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Abaloganah -Powerless group

Abhigamyah -Easily attainable
Abhiramah -Produer of affection
abhiShekasundaram -
Abhivadyah -Revered
Achalopamah -The motionless
Achintyah -The only one to be meditated upon
Achintyah Unthinkable
Adambhah -Unsubdued of his enemies
Adesah -The teaching
Adhanah -Poor as he is naked
Adharshanah -Unshakeable
Adhirohah -One seated therein
adhivaktA -Speaks in favour of devotees
Adhyatmanugatah -The aspirant of the science of the soul
Adih -The first
Adikarah -The first creator
AdimUrti -
Adinah -Of noble nature
Adiratnesh -
Aditih -Boundless; the mother of the gods
Adityah -The Sun
Adyah -The first
Adyah nirgamah -The primal manifestation
Agamah -Unshaken
aghastiishvar -
aghora -
Agitah -Unconquered
agniishvar -
Agnivalah -Flaming as fire
Agravarah -He who first receives the sacrificial offerings
agriyaH -Foremost, Earliest
ahantya -Untorturable
Ahascharah -The day wanderer
ahirbudhnya digaMbara -the Sky cladded
Ahirbudhnyah -The serpent Sesha, underneath the mundane Egg
Ahoratram -Day and night
ailabRidah -Feeder
airAvatesh -
airAvathanAth -
ajaaya -the Unconquerable
Ajah -Unborn
Ajaikapat -one of the eleven Rudras
Ajitah -Unconquered
Ajitha -Unconquered
Akarah -The inactive
Akasanirvirupah -From whom all forms proceed as from the Akasa
akileshvar -
Akrandayat -One Who makes cry
Akshah Rathayogi -The axle of the chariot, connected with
the chariot
Aksharam -Undecaying
akshaya -
akshayalingesh -
AlAdyaH -Giver of effect of the deeds
Alokah -Transcending the worlds
Alolah -Steady
amala -
Amarah -Deathless
Amaresah -The Lord of the gods
aMbikaanaatha -the Lord of the (mother) Goddess
aMbikApati -
Ambujalah -Collection of waters
Amitah -Immeasurable
Amitrajit -Conqueror of his enemies
AmIvatkebhyaH -Moving everywhere
Amoghah -Fruitful
Amogharthah -Of fruitful request
Amravaneshvar -
amRitagaTesh -
Amritah -Nectar
amRitakalAnAth -
Amrito govrishesvarah -Devoid of death (desires leading to it) the lord
of Dharma
amRutagaTesh -
Amukhyah -Inferior
Amush -a kind of deity
anagha -the Flawless
Anaghah -Sinless
Analah -Fire
ananta -the Endless
Anantarupah -Of infinite forms
Anaushadhah -Foodless
andhakaasurasUdana -Destroyer of andhakAsura
andhasaspadiH -Food provider to devotees
anekaatman -the Soul of many, the Multiply present
Angalubdhah -Without limbs (in linga - symbol form)
aniishvara -the One having no superior
Anilabhah -Of the colour of the air
Anilah -Air
Animishah -Ever-seeing
Aninditah -Faultless
AnirhatebhyaH -Destroyer of sins
Anitih -Injustice
annapati -Lord of Food materials
Antaratma -The inner Soul
Antarhitama -Of hidden nature
Anukari -He who was ready
ApadsahAy -Helper in distress
Aparah -Recent
aparAjah -Defeatless
ApatsahAyam -
apavargaprada -the Giver of fulfilment
Apsaroganasevitah -Worshipped by the bonds of Apsaras
AraNya sundar -
Ardanah -The punisher
ardhanAriishvar -
Ardracharmambaravritah -Clothed in the skin of an elephant
arkanayana -
Arohanah -The steps to the Supreme to the aspirant
Arthah -The wealth
Arthakarah -Conferrer of wealth
aruNAchaleshwar -
aruNamUrti -the One in rising sun like form
Aryama -*
Asamamnayah -Other Scriptures
Asani -With the thunderbolt
Asat -The cause
Ashadhah -Enabling one to bear everything
ashhTamuurti -the Eight formed
Asnehanah -Devoid of affection
Asukhah -Unhappy
Asvah -The horse
Asvatthah -the Samsara tree; or the kalpa tree granting all
Atandritah -Ever busy
AtAryaH -Introducer to life
AtatAvin -With the string tied (ready) bow
Atharvasirshah -The Atharvopanishads
Atidhumrah -Very smoky
Atidiptah -Extremely brilliant
Ativriddhah -Very old
AtmanAth -
Atmaniralokah -He who meditates standing out of the limitations
of the vehicles
Atmasambhavah -Self existent
Atrih -Mercury
Atryanamaskarta -The adorer of Atri’s wife
Atulyah -Unequalled
auShadesh -
auShdhIpati -the Lord of medicines/herbs
Avarah -The most excellent
avAryaH -Prayed by bonded people (in worldly life)
Avasah -Powerless
Avedaniyah -Cognisable
avinAshi -
AvyAdinI pati -the Lord of removers of enemies
avyagra -the Undistracted
avyakta -the Non-manifest, Imperceptible
Avyaktam -Imperceptible
avyaya -the Unmeasurable
Avyayah -Unmodifying
Ayudhi -with the trident his usual weapon
Ayuh -Life period

