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Stargate SG1- System Lord Plot Hooks

The following short plot hooks were originally intended to appear in the System Lords sourcebook, but were
dropped for space reasons. We are reposting them here for your convenience. Some of them make specific
references to characters and locations in that book, but all of them can be adapted to more generic circumstances
with minimal effort. They are organized alphabetically by the System Lord in question.

Claws of Bastet
For some time Bastet has been slowly funneling a small number of ships from her space fleets off into smaller strike
forces known as the Claws of Bastet which are poised to launch hit-and-run attacks on various rival System
Lords. Unfortunately, one of the ambushes is scheduled to strike at a convoy of ships that are being used as a
means of escape by a Tok'ra operative. If the attack succeeds, the operative will surely be killed and the valuable
information he carries will be lost. Unfortunately, were the operative to intervene in order to avoid the ambush his
identity would be revealed and his life would be forfeit anyway. A team must stop the Claws of Bastet from staging
the ambush and help get the Tok'ra to safety.

Nine Lives
For some time, Bastet has used a sarcophagus kept in her temple on Bubastis in order to prolong her life and heal
from injury. Unfortunately, the war against Anubis has increased the danger of harm; fearing injury or death in an
ambush, Bastet has ordered that her sarcophagus be transported from Bubastis to her mothership. If it could be
captured, it would not only deal a significant blow to her but also could further the understanding of the way such
technology functions.

Planet of the Cats

Though most of the members of the Sekhmet species have sunk into obscurity after no longer being needed as
hosts, some speculate that the species might be turned against their former masters in the same way that humans
and Unas have turned against the Goa'uld. Unfortunately, the Sekhmet are too scattered to be organized into any
kind of formal rebellion. However, the Asgard have recently discovered a planet that may be the original Sekhmet
homeworld. If the inhabitants of this world could be convinced to fight alongside the Tauri against the Goa'uld, they
could become yet another valuable ally.

Traitor's Alliance
Bastet's alliance with Kali has made the pair deadlier and more powerful than ever. A third Goa'uld, whose identity
has yet to be revealed, is seeking entry into such an alliance, hoping to increase his or her own holdings while
providing Kali and Bastet with a third reliable friend. As a gift of goodwill, the petitioning Goa'uld is bringing a
powerful weapon to Bubastis. If a team were able to infiltrate the summitand steal this new weapon, the alliance
would be disrupted and their power base would not strengthen.

Orpheus and Eurydice
A contact of the SGC among the Tokra has asked that the Tauri send a team to retrieve an agent of theirs from the
clutches of Cronus. The agent was on the verge of reporting back with information concerning a key portion of
Cronus fleet, and any delay in his recovery will be deadly to the allies of the SGC. The Tokra also send along one
of their number a scientist who has had little experience of battle with the team, in order to ensure that their
comrade is retrieved speedily and safely. The Tokra is held in Tartarus, a prison easily enough entered nearly
impossible to escape.

As the team attempts to travel through the corridors of Tartarus, they will notice that their charge becomes
noticeably more agitated and loses her judgment swiftly. If questioned and some reading between the lines is done,
she reveals that she is secretly in love with the spy they are rescuing, and has pressured her superiors into
accompanying the team. Unfortunately, Cronus is one step ahead of them, and desires the secrets of the Tokra.
The spys information was false, intended only to lure the scientist in after him to a trap. The party will have to stay
on their toes to evade Cronus forces in the twisting tunnels of Tartarus, keeping their companion safe and rescuing
the prisoner.

Our Beloved
As a Goauld queen, Hathor is constantly searching for mates, donors of superior DNA with which to generate her
next batch of larvae. She attempted to spawn using Dr. Jackson's DNA during her time at the SGC. This is
consistent with Hathors previous reputation as a love-goddess and mother of pharaohs. It is believed that she
has traded her offspring to other System Lords for favors and technology, as well as using them to build up her
Jaffa armies. Keeping Hathor from creating any more Goauld should be a high priority, given the opportunity to
either capture her or render her harmless.

