within RROW, right before the property line
D. right side of the water pump or in it's flow direction
Q.7) Plumbing permit shall be invalid if work has not commenced after a period of?
A. 6 months
B. 1 year (Your Answer)
C. 180 days

D. none
Q.8) What is the maximum depth of septic tank?
A. 1.10 m
B. 1.20 m
C. 1.50 m
D. 1.80 m (Your Answer)
Q.9) There is a septic tank installed on top of a rock by seashore. The tank is exposed on
low tide and covered in sea water during high tide. Which of the following would be
an appropriate water proofing for it?
A. waterproof all surface (Your Answer)
B. waterproof all interior surface except the floor
C. waterproof all interior surface except the ceiling
D. waterproofing is not necessary, it will just add cost
Q.10) An individual vent for a plumbing fixture located at the downstream of a trap?
A. vent pipe
B. back vent (Your Answer)
C. branch vent
D. vent through roof
Q.11) A pipe fitting having a large radius of curvature?

A. X11.1
B. X11.2
C. X11.3 (Your Answer)
D. X11.5
Q.12) How could you differentiate between a soil and waste pipe when laid side by side?
A. color
B. material and texture finish

C. thickness
D. diameter (Your Answer)

Base on the figure

above, which of the following is a 1/8 bend fitting?
A. a
B. d
C. c
D. b (Your Answer)
Q.14) The quality of Galvanized Iron pipes are rated by?
A. class
B. schedule (Your Answer)
C. thickness
D. gauge
Q.15) In the given figure, identify the plumbing fixture in label "8"?

A. 2" 1/4 bend

B. 2" trap assembly
C. 2" 1/4 bend
D. 4" closet bend (Your Answer)
Q.16) A pipe fitting to change in one single direction (course) the flow of water:
A. tee
B. cross tee
C. wye
D. elbow (Your Answer)
Q.17) What pipe should not be buried underground?
A. BI pipe
B. polyethylene pipe (Your Answer)
C. GI pipe
D. none
Q.18) Black steel pipe with galvanized malleable fitting is ideal for?
A. oxygen pipe

B. electrical conduit
C. gas pipe (Your Answer)
D. water Pipe
Q.19) The sewage treatment process that involves the use of hydrochloride to kill pathogenic
A. disinfection (Your Answer)
B. aeration
C. chlorination
D. hydro-chlorine filtration
Q.20) Base on the figure shown, identify the type of closet at leter "A"?

A. siphon-vortex
B. siphon-jet (Your Answer)
C. wash-down
D. reverse-trap


An elbow
having lugs for attachment to wall or joist?
A. X12.1
B. X11.5
C. X11.4
D. X11.2 (Your Answer)
Q.22) A pipe that conveys the discharge of water closets or fixtures having similar functions
with or without the discharges from other fixtures?
A. waste pipe
B. soil pipe (Your Answer)
C. branch pipe
D. drain pipe
Q.23) How do we size sewage pits?
A. volume of solid waste only (Your Answer)
B. volume of liquid waste
C. volume of solid, liquid and storm
D. none
Q.24) Best for sanitary pipes?
A. uPVC (Your Answer)
B. PeX
Q.25) One of the first steps in the selection of a suitable water supply source is?
A. water (potability) (Your Answer)
B. topography
C. budgetary cost
D. water (demand)

Q.26) A term used to describe pumps that are interconnected with each other?
A. gang
B. series
C. battery (Your Answer)
D. none
Q.27) Should not be used for a pipe chase?
A. chb
B. drywall (Your Answer)
C. shearwall
D. double wall
Q.28) Best size of pipe connected to 5 sinks?
A. 3"
B. 2 1/2"
C. 2"
D. 4" (Your Answer)
Q.29) Minimum size of trap of shower drain?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 2 (Your Answer)
D. 1 1/2
Q.30) What type of materials is used for the base of a septic tank?
A. earth base
B. mass concrete
C. lean concrete
D. reinforced concrete (Your Answer)
Q.31) Alternative to the conventional septic tank?
A. aerobic treatment system (Your Answer)
B. cistern
D. landfill
Q.32) Women's urinal fixture?
A. washdown

B. flatback
C. feminine stall urinal
D. Bidet (Your Answer)
Q.33) A plumbing devices designed to intercept most greases and solids before they enter a
wastewater disposal system. Except for one;
A. trap seal (Your Answer)
B. grease interceptors
C. grease recovery devices
D. grease converters
Q.34) Level 3 types of water service refers to?
A. artesian well (Your Answer)
B. individual shallow well hand up installation
C. public faucet
D. individual house pipes- in connection with meter
Q.35) Best location to put the soil pipes?
A. drywall
B. 150mm CHB wall
C. pipe chase (Your Answer)
D. box-up with the column
Q.36) The minimum sized of a trap and waste branch for a pedestal urinal?
A. 2 diameter (Your Answer)
B. 2 1/2 diameter
C. 3 diameter
D. 4 diameter
Q.37) According to NBC, pipe support should be every,
A. 3 m (Your Answer)
B. 1.5 m
C. 2 m
D. 4 m
Q.38) Where are storm sewer usually placed?
A. under the sidewalk on narrow road and under the road on wide road
B. near the curb (Your Answer)
C. at the center of the road
D. none