babhlushaH -Seated over the bull

Babhruh -Saturn
babhrurUpaH -the Golden One
Badavamukhah -The Badava fire
Bahubhutah -He that has become many
Bahudhaninditah -Variously abused
Bahudharah -Bearing much
Bahukarkasah -Very hard
Bahumalah -Of infinite manifestations
Bahupradah -Conferring many things
Bahuprasadah -Highly favourable
Bahurasmih -Myriad-rayed
Bahurupah -Many-formed
Bahuvidyah -Cognisant of various sciences
balaH -the Strength
Balaha -The slayer of Bala
balapramatana -
Balarupadhrit -Bearing the shape of Balarama
Balavan -The strong
Balavat -Strength
balavikaraNa -
Balavirah -Valiant through his acts
Bali -Strong
Banahastah -With arrows in his hand
bandhakarta -The fashioner of the bonds of Samsara
Bandhanah -The bonds of Samsara
Bandhana-stvasurendranam -The binder of the lords of
Bhagahari -He who takes away the wealth
Bhagakarah -Distributor of the shares
bhaganetrabhide -the Remover of the eye of bhaga
bhagava -the God
bhagavaH -God
bhagavAn -The Lord
Bhagi -Sharing
Bhaktanam paramagitih -The last step of the devotees
bhaktavatsala -the Compassionate One towards the devotee
bharga giridhanva -the Mount bow-ed
Bhasmabhutah -Formed of Bhasma
Bhasmagopta -Protector (of the Universe) through the Bhasma
Bhasmasayah -Reclining upon the ashes
bhasmoddhuulita vigraha -the One appearing smeared in Ash
bhava -the Source
Bhavah -The Source
bhavaH -the Source
bhavodbhava -the Source of the Source
bhiimaH -the Strong
Bhikshuh -The mendicant
Bhikshurupah -Of the form of the mendicant
bhIma -Strong
bhimah -Strong
bhImasha.nkar -
bhiShak -the Doctor
Bhojanah -The giver of food
bhRihatiishvar -
bhujaN^gabhuushhaNa -the Snake ornated
Bhutabhavanah -The creator of the elements
Bhutachari -The companion of the Bhutas
Bhutalayah -The abode of all Beings
bhUtanAth -
bhUtanathaH -the Lord of elements
Bhutanishevitah -Worshipped by the ancient teachers
Bhutapatih -The Lord of Beings
Bhutavahana sarathih -Having as his charioteer Brahma,
the guardian of the welfare of the beings
bhUteshvaraH -the God of elements(matter)
bhuutapati -the Head of elements
bhuvanAAviveshaH -Penetrated in the world
bhuvantiH -Philanthrophic
Bijadhyakshah -The regulator of virtue and vice
Bijakarta -The creator of virtue and vice
Bijavahanah -The dweller of the germ
bilvavanesh -
bilvavaneshvar -
Bindhu -The Anusvara
Brahma -Extremely great
Brahmachari -Centered in Brahman
Brahmadandavinirmata -The fashioner of the wand of Brahma
Brahmagarbhah -Pregnant with the Vedas
Brahmakrit -Author of the Vedas
Brahmalokah -The world of Brahma
Brahman -unlimted by Time, Space and Matter;
and as Visva &c., are unreal, from the Sruti
Brahmanah -Aware of God (self)
brahmapuriish -
Brahmavarchasah -The Brahmic radiance
Brahmavit -Conversant with the meaning of the Vedas
Brahmin -Reciter of the Vedas

chaaruvikrama -the Esteemed (beloved) Hero

Chalah -Ever moving
Chamustambhanah -The paralyser of the armies of the Daityas
Chandanah -The Sandal tree
Chandani -Smeared with Sandal
Chandrah -The Moon
chandramauLi -the Moon crowned
chandrashekara -the Refuge of Moon
Chandravaktreah -Moon-faced
Characharatma -The soul of the two paths
Charmi -Covered with skin
Charulingah -Of attractive appearance
Chaturmukhah -The four-faced
Chatushpathah -Of four paths
chAyavanesh -
Chchadah -The Saptaparna tree
Chchatram -The umbrella
Chekitanah -With extraordinary powers of perception
Chiravasah -Dressed in bark
chitambaresh -(Name of Lord at chidambam)
chitambarnAth -(Name of Lord at chidambam)
chitrasabhApati -the Chief of the hall of heart
chitsabhesh -(Name of Lord at chidambam)

Daityaha -The slayer of the daityas
Dakshah -Persevering
dakshayagapahari -The destroyer of the sacrifice of Daksha
Dakshinah -Skilful
Damanah -Worshipped by Death
Dambhah -The subduer
Dandi -With a stick
Darbhachari -Consumer of the offerings placed on the sacred
darbhAraNyesh -
daridra -(appearing in the form of) poor
Darpanah -The mirror
Dasabahuh -Ten-armed
daxaadhvarahara -the Remover of daxa's sacrificial rite
Dehah -The body
deva -deva, Divine, the Basic element (of world)
devadeva -
Devadevah -The god of gods
Devadhipatih -The Lord of the gods
devagurunAth -
Devah -Desirous of conquest
devaH -Divine
Devarshih -The divine sage
Devasimhah -Valiant among gods
Devasuraganadhyakshah -The king of the host of gods and demons
Devasuraganagranih -The leader of the hosts of gods and
Devasuraganasrayah -Sought by the hosts of gods and demons
Devasuraguruh -The Preceptor of the gods and demons
Devasuramahamatrah -The best of the gods and demons
Devasuramahesvarah -The great lord of gods and demons
Devasuranamaskritah -Adored by gods and demons
Devasuraparayanah -The supreme goal of the gods and the
Devasurapatih -The lord of the gods and the demons
Devasuravarapradah -The granter of boons to gods and demons
Devasuravinirmata -The Creator of the gods and the demons
Devasuresvarah -The inner Ruler of gods and demons
Devatatama -The inner soul of the gods
Devatidevah -He who shines transcending the senses
Devendrah -The lord of the gods
devesh -the God of divines
Devodivi suparvanah -Worshipped by the Indra in Heaven
Dhanvantarih -the great physician
Dhanvi -The wielder of the bow
Dharah -The Supporter
Dharmasadharanovarah -Favorable according to the virtue of his
Dharottamah -The best of bearers
Dharshanatma -Of fearful shape
Dhata -Brahma
dhayApar -
Dhritiman -Endowed with fortitude
Dhruvah -The immovable
Dhumaketanah -Fire
Dhumaketuh -The comet
Digvasah -Naked
Dinasadhakah -The assister of the weak
Dirghah -Of great height
dishAmpati -Lord of directions
durdharshha -the Inviolable
DurvAsah - Resident of difficult places
Dvadasah -The twelfth