Tools of the Goddess

Hathor possesses both an invisibility screen and a Jaffa-making device which could be of beneficial use to the
SGC. Obtaining either piece of technology would be very difficult since their exact locations are currently unknown.
But the benefits of reverse-engineering the invisibility force field, or undoing the process that creates Jaffa (freeing
them from their dependence upon the Goauld), would be extremely high. The Tokra hope to obtain either one or
both of these items, as well as a method of defusing her nishta, and may require SGC assistance in assuring this
goal at some point in the future.

A God's Revenge
A minor Goa'uld working as an agent of another System Lord has been plotting revenge for mistreatment at the
hands of his ally. Without the resources to attack a superior force, the Goa'uld approached Heru-ur and requested
that he use his sizeable fleet to ambush the offending System Lord and exact revenge for wrongdoings. As part of
the bargain, the minor Goa'uld will turn over a piece of technology left behind by the Ancients that can be used to
create horrible plagues and diseases. Though the infighting between the Goa'uld is of little concern to the Tauri,
stopping such a biological weapon from falling into the hands of a dangerous System Lord is.

Sabotage on Letopolis
The agents of the System Lords are not above using terror tactics to get what they want. A small group of saboteurs
has been sent to Letopolis to knock out the anti-gravity units that keep the capital city afloat. Unfortunately, an SG
team is trapped there and has been forced to go undercover until a rescue team can be sent to bring them home.
Additionally, if the saboteurs are not stopped thousands of lives will be lost in the ensuing disaster. Not only will the
rescue team have to fight their way across a hostile city but they must either stop the saboteurs or get the trapped
team off-world before the whole city plummets into the atmosphere.

Renowned for his space fleet and elite death glider corps, Heru-ur has commissioned the design and construction
of an new death glider which would present a significant advantage in combat and increase his already-formidable
might. However, that same prototype would be even more valuable to the Tauri, who greatly need new weapons

and technology to fight against the Goa'uld. A team is sent to Soma-Kesh to retrieve the prototype and bring it back
to Earth for study.

Manannan mac Lir

The Enemy of My Enemy
A deep cover Tokra operative, posing as an underlord assigned to Mordreds command, reports troubling news
which his superiors pass on to the SGC: the general has planned a coup against Manannan and intends to execute
it in the near future. Normally, the Tokra wouldnt bat an eye the more Goauld wiping one another out, the better
but this time, the ideal course of action is unclear. Mordred is quite obviously power-mad; if he were suddenly to
take the reins of an empire the size of Manannans, it could spell disaster. Is it better to see the System Lords
thrown into temporary chaos but risk Mordreds expansionistic policies, or to intervene and leave Manannan free to
continue whatever long-range plans he has?

All the Rest is Silence

The PCs are given a routine first-manned-exploration assignment to an apparently uninhabited world designated
P9D-278. MALP data indicates no evidence of sentient life, but suggests the presence of a large radiation source
several miles from the Stargate; the mission objective is to investigate the anomaly and, if its unnatural, determine
why it was created and abandoned. The planet is Annwn, and the radiation source is the generators which power
Arawns headquarters.
When the team arrives on the planet, they can get a reading on the radiation source. About a mile out from the
Stargate, theyre ambushed by Cauldron-Born. Arawns surveillance personnel observe the fighting, and will
dispatch hordes of zombie Jaffa to destroy the team if possible, and herd them toward the compound if not, but at
all costs prevent them from fleeing back through the Stargate, including detonating the explosives to bury the DHD
if necessary.
Arawns primary objective is to prevent the team from returning with any information about his operations. He has
almost innumerable Cauldron-Born at his disposal; the characters may not be outgunned, but if they try to rely on
combat skill alone, Arawn will win by sheer force of numbers. What follows should play out like a George A. Romero
zombie film, with the characters torn between accomplishing their mission and escaping with their lives. If they
make it into Arawns fortress and locate the reactors, a successful Electronics or Knowledge: Engineering check
(DC 30) will allow them to trace the power conduits to the Cauldron.

A Call for Help
A single army captain from Zigara succeeds in a covert mission to reach the Stargate and dial out to an address the
jaffs recall as being forbidden by the false gods. Wounded, he makes it through to the safe haven of Cimmeria, and
the Jaffa who follow are swept away by Thors Hammer. Once nursed back to health, the captain requests their help
to defeat Bels forces. In turn, the Cimmerians recognize this as a threat from the ettins, and place the soldier in
contact with Stargate Command.

