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Soumik Sarkar, Elyse Charles, Fatuma Hydara, Karen Ly, Marlene Zapata, Selamawit Asmerom

AP Psychology—SY2X


A tendency for seniors to decrease commitment towards their academic objectives


1. Peer influence can lead someone to develop seniorities.

2. People with Type B personalities are more likely to develop seniorities than those with Type A personalities.
3. The more stressful you are during your senior year, the more likely you are to develop seniorities.

1. Does socializing or peer influence induce someone to stricken with seniorities?

2. Can different types of personalities be the underlying cause in generating senioritis?
3. Does being stressful throughout the senior year leads one to develop seniorities?

Questionnaires measuring the extent of seniorities

1. What are your current study habits as a senior? b. I like my school; I learned a lot from the
a. 3 or more hours a day courses I have taken and the teachers I had
b. 1 – 3 hours a day c. I do not like my school; I haven’t learn
c. Less than an hour a day anything in all these years
d. I do not study d. I do not like my school at all.

2. What were your study habits as a junior? 7. What is your current GPA?
a. 3 or more hours a day a. 95+
b. 1 – 3 hours a day b. 94-85
c. Less than an hour a day c. 84-75
d. I did not study d. 74-65
e. below 65
3. Are you having challenging moments in keeping
up your classes as a senior?
a. Yes 8. As the school approaches to the end, how do you
b. No find yourself?
c. I don’t prefer to answer a. Extremely attentive
b. Somewhat attentive
4. On a scale of 1-5 (as 5 being the least important), c. Attentive
how would you rank the schoolwork on your list d. Somewhat distracted
of priorities? e. Extremely distracted
9. What are some types of courses have you chosen
5. Are senior activities occupying all of your to take in your senior year?
thoughts? a. Advanced Placement
a. Yes b. Honors
b. No c. Graduation Requirement
c. I do not prefer to answer d. Regents Preparation
e. I am apathetic in choosing my classes
6. What will be most likely your attitude/opinion
towards your school? 10. Apart from the midterms and finals, there are
a. I like my school; it’s the best place to other types of exams required by each college to
socialize with my friends

take in showing proficiency. What types of tests c. IB Tests
have you taken so far? (Chose as many apply). d. CLEP Exams
a. Regents Exams e. SAT/ACT
b. AP Exams

Questionnaires deciphering personality types

1. I feel I am… a. Less than once a week

a. Much more competitive than others b. Once or twice a week
b. A bit more competitive than others c. Most of my time consists of recreational
c. About as competitive as others activities
d. A bit less competitive than others d. I engage in nothing but recreational
e. Much less competitive than others activities

2. When you’ve achieved an important goal, e.g. 6. I am ready to go but have to wait for someone
graduation. What is your reaction? else…
a. I often think it a measly step toward my a. I get very impatient and let it show
ultimate goal—it would be pathetic to make b. I may get slightly impatient and let it show
a big deal out of it c. I may get slightly impatient but don’t let on
b. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction for a d. I don’t mind. I enjoy the moment
while—before I work on achieving another
goal 7. I am _________ admitting my mistakes
c. I reap the fruits of my labor for as long as I a. Very uncomfortable
can b. Always comfortable

3. When conversing with someone who has a less 8. You witness what you think is a sweet exchange
extensive vocabulary (i.e. lower education of affection between two people. What is your
level)… most likely reaction?
a. I feel superior and get confidence boost out a. I get irritated by the public display of
of it affection
b. I brush them off—I have no patience for b. I don’t even notice
‘slow’ people c. I am indifferent
c. I pretend that I don’t notice d. I smile
d. I try to adjust my speech to put the other e. I try to resist the temptation to go in for a
person at ease and to facilitate understanding group hug

4. When I am very frustrated 9. In heavy traffic on the way to an airport, your

a. People shouldn’t provoke me (for their own cab driver keeps taking bad “shortcuts” and then
sake) turns and says, “Nice day isn’t it?” How do you
b. I can be provoked but try to control my feel?
temper a. I am furious
c. I step back form the situation and put things b. I am very angry
in perspective c. I feel a little angry
d. I withdraw, e.g. I cover up my situation d. I feel annoyed
e. I feel slightly annoyed
5. I take part in recreational activities (i.e. leisurely f. I don’t feel angry at all
walks, working out, reading for pleasure, playing
games, etc)