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Analysis of marketing strategies in the restaurant Seigo Dakgalbi


: Dicky Dwi Prakoso


: 4EA28


1. Abdur Rachman Sahid
2. Anissa Kartika R
3. Atika Nur Aflah
4. Edi Sugiartono S
5. Fifit Trry Wahyunny
6. Frika Fatimah
7. Juliana
8. Inna Aprilla
9. M. Nasrul Umam
10. Rizkal Purnama
11. Winda Heryana



Every good company engaged in the product or service, must have a goal to obtain
maximum gains or profits for the company to continue to grow. These objectives can be
carried out by the company by maintaining and improving the products or services they
produce. By performing the application of the company's marketing strategy to increase
In order for companies to remain competitive with other companies who issued a
similar product, the management company must be able to process his company well, so
existing customers do not switch to another company. Companies are also required to
fully address all the needs and desires of consumers or companies should be able to
create products that fit the needs of consumers. It also calls for better marketing
(Supariyani, 2004).
The marketing strategy is very important for companies where the marketing strategy
is a way to achieve the goals of a company. To obtain optimal results, this marketing
strategy has the seller's viewpoint among which a strategic place (place), product quality
(product), a competitive price (price), extension and promotion (promotion).
The world's food is now growing very quickly not only a variety of foods from the
country now foreign products was much in demand by food lovers. Seigo Dakgalbi is a
company engaged in food derived from korea, one restaurant new innovations are able to
grow and compete in the middle of a product that has never existed.
Seigo Dakgalbi Tebet Green is a typical Korean Restaurant offers a taste of the food
ginseng country without having to go all the way there, by adjusting the taste of the
tongue of Indonesia without changing the original taste of the food. Seigo Dakgalbi
provide other services such as a different atmosphere, a place that is affordable and
interests of consumers who make Seigo Dakgalbi Tebet Green conscious of the needs
and desires of consumers.
With the above background, the basis for consideration of the author to find out how
the implementation of the marketing strategy Seigo Dakgalbi Tebet Green in increasing
sales by doing so the authors chose the title of scientific writing as follows: "Analysis of
Marketing Strategy In Spanish Seigo Dakgalbi".

2.1 Marketing Mix
Philip Kotler (2005: 17) defines that "Marketing Mix is a set of marketing tools
that companies use to constantly measure in its marketing objectives in the target market
marketing in target markets". While Jerome Mc-Carthy in Tjiptono Fandy (2004: 8)
formulating the marketing mix becomes 4P (Product, Price, Promotion and Place).
a. Product
Is a form of organization offers services aimed at achieving this goal through
the satisfaction of customer needs and desires. Products here can be anything (either
physical tangible or not) that can be offered to potential customers to meet the specific
needs and desires. The products are all offered to the market to look for, obtained and
used or consumed in order to meet the needs and desires in the form of physical,
services, people, organizations and ideas.
b. Price
Mix price with respect to strategic and tactical policies such as price level, the
structure of discounts, payment terms and the level of price discrimination between
different groups of customers. Price describes the rupiah which must be issued a
consumer to obtain one product and should the price will be affordable for consumers.
c. Distribution Channels
A decision regarding the distribution of the ease of access to services for
customers. The place where the products are available in a number of distribution
channels and outlets that allow consumers to easily obtain a product.
d. Promotion
Promotion mix includes various methods: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Face
to Face Sales and Public Relations. Reflects the different way in which the company in
order to sell products to consumers. Factors that influence the Promotion Mix:

Type of product market

The utilization rate of promotion tools varies between markets consumer and

industrial markets. In the consumer goods companies will be more focus on sales
promotion, advertising, sales and public relations individuals in accordance with
the order. Meanwhile, industrial companies will be focusing on individual sales,
sales promotion, advertising and public relations.

Strategy opponents push pull strategy

Promotion mix is strongly influenced by whether the company chooses the

strategy push or pull strategy to create sales. At the push strategy, individual sales
and promotional sales of more attention being on a pull strategy, advertising and
promotion to consumers would be more involved.
Readiness phase buyer
Promotional tools have different cost effectiveness at different levels of
readiness buyers. Advertising and publicity have a role in the stage of building
awareness. Understanding customers will be affected by individual sales. While
ordering and reordering will be influenced by individual sales and sales
promotion. So at the earliest stages of the decision process of buyers, advertising
and publicity will be more engaged and in the final stages, individual sales and
sales promotions more effective.
The stages in the life cycle of products
a. Stage Introduction: At this stage, advertising and publicity have the highest
level of cost effectiveness, sales individuals to obtain coverage distribution
and sales promotions to encourage consumers to try the product.
b. Growth Stage: At this stage, all the promotional tools can be reduced role
for the request can move through the story of mouth.
c. Phase Capabilities: At this stage, sales promotion, advertising and sales of
the more important individual in accordance with the sequence.
d. Decline Stage: At this stage, the promotion of sales remained robust,
reduced advertising and publicity and sale of products only need to give a
little attention to the product.