gabhasti -
Gabhastih -Refulgent with rays
gajacharmAmbara -
Gajaha -The slayer of the elephant
gajAnanapriya -
gajAnanAugraha -
gajAntaka -
gajAri -
gajasamhAri -
Gajendra -since he removed the dangers of the lord of the
Gambhirabalavahanah -With noble armies and vehicles
gambhIraghosha -
Gambhiraghoshah -Grandly sounding
Gambhirah -Deep
gaNAdipa -
Ganah -such as Bhringi, Riti, Nandi
Ganakarah -Including others (Bana for instance) in his suit
gaNakarta -The creator of the Tatvas
gaNanaatha -the Lord of organised group
gaNapati -the Lord of well organised groups (troops)
Ganapatih -The lord of the Tatvas
gaNapatiishvar -
gaNasevya -
Gandalih -Dwelling on hills
Gandhadhari -Covered with perfumes
Gandhapapi Bhagavan -Who is the aggregate of the mental impressions
of all beings
Gandharah -the note Mi in the gamut
Gandharvah -Gandharvah
ganesh -
gaNgaadhara -the Wearer of gaNga
gartasadaH -Resident of the lotus of the heart
gatagatah -Cycle of Samsara
Gatih -The goal
gaura -
gaurIsh -
gaurIvallabh -
Gautamah -the promulgator of Logic
Gavampatih -The lord of the sense organs
Ghirah -The terrible
Ghoratapah -Of terrible austerities
ghRishNeshvar -
giricharaH -Walks over the mounts
giriisha -the Lord of mounts
girijAnAth -
girijApati -
girijesh -
girIndra -
giripriya -the Liker of mounts
Giriruhah -Seated on the mountain Kailasa
girisamshraya -
girisha -the Lord on the Mount
girisha.ntaH -Taken abode in the Mount (kailash)
Girisudhanah -With the mountain as his bow
giritraH -Residing on the Mount
Gocharah -Dweller of the senses
Gocharmavasanah -Dressed in cow-skins
gokarNeshwar -
Gopalih -The protector of the senses
Gopatih -The lord of rays
gR^idhapurIshwar -
Grahapatih -The lord of the Grahas
Gramah -Group
Guhah -Kartikeya
Guhapalah Pravesinam -The protector of the body of the Yogins,
that is like a log of wood when they have
gone into Samadhi for a long time
guhapriya -
guhAvAsi -The dweller in the cave
Guhyah -The Upanishads as his secret part
Gunabuddhih -Immersed in sense-objects
Gunadhikah -Excelling others through his good attributes
guNAGYa -
guNAkar -
Gunakarah -The store-house of all qualities
Gunanshadhah -The brightener of the attributes
Guruh -The Teacher
gusumesh -

Haimah -The immense snow

hantr -Destroyer
hara -the Remover
Harah -The all destroyer
haraye -the Reddish-brown One
Harih -One Who is reddish brown
Harikesah -Whose rays are the senses
harikesha -the brown haired, the Green (leaves) haired
Harinah -White / pure
Harinakshah -The deer-eyed
Haryakshah -The lion
Haryasvah -With fleet horses
Hastisvarah -Kalahastisvara
Havih -The offering
Hayagardabhih -Drawn by a mule
Hemakarah -The maker of gold
Himavatgiri samsrayah -Dwelling in the Himalaya mountain
hiraNayavarNa -
hiraNyabAhu -Golden shouldered
Hiranyabahuh -Of beautiful arms
Hiranyakavachodbhavah -Born in golden armour
hiraNyapati -
hiraNyaretas -the Golden viriled
hiraNyarUpa -
Hladanah -The delighter
Hutah -Pleased with offerings
Hutasanah -Fire
Hutasanasahayah -The friend of fire

Idhyah -Praiseworthy
iishaanaH -the Master, Owner, Supreme
Indriyam Sarvadehinam -The senses of all embodied beings
Isanah -The Ruler
iShudhimati -With the quiver
iShumati -With arrows
Isvarah -The Lord
Itihasah -Legend

jagad.hguru -the Guide of the world

jagadvyaapin -the Omnipresent in the world
Jagat -The Universe
jagatiishvar -
Jagatkalasthalah -The devourer of the Universe,
and He who has the above being as his eating
jagatpati -the Lord of the world
Jahnavidhrit -The bearer of Ganga
Jalesayah -Residing in the waters
Jalobhavah -Born in the waters
jambukeshvar -
Jangamah -The moveable
Janyuh -Skilled in war
jaTaadhara -the Matted haired
Jatadharah -Wearing matted hair
Jati -With matted hair
Jitakamah -Of great joy
Jitendriyah -The Conqueror of love
Jivanah -Conferrer of life
Jvali -The flaming
Jyotishamayanam -The science of astrology, that describes
the course of the stars and the planets

kaalakaala -the Death to Death (the Time to deva of Time)

kaamaari -the Enemy of (deva of) lust
Ka-antah -The supreme limit of Bliss
Kahalih -Adorned with Kahala
kailaashavaasi -the Resident of kailaash
Kailasagirivasi -Residing in the Kailasa mountain
Kakubhah -All the quarters
Kala. -Art
kAlAgnirudra -the rudra Who after the specified period terminates
things with an agni
Kalah -The destroyer
Kalah -Time
Kalah -the store-house of the sixty-four arts
Kalah -He who brings about the effects of the Illusion
kALakaNThesh -
Kalakatamkatah -The enveloper of the envelopers of Yama
Kalapujitah -Adored by Death
kAlasamhAramUrti -
kAlasamhAri -
kalavikaraNa -
Kalayogi -The Yogi that defies Time
Kalih -strife
Kalih -The fomenter of quarrels
kalpakanAth -
kalyANa sundar -Beautiful Groom/ Auspicious & Charmful
Kamah -The god of Love
Kamanasakah -The destroyer of Love
Kamandaludharah -Bearing a vessel of gourd
kAmAri -the Enemy of lust
kanaka sabhapati -the Head of the Golden hallx
Kanakah -Gold
kanakasabhApati -
Kanchanachchavin -Golden colored
Kanishtah -The youngest
kapaali -the One adorned With skull
Kapalavan -Bearing skull
Kapali -The Lord of the mundane Egg
kapAli -adorned With skull
Kapardi -wearing braided and knotted hair
kapardin -the Long (Matted) haired
kapardinaH -With Long (Matted) hair
Kapilah -Brown
Kapisah -Red
Karah -The destroyer
Karasthali -Using his palms as the eating vessel
karkkaTesh -
Karma sarvabandha vimochanah -The liberator from Karma and the other
Karma-kalavit -Cognisant of the proper time for actions
Karnikaramahasrigvi -With a large garland of Karnikara
Karta -The actor
Kashta -unit of time (15 nimisha)
kAshyAraNya -
kaTambavanasundram -
kaThora -the Firm, Hard
kavachin -the Armoured
kAyArohaNesh -
kedhAreshvar -
ketiishvar -
Ketu -The Node
Ketumali -With shining crest
Khacharah -Dweller in the Ether
Khadgi -With a sword
Khagah -The bird
Khali -Possessing granaries
khaNDaparashu -the sharp Axed
khaTvaangi -the One With axe
kirikebhyaH -in the forms that showers wealth to devotees
kokilesh -
koNeshvar -
koThiishvar -
kRipaanidhi -the Grace wealth
Krishnapingalah -Balck and brown (color of throat and form)
Krishnavarnah -Black complexioned
kRittimvasAnaH -cladded in Tiger skin
kRittivaasa -the Tiger skin cladded
Kriyavasthah -Dwelling in rituals
Kshanah -Moments
Kulahari -The destroyer of the banks
Kulakarta -The fashioner of the banks
kumbesh -
kundaLnAth -
Kundi -With a pot
kuNYchitapAdam -Raised Foot
Kurubhutah -The Soul of Kurukshetra
Kurukarta -creator of people of kuru origin (India)
Kuruvasi -Residing in the place os kuru (India)