Q.39) A common ingredients for water disinfectant, except for ?
A. Trichlor
B. bichlor (Your Answer)
C. dichlor
D. Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione
Q.40) A faucet fitted with nozzle curving downward used as a draw-of trap?
A. firehouse
B. bibcock
C. lavatory faucet (Your Answer)
D. garden hose
Q.41) The minimum slope of a building drain?
A. 1/16 in./ft. (Your Answer)
B. 1 in. / ft.
C. 1/8 in. /ft.
D. in. /ft.

In the figure
above, which is a reducing socket?
A. A
B. B (Your Answer)
C. C
D. D
Q.43) What do you call a water-tight receptacle used to store household waste?

A. pit
B. septic vault (Your Answer)
C. stp
D. house drain
Q.44) What type of pipe is not recommended for water line?
A. copper
B. lead (Your Answer)
D. iron
Q.45) Standard Water pressure from NAWASA?
A. 60psi (Your Answer)
B. 120psi
C. 30 psi
D. 40 psi
Q.46) The minimum number of water closet unit required for the female population of an
elementary school?
A. 1 per 75
B. 1 per 35 (Your Answer)
C. 1 per 50
D. 1 per 100
Q.47) What is installed in a fixture to alleviate the effects of too much water pressure?
A. water pressure regulator (Your Answer)
B. back splash
C. water filtration
D. regulator cup
Q.48) Minimum height of siamese connection from ground line?
A. 38mm (Your Answer)
B. 45mm
C. 500mm
D. 600mm
Q.49) What is used to shut off flow of water during maintenance?
A. check valve
B. angle valve
C. gate valve (Your Answer)

D. globe valve
Q.50) The minimum size of trap and waste branch for a bidet?
A. 3 diameter
B. 1- 1/2 diameter
C. 2 diameter (Your Answer)
D. 1 diameter
Q.51) The minimum distance (in meters) of a well from a septic tank?
A. 15 (Your Answer)
B. 10
C. 25
D. 20
Q.52) In storm drainage system, it is used to prevent aggregates, debris and other unwanted
objects from entering the drainage system?
A. trap
B. catch basin (Your Answer)
D. storm trap
Q.53) What is use for water treatment in a swimming pool?
A. chloride (Your Answer)
B. sodium
C. cyanide
D. hydrochlor
Q.54) A type of coupling or joining device having internal screw threads or nuts with
opposite screws at the end. By turning the internal screws, it is possible to connect two
metal rods and regulate the length and tension of this rods?
A. vice grip
B. union patente
C. turnstile
D. turnbuckle (Your Answer)
Q.55) How do you connect PPRC?
A. mechanical fastener
B. Solvent
C. fusion welding (Your Answer)
D. coupling

Q.56) This material is used in threaded pipe connections to prevent leakage
A. polymer
B. elastomeric gasket
C. teflon (Your Answer)
D. structural polyester thread
Q.57) It is the line in a single diagram that runs from the fuses to the home run?
A. ground wire
B. riser (Your Answer)
C. main
D. single fuse diagram

A tee having a
slight curve in 90degree bend transition to channel the flow from a branch pipe in the
direction of the main?
A. X11.1
B. X11.9
C. X11.6 (Your Answer)
D. X11.7

In the figure
above, which is a flange adaptor?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D (Your Answer)
Q.60) Where would you locate water distribution pipe farthest from?
A. large trees (Your Answer)
B. carport
C. drainage
D. water tank
Q.61) A toilet bowl in which the flushing water enters through the rim and sipping action
ignited by a water jet draws the contents of the bowl through the tramway?
A. siphon jet (Your Answer)
B. siphon vortex
C. reverse trap
D. reverse trap
Q.62) What do you call a liquid waste ( without urine/ industrial waste) discharges into the
A. gray water (Your Answer)
B. storm water
C. black water
D. ground water
Q.63) What is the principle of governing the size of pipes in designing plumbing systems?

A. the longer the pipes length to the fixture, the lesser the pressure; the shorter the
pipes length, the greater the pressure is
B. the bigger the pipes diameter, the lesser the pressure; the smaller the pipes
diameter , the greater the pressure is (Your Answer)
C. the smaller the pipes diameter the lesser the pressure; the bigger the pipes
diameter, the greater the pressure
D. slopes is the primary consideration and sizes will be considered secondary
Q.64) The part of a vent line which connects directly with an individual trap underneath or
behind the fixture and extends to the branch or man pipe at any point higher than the
fixture trap?
A. Blow-pipe
C. Back vent pipe (Your Answer)
D. Soil pipe

A. A (Your Answer)
B. B
C. C
D. D
Q.66) A pipe fitting shape like letter S?
A. P-trap
B. Double Bend
C. U-trap (Your Answer)
D. St. Bend