Marduk Returns!
With the aid of a ribbon device shield, Marduk was able to survive the explosion in The Tomb, but was buried
beneath tons of rock. He would have expired if Anubis had not found him while searching for the Eye. Amused by
his discovery, Anubis restored Marduk to health with the intention of inflicting torture and interrogation only to
discover that the continual trauma had taken its toll. Marduk now believed himself to be Ramman, a minor lord of
rain and thunder he had destroyed earlier in his career. It amused Anubis even further to take this minor lord into his
service, and to set him up as one of his many underlings. Placing him under the command of his agent Osiris,

with neither of them aware of their background together, he waits to see if Marduk will regain his true self, and what
havoc he will cause when he does.
If exposed directly to SGC personnel, Ramman may recover his original identity with a successful Inspiration check
(DC 30). If he does, he will realize that his current host, Major Vallarin, contains intimate details of the Tauri
Stargate program. He is sure to use that knowledge to bargain his way back into power.

Monster Mash
A random check of PR7-632 reveals the lack of a DHD at the far side. However, the MALP picks up the plea for
help of one of Bels soldiers-in-training who is badly wounded. Equipped with a special bundle including a portable
generator, an SG team could render aid and be able to return by dialing manually. A rescue mission could turn
deadly when the ability to dial out is demonstrated, and Tiamats monster Goauld at last come out of hiding.

Aspect of the Goddess
A mission has gone disastrously wrong, and an SG team member has been captured by Morrigans forces to be
added to her revolving collection of hosts. Now she is tucked away in a sarcophagus, watched over by the mad
queen Danu in one of Morrigan's palaces on Eriu. A rescue team must reach her before Morrigan returns from her
latest campaign to usurp their colleague's life and her knowledge of the SGCs secrets.

Childrens Crusade
Inspired by the rumors that have reached even Magtireth, a handful of apprentices flee in search of the glorious
Jaffa rebellion they are convinced is taking place out among the stars. Their garbled versions of the resistance code
phrase, together with their earnest fervor, eventually lead them to the rebel Jaffa, perhaps via contact with an SG
team. The ragtag fugitives who greet them are a far cry from what they have imagined, but there is little time for
disappointment as the boys Raven Guard masters catch up to them.

Sixteen Tons
With a subversive movement already in place and the people of Gleanavar suffering under Evnith's oppressive rule,
the insurrection inspired by the Tok'ra Sholred is ripe for repeating and this time, with the help of the SGC, they
just might be able to see it through. If the humanitarian concerns were not reason enough to risk involvement, there
is also the matter of the naquadah mine no longer the keystone of Morrigan's power that it once was, but still a
viable resource, especially if modern techniques can be introduced in place of the current forced manual labor. SG
team members will be needed at every step of the operation: contacting any subversive elements remaining among
the people, defeating Evnith and her temple guards, and helping protect Gleanavar from Morrigan's return.

Its Alive!
In a hidden underground laboratory on one of the countless worlds that Nirrti conducted her experiments on, a timer
ticks, awaiting Nirrtis hand to reset it before it counts down to zero. When she does not appear, and the years-long
count expires, the male host she once inhabited will come out of stasis, possessed by one of Nirrtis more
successful experiments; a genetic clone of her own symbiote. When an SG team comes upon this abandoned
outpost, is it in time to prevent the awakening? Or will they become the new Nirrtis first guests?

Jardia's customs developed in homage to a Goa'uld feared and hated even by her own kind but they are still their
customs. Arriving in the midst of the Festival of Death, an SG team is mistaken for emissaries of Nirrti. Putting that

misconception to rest is the easy part; how they deal with the festival itself will force them to grapple with some
tough questions. Avoiding the conflict by leaving is not an option; only the home of the goddess, to which the Jardians
send their offerings, may be dialed until the completion of the festival. Any attempt to stop the sacrifices of
the living is met with horror by the faithful. The most curious team members or those most determined to prove to
the Jardians that Nirrti is dead and no longer receives their sacrifices may wish to explore that destination.

