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GRN/Service Entry Sheet creation process will start with Initiation form of GRN.

Enter the above mentioned T code in command bar

Then press Enter

Now below mentioned screen will appear

Fill the GRN Type

There are 2 types of GRN.
1. Material
2. Service
Select Material

Now, enter the PO number and press Enter

Now, system has picked up the company code and Plant details

Now, enter your invoice number and date. Material/Work status.

To start the workflow press on Submit

Now, system has generated unique workflow number as shown below

Once workflow started, Initiator will get workflow in SBWP.

Now, enter the t code SBWP or press
Go to InboxWorkflow
Double click on respective workflow

Screen will looks like below

Now, press Create GRN (MIGO) button

Close the above mentioned small POP up Screen

PO Number has picked up.

Enter Vendor Invoice Details in Delivery Note field and Hit Enter

Now click on Where tab.

Now fill the Text field and click on Item OK. Then Hit Enter.

Quantity can be changed if need be.

If changes in Quantity. Click on Quantity tab and change.

Now, click on Check

If no error system will generate below mentioned information.

Now click on Post

Material Document no is generated.

Now click on Approve

Now again workflow will be sent to your Inbox (SBWP) for Invoice Parking.
If not received kindly click on

Double click on workflow

Now click on Invoice Parking

Close the above small POP UP screen.

Now enter your vendor invoice date and Invoice Number in Reference field.

Now hit Enter.

If Small POP continues, drag and keep that aside.

Click on Calculate Tax if any tax to be calculated.

Now, enter Text, and amount (Amount should be same as Balance
Field). Check the Calculate Tax field to calculate tax. Then press Enter

Now click on Simulate

Click on Save Parked Document

Now system is generated unique Invoice Number

Now click on Approve

Now, workflow have been sent to next user who will initiate the IOM form

Payment process will start with IOM initiation.

IOM can be initiated only after Invoice Parking and the workflow sent to IOM
Once Invoice Parking done, existing workflow will be completed and New workflow
will be generated for remaining process like IOM Process, Invoice Posting etc
IOM workflow will be done through SBWP
Follow the same step to log into to SBWP

Double click on workflow

Enter the datas and press SAVE

Now click on Approve

Now workflow have been sent to HOD for Approval.
Workflow will be there in SBWP.
Follow the same step to log into to SBWP

Workflows subject would be as mentioned below

Double click on workflow

Click on Approve
Now workflow have been sent to user who will perform Invoice Parking activity.