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TRACY B. YATES, PH.D. | C: (970) 222-3213 |

Professional Overview
Research scientist with 9+ years experience in industrial microbiology and process
development. Proven track record of completing complex projects on time, within budget
and in compliance with high quality
standards. More than fifteen years of research experience in industrial and academic
environments with a diverse
background in microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry and chemistry.

Technical Skills and Expertise

Cultivation of many types of bacteria, algae, cyanobacteria and yeast, bench-scale
bioreactors and fermenters, plant scale bioreactors and algal photobioreactors, bacterial cell
culture and transformation, eukaryotic cell culture, microbiological methods, microscopy,
avid homebrewer, yeast curator and home food fermentologist.
Molecular Biology
Molecular cloning techniques, PCR and qPCR, primer design, NextGen sequencing,
extraction, purification and analysis of DNA and RNA, Denaturing Gradient Gel
Electrophoresis (DGGE), phylogenetic analysis, molecular beacons, RNA biochemistry
Biochemical and enzyme assays, ICP, Leco protein analyzer, chromatography (affinity, size
exclusion, ion exchange), GC-MS, HPLC, spectrophotometry, protein purification,
electrophoresis, western blot, ELISA, Flow cytometry (MIlipore-Guava)

Professional Experience
Senior Scientist
Nutrinsic CorporationAurora, CO

July 2012 April 2016

July 2012- present

Nutrinsic produces a single-cell bacterial protein product for inclusion in animal feeds
(particularly aquaculture).
Provided expertise and leadership in the scale-up of a bench scale microbial
bioreactor process to production plant, including optimization of operational
parameters, growth conditions and continued improvement of product quality.

TRACY B. YATES, PH.D. | C: (970) 222-3213 |

Managed a Research and Development team of 2-4 people: duties included directing
daily workflow, training, hiring and retaining staff, providing performance evaluations
and feedback, supporting staff by assisting in laboratory duties and tasks.
Developed novel intellectual property (additional substrates for bacterial cultivation,
new co-products) by researching new methods and ideas and conducting preliminary
Provided analytical and process development support to Nutrinsics production plant.
Worked with VP of R&D to develop scientific strategy and research directions.
Ensured data quality and delivered reports to senior management staff, wrote article
for trade journal.

ConsultantFort Collins, CO Jan 2012- Dec 2012

Providing algal strain selection and cultivation expertise to companies interested in

the production of algae for biofuels, nutraceuticals and other co-products. Member of
Scientific Advisory Board for Heliae.

Lead Scientist
July 2008- Dec 2011
Solix AlgredientsFort Collins, CO
Solix Algredients is focused on developing proprietary technology for the production of
specialty products from algae.
Managed a team of scientists conducting research for optimization of growth
conditions and operational parameters for scale-up of algal cultures (3,000+ liters).
Collaborated with engineering team on large scale photobioreactor and pilot plant
Led scientific effort on a $250,000 research project with BASF (The Chemical
Company) to evaluate algal strains for the production of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Directed bench scale research geared toward strain characterization/evaluation and
strain development.
Implemented culture management strategies that led to a 200% increase in year-toyear areal lipid production rate.
Wrote Standard Operating Procedures and managed sample data quality.
Analyzed data, wrote detailed reports and communicated results to executive
management team and customers.
Senior Manager of Algae Research
BioFuelBox CorporationHillsboro, OR
Set up a research and development program aimed at the large-scale heterotrophic
growth of lipid producing microorganisms as feedstock for biodiesel manufacture.
Directed a small research team and collaborated with chemists and chemical
engineers developing a supercritical process to convert microbial lipid to biodiesel.
Designed and conducted laboratory scale trials, evaluated microbial strains for
growth and lipid production potential.
Organized data, wrote reports and communicated results to executive management
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
University of PortlandPortland, OR
Taught a variety of upper and lower division Biology courses over two academic
years. Lecture courses included General Biology, Medical Microbiology, Cell and
Molecular Biology and Evolution.

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TRACY B. YATES, PH.D. | C: (970) 222-3213 |

Taught laboratory courses in Cell and Molecular Biology and General Biology.
Responsible for development of course curriculum, lecture presentations, laboratory
preparation, grading and evaluation, student advising. Served as facilitator for
undergraduate teaching assistant program.
Participated in development of the Biology core curriculum.

National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Associate

Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of OregonEugene, OR
Recipient of one of a small number of research fellowships awarded in the NASA
Astrobiology program.
Investigated desiccation tolerance of cryptoendolithic cyanobacteria: extremophiles
that survive in an anhydrobiotic state beneath the surfaces of porous rocks.
Employed molecular and culture based methods for surveying cyanobacterial
communities, discovered and cultivated novel strains.
Utilized phylogenetic methods (16S rRNA) for exploring evolutionary relationships
among cyanobacteria.
Assisted in curation of University of Oregon Culture Collection of Microorganisms from
Extreme Environments.

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Thermal Biology Institute, Montana State UniversityBozeman, MT
Assessed impacts of temperature on microbial community structure in thermal soils.
Inventoried microbial diversity in thermal soils using molecular and phylogenetic
Explored effects of ultraviolet radiation on microbial community structure in hot
spring microbial mats.
Initiated biogeographical analyses of the acidothermophilic eukaryotic alga
Cyanidium and relatives.

Ph.D., Biochemistry
University of OregonEugene, OR
Thesis title: "Characterization of an Hsp70 Chaperone System in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
of Saccharomyces cerevisiae."
B.S. Chemistry and Biochemistry with Honors
University of Wisconsin, MadisonMadison, WI

Selected Publications
Yates T. and Gingras L. (2014) Using Palm Oil Mill Effluent to Produce Single-Cell Protein.
INFORM 25(9):590-594.

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TRACY B. YATES, PH.D. | C: (970) 222-3213 |
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