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Finite Element Subsurface Flow

& Transport Simulation System


Copyright notice:
No part of this manual may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated without written permission of
the developer and distributor DHI.
Copyright 2015 DHI all rights reserved.

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System recommendations
FEFLOW Installation
Demo Data Installation
Installation of the Network License
Manager NetLM
License installation






The FEFLOW simulation package contains the following main programs along with additional software tools:

FEFLOW is an interactive finite-element simulation system for modeling 3D and 2D flow, mass.
age and heat transport processes in groundwater
and the vadose zone. It is available for:
32-bit operating systems

FePEST is a software providing a graphical user

interface for linking FEFLOW models with the software PEST (developed by John Doherty, Watermark
Numerical Computing). PEST is a model independent tool for parameter estimation and prediction, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis and
model calibration. FePEST is automatically installed with FEFLOW.


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2003, Server

2008, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, Server 2012

FEFLOW Viewer is free software for visualizing

FEFLOW models and results and for postprocessing purposes. FEFLOW Viewer is automatically
installed with FEFLOW.

64-bit operating systems

WGEO 6.0

Windows XP x64 Edition, Vista x64 Edition,

7 x64 Edition, 8 x64 Edition, 8.1 x64 Edition,
Server 2003 x64 Edition, Server 2008 x64
Edition, Server 2008 R2 x64 Edition,
Server 2012 x64 Edition, Server 2012 R2 x64

WGEO is a sophisticated georeferencing, geoimaging and coordinate transformation software

developed by DHI-WASY GmbH. A license for
WGEO Basis and the flexible 7-parameter transformation comes with each FEFLOW license and
is installed automatically.

FEFLOW for different Linux distributions will be

available for download from soon.
For evaluation purposes, it is possible to obtain a
fully functional but time-limited license. Do not
hesitate to contact your local DHI office in case
you are interested.


Installation Guide

WGEO is provided for the Windows platform.

I.2 InstallingFEFLOW
I.2.1 Introduction
FEFLOW 7.0 provides powerful state-of-the-art
editing, visualization and evaluation tools as well
as computational methods for most kinds of
groundwater models.
To run FEFLOW in single-seat mode, the DHIWASY License Manager NetLM has to be installed locally.
If the license shall be acquired from a license server using a network connection (network license
required), no local installation of NetLM is necessary.
A license server can be set up by installing NetLM
on that machine. The installation of FEFLOW on
the same computer is not necessary.
A typical FEFLOW installation on a Windows operating system consists of three steps:
Installation of FEFLOW and additional programs
Installation of the demo data package
Installation of the DHI-WASY license manager

The hyperlinks in the overview can be used to

start the different parts of the FEFLOW installation, to view the documentation and example
movies, and to install third-party software.
FEFLOW is automatically installed as a 32 bit version on 32 bit systems, and as 32 and 64 bit versions on 64 bit operating systems.

After inserting the memory stick into a USB port,

run Starter.exe from the windows directory on
the memory stick.

2.2 Systemrecommendations


FEFLOW applies the Open Graphics Library

(OpenGL) for hardware-based graphics acceleration. An OpenGL-compliant graphics adapter
greatly improves graphics performance when working with 2D and 3D models.

The usage of a three-buttoned computer mouse

is recommended for optimal convenience.

Experience has shown that medium-priced graphics adapters of brand manufacturers provides optimal cost-efficiency.
The latest graphics driver should be installed
to ensure optimal performance and stability.

The actual memory (RAM) requirements depend
on the size and type of the models that are to
be computed.
A 64-bit operating system is recommended on
systems with more than 2 GB RAM.

A free USB port is required for the hardware
dongle if the license is not obtained via network.

2.3 FEFLOWInstallation
Start the Windows Installer by clicking on the hyperlink FEFLOW Program Files. Click Next after each
step to proceed to the next step.
1. A Welcome screen appears first.

The computational speed increases approximately proportional with the CPU clock rate.
FEFLOW supports parallel processing on multicore / multi-processor machines (shared memory).

Depending on the installed packages, between
900 MB and 2.25 GB of disk space is required.

Installation Guide

2. In the next step, the License Agreement has to be

accepted. Please read it carefully before proceeding with the installation.