Laghuh -Quick
lalaaTaaksha -the Forehead eyed
Lalatakshah -Having an eye in his forehead
lalATanayana -
Lambanah -He upon whom the fruits of the mundane Eggs hang
Lambitoshtah -Of hanging lips
Lava -a minute division of time, the 60th of a twinkling,
half a second, a moment
Layah -The place of dissolution
Lingadhyakhshah -The master of the symbols
Lingam -Mahat
Lohitakashah -Red-eyed
Lokachari -The wanderer over the earth
Lokadhata -The Lord of the worlds
Lokahitah -The benefactor of the world
Lokakarta -Creator of the worlds
Lokapalah -The ruler of the worlds

ma~NgaLnAth -
ma~njunAth -the Lovely Lord
Madanah -The god of Love
Madhuh -The spring
Madhukalochanah -Red-eyed like wine
Madhyamah -Somewhat handsome
mahaadeva -the Great deva, the Highly divine, the Great
Basic element
mahaasenajanaka -the One gave birth to the Great commandor (mahaa
sena - subraHmanya)
Mahabalah -Of great prowess
mahAbaleshwar -
Mahabijah -The great seed
Mahadamshtrah -Of great fangs
Mahadantah -Of great teeth
mahAdeva -the Great Divine
Mahadevah -Since the great one is worshipped by all the
he is named Mahadeva
Mahadhanuh / Pinakah -Of great bow
Mahadhatuh -The mountain Mer
Mahagarbhah -Of mighty womb
Mahagarbhaparayanah -The God of Love
Mahaghorah -Extremely terrible
Mahagitah -The great music
Mahagrivah -Of great neck
Mahahanuh -Of great jaws
Mahahastah -Of great hands
Mahajadah -Of great matted locks
Mahajatruh -Of mighty collar bones
Mahajihvah -Of great tongue
Mahajvalah -With fierce flames
mahAkAleshvar -
Mahakalpah -With divine ornaments
Mahakambuh -Of great throat
Mahakarma -Of great acts
Mahakarnah -Of great ears
Mahakarta -The creator of the (five) great (elements)
Mahakayah -Of vast body
Mahaketuh -Mighty-bannered
Mahakosah -Of great stomach
Mahakrodhah -Of terrible anger
Mahakshah -With great senses
mahAlakshmiish -Name of Lord at thiruninRiyUr
Mahalinga -With universally worshipped symbols
mahAlingam -
Mahamalah -With garlands hanging down to the feet
Mahamatrah -Of great dimensions
Mahamayah -Of great illusion
Mahameghanivasi -Dwelling in the great clouds
Mahamukhah -Of great face
Mahamunih -Extremely silent
Mahamurdha -Of great head
Mahan -Worshipful
Mahanadah -Of great sound
Mahanagahanah -The slayer of the great elephant
Mahananah -Huge faced
Mahanasah -Of great nose
Mahanetrah -Of great eyes
Mahangah -Of great symbols
Mahanrityah -The great dance
Mahantakah -The great death
Mahapadah -Of great feet
Mahapathah -The great Path
Mahaprasadah -Of great favor
Maharathan -With a mighty chariot
Maharetah -The great germ
Maharnavanipanavit -He who dries up the great oceans as a
water trough
Maharomah -Of great hairs
Maharshih -The great sage
Maharupah -Of immeasurable form
Mahasenah -Kartikeya
mahat -the Great
Mahatapah -Of great meditation
Mahatejah -Of great splendor
Mahatma -Great souled
Mahaushadhah -The food grains
Mahavakshan -Of huge chest
Mahavegah -Fleeter than that
Mahayasah -Of great fame
Mahayudhah -Of mighty weapons
maheshvara -the Great God
maheshvaraH -the Great God
Mahesvarah -The great Lord
Mahichari -Ranging the earth
Mahnakhah -Of great claws
Mahoraskah -Of great joints
Mahoshtah -Of great lips
Makarah -the constellation of Simsumara shaped like the Makara
or whale - the symbol of Time
Mali -Adorned with the garland Vanamala
mallikArjun -
mallikArjuna -
maNDaleshvar -
Mandhata -the meaning of the word is: “He who protects the
mANikya varada -
mANikyavarada -
manividdhah -With ears pierced to wear ear-rings
manmatAri -the Enemy of cupid(lust)
Manojavah -Fast as the mind
manonmana -
Manovegah -Fleeter than mind
Manthano bahulo vayuh -The great wind that (during the deluge)
shakes up everything
Mantrah -The Mantrah such as Pranava
Mantrakarah -The author of the Mantras
mantrapuriish -
Mantravit -The knower of the Mantras
Manyah -Worshipful
maragatAchaleshvar -
Masah -The month
Mata -Mother
Matiman -Intelligent
Matra -second
mAtRibhUtesh -
mayaskara -the Liberator
Mayavi -The great Mayavin
mayobhavaH -the Source of (liberated) bliss
mAyUranAth -
Medhrajah -
Merudhama -Residing on the Meru
mIDhuShaH -Philanthrophic Giver of requested boons
mIDhuShTamaH -Kindles the love (desire) for Him
miinAkshisundram -
Mitrah -The Sun
Mokshadvaram -The door to liberation
mRiDa -the One Who makes joyful
mRiDaH -Kindler of happiness
Mriduh -The soft-hearted
Mrigabanarpanah -The shooter at a stag
Mrigalayah -Adorned with the deer
mRigapaaNi -the Animal (Deer) handed
mRigapAni -One holding the Animal(Deer)
mRityu.njaya -the One Who conquered the Death
mRityu~njaya -Won the Death (Immortal)
Muditah -Happy
Muhurtahahkshapah -Muhurta, day and night
Mukhyah -Chief
Muktatejah -Who has cast away the Linga Sarira
Mulam -The root of the Samsara tree
Mundah -With shaven crown
Mundi -With shaven crown
Munih -The Silent
Murddhajah -Residing in the head
Murijah -Embodied

