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Program Managing Self Participating& Language Relating to Thinking ICT

me /symbols/text others

Physical Maintains balance in Able to attend when in Turns head to Tolerates Can plan and roll Uses SEN switcher
standing. standing frame. (SEN presented object. touch/ over. programme to maintain
Switcher programme) Becomes less head posture.
Explores the Repeats action
environment with when first
assistance(16) Raising arms defensive. unsuccessful(31)
when requested Can purposefully access
Modifies action when (e.g. when her\his Seeks physical Early problem ICT in a variety of
repeating action does tray is put back) contact with solving, tries new positions.
not work (38) others. strategy when old
one fails(42)
Tolerates different Less
physical positions / (Thinking) To motor plan in
movements order to access the switch
lashes out.
to initiate / continue the

Personal Can aid for standing Assists helper in some Looks at toilet Being aware Deliberately Use of switches at
transfer. way sign of other gains attention of
Care entry to toilet
appropriately student’s another person to
satisfy need(39)
doorways, students to
pain. press.

Students press big

mac switch to request
the bathroom.
Mealtime Finger feeds Anticipates within social Communicates Communicates Purposefully acts Staff to use video to
routines(17) more. response to on everyday
s baseline and
Feeds self with attentive environment(24)
Communicates adult(37)
assessment for
more / no more feeding / dysphagia
through 2 different management.
consistent actions

Expresses Students press switch

preference for to request more.
items not present
via symbolic

News / Organise arm / body Shows behaviour that Responds to Reacts to close Responds Can use a switch one or
to press switch. could be a rejection of familiar voice or contact with consistently to 1 two step to relay news.
person or thing(11) sensory familiar adult(2) stimulus.
s signature(5)
Prop through arms
Selects from 2 or
when bench sitting /
Responds to own more objects(36) Students use symbols/
floor sitting.
name(8) photos to request their
Attends to own turn class mate to give their
when in position news.
other than

Lifts head to look at Use of the all turn it

photos. spinner to choose a

Use of the data

projector and
powerpoint slides for
students to choose who
is next.

Int Int. Notices stimuli(1) Visual attention briefly Burst pause Reacts to close Attracts Staff use video
fixates on face. interactions-adult contact with attention(32) camera to record
Terminates interaction fills the gap. familiar adult(2)
with adult(13) Using her\ his I.I. Learner stops sessions.
repertoire in a Using a repertoire Student aware behaviour and
Turns head towards dialogue/using her/his of her/his body that you are monitors their All staff to view video
source of stimulation. I.I. repertoire in a language and repeating their sounds being
½ termly to moderate
sequence. vocalizations. behaviour. made back.
/ assess.
‘Outsider After sensory
student’ signature,
spontaneously student
joins up with a anticipates I.I.
session. session.
Sensory Terminates interaction Changes behaviour in Responds to range Supported 1-1 Responds with Briefly follows moving
with adult(13 response to interesting of stimuli(6) turn taking with positive and stimulus(10)
event nearby(25) familiar adult(7) negative
Responds consistently responses. Uses switch to operate
to one stimulus(9) photo story or powerpoint.

Dance Responds consistently Allow helper’s Responds to Smiles at Anticipates Presses a switch to
Massage. to one stimulus(9) physical interaction. tactile symbol, helper in next activity operate music player.
photo or sign for response to through pause
Imitates action activity activity

Clonker Able to sit Joins in beating in Makes a choice Patterns , Anticipates activity.
independently. Able some way between 2/3 imitates
Board to use hands or feet symbols that helpers action Presses a switch to
to respond represent an operate music player.
action. Shared
anticipation of

Cookery Looks at photo / Responds Presses switch again when

symbol of differently to first unsuccessful(31)
ingredients. different
stimulus(12) Accesses switch
programme of cookery
Makes a choice
from 2 photos.

Uses switch attached to

powerlink in order to
operate a variety of

Make Photostory of
cooking process to watch.

Sensory Can explore tactile Exerts autonomy Presses the switch to

Art objects using more in a variety of operate the colour spinner.
than one strategy(27) contexts(43)

Uses hands with

support/ Uses touch painting
independently to programme.
access materials.

Microsoft paint

Tux paint programme.

g the

Music Performs 2 different Perseveres by Anticipates Initiates social Objects to Uses touch chimes
actions for reward – repeating action for repetitively game(33) termination of programme.
takes beater,bangs reward in social presented interaction(15)
drum (35) game(30) stimulus.

Waits for turn whilst Selects from 2 or Use switch to ask for more.
attending to group. more items(36)

Engages with
assistance Use of the soundbeam –
record as audio for each
when it is their turn. child – use sound in
powerpoint slides for their
Taking the lead of the future presentations.
orchestra with the
help of the sound

Sensory Responds to very Looks briefly after Redirects Random activities cause
obvious stimuli(3) disappearing attention to and effect(19)
object. second object(18)
Reacts to active Repeatedly bangs a switch
environment – i.e. Looks backwards Has object to activate a toy(23)
massage mat.(21) and forwards permanence(34)
between 2 objects,
knows 2 objects Use power link to turn
are present. lights on and off when

Tac Pac Notices stimuli(1)

brief memory of