This research was conducted in Spanish Seigo Dakgalbi which is located in Tebet
Green Mall, UG Floor A1, Jl. Lt. Haryono, Tebet, South Jakarta. This restaurant is located
in one of the shopping centers in Tebet Tower which is a typical Korean meal venture
which was established early in 2003.
Starting from korea fever that hit Indonesia recently made a lot of Korean culture
adapted. Now all things Korean searched one of which is food. For it appears restaurants
korea, namely Seigo Dakgalbi established since the beginning of 2003 this one restaurant
that serves a variety of Korean dishes complete with the typical roadside hawker in korea.
Why Seigo Dakgalbi given name? "Seigo Dakgalbi" of two (2) says that "Seigo"
comes from the Javanese word "Sego" which means rice and "Dakgalbi" is derived from
the Korean language. Merger "Dak" means chicken and "Galbi" which means grilled or
typical food korea very popular there a mixture of chicken with some vegetables such as
cabbage, carrots, potatoes, union, leaves kenip mixed with herbs distinctive so as to create
a sense of a very tasty spicy, sweet and savory.
3.1 Analysis of Internal Environment
Internal environmental analysis is used to analyze the functions that affect
marketing activities in Spanish Seigo Dakgalbi. Those functions are all factors into
strengths and weaknesses of the company. Factors into force Strength and weakness
Restaurants Seigo Dakgalbi are as follows :
1. Strength ( Strength)
The strength of which is owned by Spanish Seigo Dakgalbi are :
Quality of organization
Organizations must have a mission and the company's basic objectives in all

its activities.
Product quality
By introducing new products offered by the Spanish Seigo Dakgalbi, it is
expected to meet the needs of consumers with a wide variety of new products
being offered, so that consumers can choose products according to your

Standard and Affordable Price

The price offered by the restaurant which is the standard by Seigo Dakgalbi
located in Tebet Green Mall makes the restaurant Seigo Dakgalbi able to

compete with other restaurants .

In enhancing the ability of Human Resources ( SDM ) of his.

2. Weakness
Factors to be weakness Restaurant Dakgalbi Seigo is as follows :
Placement Unproductive
Location Restaurant Seigo Dakgalbi residing in Tebet Green Mall , UG Floor
A1 . In Jalan Haryono, Tebet, South Jakarta, which is an area whose existence

is in the center crowds.

Less Creative In Spatial Planning
Seigo Dakgalbi restaurant can be said to be less teralu observance of the

3.2 Analysis of External Environment
External environment analysis is used to analyze the condition of the company
from the outside, look at what factors are going to be opportunities and threats for the
1. Opportunities ( Opportunities)
Pioneer of Modern / Classy
Viewed from the Korean entertainment industry is rapidly growing these days

not only of entertainment such as music , lifestyle , style of dress.

The menu is varied
This restaurant provides a variety of menu varied so that consumers can select

the desired menu.

2. Threats
New Competitive Threats
One threat to a company is the emergence of new entrants , especially if these
companies have in common in the food offered.
Rising Raw Material Prices
Raw materials are an important factor in the company's revenue and profit
restaurant , with high quality raw materials we can provide a delicious taste .

Rivalry among existing competitors

Business competition culinary region of Jakarta is very tight , because the
restaurant Seigo Dakgalbi is a restaurant that offers a new menu of korea.

Based on the discussion in the previous chapter, the authors can provide the
conclusion that:
1. Factors internal and external factors that affect your business Seigo Dakgalbi
Restaurant. Power of which is owned by Spanish Seigo Dakgalbi include good
quality organization with the primary mission is customer satisfaction, good product
quality by providing a wide variety of food menu, the prices are quite affordable,
and personnel were made to improve human resources and employee loyalty. While
the weakness of this restaurant is the placement of the mall that are not productive,
less creative in the structuring of the room. Opportunities in this restaurant is said to
be very good for people who already love Korean food is increasing because the
menu offered variety. Moreover, the threat of the Spanish Seigo Dakgalbi ie new
entrants continued to increase, rising prices of raw materials due to the 80%
imported and existing competitors but can face the threats coming.
2. Marketing Strategies undertaken by the Spanish Seigo Dakgalbi is Marketing Mix
Strategy (Marketing Mix) 4P (Product, Price, Promotion, Distribution):

Products, providing a menu of refined cuisine with a special Korean flavor

quality raw materials compared to other restaurants.

b. Price, the offering price is quite affordable for the middle class and above
c. Distribution, the distribution used Restaurants Seigo Dakgalbi namely direct and
indirect. Direct distribution is not using intermediaries in the market the food
product, and indirect distribution is through the Internet to be more easily and
effectively to customers
d. Promotion, promotional strategy that has been done Restaurants Seigo Dakgalbi
by offering various promotions via electronic media, the Internet and word of
mouth customers and prospective customers