Typhoid Mary
The diminished fertility affecting many of the remaining Goa'uld queens has no single traceable cause, but one
contributing factor may yet come to light: some of the worst afflicted have come into contact with a member of
Zipacna's retinue by the name of Pamchadra. His days of hiding his origins may be numbered, however. As the
birth rate continues to decline and the System Lords seek answers, someone could put two and two together. The
secret of Nirrti's false queen an abomination that could reverberate through Goa'uld politics for years to come
could also be of more than a little interest to their enemies. It might even be worth their while to offer asylum and
worth Pamchadra's while to accept it.

The Queen

Primary Phase
Onset Time


Damage / Effect

Secondary Phase
Onset Time


Fort (22)

1 Int, 1 Wis, 1 Cha

1d6 months

1d20 days

Fort (25)

Damage / Effect
1d4 Int, 1d4 Wis, Become

Nirrtis machinations to produce a secret queen were less than totally successful, and produced an unexpected
secondary effect. Though unaffected himself, Pamchadra carries a dormant retrovirus that is keyed to the genetic
makeup of a Goauld queen. Other Goauld are unaffected, and even queens shown no outward signs of illness.
However they suffer genetic damage that affects their mental state, and eventually renders them unable to spawn
new larvae. If halted at the Primary Phase, the damage is reversible. Once progressing to the Secondary Phase,
though, half of all losses are permanent.
Should the Tokra discover the origins of the disease, they may seek Pamchadra initially as a weapon. Once they
discover his true nature, however, their focus turns to a possibility they never dreamed of hoping for creation of
a new Tokra queen to replace their failing ranks. Will their tampering in Goauld genetics be any more successful
than Nirrtis? And at what cost will they pursue this goal?

Captured documents from the Goa'uld indicate Oyoro as a fertile planet with great potential resources and an easily
controllable population. When the SG team finds a barren wasteland, however, further investigation may be in
order. Two of the current emperors are battling fiercely for control of a small city near the Stargate, and the city
itself is divided in its allegiance. The appearance of strangers will no doubt cause trouble on its own, but the
growing rebellion also has leaders in this city, who will try to covertly seek out the outsiders for assistance. They
know the tales of the past greatness of their planet, and have deciphered some mythology they believe might help
restore things to their long-ago glory. To make matters worse, the rebellion already has at least one member of the
Cursor'va within it, who reports to a Jaffa emperor named Ahruk. Ahruk has taken his role on the planet more
seriously than Olukun intended, and wishes to unite the planet under his rule, as well as decipher the workings of
the ancient device that caused the devastation in the first place. The rebel leaders are unwittingly leading him right
where he wants to go.

Olukun and the Ohnes

On several recent expeditions to planets with large bodies of water, wreckage of Goa'uld crafts and technology
have been encountered. Close examination has revealed evidence of Ohne sabotage; apparently these troops had

recent assignments on the same small handful of water worlds and if the SGC figures it out, chance are that
Olukun will too.
When a team comes to one of these worlds, the resident Ohnes will react instinctively against the surface dwellers,
trying to capture and interrogate them through their memory-altering technology. After it becomes clear that the
team is not from the System Lords, the Ohnes will relax and reveal a new tactic. They have been slowly using a variant of
their memory-altering technology to create feelings of disloyalty in the Goaulds servants. Recently, one
of their targets was the world Gualun. Unfortunately, none of their team has returned from their mission. They are
beginning to suspect there is more to that world than meets the eye.
The truth is even worse than it appears. The Cursor'va have captured two members of the Ohnes team on Gualun,
and are interrogating them. It is only a matter of time before one of them is broken, and reveals not only the location
of the Ohnes base, but the fact that they have seen the ancient device of which Olukun seems so very protective.