Nabhah -The sky

Nabhasthalah -Living in space
Nabhih -The navel
nAgeshvar -
Naikasanucharah -Wanderer over the peaks thereof
Naikatma -Ensouler of many forms
Nakshatrasadhakah -The benefactor of the stars
Nakshatravigrahamatih -The astrologer
Naktam -Night
Naktamcharah -The night-walker
Nandanah -Causer of joy
nandi -
Nandih -Plenty
Nandikarah -Conferrer of wealth
nandIshvar -
Nandisvarah -The Lord of Nandin
Nandivardhanah -Increaser of joy
Narah -Virat
Nararshabhah -Best of men
Nartakah -Who causes others to dance
naTarAja -the King of dance
naTesh -the Lord of dance
Navachakrangah -The strange swan
navaniitanAth -
nayanatraya -
Nidhih -The Treasure
Nigrahah -The restrainer
Nihanta -The slayer
niilAchalesh -
niilakaNTh -
niilalohita -the Blue-Red One
Nijassargah -From whom proceeds all created things
nIlagrIvaH -the Black throated
Nilah -Blue
nIlakaNTha -Black throated
Nilakanthah -Black-throated
nIlakaNTheshvar -
nIlakNTha -
Nilamaulih -With a crown set with blue stones
Nilayah -The dwelling place of all beings
Nimittam -The Daityas
Nimittasthah -Residing in the Daityas
Nipati -Fallen
Nirajah -Devoid of passional elements
Niramayah -Faultless
Niravagrahah -Free of all obstacles
Nirjivah -Devoid of life
nirmal -
Nirvanam -Liberation
Nisacharah -The night-walker
Nisachari -The ranger of the night
Nisakarah -The moon
Nisalayah -The destroyer of ignorance
niSha~NgiNaH -With sword
Nishkarma -Actionless
Nitih -Punishment
Nityah -The Indestructible
Nityamasramapujitah -Always praised by the members of the
Nityamatma sahayah -Eternal, with the Self as his companion
Nityamvarchasi -Ever radiant
Nityanartah -The eternal dancer
nityasundar -
Nivedanah -Whose knowledge is free of all modifications
Nivrittih -Rest
nivyAdin -Remover of enemies
Niyamasritah -Sought through the ordinances
Niyamendriyavardhanah -The Controller of the senses through austere
Niyatah -The self-controlled
Nrityapriyah -Fond of dancing
Nyagrodhah -The banyan tree
Nyagrodharupah -Of the form of the banyan tree
Nyamah -The ordinance
Nyayanirvapanah -Justly charitable

oMkAreshvar -

pa~nchavarNeshvar -
paashavimochaka -the Liberator of bonds
Padah -The object to be attained
Padmagarbhan -Having lotus womb
Padmanabhah -Lotus-navelled
Padmanalagrah -With the lotus springing out of him (lit the other end
of the stem of the lotus)
Pakshah -The fortnights
Paksharupah -Bearing the form of a friend
Pakshi -The bird
palAshavanesh -
panchavaktra -the Five faced
Panditah -The learned man
Panvai -Kettle drum
paNYchakRitya -
Parah -Ancient
Param -The supreme
param brahma -The Supreme Brahman
paramaatman -the Supreme Soul
Paramamtapah -The supreme meditation
paramAnand -
Paramatma -The Supreme Atman
parameshvara -the Supreme God
Paramomantrah -The Great Mantra
parApara -
parashuhasta -the axe handed
parashupAni -One holding the axe
Pargatih -He who transcends the above
Paridhih -The fortress
pArvatiish -
pArvatIvallabh -
pAryaH -Praised by liberated people
Paryayo Narah -The collective aspect of the Jivas
Pasah -The noose
pashupati -The Lord of creatures / lives souls
pashupati nAth -
pashupatiH -the Lord of creatures
pashupatinaath -
Pasupatih -The lord of beings (Jiva)
pata~nchalimanohar -
pAtALanAth -
pataNYchaliish -
pathInAmpati -the Lord of the ways
Patih -The Ruler of all
Patikhecharah -The lord of birds
Pattisi -With a kind of sword
Pavitram -Holy
Payonidhih -The Ocean of Milk
pinaaki -the One With pinaaka bow
Pinakadhrit -Wielder of Pinaka
Pinakavan -Armed with Pinaka
pinAki -(holding the) pinAka (bow)
Pita -The father
Pitamahah -The grand-sire
Pitavarna -Golden colored
Prabhavah -one of the Vasus
Prabhavatma -Supreme existence
prabhuh -The Lord
prabhuH -the Lord
Pradhanadhrit -Presiding over Pradhana
prajaapati -the President of the people(citizens)
Prajabijam -The germ of beings
Prajadvaram -The door to birth
Prajapatih -Virat
Prak -The eldest
Prakasah -The exotericism
Prakrishtarih -He who has reduced to nothing his enemies
Pramanam -Authority
pramathaadhipa -the Lord of pramatha gaNas (attendants /
soldiers of Lord shiva)
Pranadharanah -The Supporter of life
Pranava -The mantrah
Prasadah -Bliss
Prasanamprabhavah -The birth place of the weapons: as Prasa
Prasannah -Of pleasant aspect
Prasantatma -Calm-minded
Praskandanah -He who causes (even Brahma and others) to flee
prataraNaH -the Uplifter
prathama -Prime
prathamodevaH -the Prime Divine
Pratyah -Experience
pravarah -The best
Pravrittih -Activity
Prayatatma -Pure minded
Pretachari -The companion of the Pretas
Priyah -Giver of happiness
pulasthiH -Forthcoming to protect devotees
Punyachanchuh -Cognised through virtue
puraaraataye -the Enemy of puras (tripura)
Puranah -The ancient
purANesh -
puraripuH -the Enemy of city(daemon)
Purasvadhayudhah -Armed with Parasvadha
Pushkarasthapatih -The architect of the lotus shaped
puShTivardhanaH -Grower of nourishment
puushhadantabhide -the Breaker of sun's tooth