3. Wait until the installer has determined the available disk space.

4. In the License window, choose Demo for testing

FEFLOW without a license. Select Client if the
license to be used is installed on a remote license
server (Network License) and type in the name
or IP number of the license server. Choose Server
if a Single Seat License is to be used or if the
machine is intended to act as a license server
for a Network License.

Files\WASY\FEFLOW 7.0. For specifying a different destination directory, click Browse.

6. Start the installation or go back to change the


5. Select the packages to install. Details about the

packages can be found on the right of the window and on page 10 of this booklet. The default

7. FEFLOW is installed. This may take several minutes.

2.6 InstallationoftheNetwork
Before installing the Network License Manager
NetLM we recommend to deinstall all previous
versions of NetLM.
The installation is started by clicking on the hyperlink License Manager NetLM. Follow the instructions
in the installation dialog.

2.7 Licenseinstallation
8. Finish the installation by clicking Finish.

This step can be skipped for working in Demo

mode only. All license installations have to be done
with administrator privileges.
Make sure that the firewall allows (local) TCP/IP
connections on port 1800.

I.2.4 DemoDataInstallation
The demo data installation is started by clicking on
the hyperlink FEFLOW Demo Data.

Installation Guide

Attach the dongle (hardware lock) to the USB

port. Start the DHI-WASY License Management
tool by clicking on the License Administration
entry in the All Programs\FEFLOW 7.0 group
of the Windows start menu.
In the tree view on the left side, select Dongle
license in the FEFLOW 7.0 branch. In the
Hostname or IP address field, insert localhost if
the dongle is installed locally, or insert the name
or the IP number of the remote license server.

There is only one

dongle for each
copy of FEFLOW. If
the dongle is lost,
it can only be replaced by
purchasing a new license of

For the version,

please note that
you have to use
7.0x because
your license is valid for all
sub-versions of FEFLOW 7.0.

Click Connect. Check whether the number

returned in the field HOSTID is identical to the
number on the FEFLOW license sheet. In case
that multiple dongles of the same brand are
connected, a HOSTID mismatch may occur. In
this case remove all dongles except the DHIWASY dongle.
Switch to the Licenses tab and enter the license
information from the FEFLOW license sheet. The
license information can be pasted from the clipboard if the license has been received digitally.
Copy the selected section in the license document to the clipboard and use the Paste license
from clipboard button to insert all the license
information at once. Please also make sure that
the same license type as on the license sheet is

Single seat license FEFLOW can be run only

on the computer the dongle is attached to.
Network license FEFLOW can be used on any
computer connected to the license server via
TCP/IP network (LAN or WAN/internet).
Click Install. A message box indicates that the
license has been successfully installed. If the
installation was not successful, check all the
license information in comparison to the information provided on the license sheet. The information has to be identical in all details.
Click OK to close the DHI-WASY License
Management dialog.
Choose FEFLOW Standard from the DHI-WASY
program group or double click on the desktop
icon to start FEFLOW.
Using a Network License for FEFLOW, the DHIWASY License Manager can be installed on any
computer within the network (LAN or WAN) without the complete FEFLOW installation. Clients need
to connect via TCP/IP on port 1800 to have access
to the license server.




Packages for installation can be selected during

the first installation or by re-running the installation in Modify mode. A description for each pakkage can be shown in the right part of the Custom
setup dialog.
The following packages are available:

Help - FEFLOW help system

Manuals - FEFLOW manuals in pdf format
Spatial Database Support: Optional components
for spatial database (ArcGIS, PostGIS and Oracle)
and geological modeling file access from FEFLOW
Interface Manager SDK - optional development
kit for the open programming interface IFM
Options for desktop shortcut icons

Georeferencing, geoimaging and transformation
software - a WGEO license is installed automatically. Specific transformation routines may require
separate licensing.

Very simple GIS-like software for producing plots
with FEFLOW data.

Scripts for data checking and format conversion.
In the Demo Data installation there are the following packages:



FEFLOW program files - required for running

Installation Guide

Examples - example models

Exercise - data for the demonstration exercise
Tutorial - data for the tutorials (User Manual)
Benchmarks - benchmark models

WGEO Basis is
licensed automatically
license dialog shows up, just
click on Cancel.