Behind the Shield
The team arrives on Aegis for the first time, on a day reserved for physical competition among Spartans. The
Aegisians see the teams arm patches and note the resemblance to the Spartan Lambda, believing them to be
guests or agents of their god, Pelops. They are invited by Queen Helen personally to join in the contests: running,
discus and javelin, hand to hand combat, broad jumping, etc.. Declining her invitation immediately raises Helens
suspicions, and she is very good at getting to the bottom of other peoples secrets

Queens Gambit
The SGC is contacted by the Tokra, who have received a strange communication from an operative they believed
long dead. The operative, Shevak, was using the name Acastus while spying on the activities of a minor System
Lord named Pelops. Contact was lost with Shevak over 40 years ago, but a signal was recently received through a
secret network, and it has the right codes to authenticate Shevak as the sender. He indicates that the Goauld
queen Anat will be traveling to meet with Pelops, probably to forge an alliance and grant Pelops access to her
symbiotes for his Jaffa army.
In his message, Shevak suggests that this alliance should be prevented, which presents an opportunity to capture
or kill both a System Lord and a Goauld queen. The Tokra claim that they do not have any operatives available,
and request that the SGC check it out. In truth, some discrepancies in the codes have made the Tokra wary that
this may be a trap, and they are reluctant to risk one of their own being captured.
What neither the Tokra nor the characters know is that the message comes from Queen Helen, using her
fragmentary memories of Shevaks past to (imperfectly) forge the message. She has learned that she is to be the
host for Pelops new queen, and she is not as honored as she has led Pelops to believe. She hopes the Tokra can
save her from this fate. The characters will be able to arrive by Stargate at a specific time, which Shevaks message
indicates will be safe. Queen Helen has arranged for the area to be clear at that time, though the characters will be
secretly observed and shadowed by Galen.
Pelops will arrive by Stargate the following day. Anat will arrive by transport ring from her orbiting vessel the day
after that. Both Spartans and Anats personal Jaffa guards will be present in force during the ceremonial meetings.
The characters orders are to locate and retrieve Shevak if possible, to determine if attacking or disrupting the
alliance would be prudent, and to carry out actions based on that assessment. Queen Helen will be very reluctant to
admit to being the source of the message unless she faces death or forceful removal from Aegis.

Back from the Dead
A new Goa'uld has emerged, claiming to be Ra returned from the dead. He seems to possess all the knowledge
and talents of Ra, and even knows of certain secret caches of resources hidden away by the System Lord before
his death. Having convinced a number of Jaffa that he is indeed the resurrected Sun God, this new System Lord
has begun to reclaim territory that once belonged to Ra. Though he puts up a convincing front, the new Ra is
actually the offspring of the original Ra that possesses all of his genetic memories (which he is using to seize

Children of Ra
Ra often surrounded himself with human children to be used as servants. They were indoctrinated with propaganda
and remained unflinchingly loyal to their god. They acted as human shields should Ra ever be threatened and could
be called upon at any moment to serve their god faithfully. When the original Abydos expedition killed the System
Lord, these children were left behind and integrated into the Abydonian society. Unbeknownst to the Tauri or the
Abydonians, many of them grew up planning revenge for the death of their beloved god and could begin launching
attacks against Earth and Abydos using their knowledge of Goa'uld technology and a fierce religious fervor brought
about by their devotion to Ra.

The Sun God's Treasure

Ra constantly planned for the eventuality of his own defeat and frequently stowed away massive amounts of
resources should he ever need to fight back against a usurper. With his death, most of these caches fell into the
hands of rival System Lords, such as Anubis, or were forgotten entirely. One such cache lay in the most unlikely of
places: on the planet Earth, buried deep in an obscure temple in the middle of the Sahara desert. It contains
hundreds of staff weapons, zat'nik'tel, and shak'nel just waiting to be claimed. When a group of radical militants
begins raiding tombs in search of rare artifacts to fund their war, they stumble across this cache and the powerful
weapons within. Now, armed with Goa'uld technology, they pose a danger that could not only give them a
considerable military advantage but also threatens to expose the existence of the Stargate.

The Original Host

Before his discovery of Earth, Ra was said to be part of a dying race in dire need of a new host body. In truth, he
had actually inhabited the body of an Asgard by the name of Famrir whose genetic makeup was slowly rejecting its
Goauld symbiote forcing the System Lord to seek a new host or die. When he took a young human boy as a
host, his Asgard host was spirited away by a Tok'ra operative within the System Lord's ranks. The Asgard
welcomed Famrir back and used their advanced technology to heal him. However, memories of serving as host to
the vile System Lord drove him mad and he struck out on a violent crusade to wipe out the Goa'uld. Famrir
continues to lead reckless assaults on the System Lords with little care what happens to innocents that might get in
the way.