Rahu -Grahah
Rajarajah -Kubera
rajatasabhApati -
Raktangah -Red limbed
rAmalingaM -
rAmanAth -
rAmeshvar -
Ratih -Joy-producing
Ratnabhutah -Possessed of numerous precious stones
ratnagiriishvar -
ratnasabhApati -
Raudrarupah -Of terrible form as the great Bhairava
Ravih -The Sun
ravinayana -
Rikshahasramitekshanah -The numberless Riks as his large eyes
RiShabhadvaja -With the flag of bull (justice)
Rituh -The season
rohitaH -the Red One
rudraH -the Remover of suffering, formidable

saamapriya -Pleased With saama (veda)

saatvika -the Virtuous
sabhApati -the Chief of the court
Sabhavanah -Protector of the places of Justice
sadaashiva -the Eternal Shiva (Auspicious)
sadAshiva -Always Perfect/Auspicious
Sadhyarshih -The Teacher of the Sadhyas
sadyojAta -
Saganah -Surrounded by the groups of Pramathas
Sahah -Enduring everything
sahasraaksha -the Thousands of eyed
Sahasrabahuh -Thousand armed
Sahasradah -Conferrer of infinite wealth
Sahasrahastah -Thousand armed
Sahasrakshah -Thousand-eyed
Sahasrapad Sahasramurdha -Having thousand feet and
thousand head
sahasrapade -the Thousands worded (named)/staged/footed
sahasrAxaH -Thousands of eyed
Sahayah -The friend
sakalabhuvaneshvar -
Sakalah -Perfect
Sakalpah -Associated with the rules of sacrifices
Sakamarih -Dwelling with the enemies of Love
Sakrah -Indra
sAkshinAth -
Samamnayah -The Vedas
Samaramardanah -Queller of foes in battle
Samasyah -The Samaveda as his face
Samkarah -Capable of conferring good even on the above
Samkarali -Destroyer of all doubts
Samkhyasamapanah -The close of the above
Sammagnah -Well worshipped
Sampannah -Possessed of Kaivalya
Samudrah -The Ocean
Samvatsarah -The year
Samvatsarakarah -The former of the year
Samyatah -Concentrated
Samyogovardhanan -The fruitful union
Samyugapidavahanah -Having the bull as his flag and vehicle
Sanatkumara -The Siddhayogi
sangameshwar -
Sangrahah -The collector
Sanih -The Saturn
Sankarah -The beneficial
Sankhyaprasadah -Reached through Sankhya
Saphalodayah -With fruitful results
saptagiriish -
Saragrivah -Of mighty neck
Sarah -The arrow
Sarangah -a kind of bird
Saranyah -Fit to take refuge with
Sargassusam kshepovistarah -His works, brief and enlarged
Sarpachiranivasanah -With serpents belting his dress
sarpapuriish -
Sarvabhavakarah -The creator of all states
Sarvabhavanah -The Creator of everything
sarvabhUtadamana -Pervading all matter
Sarvabhutaharah -The destroyer of all beings
Sarvabhutatma -The soul of all Beings
Sarvachari -Ranging everywhere
Sarvadah -Conferer of everything
Sarvadevah -All the gods
Sarvadevamayah -Consisting of all the gods
Sarvadhari -All supporter
Sarvagah -The collective
Sarvagovayuh -The all-permeating Vayu
Sarvagundhasukhavahah -Conferring at the same time the pleasure
produced by the contact of all the senses
sarvaGYa -Omniscient
Sarvah -Proceeding towards
Sarvahnah -All-knowing
Sarvakalaprasadah -Favourable at all times
Sarvakamadah -Granter of all desires
Sarvakamagunavahah -Conferring all desires and attributes
Sarvakamah -Who is all desires
Sarvakamavarah -The best of desirable objects
sarvakarah -The doer of all
Sarvakarma -Visvakarman
Sarvalakshanalakshitah -Endowed with all (auspicious) marks
Sarvalasah -Attached to all beings
Sarvalochanah -All seeing
Sarvalokakrit -The creator of all the worlds
Sarvalokaprajapatih -Lord of worlds and beings
Sarvangah -Whose limbs are the Universe
Sarvangarupah -Beautiful in all his limbs
Sarvaparsvamukhah -Having faces on all sides
Sarvapavanah -The Purifier of all
Sarvapujitah -Worshipped by all
Sarvaratnavit -Possessed of all the precious stones
Sarvasadhanah -The end of all
Sarvasadhunishevitah -Sought by all good men
Sarvasayah -The resting place of everything
Sarvasrayah Kramah -Whose footsteps are the abode of
Sarvasubhankarah -Beneficent to all
sarvatma -The all Soul
Sarvatodyaparigrahah -With the Jivas as his family
Sarvatomukhah -Having faces on all sides
Sarvaturyaninadi -Attended by the sound of all the musical
Sarvavasah -Residing everywhere
Sarvavasi -Residing everywhere
Sarvavigrahah -Whose from is everything
sarvavikhyatah -Famous everywhere
Sarvayogi -Connected with everything
Sarvayudhah -Armed with all weapons
Sarvesham praninam patih -The lord of all beings
sarveshvara -Lord of everything
Sasi Harasulochanah -Whose eyes is the moon and calm eyed
saspi~njaraH -Wheatish like a tender straw
Sasvatah -The eternal
Sat -The effects
Sataghni -With the weapon
Sataghnipasa saktiman -Armed with Sataghni, the noose, and
Satajivah -Hundred-tongued
satguNanAth -
Satkritah -Respected
Satruha -Slayer of his foes
satya vAkiishvar -
Satyavratah -The object of all observances
saundaesh -
saundaranAth -
Savita -*
Sayajnarih -Dwelling with the enemies of sacrifice
Senakalpah -The ornament of the army
Senapatih -The general of the armies
sha~NgaH -Activator of goodness
shaashvata -the Permanent
shabdapuriish -
shambhavaH -the Source of goodness
shaMbhu -the Source of auspiciousnous
shankara -the Doer of good
shanpakAraNyesh -
sharva -the Destoryer (of sin)
sharvaH -the Remover of sins
shashishekhara -adorned With Moon
Shasthibagah -The enjoyer of the sixty Tatvas
shateShudhaH -With hundreds of quiver
shipivishhTa -the One encircled in luminance
shipiviShTa -the Radiant
shiShTagurunAth -
shitikaNTha -the White throated
shiva -the Auspicious, the Perfect
shivaapriya -the Lover of shivai (shakti)
shivaH -the Auspicious, the Perfect
shivaloka nAth -
shivAnand -
shivatama -One in Auspicious/Perfect form
shivatara -Transforms (people/things) to
shivayoga tyAgesh -
shreShTa -the good/Ideal
shriikaNTha -the Splendid throated
shuddavigraha -the Pure formed, the Clear appearing
shuulapaaNi -the One With trident
siddanAth -
Siddarthah -The aspirant after Truth
Siddhabhutarthah -Moksha
Siddharthah -With his wishes accomplished
Siddharthah Chchandovyakaranottarah -The established
with the help of metre and grammar
Siddharthakari -The accomplisher of objects of desire
Siddhasadhakah -The perfect and the aspirant
Siddhih -Victory
Sikhandi -With tufted locks
Sikhi -With tuft of hair
Siladhari -Of good conduct
Simhadamshtrah -Lion-tusked
Simhagah -Riding on a lion
Simhanadah -With leonine roar
Simhasardularupah -Of the form of the lion and the tiger
Simhavahanah -Drawn by lions
Siroharivimarsah -He who took off the head, (of Brahma)
and he who considers well
Sivah -Pure
Skandah -*
smarAntakaH -the Terminator of cupid(lust)
smarAri -the Enemy of cupid(lust)
Smasanabhak -The remover of the bondage of the bodies
Smasanavasi -The dweller in the cremation grounds
Snehanah -Affectionate
Sobhanah -Auspicious
soma -the One With uma (Also refers to Moon)
Somah -The Moon
somanAth -the Lord of Moon
somanayana -
somasundram -
somasuuryaagnilochana -Moon, sun and fire eyed
someshwar -
Srigalarupah -Of the form of a jackal
sRikAvantaH -With sharp weapons
Sriman -Possessed of the wealth of Yoga
Sringapriyah -Residing on the mountain peaks
Sringi -The bull
Srivardhanah -The nourisher of the Vedas
Sriyavasi -Associated with Sri
Srutah -Present everywhere
Sruvahastah -Carrying a ladle
stenAnAmpati -the Chief of thieves
sthaaNu -the Stable, Firm
sthanuh -The Pillar; Supporting everything as a pillar does a
sthapati -Staying well (in all things) and protecting
Sthavaranampatih -The Lord of mountains
Sthirah -Firm Immovable; the witness, the Eternal.
stiraH -the Stable
Subandhanavimochanah -The breaker of the bonds of Maya
Subhakshah -Of calm looks
Subijah -The unchanging germ
Suchchatrah -With a good umbrella
Suchih -Pure-souled
Sudarsanah -Of auspicious looks
Suddhah -Pure
Suddhatma -Pure minded
Sugandharah -Born in the beautiful Gandhara country
sugandhin -Nice odoured
Suhridah -The friend
Sukhajatah -Who appears as bliss
Sukhasaktah -Attached to happiness
Suklah -White / pure
Sukshmah -Incognisable
Sukshmatma -Too subtle for the above two paths
Sulabah -Extremely powerful
Sumahasvanah -Of great sound
Sumukhah -With manifested syllables
sundaresh -
sundareshvar -
Sunischalah -The motionless
Surabhyuttaranah -The degrader of Surabhi
Suradhyakshah -The ruler of the gods
Suraganah -The collectivity of gods
Surariha -The slayer of the foes of the gods
Surupah -Of fine form
Suryah -The Sun
Susahah -Beautiful
Susaradah -Of beautiful speech
Susaranah -Easily accessible
Sushadhah -Conferring the same in a limited degree
Susvapnah -Of good dreams
Sutikshnadasanah -With sharp teeth
Sutirthah -Extremely holy
suuxmatanu -the Cryptic formed
Suvaktrah -Of handsome face
Suvarchasah -Of superior radiance
Suvarchasi -Of excellent splendor
Suvarnah -White colored
Suvarnaretah -Of golden germ
Suvasah -Possessed of a fine dwelling place
Suvijneyah -Known easily
Suyuktah -Extremely ready
svaramaya -Musicful (Full of sound)
Svarbhanuh -The great Rahu
Svargdvaram -The door to Heaven
Svastibhavah -Absolute Being
Svastidah -Conferrer of prosperity
Svayambhutah -Eternally existent
Svayamsreshthah -Naturally great
Svetapingalah -White and red
svetAraNyesh -
swarNapuriish -
swayambhunAth -

