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af e es 2 SAGAR CEMENTS LIMITED SCL:SEC:NSE:2016-17 8th June, 2016 ‘The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd, The “Exchange Plaza”, 5" Floor Bombay Stock Exchange Limited Bandra Kurla Complex PJ Towers Dalal Street 1 ‘Mumbai — 400 001 ‘Symbol: SAGCEM ‘Scrip Code: 502090 Series: EQ Dear Sirs Sub: Intimation under Regulation 30 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations 2015 In terms of Regulation 30 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations 2015, we forward herewith the production and despatch details of our company for the month of May 2016. ‘Thanking you Yours faithfully For Sagar Cements Limited geet mpany Secretary 1a mach Registered Office : Plot No.11,Road No.0 bik Phone :+91-40-23351571, 29356572. Fax :+91-40-23356573 info CIN :126942TG1981 PLC: Fils, Hyderabad - 500 033 Ei Ei BE poiury syusute’) 1esec ao GaLIWN SLNaW3D BVOVS 104 (i er veovee | aw Zee ee woweat [vev'zet | Win @ 15 Sores THIOL “oon _[eve'st oez've VN |Ss0°ST rad Sores 1e30L VN F aa WN [sor STOO. Yovve —[UteZ Oo TE WN |Zt0°Z Zsest TpeUTeL VN elez ZS ‘Be VN wLe"Z TTLEt exe} eUIey %vee —_fosv'v Zeer VN [v99"e og Gsapeis EIUPUT so1es 1U9WISD MWVLe S697 €z800T EES ove’st 9L£6°ES UOINpPolg JUsUIED ‘SqUSUIaD Jedes 50 Arepisqns paumo-AjlOUM) PeiUITT siuSsUIED WIG - Soles Pue UO]IINPO1d WSWSD ‘eo earste [zeo'eoe | seat cow'ret [Zev ser Toes THIOL ses easet [0507 ez err'es StS sSTRO %epe- | caw oe see oF %o5e-[esOoT—[aroTT eS500 MUS BIS‘6r SZ6'6S KB 990°%e 6SS°TE eayseseueW %as- | vtzes —eneoe %a9-[oze've [ear TPEUTCOEL %vz-—| eor"er [eos %eZ- | eowee oss SHeT SUCH %IS cItvs TEc’bs MET Ov9’ee Trs’ve USePeldg BsUPUY vz ——[vve"es [ovr t6 %ere | oos’9¢ 125" ues sopes susuISS %S S9ESZE owe: see met | eeavst _[oosreet __[(arv) TevOL wn rever WN e9s72t Fi Sa GREETS Met ‘SE6’6ST Ove’s6e %e- 090°ZET OO6’EET Vv YON NPoOsd WsuI9s> PewuN] syuSUED 4eTes - Soles pul UONONPOIg JSWISD 9Loz‘AeW — sales »g uoRONPOI AjyUOY ase