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I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I have known Mr. Jaka Kelana for about n
ine years. He was my student at English Department, Faculty of Education, Lingua
University of Malang, Indonesia. He performed very well not only in his academi
c achievements but also in his organizational activities. He completed his under
graduate study in 2004 with GPA 3,59 (cum laude in scale 1-4) and IELTS Band 7.
Mr. Jaka has been working as an English teacher at the local government of East
Java Province for three years. With his relatively low income as a civil servant
, I believe funding his own postgraduate degree is not a feasible option. Tuitio
n fees and living cost in Australia are too high and unaffordable for an Indones
ian civil servant like him. Therefore, he really needs a full-scholarship to pur
sue M.A in Linguistics at Monash University. Currently, he has obtained an Uncon
ditional Letter of Offer from the Department of Linguistics, Monash University o
f Melbourne.
In relation to his research competence, he has taken courses in research methodo
logy with excellent results. He has also shown his high level of academic and re
search competences when doing a research on discourse analysis analysing speeche
s of Australian prime minister candidates and eventually, obtained a maximal sco
re A in the thesis examination. As his research supervisor, I know that he is sm
art, hard-working, cooperative, and can easily adjust himself to a new academic
environment. Therefore, I am sure that he will be capable to continue his study
and conduct a research at a master degree program in an Australian university.
I believe that after getting master degree from Australia, he will be more compe
tent to develop human resources in Indonesia, especially in the field of English
education and linguistics. He will potentially disseminate his new educational
experiences and cross-cultural understanding to improve professional and academi
c atmospheres in his institutions and surrounding societies. I, therefore, do no
t hesitate to recommend him as a prospective candidate for pursuing a master deg
ree program in Australia.
Malang, 19 March 2009
The Referee,
Prof. Hakan Masykur, PhD
Professor in TESOL
English Department, Faculty of Education, Lingua University of Malang
Phone: +62 341 431 134
Email address:


06 May 2009
Dear Sir/Madam,
This letter of recommendation is written at the request of Mrs. Yaneu Saihatun t
o support her studies in master degree programme through the scholarship from Th
e Embassy of the Republic of Turkey.
Mrs. Yaneu was one of my students in the subjects of International law, internat
ional law of the sea, case study on international law, and also I guide her to a
ccomplish her minor thesis. She has been active and showing her seriousness and
commitment during her studies. In terms of her English proficiency, I feel certa
in that she can cope with the lectures she will get from the professors in Turke
y, as well as her written works and oral discussion in the class room. In terms
of her intellectual ability, I believe she can absorb the knowledge as she has p
roven herself during my lectures.
As a senior professor at Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran, I strongly r
ecommend Mrs. Yaneu's intention to continue her study at Turkey and hope that sh
e will be given your favorable consideration.
Sincerely Yours,

Prof. Dr. Hj. Diana Puspita, S.H. LLM.

Senior professor at Faculty of Law,
Padjadjaran University.