taaraka -the Protector

Talah -The knower of the base
Talastalah -Having cymbals in his hand
Tali -Cymbals
tAmramUrti -the One in copperlike form
tAmrasabhApati -
Tamroshtha -Red lipped
Tapassaktah -Devoted to Meditation
Tapasvi -The ascetic
Tapomayah -Centred in meditation
Taponidhih -The storehouse of austerities
tAra -in the form of praNavam
Taranah -He who enables (those desirous of victory) to ward off
Tarangavid -Enjoyer of the (wave-like) sensory-objects
Tarkshyah -Garuda; King of birds
Taruh -The Saviour
taskarANAmpati -Chief of robbers
tavas -Austerous
Tejah -Refulgent
Tejaskaronidhih -The fountain of effulgence
Tejopahari -The absorber of splendor
Tigmamanyuh -Of keen anger
Tigmatejah Svayambhuvah -Of unbearable prowess as viewed
by Brahma
Tikshnatapah -Of fierce heat
tIrtha -in holy waters
Tirthadevah -The god of holy places
Toranah -The external arch
Trasanah -The frightful
trayiimuurti -the Trinity
Tridashah -Confering the three states of birth,
continuation and destruction
Trijati -With three mated locks
trikAgnikAla -the Time (destiny) for three fires
Trikakunmantrah -The mantra containing three prominent factors
Trikaladrik -The bearer of the three points of Time
Trilochanah -Three-eyed
trilokesha -the God of three worlds
trinayana -
trinetra -three eyed
tripuraharaH -the Remover of three cities(daemons)
tripurAntaka -the Terminator of three cities
tripurAri -the Enemy of tripurAsuras(three city daemons)
Trisankuh -With three pegs
Trisuklah -Threefold white
Trivikramah -Vamana
Trivishtapam -Dharma; that brings about Svarga
triyugah -The three Yugas
Tryakshah -Three-eyed
tryambaka -the three eyed
Tumbavina -With the Vina called Rudra Vina
Tvashta -Dhruvah
tviShImAn -Shining
tyAgarAja -the King of sacrifices
tyAgesh -the Lord of sacrifices