God of Death
Rumor has it that eons ago Sokar convinced a Goa'uld scientist to improve upon the sarcophagus design in order to
truly grant him the power of life and death. The new sarcophagus was capable of reviving the dead long after they
had expired; where the normal sarcophagus can only revive those that have died recently and have much of their
bodies still intact, this new type of sarcophagus could revive the dead from even the most desiccated of corpses.
Though none have been able to confirm its existence, others insist that it must exist due to the fact that Goa'uld that
have been dead for weeks, even months, have reappeared in the service of Sokar. Many suspect that this super
sarcophagus is housed in the Shrine of Apep on Necropolis, which is why the System Lord refuses to allow any
other than himself to get close.

Book of the Dead

An artifact of ancient Egypt, the Book of the Dead details much of the darker side of the mythology of the ancient
Goa'uld. The tome left behind on Earth is not the true Book of the Dead, at least not the one possessed by Sokar.
The real Book of the Dead is a massive tome listing every being interred on Necropolis, completely cataloguing its
residents. Moreover, the book contains various notes and scientific discoveries Sokar developed over the years,
from portable particle cannons to incredibly potent poisons. Jaffa myth says that if Sokar writes a person's name in
the book that they will die within one week; others, especially Tok'ra scientists, claim that the book itself is a device
that produces poisons catered to an individual being's DNA, allowing the System Lord to kill a single person with the
poison from the book without it ever being detected. Its whereabouts following the System Lords death are
unknown, but quite a few people would be interested in obtaining it

The Lesser Evil
Yus illness (once confirmed by the SGC) presents certain challenges: does Earth want to help the dying System
Lord maintain control of his realm? Previous dealings with Yu have not all been beneficial: he was behind the attack
on the rebel Jaffa army on Imhoteps planet, and he backed out of the alliance against Anubis with no explanation.
He is no longer a stable ruler, and if he falls, the disposition of his kingdom could go to any one of a dozen minor lords
and children within his regime or worse, another System Lord like Anubis. On the other hand, if the SGC
conspires to ease him off the throne and replace him with another Goauld (or possibly Tokra) a powerful ally could
come to the fore.

The Mad Dowager

Queen Xiwangmus continued search for immortality and her restored youth is both a possible way in to Yus court,
and a reason for concern. If she gains access to an alien technology that can restore a Goauld dying of old age
or if her scientists modify the sarcophagus to greater efficiency then the lifespan of the Goauld will again be
nearly infinite. Her application of the technology to herself and Lord Yu could have unforeseen effects on his rule, as
well as provide a lure to other System Lords to either enter alliances or attack, seeking the new source of

Shadows on the Throne

Shin Kun and his supporters are seeking to counteract Lord Yus illness by camouflaging the weakness their lord
can no longer hide himself. Simultaneously, some of the Jaffa are beginning to question the entire System Lord
regime, losing faith in the Goauld. While most of them would be unlikely to join an outright rebellion, they might
consider taking over Lord Yus territories if they could protect themselves from immediate reprisals from the rest of
the Goauld.

Serpent in the Garden
An SG team could discover the address to the Stargate on Olympus, where they find everyone reveling in an
enormous celebration. With a bit of looking they discover Zeus and Heracles among the party-goers. In their
present mood, the Goauld and his First Prime appear approachable, perhaps even friendly and beneficial. If this
occurs, Zeus will use their trust to gain what he can from them such as giving them the co-ordinates of a critical
system controlled by a known evil Goauld, who just happens to be a rival of Zeus. In all likelihood the SG team
will kill the rival Goauld or themselves be captured or killed. Either way, when Zeus tires of them, or has no further
use for them, he will attempt to eliminate them.
Your Help is Not Required
In the wake of Cronus death, Zeus is expanding his empire, and may claim a world which the SG team has already

cleared of Goauld. The SGC would either have to return to the planet and eliminate this new threat to the natives,
or let them suffer under his rule. Once the SG team arrives they discover the people do not want to be freed from
Zeus rule, considering him a beneficial lord who protects them from the other System Lords. At this point the SG
team will either have to abandon the natives to a potentially devious Goauld or overthrow the System Lord in such
a way which does not raise the natives ire.