Udagrah -Of unchanging form

Udbhit -The trees
ugra -Fierce
ugraH -the Fierce
Ugratejah -Of fierce splendor
Umadhavah -The husband of Parvati
Umakantah -Attained by Uma
umAmahesh -
umAmaheshvaraH -the Great God With uma
umApati -
Umapatih -The lord of Uma
umAvallabh -
Unmadah -The confuser
Unmattaveshaprachchannah -Concealed under a cloak of
Upadesakarah -The Initiator
upahatnumugraH -Fierce in destruction
Upakarah -Help
Upasantah -The calm
upaviitin -the Thread wearing
Urdhvagatma -He whose Self transcends
Urdhvalingah -Symbol facing upward (like flame)
Urdhvaretah -Of unshaken chastity
Urdhvasamhananah -Of well knit body
Urdhvasayi -Reclining on high
Urdva tANDava -
Ushanguh -a king; or it may mean ‘of fiery rays
Ushnishi -Adorned with a turban
Utsangah -Unaffected
Uttanah Sarvakarmanam -The source of all actions
uttaraNaH -the Rescuer
uttaravediishvar -

vaamadeva -the Charming Divine

Vachaspatih -The family priest
Vadhah -Death
Vahita sarvabhutanam -The bearer of all beings
Vaidambhah -The soul of those devoid of pride
vaidyanAth -
Vaisravanah -Kubera
Vajasanah -the expounder of the so-called Sakha,
the performer of the functions of the Adhavaryu
Vajrahastah -Armed with the Vajra
vajrasthambesh -
Vajri -Armed with the Vajra
Vakulah -The Vakula tree
Valachari -Ranger of the woods
Vamadevah -The Lord of all desires
Vamah -The result of actions
Vamanah -that subdued Bali
Vamsah -The flute
Vamsanadah -The sound of the flute
Vanijah -The merchant
vanmIkanAth -
Vapuravartamanebhyah -The granter of bodies : to those thrown down
from Svarga
Varadah -The granter of boons
Varah -The all pervader
varavRidda -
Vardhaki -The carpenter
vardhamAneshvar -
Vardyah -Proficient in the arts
Varenyah -Sought after
vArivaskRitaH -the Grace showering
Varnavibhavi -Knower of colors
Varovarahah -The Great Boar
Vasakarah -Able to influence others
Vasamkarah -Who attracts every one
Vasavah -Indra
Vasi -Ruler over all
Vasuradityah -Vasu, a son of Aditi
Vasusreshtah -Greater than wealth
Vasuvegah -Fleet as the wind
Vasyah -Amenable to his devotees
Vatah -The wind
vaTamUlaka -
Vataramhah -Fleet as the wind
Vayuvahanah -With the air as his vehicle
vedagiriish -
vedagIta -
Vedakarah -The author of the Vedas
vedanAyak -
vedapuriish -
vedAraNyesh -
Venavi -Adorned with the flute
vENuvananAth -
Vibhagah -The individual
Vibhagajnah -The distributor
Vibhuh -Manifesting in several forms
vibhuH -
Vibudhah -Very wise
Vicharavit -He who knows the course of introspection
vichinvatkaH -Bestower of wanted boons
Vidhata -Protector
Vidvan -The learned
viirabhadra -Rich in valour
Vijayah -Victory
Vijayakalavit -Cognisant of the time of victory
Vijayakshah -With victorious chariot
vijayanAth -
Vikhyatah -Whose light is perceived only in the living
vikirida -Showerer of wealth, Strange deedful
vikirteshvar -
Vikritah -Undergoing all changes
Vikurvanah -Unattainable through rituals
vilohitaH -the Admirable (Strange) Red in color
Vimochanah -Liberator
Vimuktah -Freed
Vinatah -Modest
Vipanah -Actionless
Virajah -Unspotted
Viramah -Extreme quiescene
virUpa -In strange (special/unique) form
Virupah -Ill-looking (thereby)
viruupaaksha -the Strange formed and eyed
Visakhah -sprung when Indra struck with the Vajra; his
Visalah -Very radiant
Visalakhah -Long armed
Visalakshah -Large eyed (sensed)
Visamapatih -Lord of all Beings
Visaradah -Learned
Visargah -*
Vishannangah -Endowed with the eight forms
visheshvar -
vishhNuvallabha -beloved by viShNu
Vishkambhi -Vast
viShNu -Omnipresent
Vishnuh -Pervasive
Vishnuprasaditah -Propitiated by Vishnu
vishvAAviveshaH -Penetrated in the universe
vishvabheShajaH -the Medicine for the universe / all sufferings
Vishvaksenah -At whose starting the armies of his enemies flee
vishvanathaH -the Lord of the world
vishveshvara -Lord of the universe
Vistaro lavanah kupah -Of the shape of the salt ocean
Visvabahuh -With universal arms
Visvadevah -He who plays with numberless worlds (as with
balls )
Visvah -The womb of the Universe
Visvakarmamatih -The intelligence of Visvakarman
Visvakshetram -The universal field
Visvarupah -Whose form (external) is the Universe
Vivasvan Savitamritah -Endowed with rays, the Sun, the immortal
vixINakaH -Indiminishing
vR^ishhaa.nkaa -the One on the bull
vR^ishhabhaaruuDha -the bull mounting
Vratadhipah -The granter of the fruits of the observances
Vriddhah -Old
Vrikhakarah -Shaped like a tree
Vrikshah -The tree
Vrikshakarnasthitih -Reclining on the ear of the tree
Vrikshaketuh -Tree-symboled
vRishadvaja -With the flag of bull (justice)
Vrishanah -Virtue
vRiShArUDha -Riding the bull
Vrisharupah -The personification of Law
Vrittavrittakarah -The performer of Vritta and Avritta
Vyaghrah -Vyaghresvara
vyAghrapuriish -
Vyaktam -Perceptible
Vyaktavyaktah -Manifested and unmanifested
Vyalarupah -The serpent Sesha
Vyasah -the author of the Puranas and Itihasas
Vyavasayah -Perseverance
vyomakesha -the Widespread (in space) haired

xayadvIraH -Victorious over enemies

xetrapati -Lord of the body

ya -wealth
yaGYamaya -Complete in spiritual rites
yaGYAri -
Yajnah -The destroyer of sacrifices
Yajnan -The union
Yajnasamahitah -Dwelling in the sacrifice (union)
Yajnavibhagavit -Cognisant of the mode of distribution of the
offerings in sacrifices
Yajuhpadabhujah -The Yajus as his feet and arms
Yasah -Conferrer of fame
Yogadhyakshah -The ruler of unification
Yogah -restraining the functions of the mind
yogAnanda -
Yogi -The Yogi
Yogyah -The object of Yoga
Yudhisatruvinasanah -Destroyer of his enemies in battle
Yugadhipah -The lord of the Yugas
Yugakarah -He in whose hands are the Yugas
Yugarupah -Of the form of the Yuga
Yugavahah -The regulator of the cycle of the Yugas
Yuktabahuh -With arms
Yuktah -Ready for fight
yuvAnaH -Youthful